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Ted Campbell, director of the New America Singers, just sent this email out to singers from California. We thought that you would like to read over their shoulders.  

Another God Thing
December 5, 2004

Dear Singers,

Christmas came early this year!  Last night we sang again for the Marine recruits at Camp Pendleton.  What a night!  For those of you who have never been here, it is really impossible to describe.  Basically, hundreds of uniformed Marines double time into the chapel (running, officers yelling, the place is filled in less than ten minutes --and they start running blocks away).  They sit there, eyes glued forward, not allowed to say a word, unless I ask a question, then they thunderously yell out, "Yes Sir!" 

For those of you who have sung here before, picture this:  The building is packed as usual (500 plus seats), but then they bring in a hundred more guys and sit them two by two down the aisles, and a double row across the front, seated on the floor.  Unbelievable.  Equally unbelievable, they were allowed to sing with us on the Christmas carols, and even were able to clap along with the music. 

When Alison sang "God Bless America," all 620 men reverently stood to attention.  Later, during the Christmas songs, one or two guys would stand in honor of the Lord.  Soon many of the men were standing. 
They were very attentive, as we sang and the puppets and, later, Brooke shared how to accept the Lord.  After The Victory Song, I talked awhile and led the men in the sinners' prayer. 

Just as happened last month, about 3 dozen men raised their hands, indicating that they had invited Jesus into their lives.  Awesome!   Do remember to pray for these guys, and for the others who will make decisions later, and for the Christian marines who need to be following up with their buddies.  As they charged into the room, one of our new gals whispered, "They are so young!"  And I reminded her that they are not too young to die, and to stand up for all of our freedom.  God help them.  And praise the Lord that He has allowed us to share with them once more, and to know that many of them will go into battle knowing that they have Him in their hearts.

Second major surprise and blessing.  Chaplain Reschke, who has managed to keep this special, mandatory, Saturday night "concert series" alive, has been asked to stay at Camp Pendleton a few months longer, before he ships out to Iraq.  This means that he can continue the series as long as he is still on base.  Praise God!  He has already talked to me about the possibility of sharing with the men at least one more time, and he would prefer more than one.  We'll see how the Lord leads ¦but it sounds good to me! 

You realize that another 600 plus men come into the program every single week!  Lord help us be spiritually ready, and able to share and love and touch a few more of these young men in Your Name!
Lord bless, and have a Merry Christmas.  Many thanks to all who were able to sing this weekend, ¦aren't you glad you did!

Love in Jesus!   
Ted Campbell, New America Singers

Special to the California Southern Baptist


FRESNO - The California Southern Baptist Convention New America Singers were one of seven groups from around the world invited to sing for this summer's Baptist World Youth Conference in Hong Kong.


The students from CSBC churches sang at the Baptist World Alliance-sponsored meeting, and presented 48 concerts in Singapore, Thailand and Korea.


The International Mission Board invited the group to present concerts for school assemblies in Thailand; Youth For Christ asked the choir to spend a week in Singapore singing in public schools as well as Christian schools; and the group performed at Central Baptist Church in Suwon, Korea, where BWA president Billy Kim serves as pastor.


"With invitations in hand, all we needed to do was pray for the Lord to come up with a team of singers who could live up to expectations," said Ted Campbell, New America Singers director. "And for Him to convince parents that it was a good idea to take young people overseas with the current world situation. And for Him to convince people to pay for the trip.


"He did," Campbell declared. "And, as several young people later said, 'We'll never be the same again!'"  Campbell estimated the choir performed for 44,000 people during the tour. 



Brittany Kell (r) prays with a high school
student in Singapore


Darnell Powell from Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfield thought Korea was "amazing. We were the backup choir for the great gospel singer Larnell Harris at the Baptist World Alliance program at the Olympic Gymnasium in Seoul and at a football stadium for the U.S. Army, in addition to doing our own segments in those programs.


"We sang many times for soldiers at stadiums, in chapels, and for an Army athletic competition," Powell said. "The men and women were so appreciative, lonely and very open to the gospel. Several prayed with us to accept Jesus. To top it off, we sang three services for Dr. Billy Kim and his 10,000 member Suwon Central Baptist Church."

               From the Epicenter to Thailand
       Joe Patterson smiles in the face of danger

"I like Hong Kong," added Joe Patterson from First Baptist Church in Galt. "We went to perform for the Baptist World Youth Conference, but I think we received a lot more than we gave. Just think: over 4,000 young adults from over 100 nations, living together, talking and planning and praying together in small 'family' groups.


"Some of our new friends live in countries that are being ravaged by bloody civil wars, some are being persecuted, some African countries have lost about a fourth of their population from AIDS, and Bangladesh got hit by a flood in July that left 10 million people homeless. But these guys really love Jesus, and are excited about reaching their nations for the Lord," Patterson said.


Stephanie Lawrence from Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church in Riverside said Thailand was her favorite.


"The people are so laid back and friendly, and the schools are huge! We sang for two Christian high schools that had about 7,000 students each. Most of the kids are Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim, but we were still allowed to do totally Christian programs and show them how to be saved," Lawrence said. "Sometimes we even got to talk and pray with the kids after the assembly programs. Besides singing for nine school assemblies in Bangkok and in Chiang Mai, we did some churches, and had time for sightseeing."


Brooke Hartwell, a member of First Baptist Church of Mira Mesa in San Diego, said the group "worked the hardest" in Singapore.


"Youth for Christ had us singing three assemblies a day for public and Christian high schools," Hartwell explained. "We had a free hand in the Christian schools, but had to be more careful in the public schools. We mixed some Christian songs in with popular music and skits, then we invited them to a big YFC rally at the International Baptist Church.

"Several hundred came, and we did a totally gospel program and broke into small groups and gave kids an opportunity to meet the Lord."


For Ted Campbell the best part of the tour was not the places, but "the team of singers the Lord put together."


"Talented, professional, committed to Jesus . I knew this was going to be the most spiritually, physically and musically demanding trip the Lord has ever arranged for us, and He sent us exactly the right team members!


"These young people walked before crowds of thousands, TV cameras zooming in constantly, day after day without hesitation," Campbell said. "They smiled and moved with precision, radiating the love of Jesus every time. In spite of a demanding schedule that would have put most of us in a hospital,  they were always ready to sing and talk about Jesus.


"The future looks bright with this kind of young leaders-in-training, and California Baptists can certainly be proud of them!" Campbell declared.



California Southern
Baptist Convention


by Ted Campbell

   How did we ever live without cell phones?  A thought pops into your head …you want something right now…you call a friend.  Doesn’t matter where he is, or what he’s doing…you know he has a cell phone.  You see something that grabs your attention…you snap a photo and send it to someone you wish were with you.

  Or how about I.M.'s?  You see a friend is online…you smile…send him or her an instant message…and sit there expecting a reply.  And then there is email.  Don’t know about you, but I don’t hesitate to shoot off an email to friends from China to Africa…any time of the day or night.  Isn’t it great to be alive today and have such amazing technology at our disposal!  Sure beats the pony express or sending letters “around the horn” by clipper ship…(and those were giant improvements in communication!).

   But with privilege, comes power.  How many times have you glanced at your phone to see who was calling…and ignored the call.  How many times have you clicked “delete” or just left an email for a more convenient time, or hit “close” on an I.M.  We think, “I don’t want to deal with that person or the issue you think he will bring to your already busy plate…or, I’ll get back to him later…or, I don’t have to answer if I don’t feel like it!”  We’ve all done it.  Modern problem …peculiar to the 21st century.  Or is it!

  The Lord sends us I.M.'s.  Calls us up on our personal cell phones …always has.  Sometimes He even fills in more details of what He wants us to do in what might be more like an extensive email.  His technology is a bit more sophisticated than ours (and He has been using it for thousands of years).  He speaks in our mind…we never run out of bars.  He flashes photos or even streams videos of what has been in the past, what are likely scenarios, and even shows us what will likely happen in the future.  His computer never goes down, never has a virus…and little brother or mom never ties up our line.  Amazing!  Imagine.  The young boy Joseph

…walking through the fields, and God I.M.'s him a video of his life as the future leader of the greatest nation on earth!  Young Isaiah sees Jesus, hundreds of years in the future, being beaten and crucified to pay for the sins of the world …as clearly as if he were standing on Mt. Calvary.  This stuff may be new technology …present new opportunities to us …but God has been “Super Techie” for eons

   People …God.  Do you ever click “delete” when the Lord clearly speaks to you?  You know, you need to stop doing something questionable …actually it is not questionable …you know He is not approving what you are doing, thinking, or planning.  You just don’t want to, just don’t have to …so you click “delete.”  (Like we can really make the Almighty God of the Universe conveniently disappear!). He shoots you an I.M., but you don’t want to deal with it  …so you click “close”.  He dials your personal tune on your cell phone.  You glance at the screen  …think, “O no …I don’t have to answer this call” …and just ignore (and later delete the message when you think He isn’t watching) the call. 

   Or, let’s be more positive… the Lord has a job for you to do.  He knows you’ll love it, many people will be blessed by it, His name will be glorified, and no one but you may be in a position to pull the project off!  What an opportunity!  What a privilege!  Imagine, being personally called by God Almighty and given an assignment of highest priority …it’s like you are His personal ambassador, His representative, maybe even an extension of God Himself to touch part of His world in a miraculous, positive way!  “Delete!”  It never happens.  Kind of makes a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, doesn’t it?  But we’ve all been there, done that.  Otherwise, with one out of four people in the world calling themselves “Christians,” the world could have been changed for the better, for Jesus, years ago.

  The Bible is full of biographies of people who, like Isaiah, Moses, Esther, Joseph, Sarah, Paul, Ruth, Peter, Deborah, Joshua, Mary, and Jesus …picked up the phone and said, “Here am I, Lord, send me!”  These are world changers
…the brave ones who are responsible for the good, kind, helpful tendencies in civilization
…the bridges that help millions end up in heaven instead of hell.  And there are biographies of people who took the easy way out …missed opportunities …millions sent down the wrong road…and the fragmentation and violence and evil in our world can be laid at their doorstep.  With God…it’s a choice.  But the small choices add up to a lifetime.  His way…your way.  Be careful about how you answer the call.

    People.  People really do matter (remember, “people are not the problem… they are the project!).  How we handle them on the phone, the I.M.'s or the email is more a matter of courtesy and maturity than opportunities of eternal proportions.

   When a friend thinks of you …that’s a compliment!  He or she deserves a reply as promptly as possible.  When you make a friend wait, expecting your reply, it’s like you are really stealing his time…messing up his schedule…perhaps inflicting a bit of pain or resentment.  Oh, I know…some friends just like to gab…endlessly!  Sometimes you really are too busy to do what they request.  Come on.  We all are overscheduled!  The polite thing, and the mature thing to do is answer as quickly as possible (one good thing about the new technology is that we can often answer in a one word email or I.M. or text message…saves a ton of time, but lets the friend know that we value him as a person!).  When you are too busy to chat, or just don’t have time in your schedule to take on a new assignment…be up front.  Tell them. 

   My father taught me years ago about the danger of acting too busy for people.  He reminded me that Jesus was never in too big a hurry to see and meet the needs       of individuals.  Dad said, “If you stop by someone’s office to share a quick word, don’t stand with one foot outside the door looking like you are really on the way to something ‘really important.’  Walk in, sit down in a chair, get comfortable, look at your friend, say what needs to be said, ask how he is doing…then, get up, say you need to be going, and leave.”  One way says, “I’m important…you’re not!” The other way says, “I’m glad to see you, friend.  I value you, your time, and your friendship, and I’m always here if you need me.”  Thanks dad!

   Thank God for the modern technology that we can use to be good friends, to more effectively and efficiently accomplish the tasks He sets before us…both at home and around the world.  Let’s use it maturely and with courtesy.   Praise God for the “ancient technology” that He uses to directly communicate His love and best advice to us, His chosen, His children, His hands and feet to touch the world.  Let’s be eager to pick up the cell phone, see who’s calling, and smile as we answer, “It‘s me…what can I do for you today?”


November 28, 2004
I received a very nice letter from a CBU alumna, who is also the daughter of the Senior Deacon at the Epicenter, Jim Fugate.  I believe you will enjoy reading this encouraging letter.

November 25, 2004
On one night I had both the thrill of seeing Billy Graham and leading a new friend to Christ.  Read about Billy Graham and My New Friend Nick.

November 15, 2004
Here are some fresh pictures from the campus of California Baptist.  I've also added another journal entry today,
"Sight of Home."  Enjoy.

The New America Singers

A choir specifically designed for youth in grades 7-12 who wish to sing in a larger, touring youth choir.  Two choirs are available: one in Northern California (NC) and one in Southern California (SC). 

 Students are chosen from these choirs to participate in the New America Singers international summer mission tour. Choir directors always are looking for youth willing to sing and glorify the Lord through the gift of music. 

Please contact one of the directors listed below to obtain information on joining the State Youth Choir:

   Ted Campbell  (909) 369-9616

    Ken Kell (209) 887-2445

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