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words and music by pastorob          
produced by Greg Brayton

Bedtime.    Waiting for a story.

“Daddy won’t you tell me about when you were very sad man?”

“Joe Joe, I was once a sad man.
For years I hadn’t listened…
Instead of doing what was right,
I chose to walk into the night

I froze there; It was so cold there…”    till I cried out:


“Jesus, as a child I once believed in You…
but for years I’ve found it hard to…
Found it hard, Lord, to believe in You,
but now I know, Lord, I’m in need of You
To save me from myself tonight. 
Lord, save me from myself tonight.”


Joseph, Jeremiah, Daniel (Mary Angelia)

Jesus, eternally my Savior. 
He is ever interceding for me
and supplying all my need according
to the riches that are His in glory

And if you’re waiting to be told the story,
Son, listen to your own tonight…

Son, listen to the Lord tonight.  Tonight.”
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