(left to right:  Sanctuary, 2 story Radio Studio, Greater Love Hospital)               (left to right:  rear view of hospital, studio & radio tower, sanctuary)
  Please help Pastor Richard Wesley work while it is yet day...
I met Pastor Wesley through an unsolicited email that he sent me on December 12, 2002. The war was still raging in parts of Liberia at that time. Over the next 3 years I simply said 'yes' to the Spirit of God as he opened the door for a great work. God blessed me for a season to see a wonderful outpouring of generosity among certain brothers and sisters in the body of Christ. As co-laborers in Christ we all shared a little of the prosperity we had known and helped Pastor Wesley begin to build a sanctuary for the church that had been meeting in his leased apartment. Like Nehemiah, Pastor Wesley worked--even with the sound of mortars in the near-distance.

Despite photos that had been faithfully sent to us, we didn't seem to have enough money to put the roof on the church building that we had started. I found it difficult to raise any more help for awhile.

Did Pastor Wesley give up his vision due to our lack thereof?


Instead, we watched this man of God start an auxiliary work. A modest Children's Home was built on Duport Road with funds given by a different group of believers. He finished that building and housed five children there. Then, Pastor Wesley continued to vision-cast through regular emails to me. I continued to share his ongoing story of faith-and-works with anyone who would listen (or read an email from me).

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for giving me the experience of truly being a co-laborer with Him and with other interested individuals--many from the First Baptist Church of Galt (those who were involved during era 2003-2005).

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In the summer of 2003, we watched the final days of the war on CNN. It was devastating to hear that the bodies of those who had died in the streets were laid at the gate of the American Embassy. My ticket to Monrovia, Liberia was cancelled because the airport had been closed in July (when my trip there was planned).

My delayed trip finally took place in February of 2004. As an ambassador of those who were counted as co-laborers, I carried their gifts and goodwill with me.
I lived with Pastor Wesley's family during the three weeks that I was in Liberia.

By that time, the U.N. Peacekeepers had everything nearly under control. I was privileged to preach the first sermon on the first Sunday that the congregation of Greater Love Bible Baptist Church gathered in their new building. In March of 2005, my friends, Mike and Robin McCall, stayed at the Children's Home for 30 days. In 2006, our son, Joseph, lived with Pastor Wesley for 80 days. Later, that summer a pastor in our association, Kenneth Hendon, went there for a week as our keynote speaker for a Pastors' Leadership Conference.

When I was moved by the Spirit from FBC Galt to Bell Road Baptist Church in Auburn, California,  I periodically shared about my ongoing interest in Pastor Wesley. I continued to be encouraged by his demonstrative investment of personal time, talent, and treasure. So, as part of our 2007 Vacation Bible School, our children sent $1,100 to Pastor Wesley and provided academic scholarships for several students.

Today, I am not personally in the position to provide any financial assistance for Pastor Wesley or the God-sized assignment that has been entrusted to him. This saddens me because I love this man deeply and would like to see him continue to run the race without hindrance. I have invested a great deal of trust in his integrity through the years. He has not disappointed my hopeful expectation--even once.

However, I rejoice that I am able to stand by this humble man and show you the photos above. They were sent to me on September 25, 2008. The left photo shows the Sanctuary on the left; the hospital on the right; and the future home of an FM radio studio in between.

PLEASE help Pastor Wesley with his vision of broadcasting the simple gospel of Jesus Christ from the heart of Monrovia, Liberia into the hearts of villagers throughout Liberia. I stand ready to resource anyone with photos, videos, and personal testimonies regarding Pastor Wesley and the Vision that God has entrusted to him.

write: pastorob@gmail.com          cell: (530) 366-2924