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 I AM   
Near the beginning of my preaching tenure at fbcgalt, I preached through the Book of John. (1.5 years)

Jesus is the Bread of Life: I was the hungry one.
Jesus is the Light of the World: I was stumbling.
Jesus is the Gate for the Sheep: I was an outsider.
Jesus is the Good Shepherd: I was a lost lamb.
Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life: I was dead.
Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life: Fatherless.
Jesus is the True Vine: Now, I am connected to Jesus and hope to bear good fruit that will last for Eternity.


  Turn Your Worries Into Prayer    

Philippians 4:6

 I carried this stone from Galt (across our continent, and the Atlantic Ocean)
 to place it in the pulpit at our sister church in Liberia.

 After I returned from Liberia, Jebby pieced together the melodic bridge. 
 My nephew, Josh Wilson, sang those same thoughts in a Jebby-esque voicing.
 Drums:    Jerry Patterson   Guitars: Jebby & Greg Brayton

Psalm 100 inspired this song which was featured on "Firstfruits." 
It celebrates forgiveness and the hope of becoming more like Christ in character and integrity.

This song for voice and piano is a personal testimony written before Mary was born.
It was my response to a bedtime request from our firstborn: Joe-Joe

Whatever 2
Philippians 4:9
Second-time-around. Bob Kilpatrick recorded most of the tracks for this version (at his studio in Fair Oaks, California). Working with Bob as a producer was fun--especially his animated methods at pulling the guitar solos out of Jebby's inmost being. Oh yeah, Jebby came up with the idea for shifting keys (guitar solo sections), mumbling something about George Harrison and the lead in Octopus's Garden???