me: hey doug
racen2god: hey Rob I am just sending you something
6:54 AM me: cool
i just woke up
though I had been up at 3:30 for awhile
chatting with our Music Minister...he was still up working on website stuff
6:55 AM racen2god: about the service and cant find the scripture where Jesus says blessed are those with faith that have not seen me
me: I sent him your STAND BY ME letter(s) and a link
6:56 AM ask and you shall receive.
my friends down at google come through
6:57 AM racen2god: is this the verse that when Jesus ask the group who do you say i am
me: no..
racen2god: no wonder I couldn't find it lol
6:58 AM me:

6:59 AM racen2god: is it where thomas had to feel his holes in his hands
7:01 AM me: that was the first verse, yeah. John 20:29
the "who do you say I am" is much earlier
during Jesus' public ministry
7:02 AM racen2god: I believe this is the faith Jesus was amazed in the centurion I have it written with scriptures and sending it to you
me: cool
7:03 AM I really enjoy interacting over passages....and
especially as I am preaching a series..where I have a chance to make reference to points already made
7:04 AM in previous messages...
in the future (with the internet) once it is all transcribed into 'text', then it will be searchable
on our website(s)
7:05 AM and some cool hyperlink studies
and hyperlink song-commentaries will come as a result
Did you hear in the sermon where I did the 'narrator whisper'..?
"For the Visually-impaired..."
7:06 AM "...the preacher is now opening an umbrella"...
that is my vision for a Director's Commentary to most anything we do...
racen2god: that was for me I know it LOL
me: an available voice track that serves to speak to those who want to DIG DEEPER...
7:07 AM or who hunger to learn more about the creative process behind a sermon, a song, a story...
right now...(last night and yet this morning),
I'm watching the Director's Commentary from "Fireproof"
racen2god: I sent over my digigng deeper but I did not finish the wife and kids reference
7:08 AM me: ok
racen2god: I saw the movie fighting your giants (it made me tear up ) I have the movie fire proof but have not watched as of yet
7:09 AM me: oh..well, it is truly God's Reward for that Sherwood Baptist Church..and the creative people who attend there!
7:10 AM racen2god: I heard a interview with the wife and husband behind it and got it for my daughter and son in law
of course I want to watch it too
7:11 AM me: Rent or Borrow these DVDs
1) Flywheel
2) Facing the Giants
3) Fireproof
7:12 AM and watch the Director' Commentaries for each
7:13 AM it is possibly the most-encouraging example I have
of God blessing creativity in the local church
racen2god: in the service for the church i go to last night the pastor was talking about the body and said how he hasn't written a sermon in 20 years on his own they take weeks to prepare
me: and story after story of the windows of heaven opening for people who truly "aren't in it for the money, the power, or the prestige"....
7:14 AM they're in it for the FUN...
racen2god: he comes up with a story line and pass it between the saints let the spirit take it from there
me: the FUN of serving the Lord in your own unique gifting.
racen2god: Amen
7:15 AM I Love it when someone down spirited is talking with me and we talk and I walk away and think to my self where did that come from LOL
7:16 AM me: amen
racen2god: then I have to go to my knees the famous 18"
7:19 AM well I started writing you last night before church and listening to your sermon on sunday morning (that i had waited all day to hear)
7:20 AM then when I came home waiting on the Holy Spirit to review both services to me I listened again to your sermon tweaked #Wow
7:22 AM me: hah
7:23 AM hey, I checked
7:24 AM but didn't get an email from you yet this morning
there it is
got it
7:26 AM hey, you might enjoy 'facebook' if you ever wanna try something new
racen2god: at my church they have it where you watch the service on the internet we even greet the people on line at the begininng of each service there while they watch the service they have a on line pastor they inter act with pretty coll especially when we have communion they get have pizza lol just kidding
me: it is a much 'cleaner' neighborhood than myspace was.
7:27 AM racen2god: i have been wanting to check it out
I have heard good things about it even in the networking of business
7:28 AM me: online participation---that's the direction we're moving toward because so many people 'go away' for trips, to visit family, to vacate..., or retreat from pressures...
That's the discussion of the day for a couple of us (Cathy and me)...
7:29 AM racen2god: even mission trip the misionaries can keep in with the church's happenings
me: and show we're beginning to share how that 'reality' affects our church in a positive manner rather than just the negative-default-complaint.
7:30 AM yes.'missionaries can keep in with the churchs happenings'
7:31 AM we have two members--one at a deaf school in mexico; one in the Jesus Film Project (Florida and around the world).
I'd like our people to be able to 'give online' to support either or both of these two, for instance
7:32 AM racen2god: I can look into the service provider our church uses see $$$ wise or the ease of using
me: and for them to be able to interact about the stuff going on at home
that'd help!
racen2god: Rob if there is anything i can do on my part I am here and will to take a part Chief ;)
me: I'm just about to start compiling my examples
7:33 AM who are you? Maxwell Smart?
racen2god: lol
me: mentioned our old movie "The Grass is Greener"
I'm sure I still have that...
it should be digitized
7:34 AM to think that I did that as a project for SCHOOL and showed it in class!
racen2god: wow would I like to see that Don't think it is of church use but to see us then might be a hoot
me: could be of church use somehow, I'm sure.
I think anything can be of use to the Lord...
7:35 AM just as He LEADS...
that's the key.
otherwise it is 'vanity of vanities'...
racen2god: well it was the Holy Spirit working or trying to work in us lol

me: hey, did you ever hear that song I wrote?
Vanity of Vanities?

7:36 AM racen2god: yes I still have the cassettes you gave me years ago (I dont have a cassette player) but i have the tapes and seen them on line

me: CLICK HERE for Vanity of Vanites. This has lyrics, an audio player, and Director's Commentary

7:37 AM racen2god: hey that was one of my kids fav's when they were young and got into this rap c---
oh wait I'm turning into my dad

me: it is Brayton ripping some great guitar stuff
"well, dad, if you don't like it."
7:38 AM how's that poem go?

racen2god: I saw him on your my space and was going to send him a note

me: yeah..just write him at
7:39 AM racen2god: see if he remembers sitting back stage smoking with John Lee Hooker that was something to remember
He doesn't maneuver myspace well
but he'll be able to 'read' anything you send him at that address
7:40 AM racen2god: Ok I have my IM's set up to be saved in emails now
me: I took Greg to see Passion of the Christ...
racen2god: that must of been interesting
me: I interpreted it for him...(the whispered narrative)
7:41 AM yeah, it was something. I did it again for another blind person
I think I saw the Passion nine times altogether in the Theatres...
because I would go for matinees just to meditate
racen2god: I saw frank Zappa 9 times lol
7:42 AM me: it made my interpretation for the Visually Impaired much deeper
never saw Zappa
but there's some youtube stuff from concerts and tv appearances
7:43 AM racen2god: I love youtube for the musical stuff you can research
7:47 AM speaking of meditate when I was in the baptist church we invited a mexican, and Vietnamese church to one sunday night
me: yeah?
7:48 AM racen2god: all 3 pastors spoke at the same time it was like the real meaning of tongues it was awesome
me: hah
I did that with John 3:16
and Filipino, and Spanish, with two mission pastors were were 'sponsoring' to use our building
back in Galt
7:49 AM I've got it online somewhere...
i'm gonna fish for it...
racen2god: have you heard the (I think it is the voice of passion) on cd yet it's by the creator of the passion
7:50 AM it's the new testament spoken by actors
me: found it!
racen2god: "BY"

7:51 AM oh yeah...
i got that DVD-CD for free...
but didn't listen to it before 'loaning' it to 'somebody'?
7:52 AM racen2god: I Love John 17 wow is it awesome
me: I'll keep my eyes open for it
7:53 AM On the last Sunday before I left for Liberia, I invited Pastor Art Garza (Templo La Hermosa) and Pastor Henry Bermudo (Living Hope Bible Church) to share the pulpit for a special 3-pastor sermon.
Fanning the flame, I asked both men to interpret short phrases from God's Word. This 2-minute mp3 audiofile demonstrates the joy we are experiencing as we hear each other 'declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues.' (Acts 2:11) Together, the three of us preached through Philippians 4:4-7.
Later, in Liberia, I used that sermon outline as an inspiration for this song: Turn Your Worries Into Prayer

racen2god: Ok bro I have to get somethings around for the trash man before he slips by
I Love you and cathy to
me: sho nuff
racen2god: when you walk by the river know I a\m there and remeber chief what i said
me: I gotta head to WORK!
7:54 AM reminder?
what'd'ya say?
racen2god: if there is anything I can do for you and the church i am here and waithng
7:55 AM me: well, I'm expecting you to take a 'road trip' out here someday!
in the meantime, we'll do this stuff!
I'll post some of our chat
for my journal entry
racen2god: I was thinking and praying how this might happen
7:56 AM me: keep on keepin' on, brotha
racen2god: Love ya's
a little mike weaver in that good-bye see ya later