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Another day of Holy Coincidence
is about to begin... 

Saturday: 30 September 2006

Beverly and I spent several hours on Visitation yesterday. Then, I drove Joe to Tracy so he could catch a ride to Camp Pendleton where the New America Singers are ministering tonight.

Last night, Cathy and I watched another episode of Dateline (to catch a predator). I'm saddened to look at the faces of the men who have fallen into snares set by the Enemy. When they are caught and exposed, the shame is captured on their faces. I hope that the Church will be able to help sin-sick men who give themselves over to the lusts of their flesh.

David Sayre and I met for prayer this morning. I think that Eli was probably involved in the second day of his third harvest.

At eight o'clock a group of children and adults went to the Sacramento Zoo to tape scenes from our upcoming Backyard Bunch musical.

I have at least two more appointments today...

Thursday: 28 September 2006

Last night I stayed after at the Bible Study speaking with Eli until 10:30 p.m. Joe still wanted to watch Bonhoeffer when we got home. I suggested we wait a day, but we went ahead and watched it. I fell I'll still need to watch it again. Here's a website for the documentary (click here).

I have finished the eleventh chapter of R. B. McCartney's unpublished novel. There are eighteen chapters in all. Yesterday, I also listened to a tape of his joyful voice preaching on the Sunday night after he returned from their trip to New York. The combination of reading his book and listening to his heart is having a great impact on me. I realize how much I love that old preacher! I don't think that he will mind hearing me call him old in that context.

and Thelma
are a precious couple who have modeled for Cathy and me a friendly team of evangelistic partners in marriage. They have tried to put the Lordship of Christ first in their lives. They inspire me to keep doing my best to remain friends with people even when there's disagreement over certain doctrines or methodology.

I am pleased that Pastor Mac has allowed me to help him proofread his manuscript. I'm enjoying his story. It is true to its author. Like my published songs, Mac's book will emphasize for others what part of the Gospel Message he deems most important for whatever audience God provides.

Wednesday: 27 September 2006

Joe and I took a brisk walk this morning from 6:15 to 7:00. Yes, it was brisk. Highlights of the conversation included consideration of the oak trees at Fumasi Park, the effects of the sunrise upon our perception of colors, a scriptural tie to the morning dew, and the mist still lingering over the field at Greer Middle School.

As well, this old saying settled upon us:

If the grass is greener on the other side,
 ______________________________ .

We filled in the blank with an unpublished discussion of watering and fertilization. Joe said he intends to pursue the study sometime.

Our morning prayer walk was prompted by reading from Power through Prayer.

"Morning listlessness is the index to a listless heart".

We will soon be counting the days until Joe leaves for Moscow, Russia. From there, he will fly to the Philippines for his sixth semester of undergraduate studies. I am thankful that God has given me the opportunity to spend this special time with Joe during his junior year in college. His current classes are of interest to both of us. He also enjoys history, theology, and ecclesiology, so our conversations are centered around these topics.

We are awaiting Joe's netflix account to deliver a biography entitled Bonhoeffer. There are not many people I know around here who would express an interest in watching it. I share different interests with the other children.

Yesterday, Jimmie, Kat, Beverly, Joe, and I met in the sanctuary to pray from 10:00 to 11:00. Then, I invested a few hours working through an end-times novel written by R. B. McCartney. He plans to publish it soon. I've offered to help with editing for tense and spelling.

At 5:00, I met with pastors and representatives from four other local churches. We are hosting staff members from World Vision who live in the nation of Lesotho. They will arrive today and be among us until a city-wide morning church service on October 8th.

Discipleship highlights today:

Home Study at Hugh and Eula's

  7:00  Home Study at the Greene's

Call me
if you're interested in attending:

  (209)  323-0727

Tuesday: 26 September 2006

"Do you see a man wise in his own eyes?
  There is more hope for a fool than for him.

This morning, Lord willing, at 10 a.m., two or more will gather in Jesus' Name to pray at 653 A Street, Galt, CA. Since his ways are higher than our ways, I am hoping to be granted more wisdom for proceeding as a pastor, husband, and father. I'm also hoping to read R. B. McCartney's book today.

On May 26, 2005, I wrote about a man who was answering a fool according to his folly. I had sung a little melody to the phrase, and though I don't really remember the exact melody, the chords prompted melodic ideas when I tried it out yesterday. Since I had linked the day's activity to Proverbs 26, I read that passage of scripture afresh this morning and was drawn to the word 'quarreling.'

Sunday morning, 'quarreling' was mentioned in the biblical text. Along with 'jealousy', Paul pointed to it  as a sign of carnality. I made reference, jokingly, to Cathy and I having had no quarrels in 23 years (with a slow admission to the contrary).

In fact, we haven't been quarreling lately. However, early this morning, I dreamed that I had raised my voice to her over something relatively minor. I woke up feeling bad about it. I softly whispered to her about the dream. She whispered back, "I dreamed that your Grandma had awakened from her coma and we had a conversation".

That pleasant dream had actually happened to both of us a number of times. During the last ten months of her long life, we had been given special responsibility for that precious soul, Angelia.

Think on these things: Pastor Gary Gilley wrote a kind response to a letter I sent him about his website. I shared a brief testimony with him and encouraged him about the work he and others in his church are sharing on the Internet.

As well, Dr. R. C. Sproul recently broadcast a series about Martin Luther's view of preaching. Virginia wanted me to be encouraged so I listened to three of them yesterday. Here's a link to that page (here).

I hope to invest wisely today.

Monday:  25 September 2006  

It is very important to my calling to be connected to a scheduled, extended time of prayer. Our Saturday morning men's prayer meeting begins at 6 a.m. but is not widely attended (and it doesn't allow for me to hear the prayers of women).

I'm going to try to hold a Tuesday morning prayer meeting in our sanctuary. Men and women will be welcome to come and to pray. Starting tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. We will meet there every week except the first Tuesday of each month (when we have an outreach ministry at Royal Oaks).

My current reading of Power through Prayer reminds me how valuable 'Daily Devotions' has been to me in years past. Here's one way that I hope I'll be able to share my continued growth with you.

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25  26  27  28  29  30  31

(previously-published, proverbial daily devotions from May, 2005). I plan to copy-and-paste these (and other) devotional helps into my dateline for this column.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Yesterday, at prayer meeting, Eli gave me a small paperback copy of Power Through Prayer by E. M. Bounds. Eli says he has read it over and over again. Here's an online version (click here). It is an inspiring work; I'm happy to have this book to read. It has come along at a good time for me.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Thursday nights
are set apart for Band Practice. I'd rather it be known as Worship Praxis. I remember the chuckle inside when Diana Kracker used to ask us to 'practice' singing in the Spirit. It just sounds weird.

The A Street Band
'practices' Worship on Thursday nights. Last night the worshipers included Fred, Ruth, Jim, Mike, Glenn, and I. We practiced.

This Sunday we are offering a time of sharing Communion during 'Worship' (which still seems to be that certain amount of time allotted before the children are dismissed to 'children's church').

So Worship Team members talked through the flow of the Public Service we hope to offer.

  Then, we worked on it.

    We walked through the timeline.
      We prayed through it as the band played on . . .

    We played through it again with the key changes.

We listened to the Word of the Lord. . .

We listened (here it is).

...then we lingered before each other in the sight of God. As the coach I shared our strategy for overcoming the opposition. We purpose to lead the people of God in a truthful, spirit-led time of worship in the church.

I'm not coaching novices. This Worship Team is made up of believers who understand that our battle is not against flesh and blood. They also affirm that we cannot 'lead' anybody anywhere that we are not going ourselves. So, we practice.

We lingered on . . . before each other: bonding in the spirit of love, unity, mutual respect. We spoke of the power of testimony, disciple-making, grace, law, and the importance of rightly dividing the Word of God.

I stayed at the church until 10:00 pm talking with
Glenn Parker
about continuing on as believers. I've had Glenn as a friend since he was just a boy.

He is now 22 years of age. I remember Glenn coming up to me to offer commentary on a sermon years ago--before he was a teenager. I remember his teen years (watching him come kneel at the altar week-after-week).

Last night he was ready to be shown the hope I'm holding onto. He seemed very interested in helping me to blaze a new trail through the peculiar terrain of the 21st Century.

Life Together.

Hope. Future. Freedom.

Another pioneer who will work alongside me for a lifetime will be Joe. When I got home, Joe wanted me to watch Annapolis with him. So, I did.

Then, I got online and checked over Eva's latest endeavor. I wrote to her asking for some insight.

5:30 am: Joe had wanted me to help him study for a couple tests he has today. However, he wasn't ready to wake up yet. Since we had stayed up past midnight, he figures he wants to sleep in until 7:00. I told him that I have a Rotary breakfast at 7:00.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

I knew that I had just waxed Lucado-ish, but still yesterday's devotional thought carried me into the morning Bible Study at Hugh and Eula's. Fellowship with these homebound Christians was sweet.

I looked up at Eula during our singing of The Old, Rugged Cross and noticed that she was singing. This caused a spontaneous <Halleluhah!> to launch from this ol' tongue.

Hugh was in the mood to talk during the study of a certain passage. He spoke of training Russians to use a ship that the U.S. gave to them at the end of WW2. My curiosity about the aftermath of that war caused us to depart from the biblical text. It seemed good to simply let the man share these memories and observations. 

Hugh is 89 years old, still very sharp-witted, and is another Christian man that God has used to model servant-husbandry. He has laid down his life for his wife.

Last night's fellowship was packed. Ronny is leading us through the gospel of John (verse-by-verse). We have some talkers! I try my best to hold back but Ronny continues to encourage me to speak up.

I've noticed that Eli has a unique ministry. Regardless of who is teaching, Eli will ask a provocative question that stirs up lively, passionate discussion. He sometimes makes remarks based on arguments he has heard put forth by others through the years. I've never quite experienced this method in a Bible Study but it is truly effective. We get into the Word in a very humble manner. Our teachers confess that grappling with doctrinal beliefs will be a continuous, life-long process dependent upon being filled with the Spirit.

Many of us are facing trials in these days. Maybe that's why we are lingering in this mid-week fellowship for hours. I give thanks to my Lord, Jesus.

He gave me a great idea this morning as I went hunting-and-gathering (for milk, bread, and cereal).

I was listening to the Michigan/Sweden/Galt Sessions in the car.

(thoughtfully) "Yes, Lord. That is a good idea." (good ideas regularly occur to me when I was listen to songs inspired by the Word).

If you would like to be similarly inspired to take one giant leap for mankind in the upcoming generation, I recommend that you download Jörgen's Remix and burn it to a CD (click here). I give you my permission to make copies and listen to the Word of the Lord that permeates these works. If you don't know how to burn these songs to a CD, write me, OK?

Last night (during Bible Study) I had an idea prompted by a mental vision of the animated spotlights in the 21st Century Church logo. I lifted my arms and waved them as premiere night spots. This might not make any sense to others but it is all about John the Baptist to this reader/writer. I enjoy the Voice. I recognize Him when He speaks to my heart, mind, and strength.

The Spirit delivered a personal letter to me through Carol from the pastor in Kenya who hosted her on a mission trip years ago. My heart was touched when I read a letter from him a couple months ago.

...and Joe received a letter from a couple young men in Liberia whose schooling he provided for during their tenth year of high school. They want to go into the 11th grade but don't have the funds (and I don't think Joe feels like he does either).

Here is a photo album of shots taken when we sent Pastor Hendon to Liberia last month (click here).

I wish the windows of heaven would open up and pour out so much blessing that we couldn't contain it all . . .
I know of some deserving individuals who would benefit from the overflow.

I am reminded that the joy of the Lord is my strength (wordclick). After everyone else had left, Glenn, Joe, Renee, Cathy, and I talked over the difference between being a joy-sucker and a joy-pumper. We're gonna choose to choose the better way to relate to those around us. Lord, help us!   awat

Have you ever wondered what happens behind-the-scenes at a Women's Retreat? Consider this strange little video that arrived in my INBOX. It was shot last weekend at Jenness Park and features some of the sisters in our local church.

Joe came in yesterday with news that there has been a bloodless coup in Thailand. He was just there this summer so was especially interested (click here).
           related: Coup interrupts Nicolas Cage movie

There is yet another 'pot house' bust in the local news today. Here's an interesting blog that maps out where all this dope has been growing in the next town north of the Epicenter (click here). Have you ever wondered what's happening in that house next door to you?

A Pakistani pastor stays in touch with a couple of us. Here is a prayer request. I just did a little research about his reference to the Pope's words (click here).

Dear Brothers,

Have a blessed day, I am thankful to Lord for you both.

You did not Choose Me, but I Chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name HE may give you.

These things I command you, that you love one another.

If the World hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.
   (John 15:16 to 18)

Worthy Brothers, tomorrow here Muslim peoples strike against Pope's words. Please pray for us for our safety.

God Bless you,

Pastor Shamas

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

On Monday, I suggested that Daniel Tealy record a version of 'Lord, I Give You My Heart'. Well, he had already recorded it under the accurate title:

This is my Desire

Views: 4527

Daniel lives in Australia. He has quite a good selection of songs posted on YouTube. I've enjoyed getting to know him through these songs and by email.

Jennifer and I have been working on some visuals to assist with my Sunday School class discussions and hands-on project.

This composite shot involved several back-and-forth tweaks. Click on it if you would like to see some other developments in this endeavor.

I don't think any of us will live to see the 22nd Century Church and it doesn't make much sense for us to spend too much time back in the 20th Century. So, I need to remember the past and hope for the future but carefully choose to live abundantly in the unlimited potential of today's relationships.

Lord, help us today
          to watch and to pray,
          to be and to do . . . (accordingly).

        Bible Study Fellowship and Prayer
           this morning
and tonight

          Call me for directions:  (209)  323-0727

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Eva had written to me months ago about the John Lennon documentary that will soon be released. This article (here) is of interest to a few people I know. It's an old story from Christianity Today and fits with the song Unconditional Love.

I found 'Working-class Hero' on last night. It took me back to when I repeatedly listened to that poet's voice.

I am meditating upon the context of this particular verse as I look forward (toward the upcoming sermon on Sunday):

"By the grace God has given me,
           I laid a foundation as an expert builder."

Joe plans to hang out with me today. He doesn't have school so he will invest his free time about his father's business. Hopefully, it will be time well invested.

It looks like both tapes of last Sunday's sermon are blank. Why? I don't know. So, I'm glad I took the time to download my thoughts on Monday morning. The local church stuff in yesterday's entry is important to me.  

I was reminded of our prayers about the Zoo. Christene reported that after a phone call she made, the idea to charge for videotaping the Backyard Bunch has been dropped.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Today's entry is long and involves local church stuff. If your time with us is limited today, I recommend listening to this mp3 copy of what Jörgen did with Joe's song and skipping the rest (unless you're bored and have lots of free time).

   click here to download Joe's Song (with Jörgen)

I Will Say it Again

Please listen for the addition of organ, keyboards, harmony vocals, and enthusiastic crowd noises tastefully placed by the blind musician in Sweden. What fun--to interact musically across the boundaries of time and space. See Saturday's entry for more about the process.

About the local scene:
I formerly shared early Monday morning walks with a close friend but I don't currently have that gift. Instead, I'm facing this template in order to download some highlights from yesterday.

Since Cathy had gone on a women's retreat with nine others from our church, I had added responsibilities over the weekend. Preparation by our secretary much earlier in the week had helped relieve some of the stress of preparing the band's music.

I arrived at 7:30 to find that Deacon Jim had once again brought Dennis Ware to help open all the doors, turn on the lights, set the thermostat, locate the bulletins, make the coffee and probably many other unnoticed, service-oriented tasks . . .

now that's 'deaconing'. . .

Before our band warm-up, Christene mentioned that someone at the Sacramento Zoo had expressed an interest in charging us a fee to video-tape our church kids (using the zoo for background scenery). We shared this with the Band and then prayed. We also prayed over both services and the Sunday School classes, the afternoon Spanish Service, and our Sunday Evening groups.

We started right 'on time' but as goes our church culture, both morning gatherings take about ten minutes for the whole group to arrive. The music remains the same selections for both services.

Yesterday's hymns were Leaning on the Everlasting Arms and There's Room at the Cross. I knew that it was costly to stand and read Acts 15 in its entirety (at both services). I considered (and reconsidered) the need to read the entire chapter aloud. I concluded that it was important to do so.

However, I placed the public reading of Scripture in between hymns and did my best to read with expression. It seemed to be accepted by those gathered--most had a Bible opened before them reading along.

was careful to follow the directions I gave him for the Powerpoint during all the songs.

Other songs we sang together were:
Under the Shadow,
    How Great is our God,
and Lord, I Give You My Heart.

(Apparently, this last song is from Australia. I wonder if Daniel Teale will put up his version on YouTube?)

The altar times seemed to be appropriately placed because there was some response at each of them.

My Sunday School class was a delight. Jerry, Daniel, Mary, Alex, Elizabeth, and Katey shared and discussed ideas in preparation for the possibility of launching something special in November of 2007.

2nd Service: Tommy Rackley and Bryan Ryan were bubbly as they seemed to want certain people to notice that they were there!

Interesting challenges of 'doing business' in relationship as church members served as the theme of my sermon in both services. I think that this was an important message. We considered the oh-so-real relationship between Paul and Barnabas.

Sharp Dispute
at the beginning of Acts 15
     Paul and Barnabas 
versus  'the men from Judea'

Sharp Dispute
at the end of chapter 15
versus Barnabas

I am in the 11th year of ministry in the same local church. Thus far, this year seems to be a time of personal reflection and rededication. The following facts of church life offer a Big Picture perspective that should prove helpful to those God has specifically called to minister alongside me.

* We will continually experience the process of calling others to help with the discipleship of individuals who are being called on the local level.

* We will continue to send and receive gifted people who were already Christians when they first arrived at this local church. These individuals are 'working out' their salvation as God watches how it all works out.

* Believers will sometimes arise to agree with false teaching (simply because of their background). We will deal with it. It happens. We're finite and limited in our understanding of God's Ways.

* Someone who has demonstrative personality traits and specific calling (like Peter) will stand at times and passionately testify.

* Mission teams (like Paul and Barnabas) will season the day's controversy with signs of hope and stories of God's wonders.

* At times during any given debate, the people will become still and try to listen more attentively to the Voice of the Holy Spirit through each other.

* Soft-spoken elders (like James) will offer practical solutions.

In the midst of all these kinds of people, we will make plans that 'seem good to the Holy Spirit and to us'. The password for our church's high-speed wireless is a truth that overrides the entirety of Acts 15.

The devotional verse for yesterday's message was Proverbs 19:21

"Many are the plans in a man's heart,
          but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails."

In the midst of all this optimism individuals will still choose to go in the opposite direction. We should commend them to the grace of God and hope for the very best.

What happens when 'a Barnabas' and 'a Paul' seem to experience an irreconcilable difference?

Hmmm...I suppose that a biblical perspective might be to pray along these lines:

May the proposed Mission Trip be doubled.
  May laborers like Silas, Timothy, and Luke be added.
    May a young disciple like John Mark be given a
      second chance and get on with his next step of discipleship.

Remember: God is watching as we make our plans.

On Sunday evenings, Christene Santillan is leading a group of children called The Backyard Bunch. While R.B. McCartney preaches a message for the adults, Cathy and I have been helping Christene with the children.

Last night Amanda Harlan and her friend, Melissa were also assisting. We all agree that this is a particularly sweet time of engaging with these young people--learning some music fundamentals, a body of music, and preparing for a program on November 5th.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A narrative from Acts 15 is the background for this morning's sermons: Planning as God Watches

Here's Dr. J Vernon McGee with some background on this very chapter in church history:

click for 1st verse     click here for 2nd verse

May the Lord speak to all of us as we meditate upon God's Word today.

Last night, in reference to Jimmie's letter, this email just came in from Iona (a retired high school biology teacher). Her husband, Richard, was a School Administrator.

Hey, Rob:

Neither Richard nor I have read Canterbury Tales...  
   You're in good company!

Have you read any Silas Marner?
   That was my bane in HS English...hated it!

No, I haven't even heard of Silas Marner until now.
Well, I plan to finish reading the short stories in The Canterbury Tales before the '06 comes to an end.
It's all about timetravel. You see, the Miller told his tale long before anyone had ever listened to 'a whiter shade of pale'.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

My cousin, Jim, wrote from Ohio:


"I just read your blog for the 15th and am surprised that you'd admit to not having read Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. As I recall, it was required reading for College".

I didn't struggle at all with the admission. I never even heard of Chaucer until I got to college. I knew that Jim wasn't being mean-spirited in his observation. His remark gave me opportunity to write him back with some personal remembrance of my high school years. I also told him more about the day I invested considering high school literature.

I have included this helpful outline which may shed some light into the darker regions of public education.

1. Admission Standards
      a.  the case for objective subjectivity
      b.  the case for subjective objectivity
      c.  either/or
      d.  both/and
      e.  none of the above

2. Standards Transmission
      a.  so forth  and
      b.  so on

Last night, Joe and I watched Citizen Kane together. I offered observations that would be pointed out in any college-level Film Interpretation class. Then we watched most of the film again with the commentary by Peter Bogdonavich (about the same stuff I said).

Greg sent me a note today:

Hey buddy, download this file. See what you think. Jörgen is very excited, and I like it too. I might pull back a harmony vocal or two but his keyboard is very nice and his enthusiasm for the project is real fine.

So, I downloaded the file and listened to what Jörgen (a blind musician in Sweden) added to Joe's song. I am including the original link in case anyone want to learn how Greg and Jörgen are sending the large files.

Here is an mp3 copy of what Jörgen did with the song:

   click here for Joe's Song (with Jörgen)

The original download was a 32 MB wav file. I've hadn't heard it on big speakers yet--only the laptop. On the little speakers I hear a click that sounds like an old-fashioned tape-splice near the beginning. Maybe it is a low bass signal that the laptop speakers can't reproduce.

I do enjoy hearing Jörgen's vocals and the keyboards. Joe just burned the song to a CD so we can hear it on a bigger system.

Here's the link that Greg sent me so you can learn about sendspace.  (click here)

Friday, September 15, 2006

I was asked to fill in as a teacher at the high school today. I haven't taught there in a whole year. I just finished teaching first hour and have a break until third hour, so I came over to the church office. In class, the lesson plan said that we were to read aloud from the book Canterbury Tales. I had never read it so I asked the class to give a synopsis. Now it has my curiosity stirred.

Last night's music rehearsal went well. After practice of the hymns and spiritual songs, we discussed the topic for Sunday morning and had another time of mid-week prayer.

Joe and I watched a session of his Cultural Anthropology class on the computer yesterday. He has two classes that are broadcast in real time and then are stored online for anyone who wants to review the material. I am quite impressed by the extra value that this distance-learning tool brings to community college students.  

Then, we were able to drive down to Stockton to go bowling before Music Practice. Daniel had invited his friend, Nate, a young man who has been at our church the entire time we have. Nate is currently attending a trucking school working toward his Class A license. He also was just accepted to take an entrance exam at the Sheriff's Academy.

The birthday boy won the game. I came in second. Did I let him win just because it was his birthday? Frankly, I'm not sure...I did throw a couple gutter balls.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Eighteen years ago today, Daniel Patterson was born. Our third son, Daniel has fulfilled his unique role in this family with a great sense of humor and deep loyalty. Cathy and I made the decision to wait until the end of his fifth year before sending him off to public school for kindergarten. So, that is the reason he is in his senior year (although now he's an adult). He asked if the family could go bowling together as a way to celebrate his birthday.

The next few years are going to be interesting as we launch all four kids into the independence of adulthood. Currently, Mary and Daniel are in my Sunday School class. I also asked Jerry to join us last week because we are vision-casting as we read that old Rick Warren book (The Purpose Driven Church) together.

Jebby and I went for a walk today. We discussed the Scripture I'll be focusing upon in this Sunday's sermon.

Yesterday I met with Tim Stevenson, Mary Sanders, Craig Dale, and a few others about the gathering of churches which will take place on Sunday, October 8th. I was sorry to see that Frank Mack, Rick Keiser, and Dave Ross weren't there. At the gathering I was humbled as I reflected upon the interrelationships of these people who each play a distinct role in this chapter of my life.

In Bible Study, Ron Shindy asked us to read aloud the prologue to the Gospel of John. I once preached through the entire book of John (over a period of 1.5 years). I also put some of these verses into a chord progression back at Alpha and Omega (click here).  I am so thankful for a chance to attend a Bible Study led by someone else. Familiarity with the Bible can sometimes be a hindrance to my growth as a Christian. One might only see the verses in the context of when they were first heard.

Therefore, I purposed to listen for the Spirit as we read these especially-familiar passages. I was challenged afresh about taking direct action to follow Christ in his model of incarnational ministry (John 1:14).

After the study, I showed Eli and Barbara to watch this slideshow of the apple harvest on Tuesday (click here).

In late December, Joe is planning to go on a 12-day trip to Moscow, then to the Philippines for a semester. He doesn't have school or work today so he wants to spend some time with me.

Cathy is teaching third grade today. She's leaving tomorrow for the weekend to go to a Women's Retreat. So, I'll have to make the adjustment necessary to run the household without her.

I was happy to see that 82 people stopped by this page yesterday. Its been awhile since I have had that many visitors. I hope they found something of value to them here.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Our weekly morning study was cancelled so I've been given an additional hour on this bright Wednesday morning. It is full speed ahead as I'm trying to work with members of various committees to launch into a new fiscal year.

This afternoon, pastors and leaders from our the churches in our town will be meeting to discuss the next community-wide worship service. It will take place at Galt High School on Sunday, October 8th at 10:00 a.m. We will celebrate the work we have done together in Lesotho (Southern Africa).

About yesterday: Joe and I enjoyed our trip to the appleman's orchard. Eli's retirement regime may look different than many but one must admit, the man appears to be enjoying himself.

This slideshow brings to my mind Galatians 5:16-26.
After loading his truck himself, Eli took Joe and I to the packing house. The apples were to be shipped out later that night.

Cathy and I drove to Pete and Jeannie's. After a nice visit, Pete and I had some church business to discuss. We enjoyed a sweet time of prayer. Afterwards, we went to the little chinese restaurant around the corner. It was good to see Catherine again. She had been picking figs from Pete's tree. Her children have played in their big yard for years. Simple blessings.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The local apple man told me that I could stop by to watch the second harvest this morning. I hope to go out and take a few photographs. As I have listened to him talk about the orchard, the Spirit has spoken to me simultaneously.

That's probably why I desire to go out there again today. Its like going to the altar with the expectation that God will speak to me. I am already well into the preparation for this coming Sunday's message so I wonder what application I might discover at the orchard.

Through the end of 2006 and into January, I have mapped out a strategy for my Sunday sermons. It has proven to be a workable plan because the messages are feeding my own soul.

The series has been entitled I Love to Tell our Story.  I began the series by committing to a starting place (9.3.06) and a final destination (1.28.07).

  . . .  www.spiritquest.rob  does the rest . . .

    "Many are the plans in a man's heart,
           but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails."

This Sunday's meditation will be upon the verse above.

In preparation for the upcoming sermon, I sat down with Virginia yesterday and looked through the annals of local church history. She wanted to see if there were any photos of people Margaret Hopper had known. We found who she was looking for.

I told her that on Sunday, Phyllis had told us that Chester Plank had baptized her in a river back in 1961.

I pointed out a photo of Russell Sipe and told her that I had found him on the Internet. As mentioned yesterday, I had read from a church newsletter that he had published (with news of an opportunity to extend Palin Avenue out to A Street).

Virginia asked me to go outside with her so that she could share with me the location of a secret  passageway (unknown to most current members at fbcgalt).

 Where does the Bible say
   '...consider the outcomes of their way of life'?

  click here to find the answer

Years ago, I met Dr. G. Paul Hamm at a Hume Lake Pastors' Conference. We were sitting at the same table having lunch. Dr. Hamm asked me where I pastored. I gave him the stock answer of the day,

  "south of Sacramento on highway 99 . . ."

That response prompted Paul to add that he had once pastored in a dusty, little town in the valley--Galt. That moment of discovery moved the conversation into a deeper level of his memories. He had invested some of his life among the people here at the time.

Internet research reveals that a decade after serving as a leader here, Dr. Hamm became the Librarian at my alma mater: Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (1968-79).

If any of you search-savvy readers can find anything on these men listed below, please sleuth away and send me your findings.

The men who have pastored at fbcgalt:
  1. E. J. Wood (1952-53)
  2. Billie Pate (1953-55)
  3. Bernard Whitabes (1955-56)
  4. Paul Hamm (1957-59)
  5. Chester Plank (1960-63)
  6. D. G. Milligan (1963-70)
  7. Monroe Barnard (Interim: 2 months)
  8. Samuel Kimekeo (1970-72)
  9. Frank Hall (Interim: 4 months)
10. Dean McCracken (1973-74)
11. Russell Sipe (1975-77)
12. H. A. Thomas (Interim: 1 month in 1977)
13. James Baker (1977-81)
14. Kenneth Archer (1981-82)
15. Gary Odell (1982-95)
16. Al Warren (Interim: 1995-96)
17. Rob Patterson (1996-present)

Remember to click here about the list above.

Yesterday I met a woman who lives near our church building. She told me that she had given her life to Jesus years ago and had been baptized here during the time that Gary Odell had pastored. This woman's memory includes a very important step of obedience connected with Gary's ministry years at fbcgalt.

Later in the afternoon, Cathy and I drove out to Ray's house to visit with him. Ray is in the classroom of suffering but is handling life's challenges with the same determination and goodwill for which he is known. Cathy has adopted Ray in her heart as a father in the church. He fulfills that role with an abundance of love and acceptance.

Well, I'm off to the orchard . . .

Monday, September 11, 2006

In contrast to the prior week, yesterday's use of technology was without hindrance. We had good attendance at all four services. Yes, good may be a relative term but it aptly describes my observation.

We pulled out some older choruses for both of the morning services and, in the sermon, I quoted from a newsletter we published 30 years ago. That era's pastor, Russell Sipe, had shared about an upcoming business meeting and an important proposal which might convince the City of Galt to extend Palin Avenue all the way to A Street. In 1977, it would cost the church $3,000 to pay for the curb and the gutter.

That illustration (along with Pastor Sipe's reprint of 'Ten Ways to Kill Your Church') gave me a Big Picture perspective as I continued throughout the day:

The process is listed here but the other people involved weaves the fabric of God's Word in the context of process:

A/V set-up, Worship, Sermon, Altar, Youth Sunday School, Worship, Sermon, Altar, lunch, La Luz de Cristo, Communion, prep for Council, pastoral mediation between two family members, Council Meeting, Audio for Mike McCall, the Backyard Bunch, a late-night walk with Cathy, listening to Mike's sermon on tape.

It was a full day but I was full of hope instilled by Truth. The Wisdom, Discipline, and Understanding tasted so good that I purposed to purchase as much as I was able on my Sunday trip to the Storehouse.

This morning I was awake at 4:00 for awhile. I got online and researched fabric buildings as a possibility for our needs. I liked the 'tent' buildings I had seen at Saddleback years ago. Well, going to one of the links brought up this page advertising their Sunday morning venues. The concept is really quite interesting to me. I had shared the idea with my Youth Class last Sunday but 'seeing it for myself' on this link was truly fascinating.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Today, I will preach the second sermon in the series:
             'I Love to Tell Our Story'.

Coinciding with the plans I have for leading a discussion among the young people in Sunday School, here is an outline of today's message:

    Growing as the Church in Galt

I will begin by asking the listeners to meditate upon these specific verses from Proverbs 23:

15 My son, if your heart is wise,
       then my heart will be glad;

 16 my inmost being will rejoice
       when your lips speak what is right.

 17 Do not let your heart envy sinners,
       but always be zealous for the fear of the LORD.

 18 There is surely a future hope for you,
       and your hope will not be cut off.

 19 Listen, my son, and be wise,
       and keep your heart on the right path.

 20 Do not join those who drink too much wine
       or gorge themselves on meat,

 21 for drunkards and gluttons become poor,
       and drowsiness clothes them in rags.

 22 Listen to your father, who gave you life,
       and do not despise your mother when she is old.

 23 Buy the truth and do not sell it;
           get Wisdom, Discipline and Understanding.

(click here for these verses in context)

After reading these verses I will ask certain questions:

Where do we go to make a purchase
    from the Lord's Storehouse?

With what currency do we BUY 
Wisdom, Discipline, and Understanding?

What might we expect after we have taken a step forward toward the acquisition of WDU?

In order to speak to these questions we will
look to Isaiah's Invitation (click here) and a similar invitation from Jesus to the church at Laodicea (click here).

On the way to the marketplace, let us consider     
and Customer Satisfaction.

An aside:
This message reminds me of a fatherly altar in my personal history.  I have a distinct memory of baby Jeremiah sitting on my lap at the piano. Before we moved to Alpha and Omega Ministries, I was reading through Proverbs each day. I read this 23rd collection of proverbs and wrote this song with Jerry, Joe (and the Bride of Christ) in mind:

The Spirit and the Bride

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Last night I had a nice letter from Daniel Teale in Australia. He told me that he has been reading this column and the entries on myspace as a way of staying connected with me. Then, he shared an important dream he had remembered. I wrote back welcoming him to stay in touch because I think this is one way that God has intended for us to meet the people he wants us to labor alongside. If you click on his photo, you'll be able to hear him sing praise to the Lord.

This morning Megan (an RN) from Midland, Texas wrote asking for contact information for Miss Parlee. A mission team from her church in Texas is heading for Liberia in late November. She wrote that she was just about to call a physician friend to ask his assistance toward her plan to help Pastor Wesley and the Greater Love Medical Clinic. She agrees that networking is a great blessing from God.

...Now I also have a friend in Sweden.
Due to the unique opportunity to communicate in this 21st century, I was introduced by Greg Brayton to this 30 year old man named Jörgen Hansson. Since he told me that he would like to meet other musicians around the world, I figure that I'll share some of his letters to me:

I've been blind since I was born, I was born in 1976 on the 25th of January in Gothenburg Sweden. I'm living in an apartment now in Nödinge which is 2 miles from Gothenburg. This is my first apartment but before that I lived with my mother.

I've been away from home before when I was studying music in Lindköping in a wonderful school called Liljeholmens folk-highschool. My education was two years long and very, very wonderful.

My first-ever written song was called Summerfield which I wrote when I was in the 6th grade. I've struggled to get to where I am now with two studios (one at home and one in another town not far from Nödinge called Kungälv).

So soundtechnik is one of my favourite things to work with and production as well. I started to play when I was about 3 years and the first instrument I played was just a small, toy keyboard.

When I got in to the second grade in school I tested to play some saxophone but later I was getting into drums because when I was small I played drums on everything I could find which had a drumming sound. I've taught myself to play the guitar and bass but I'm not as good as Greg (hehehe).

Well then, that was a little bit about me when I was small and so on. all through my life the music has been following me and I got many good friends who're musicians but it is also great to get in touch with other musicians from other countries so I'm very glad to get to know you all (Greg and Rob and other musicians from the US).

I played "Unconditional Love" for Mary Sanders after Rotary. Although she was familiar with "All You Need is Love", she didn't understand the references to "Give Peace a Chance" or "Nowhere Man".

Then she said, "I was in a military family away from the U.S. Besides, I was more into Barry Manilow than the Beatles".

Mary, if you'll listen to this song that Jörgen wrote, I think you'll agree that he has a little Barry Manilow influence himself (although the harmonica solo is reminicent of Little Stevie Wonder).

        click here for Happy: a sound file

Here's more from Jörgen:

Yes, I have a brother who is 4 years older but currently no girlfriend. I once had a girlfriend (a very long time ago but she was living very far from Nödinge) so we broke up.

My dad is still alive. My mother and daddy divorced in 1991 when I was 14 years. Yes My mother is still healthy and she's working alot with natural products like aloe vera and it goes very well for her.

It's nice to hear that my songs are romantic and I've also made some rock'n'roll songs and even some duets with good friends. Last year one of my really good friends has past away but we will not know the reason why. His name was Henrik and he and me had a very good time together and we were writing many funny and crazy songs. We've known each other since 1992 and in the last years we were traveling alot.

Well, let me tell you that you are allowed to share my life story with Greg and other friends who wants to get to know me and my musical dreams and songs.

If you would like to write him a note, here's Jorgen's email:

Friday, September 8, 2006

I slept until 6:00 this morning. At 7:00, I'm supposed to be at my Rotary Club meeting. I accidentally missed it last week. I had written for this column and then went on visitation with Beverly. Sometime mid-morning, I realized that I had missed it.

Rotary is important to me because it helps me stay connected with what will be happening in this community during the years ahead.

Yesterday's walk with Jebby was edifying as usual. He has been at First Baptist Church of Sacramento for several years now. We have been friends since I first came to Galt. Jebby and Ronda attended our church for one year after leaving Horizon. During our walks, we sometimes discuss the trials we face in our lives. It is good to have a close friend.

The longevity and quality of our relationship fosters balance and godly understanding of our individual circumstances. It is somewhat like have an Interpreter for one's dreams.

I'm getting ready for Sunday's Services. Our A/V team (Rollin and Melanie) is taking time off in September, so I asked Alex to come assist at Band Practice last night. I taught him some of the basics of running the Sound Board. It had been messed up last week.

Joe and I arrived early to sort out what had happened to the settings and patches. Something needs to be done in the area of technology. I had to ask for a ladder during the second service last week because the Video Projector  was being non-compliant to the requests of the remote. It needed to be unplugged at the source.

Joe has been asked to go to Moscow in January to help with an English Camp. He is good at outlining plans for his life. Currently he is attending classes at CRC on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. He is working as a tutor in an Elk Grove Learning Center.

However, here is his plan for the year-end and 2007.

1) He hopes to attend Tsunami (our state youth conference) with us after Christmas.

2) Then, on December 30th, he will fly out of LA to Moscow. He is scheduled to help our Moscow missionary, Mary Chase, with an English Camp.

3) After 2 weeks in Moscow, he will fly to Manila to attend a semester at the Baptist Theological Seminary in the Philippines.

Joe has always helped me with the work of the church anytime I ask. He truly desires to see our local church become more effective with the unique calling God has entrusted to us.

Erik Fletcher is being baptized on Sunday morning.

Mike McCall is delivering the Word of God on Sunday evening. I will be helping Christene with the Backyard Bunch.

Amidst the signs that God has a future for those who are taking personal steps of obedience, I have seen other symptoms of below-the-surface troubles in the Body. Is anyone in trouble? He should pray.

I will ask Beverly to make all kinds of requests and petitions before we set out on visitation today. I will try to be quiet today and listen for the Lord's Voice. Healthy communication is two-way.

And then, tonight, there's a cheerleaders' sleep-over at the Pattersons. Just a few more years and we could be empty-nesters. Well, I'd better enjoy the night. lol

I'm off to Rotary, then Visitation...

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Off to a good start today: Jebby and I went for our weekly VisionWalk. I've heard from my buddy, Tom Lane. Pastor Hendon has written to me.

More good news of this day is that the memory card I lost yesterday was found. The Holy Spirit directed me to call Perko's in Manteca to ask if one little piece of plastic had been found. Yes.

So, Joe and I are heading south down the road...

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

In my opinion, yesterday's funeral was perfect. I believe that God had His Way in orchestrating all the various tributaries to the commemoration of John Steele's life.
Cathy then joined me for the graveside service for John which included military honors for the naval veteran. We also went to daughter Gina's home after the funeral. We had pleasant conversations with family members and several friends who work in the Galt school system.

Today, after Hugh and Eula's morning Bible Study, Eli, Beverly, and I are taking a drive down the road to Manteca. We will look over the the altar area at Sequoia Heights in preparation for casting the Vision for something new in Galt.

By the way, Pastor Mac was 'in the groove' yesterday at Royal Oaks. He took us back to the Valley of the Shadow of Death experienced by the shepherd boy, David. Goliath was taunting the people of God but David did not fear that evil voice. A great message!
Today, R.B. and Thelma are on their way to New York City and then are heading to Washington, D.C.

Last Sunday, we played the song "I Will Say It Again" as part of our morning worship service. At that time I mentioned that it we had put the session with notes online (click here) and that we were hoping to spread this particular song all over the world.

Well, Greg Brayton included it on his webpage and sent this letter out to some of his blind friends around the planet:

My friend, Pastor Rob Patterson, from California was back in the studio last week. Rob and I have been working together for about 17 years in the studio, and knew each other long before that, and ya know, neither one of us are really that

It's such a joy to put a song up on the web site that we recorded since his son Jerry plays drums on it, his eldest son Joe wrote it, and his lovely wife Cathy is singing on it with us. Boy we had a blessed time. Just wanted to share the fun we had glorifying God together.

If you go to the link below and then click on one of Greg's latest projects, you'll hear what I'm talking about. Jerry did a fine job on the drums, and Joe wrote a good song. A real family deal and they allowed me to be part of it! Good friends indeed.

Got it, Greg. and have downloaded it to my hard drive for listening anytime I want!

Previewed it; great harmonizing and great drumming; very upbeat!

Dunc and Lucky  (Duncan Holmes)


It's a nice song. I really like it.

Greetings from Germany!

           Wolfgang Angermann

Jörgen Hansson, a blind musician from Gothenburg, Sweden, also checked out the song and wrote to Greg about it.

"Who is rob patterson? I want to say that he is very good singer and I hope that he will get a record-contract some day."

Joe wrote back to
Duncan Holmes. He told Joe that he should get his Dad to invite him  to our church sometime. Later, we had the pleasure of hearing Jörgen's voice as he included an excerpt from Joe's song to demonstrate his audio mastering software.

click here for Jörgen's mp3 to Greg

and finally more 'from there to here' stuff:

from zero to one ...and beyond (click here)

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

At about 3:00 a.m. I walked through the house checking on all the kids. Joe was still up and online. I wrote an email on behalf of someone looking for a contact number for Pastor Wesley, then went back to bed.

Later, I arose early enough to work on my sermon series for the remainder of 2006. I also started writing a journal entry for today, however I was interrupted  by a call from the Police Department. They asked me to assist in the home of a local woman. Her husband passed away this morning and I was asked to serve as a Chaplain.

Now, I am scheduled to play music at Royal Oaks, then go to the Associational office where Pastor Hendon is scheduled to make a presentation about his trip to Liberia.

At 2:00, there is a funeral for John Steele. The work as a Chaplain is always a very humbling experience so I'll listen closely to Pastor Mac's message to see what it is God wants me to thoroughly hear today.

Monday, September 4, 2006    

--- update:
John and I were together from 6:30-9:30. After a long walk, we sat in my car in front of his house. The neighbor asked if we were on a stake-out.

We talked about everything but what I had thought would be our topic. We did make a decision that he is going to join my Sunday School class with the teenagers. We also prayed over a couple matters which could become ministries in the future. ---

I'm at the church waiting upon Cathy. We're heading for Denny's to split an Ultimate Omelet.

I'm up at 5:00 a.m. (Labor Day Monday). Although I had considered taking an early morning drive to Muir Woods and enjoy an empty Westbound I-80, plans change.

Last night after service, Pastor Hendon invited us over for Barbecue at 3 p.m. Janeen added,

 "Don't eat before 'cuz when Rev grills he make alot!"

That sounds like fun. It looks like a trip to Muir Woods is out of the question.

At 6:30, John Dettman and I are planning an early morning cup of coffee. We are going to walk around the streets of Galt's inner-city. We have planned to discuss how best he can invest his time and talents to help me in the work of the church.

I'm happy that he John has agreed to help. I love that guy. He is a good man. I respect him so I called him yesterday after the second service and asked him for some help.

Yesterday I was spread pretty thin during the morning services (on the platform, on the soundboard, in the pulpit, in the baptistry, and up the Ladder).

Jack (of all trades) has a hard time doing anything exceptionally well. I wanna work effectively in the Lord's Vineyard. I wanna work smarter.

We can go for a walk and I'll tell you what's on my mind.

  Call me:  (209)  323-0727

Sunday, September 3, 2006    

I will be leaving soon for the sanctuary to lead
the A Street Band and to preach the morning message at 8:30 and 11:00.

I'm excited about the next twenty weeks of adult Sunday School because we are emphasizing a reflection upon Rick Warren's first book:
         The Purpose-Driven Church.

His first chapter is entitled "The Saddleback Story".  It is a holy coincidence that I should entitle today's sermon this way:

Psalm 145:1-9     
"I Love to Tell Our Story"
(the FBC Galt Story)

I will exalt you, my God the King;
       I will praise your name for ever and ever.

Every day I will praise you
       and extol your name for ever and ever.

Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise;
       his greatness no one can fathom.

One generation will commend your works to another;
       they will tell of your mighty acts.

They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty,
       and I will meditate on your wonderful works.

They will tell of the power of your awesome works,
       and I will proclaim your great deeds.

They will celebrate your abundant goodness
       and joyfully sing of your righteousness.

The LORD is gracious and compassionate,
       slow to anger and rich in love.

The LORD is good to all;
       he has compassion on all he has made.

That is the Scripture passage upon which I am asking others to meditate as I stand and proclaim truth that I see connected to these ancient writings.

Yesterday, I continued the process of preparation to stand in the pulpit Sunday. During research of extra-biblical sources, I found a webpage designed by a former pastor at fbcgalt. Russell Sipe was pastor  here from 1975-1977.

No need to wonder what Russell Sipe is doing today
        (click here to see) or (click here to see more).


Saturday, September 2, 2006

I just returned from prayer meeting. The sun isn't beating down yet, so I'm planning to take down the snowscape scene from the A Street side of our church building.

Yesterday's meeting with Christene has prompted the transformation of the Igloo into a Monkey Cage to promote "King of the Jungle".

Last night we had overnight visitors: The Colemans. We know Steve, Delana, Bill, and Nicholas from our years at Praise Baptist Church (Alpha and Omega Ministries 1988-93). They now have a family business as a commercial carrier. I was fascinated to learn how they get on an ebay-connected website and bid for jobs to transport various items.

Steve needed to take a motorcycle he was carrying to San Francisco, so we mapquested the route and he and I drove there last night. Delana and the kids hung out in Galt. It was a blessing to be with them again.

Speaking of transport creativity, our secretary, Jennifer, has been busy getting online with videos.

      Click here to see the transport of Jennifer's house.

Friday, September 1, 2006

A Busy Day Ahead:

1)  I have to let Jennifer know what songs we chose for Sunday's services. Band Practice went well last night and we have prayed over the songs selected.

Among the hymns and other spiritual songs, we will sing two of the songs that were recently recorded in Michigan at Greg Brayton's studio:

Unconditional Love 
        (scroll around that right column to see it) > 

 I Will Say It Again
click here

We have two Baptisms at the 11:00 Service so I will have to figure out how to do the quick change and get it published in the program so I don't forget.

2) Beverly and I will resume our Friday Visitation today. I really enjoy spending these weekly mornings with Bev. We pray as we go along and always see God move us in the right direction where there are individuals who need a visit from a couple faith-filled believers.

3) Christene and I will meet at 1:00 to discuss the production schedule for the Backyard Bunch in preparation for "King of the Jungle". Christene also has set design and promotional ideas to share. I'm excited about this project. Working with children is another rewarding aspect of this calling to pastor a local church.

In the mailbag this morning I discovered that...

Greg Brayton
<> wrote:

Hey hope you had a safe trip back. Hope you still like the work we did too. I've been enjoying listening to it. Could I put a song or a portion on my web site in the new project spot?

Also can you send me a link so Tony can see his drum set on the net? He was asking me about that.

Does Joe like the tune? Have you tried Skype? Not only is it good for talking, but it's also great for sending big files back and forth. I was thinking if Jebby wanted a bundle, I could get it to you that way real quick like.

Talking back and forth sounds like you're sitting in the same room pretty much.

So, I'm writing back to Greg, right now:

Greg, do whatever you want with the songs.
I'll send the links in a few minutes. I have the songs up in a few places. There is some minor tweaking I'd like to hear on two pieces. Nothing that has kept me from putting them online already. ha ha

I put up photos of Jamie, Josh, Jerry, and you along with all the lyrics:  click here
I'm gonna put your letter in my blog in order to do the skype thing as a reality-show teachable moment. Yes, Joe has Skype on his laptop. In years past, he had talked at length with a girl named Natalie who was born and bred in Singapore. Joe met Natalie at a New America Singers' event three summers ago. I met her a couple summers ago  and she became a myspace friend. I'll ask her to contact you at your website. She's a brilliant young lady who will appreciate your artistry, I'm sure.

My sister, Barb, was also set up with Skype so they could talk Peter while he was away at college. I heard it all going on in the house one night while everyone was multi-tasking.

So, I guess I'll learn how to do Skype and let others watch over my shoulder. Sometimes, we just have to bite the bullet and move ahead with our technology. I haven't even learned how to send and receive text-messages on my phone yet.

Love ya,




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