early     morning     chat    turns    into    huge     interview

  Indescribable - Click here for Daniel's version

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: hey rob
 pastorob: hey back at ya
5:06 AM 

: finally we meet
 pastorob: I'm  writing my column at the moment
 Daniel: oh cool
 pastorob: is it alright to publish this chat?
 Daniel:  that's fine
 pastorob: OK

Daniel: thanks for asking
5:07 AM 

pastorob: so we've got an interview, ladies and gentleman
 Daniel: haha true
 pastorob: an interview with a young man in Australia
 Daniel: indeed
 pastorob: uh....Daniel, first off,
  how old are you?
 Daniel: 21
 pastorob: oh...
5:08 AM 


I've been guessing 22 to 24

  I notice that all of your YouTube videos seem to be from your bedroom
  is that right?
 Daniel: yep
  although I've moved recently
  so the bedroom has changed
 pastorob: oh...a new set, huh?
5:09 AM 

: something like that
 pastorob: um....has anyone ever suggested that you clean up your room before taping?
 Daniel: yep it has been suggested
 pastorob: I mean, do you at least pick it up a little?
 Daniel: haha
5:10 AM 

yeah it does get cleaned
  albeit not as often as it should
 pastorob: So, basically...that is cleaned up, right?
  hey, you're a bachelor, right?
 Daniel: not really
  yup surely am
 pastorob: ha ha
5:11 AM 

well, how's school going this semester?
 Daniel: well I'm  still on my summer break
  pastorob: really?
 Daniel: I go back on the 26th of this month
  recently moved house, closer to uni
  living with a couple of older gentlemen that I know
 pastorob: oh...what classes will you have at uni (university)?

Daniel: well this semester I'm doing a prac component
  so I'll  be getting involved in a human services agency around brisbane
  probably in youth work
  ahhh good question
5:13 AM 

developing practice, or professional frameworks.. or something to that effect
  and thats all I can remember offhand


 pastorob: those terms are not exactly familiar to much of my readership....
5:14 AM but it seems like this is practical, hands-on training this semester...
  like a praxis course?
 Daniel: yeah
  I'm  not sure what the is
5:15 AM but because I already work in the field, I can get a considerable number of hours deducted off this unit
 pastorob: practicum is another word we use
 Daniel : oh ok
  yeah it is
 pastorob: good.
5:16 AM 

So, your work with youth is probably with 'troubled youth'?
  in a social work context
 Daniel: yes
  more than likely
  drug and alcohol abuse

family difficulties

 pastorob: Daniel, a couple months ago I asked you to come live in California with Cathy and me for awhile...

  Daniel: I certainly do!
  a most generous offer
 pastorob: So, please tell my audience, what happened in your decision-making process....
Daniel: well..
  first things first.. I thought it was a great opportunity!
  an opportunity to connect with other believers, to minister overseas, to use my giftings..
  I sought the Lord's wisdom
5:19 AM 
at that stage, I had to move out of my home I was renting so I thought this may have been perfect timing!
 pastorob: you were living with some Samoans, right?
 Daniel: I prayed some more about it and I felt that I needed to stay at least for a time.. I minister in my university
all related to each other
  except for me of course
  and so yeah..
  I've felt the need to continue connecting with you


5:21 AM 

God has birthed something there
  and I intend on discovering what that is!


 pastorob: Yeah, and when I made the offer, I also told you that I was going to be unemployed as of December 31st, right?
 Daniel: yep
  so things were a bit up in the air
pastorob: However that wasn't going to affect anything regarding my offer...
: for sure
  I didn't doubt you
So, tell us about your ministry at University...
  What university (uni) do you attend?
5:23 AM 

: well, I've been connecting with Student Life.. which is a branch of what you guys would undoubtedly have heard of as Campus Crusade for Christ
  Queensland University of Technology
I haven't been ministering under their name, but I've been holding prayer meetings for believers and those on the edge, some great hang out time to connect with non believers
  and we've seen alot of fruit from it
  we havent really conducted any formal bible studies yet..

pastorob: where do you hold the meetings?


: we've found that just ministering to each other from our lives has been the best way
5:25 AM our campus is quite large
  alot of open areas with picnic tables
  generally out there
 pastorob: ohh
 Daniel: sometimes, depending on the situation we make it a little more public
pastorob: what is the weather like in Australia currently?
5:26 AM 

: umm well I probably couldnt speak ofor the country on on national scale.. but i's say hot!!
  it hasnt been so bad recently
  one thing to note is the droughts that are around
  alot of water restrictions have been enforced all over the country
5:27 AM 
pastorob: Your open-air meetings are 'by invitation only'?
 Daniel: excuse my spelling mistakes
  umm nah
 pastorob: I'll  fix some of your mistakes...
 Daniel: the environment we seek to provide is a casual one
  anyone is welcome
   although not all may stay!
5:28 AM 
pastorob: do you put up signs on bulletin boards?
  or in the school paper?
 Daniel: nah we don't
 pastorob: how do you promote your meetings?
 Daniel: and we dont have a school paper
  we just connect by word of mouth and just through relationships with other students
  but who knows how we can expand this year
pastorob: are you surprised by the cumulative effect of your YouTube postings?
: definitely


  pastorob:you've had tens of thousands of hits on certain songs, right?
: I did it for a bit of fun in the beginning
  had no idea it would have the effect it has


i get some very touching emails and messages from people
pastorob: Comments made by others have been very positive..
yeah 99 percent of the time
 pastorob: anyone ever write you anything terribly rude?
: but its good to see people stirring the pot
5:31 AM 

umm surprisingly no one has ever sent me a negative message

  the only negative things I've received have been on the comments of some songs
pastorob: Well, rewrite a Beatles song sometime, buddy, then you'll taste the rudeness that's out there...lol
5:32 AM 
haha yeah I bet that would touch a nerve with some people
  to be honest I thought I would have encountered more persecution
pastorob: I try to be gracious with those who are mean-spirited....
: people let it all go, hiding behind their computers
5:33 AM 
pastorob: for the most part they are novices among the whole of JohnLennon hobbyists..
  Daniel: oh true
 pastorob: young, 3rd or 4th generation Beatles fans...
  I'm  1st generation
 Daniel: ah yep
5:34 AM 
pastorob: and I know much more about the life, biography, auto-biographical statements, discography of John than anyone who has written thus far
  ...but it hasn't been seen by that many people yet
 Daniel: so a major fan hey?
 pastorob: just over a few thousand viewers at three different sites
                            (myspace, youTube, google).

Offered for your consideration is a fair use commentary on the meaning of one child's life. In a context of war and childhood losses, the hope of sharing love and making peace with one's past, like temptation, ought to be common to man.

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From: pastorob


5:35 AM well, it was part of the culture of my coming-of-age....

   anyway, back to your videos....
 Daniel: ah ok cool
 pastorob: you seem to have been visited by believers for the most part, huh?
  at least your comments anyway...
 Daniel: well they tend to be the ones who leave comments


i wonder about those who don't
  not that they should, but you know what I mean
pastorob: I noticed a pastor in Florida you says you have made a major impact on their entire youth program...
5:37 AM 
: yeah I've been connecting with him and his youth for a few weeks now
  it's great to be a part of things across the globe when I stay in the same town
pastorob: remember, Daniel, I got to you first...ha ha
 Daniel: hehe yup I know
5:39 AM 
pastorob: I forget who it was that predicted (back in the late sixties/early 70's) that someday in the future everyone would have 15 minutes of fame...
  you've had yours, haven't you?
5:40 AM 
: oh true
  well maybe about 20 lots of 3 minutes


 pastorob: yup
  Daniel: but yeah certainly
 pastorob: There's a guy in the Galt Church...
  named Glenn...
  who listened to your videos every morning for awhile....
  he probably has never left a comment...
5:41 AM 
: how cool
  thats awesome
pastorob: he just loved the songs because we also sang the same songs at our church on Sundays...
 Daniel: oh cool!
 pastorob: so it was like a devotional time in his home office...as he got ready for the day ahead..
5:42 AM 
of course, I had Chris Tomlin's video up next to yours on my page....
  he mixed the two of you up once....


 Daniel: lol


 pastorob: thought that you had been the guy on the professional-looking TV show...
just remember, I'm  the handsome one

you know with the English girl?
well, his hair is probably tweaked to perfection....
: ohhh yeah
 pastorob: and yours, well...uh...mm..how do I put this?
: lol
 pastorob yours wasn't tweaked, I don't think
 Daniel: put it whatever way you like
  haha yeah


 pastorob anyway, its your bedroom...
  he's in the studio....


5:44 AM 
: my self-presentation leaves alot to be desired sometimes I think!
pastorob and there's really not that much different
: something to work on :)
  well it amuses me to be honest
 pastorob you get a great recording of your guitar and voice...


 Daniel: I had a similar thing happen with one of my samoan flatmates
  oh cheers


 Daniel: I think I was replaying one of my vids I posted and he came in and thought it was chris tomlin as well.. lol
pastorob: are you doing anything special with camera or mic placement
5:45 AM


Daniel: nah nothing special with cam or mic


  all I use is my digital camera
  which has a vid function and mic
  oh ok

 pastorob:  what's a samoan flatmate?

  Daniel: Samoan roommate
 pastorob: what's a Samoan? (i know..but for them..)

5:46 AM Samoa's a small island in the pacific


 pastorob: a U.S. territory, right?


 Daniel: ummm well there's Western Samoa, then there's American Samoa
  dunno much about the differences


 pastorob: ohh


 Daniel : although these guys are from the west
5:47 AM 
not born over there, but their parents were
  they hold to New Zealand pride as well
  for some reason


 pastorob: Are they BIG guys?


 Daniel: they are huge guys
  big big guys


5:48 AM 
I once asked you if you speak with an australian accent...
  I recall that one of your videos has a place where you talk to your audience and answer a few questions sent in...
  can you find that link for us?
  Daniel: yep thats true
5:49 AM ok
 pastorob: also...how about linking your top three favorite videos...
  regardless of the state of your bedroom and hair...
 Daniel: is this the one you're after?
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  ok then
5:50 AM 
pastorob: probably...
  Pastor Wesley, from Liberia, just popped up in the google chat box...
  next to yours...
  Daniel: I don't really have favourite ones, because I don't listen to myself much
  oh ok cool
5:51 AM pastorob: Google doesn't offer a three-way, do they?
 Daniel: but I'll  have a look
 pastorob: good


 Daniel: umm I dont know


 pastorob: Indescribable is quite good...
 Daniel: this one:
From: tealy124
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*editor's note: pastorob enlarged the number of views to compensate for future viewings (2 cor 4)


  yeah thats what I just sent ya
  pastorob: ok...

5:52 AM 
: umm..
 pastorob: now what else would you show a prospective girlfriend?
 Daniel: interesting question
 pastorob: see, Daniel, you might wanna at least pick up the room, if there's gonna be company...
5:53 AM you know, make the bed...


 Daniel: probably indescribable, mighty to save, or draw me close to you
  haha yeah
 pastorob: I don't know Mighty to Save.


  Daniel: oh ok
  have you seen the vid?
 pastorob: is that a hillsongs, redman, what?
 Daniel: here's the link

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pastorob: thanks

5:54 AM hillsong
 pastorob: I haven't seen it probably...
  I usually only like songs I have already heard...
 Daniel: I've never really thought about the state of my room in that light
  it's like inviting people into my room
 pastorob: yup
 Daniel: what a revelation!!

pastorob: that's why you'll need a woman in your life at some point...
  to remind you that others are watching...
 Daniel: for sure
 pastorob: anyway, my daughter (15) still has said that you're cute...
  maybe even...hot....
 Daniel: lol
 pastorob: I don't recall exactly.


5:56 AM Daniel: yeah, not something to commit to memory
 pastorob: but the Australian accent would be the big hit if you came to visit, I know...cuz I field-tested the Australian accent back in the early 90's...
 Daniel: oh true
  haha yeah well to me, you are the guys with the accent
  of course ;)
5:57 AM 
there was a student at Southwestern Seminary who came to Michigan to help us for a week...
  his name was David Nix...
  he also was cute...
  we didn't say 'hot' back in those days...
  Daniel: maybe he brushed his hair tho..
  ah yep
 pastorob: he was a seminary student and came to preach..
  oh, yes, he was well-groomed..
5:58 AM it was a practicum experience for him as a student there
  I recorded his sermons
 Daniel: oh ok
 pastorob:His voice is featured in a cameo on one of my published songs.
  I'll  go find it quick and give a link...
the song is called CONSIDER (click here for audio or click here for lyrics)


 pastorob: it was recorded just as I was leaving 4.5 years as a pastor in Michigan.
  heading with Cathy and our four kids in a van down Interstate 80 to California
  I featured the voices of several men-of-God in the cameo section during the second half of the song
 Daniel: oh ok, sounds awesome
 pastorob: These were all guys I knew
  who had come to preach over the years...
6:04 AM 

David Nix was a cool guy who was mightily used as a visitor for one week...
  you should listen to it..

Daniel: for sure

  because it is indicative of how I work with visiting ministers.
6:05 AM

I tend to use you as 'bait on a hook' and we go out fishing for men
  The analogous hook is the Gospel
  the accent, the music, the dan-ness...is simply the bait on that hook
 Daniel: haha awesome
 pastorob: As John the Baptist was...
  "I must decrease, he must increase"
 Daniel: yes!
   that's it
 pastorob: but without John the Baptist, the story of Jesus would have been incomplete
God uses you and me in all our foolishness to reach some....
 Daniel: exactly
 pastorob: So, did you provide the other links yet?
  Mighty to Save
 Daniel: oh ok
6:08 AM 
pastorob: and third?
  Daniel: umm
  either holy is the lord
  or draw me close to you
 pastorob: oh...give me both of them...
 Daniel: sure
6:09 AM 

holy is the lord:
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and   draw me close

From: tealy124
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 pastorob: The studio clock here at BellRoadRadio (bellroad.org) is telling me that you'd better get to your homework, eh?


6:10 AM Daniel: hehe
  I think I'm  off to bed


pastorob: So, you still have a couple weeks before school starts?


 Daniel: yep surely do


 pastorob: when does it finish?
  and.....where are you living now?!


6:11 AM 
  well this semester.. I'll  hav eto check the academic calendar
  prob may for 2 or three weeks.. then nov for summer break again
  I'm  living in Strathpine, a little north of Brisbane


6:12 AM 
Your Summer Break will be starting in November?
  How long would you be a free man?


 Daniel: yep
  ummm til the end of feb


 pastorob: until business-as-usual would require you to go back to Australia
 Daniel: so pretty much four months


 pastorob: OK...November through February


 Daniel: yep
6:13 AM 


 pastorob: that's good for me..

  how about you, Florida?
  ha ha
 Daniel: lol
  nah, no plans there
  I heard florida was a retirement village??

pastorob: Florida is that...but it is much more.
a fun place, a warm place, a humid place....
 pastorob: Anyway, you could come here in November, I think


 Daniel: yeah sounds like a plan.. lets see how it goes


  Daniel: gotta start chipping away at my debts
6:14 AM 
do it
 Daniel: ah yep


 pastorob: pray over your finances
  tithe...make sure to tithe...
  cuz God promises something very special for tithers who give their firstfruits to Him as Worship
 Daniel: for sure
6:15 AM 


pastorob:don't incur new debt and you'll be free by then, I think....

  most likely...I predict
  ha ha


  Daniel: hehe cool
  I'll  give it my best
  as long as expenses dont increase


pastorob: anyway, you'll have a good time if you come for an extended visit


6:16 AM 

for sure


pastorob: hey are your parents living?


 Daniel: I'll  have to check out the visa thing
  from memory it was only 3 months without some special visa?
  or something like that
  you mean where?


 Florida is that...but it is much more. yeah, that can all be worked out...

no...some of us have lost our parents.

  I never heard you mention yours?
 Daniel: oh ok I'm  sorry
  umm yeah
 Daniel: they're divorced
6:17 AM 


both live in the same town I grew up in

  dad remarried


 Florida is that...but it is much more. how old are your mom and dad?


 Daniel: good question
   dad is 46
  mum is either _ _ or _ _
6:18 AM 
pastorob: In America, many women don't like to tell their age for some reason...
  so, out of cultural respect, I'll  fix that...ha ha
 Daniel: haha yeah no worries
 pastorob: My wife, Cathy is turning 45 on Tuesday.
6:19 AM So, she would be the perfect American Mum for you....
 Daniel: hehe true that
  another mum can't hurt


 pastorob: only more Daniel-friendly because she's not really your Mum....
  Daniel: for sure
 pastorob: Not all that responsibility that you do everything right...
6:20 AM 
im noticing your cultural sensitivity in spelling 'mum'.. thanks for that
 pastorob: OK...
 Daniel: for sure
well, you'd better get some sleep, alrightee Mate?
 Daniel: big language barriers here
  haha not
  yeah true
 pastorob: so bye
  Daniel: I'll  probably statisfy my cravings for world news
6:21 AM 

then I'll  be off

 pastorob: Well, Daniel, its been great chatting with you. (fade in music to close)
 Daniel: I'll  let you get to your day
pastorob: When you wake up tomorrow, you'll have a link to the enhanced version of this interview.
  bye and off
 Daniel: cool, cheers