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words and music by  pastorob                produced by St. Gregory Lee of Braytonia

This is the first song in a long time…

There’s something I just have to say to you.

I haven’t seen you in such a long time,

But I have read about you in the news.

And it looks as though it’s turning out alright,

(although it turned out differently than we’d planned…)

I didn’t do what’s best for you,

Although I really wanted to…


Still I remember the times…

That we would gather as ‘the Church’

And hear a brother preach God’s Word

I’d listen close to every sermon we heard.

Seeking Life, we’d pray for change to come,

For God to let His Will be done,

Allowing  Holy Conviction to lead us to Repentance.

Yes, God is right.

His Truth sets us free to stand up boldly in the night.

The battle is the Lord’s.

He brings Light.


This is the first song in a long time..

There’s something I just want to say to you.

I may not see you for quite a long time,

And maybe then just as we’re passing through.

But I hope in Jesus, He will fill your life with every good thing

He has promised His own.

 I know the Lord has smiled on you,

Consider what He’s brought you through:


Pastor John Clark (officiated our marriage; pastor at Trinity Assembly of God)
“I don’t know about you,

But I have been in a place of despair.

I’ve looked around at the eyes of many of you,

And I know you’ve been there too.

In fact, as I look around tonight,

I’m seeing the first glint in a few eyes that I’ve seen in a long time.”

Elder Ron Sorrell (now with the LORD in Eternity):

“Go where God sends you.

       People may get mad at you, you know, and they more than likely will.

            Do what God tells you to do.”

Coach Floyd Eby (Gideon/Author/Evangelist at Praise Baptist Church):

“ I  put fifty some verses of God’s word in each book. That’s what changes people’s lives, not Coach’s ‘ramblings on’...
          But I believe that God was with me when I wrote it…”

Pastor Roger Bennett (had preached a 16 day revival meeting at Alpha and Omega):

“Father, this day…may it be a day of cleansing, Hallelujah,

             May it be a day of refreshing in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Hallelujah... Lord, just breathe on this altar Your breath of life through each and every one that is here before you God.
             Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.”

Pastor Ezell Plair (my first pastor; visiting preacher at Alpha and Omega):

“I believe the Bible says, He leadeth me in the path of righteousness for what?

His Namesake. So walk on in righteousness for Jesus’ sake.”


pastorob (the If of any given If/Then statement):

“If you’re going to be faithful to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit …

David Nix (an Australian PK; he came to A&O on a student mission trip):
”We can’t help what we do, because of sin. There’s a verse in the scripture that says this:

‘Surely there is not a righteous person on the Earth who always does what is right, and never makes a mistake.’
Every single one of us have made mistakes. Sin has come into our lives and hurt us.”


Pastor Al Dines (Southern Baptist to A/G to come home and land at Praise Baptist):

“And in the eyes of God we are as though we never sinned. He sees us through the blood of Jesus, through that blood…

Pastor Joseph Plair (son of Ezell; visiting preacher at Alpha and Omega):
“Only a few are chosen…and I’m glad to be one of those chosen few.”

Oh…come on give Him another handclap,
GLORY, WONDERFUL… Bless His Name….Bless His Name.”     (Joseph claps the loudest)

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