email Pastor Richard Kla Wesley directly:

Pastor Rob and
   Family of FBC Galt,

  We have been working very, very hard on the clinic which is taking us 10-12 hours daily to bring the clinic up to where it is. Please see attached photos. The discretionary fund that was sent has been used up completely bringing the clinic to the point where it is.

  An addition of at least $600 -$700 will do all the finish work on the building. That includes painting, layout of floor around the building to get it in the shape to where if we had the laboratory equipment, doctors, and medicine we could start any time.

Our next step is to trust God in getting the funds for the running of the clinic. But please, if you can send us that amount, everything as far as the structure is concerned will be fully completed.

Secondly, our money for home food is finished save $30 US which will take us for another 1 or 2 days. If you could also help us along this line, that would be perfect.

Today we went to visit with some of the international NGO's with the hope that they could give us some supplies. We visited almost 4 different organizations, but nothing was promising and it seems to us that we will not get help from any of them. We want to again thank you for your concern and this investment as you know is eternal and will yield Heavenly benefits for all of those who are in the mainstream of your help.

May God bless you all.

Pastor Wesley