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The journal below reflects my first month as Pastor at Bell Road Baptist Church,
       therefore the period covered is from January 28th - February 28th

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The trip to see the Sacramento Kings (below) has been canceled due to free-ticket restrictions. Mary has adjusted to the change but we agreed that the Basketball Essay will be researched and written.

We have named our private school (EducationPlus). We are registered with the State of California and have become a member of the Home School Legal Defense Association.

Wow! I had been told that Auburn is above the fog line and below the snow line. Someone had better let the Master of the flakes in on that; there was quite a flurry of activity last night.

 (click on this photo to see)

A guy named David came by the office after work last night and we went out for Mexican food. David is just a couple years older than me. He came up to the altar last Sunday and said that he wanted to part of a winning team.

Last Sunday's Message:
more sermons (click)

Not only does David want to join a winning team. He wants to be part of a great team! He desires for people to experience the greatest times of their lives. He's a passionate guy who has had an experience with death. His stories are quite interesting and ring true to these listening ears.

It was already snowing when we left for the restaurant... and it continued to snow during our meal. David drove me back up to the church and I felt quite secure--all snowed in.

I took some photos this morning but am experiencing some technical difficulties with my photo card.

A couple invested in me yesterday afternoon. They responded affirmatively to a 'drop-in' visit from the new pastor. Lucy and Fred Robertson have also lived an exciting life. Lucy tells wonderful stories as part of her ongoing testimony. Some of these stories simply must be shared...so I'll be calling on Lucy publicly from time-to-time. I am thrilled at the prospect of these two becoming key players in the months ahead.

My daughter, Mary, is continuing her research on the game of  'basketball' today.  I received this email from her last night:
Mr. Patterson,
Tomorrow's Basketball game will be taking place at Arco Arena.

The Sacramento Kings will be going up against the Charlotte Bobcats.

The following Hyperlink are directions to the NBA game.
     (*directions withheld from my stalkers...)
For further information regarding the Sacramento Kings you may visit their homepage. King Fever

***well, that's a start. I told Mary this morning that she was to give an oral report about Basketball and these two teams as we made our way to Arco Arena tonight. Then, after taking notes during the game, we would write an essay together. I hope to teach her how to write essays for her California Exit Exam (and other trials which may await her in life).

Oh...last night, I had a long talk with a person on a pulpit search committee. She was asking me about a guy I know quite well. A wonderful opportunity to speak glowingly of some of my favorite people!

While we were talking, I saw this blog but (at the office's dial-up speed) I didn't bother to click on any of the links.

Maybe, I'll find some time to check it out. If you have time, explore a bit for yourself (and tell me if you found anything of interest to you).

Five Ways to Watch TV on Your Laptop (click here)

*Just now I clicked the link for 'streaming' TV shows from 
  nations around the world. That could be interesting.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ben Rosenau and I are just finishing up at the Flour Garden. A quick run back to Headquarters to drop off my overdue tithe, then we'll head to Sierra College where the current student is gonna show the old man his campus.

Hey, I've been given two tickets to the Kings Game on Wednesday night. So, I'm gonna have church there (sermon prep-time..if-you-know-what-I-mean).

Monday, February 26, 2007

Yesterday's Audio Message:

Although we are currently 'planting' new ideas through the ministry of Bell Road Baptist Church in Auburn, we still have a vested interest in Galt, California. Here is what our friends are doing at FBC Galt and at River of Life Celebration Center.

(click on the frame)

I woke up around 5:00 this morning and laid in bed thinking about my short-range plans for coaching some new team players. An hour later, I'm getting out of my cozy bed for the work-week ahead.

We have a Leadership Council meeting in Auburn tonight.

Yesterday, a man named David came up during the extended time of worship and told me that he wanted to be part of this team. He added that he very much expected it to be a 'winning' team...and that he is a very hard worker!

Our firstborn Joe (21) sent me this note about what he plans to do next month (when the semester at the Filipino Seminary ends).

Dear Dad:

Things are going great here in the Philippines. I have been studying very hard. God is teaching me many things. My next adventure will be taking me to Central Asia.

I am uncertain about the safety of my communications and persecution in this area, so I am trying to limit the specific information. I had wanted to post many facts and pictures on the internet, but was advised that it might not be wise. It could put unnecessary restrictions on those who I will be working with and limit their freedoms in the future.

So, here are the facts that I would like to distribute and a plan:

I will be traveling to a country in Central Asia. This will provide me the opportunity to learn many aspects of the culture and interact with people on a daily basis. This country is in need of English teachers and I will be able to make friendships with people as I share English. I am confident that God will give me many friends there who are of a different religion and I can share my background and life with them when the time becomes appropriate. I would really appreciate your feedback.

I have many people (in Galt especially, but also in other areas) who are interested in my life. I would like to keep them informed of some of my opportunities and activities, but for safety I must limit the specifics. It would be very helpful if I could gather many prayer partners and also those who would show their support financially.

I am convinced that God will provide for my needs and invite any interested party to trust God and contribute financially in addition to prayers. The spirit of the gift is the most important thing. I want to receive gifts of love and interest. I want the financial support to be the beginning of interest and to motivate prayers for me and my area.

Money is not the most important thing—but people tend to put their heart where they put their money and vice versa.  



Sunday, February 25, 2007

Last night at the Union Gospel Mission, I asked the crowd:

   "Have any of you ever been homeless?"

A number of hands went up around the room, several sets of eyes connected with mine (and I saw one woman nudge the guy sitting next to her).

My next statement:

    "I was homeless for twenty years..."

Hyperbole?   Maybe. I had never before testified to twenty years of homelessness . . .

During those two decades of churchlessness, I yearned for a connection with my mother. She had been my primary connection with Jesus (the Good Shepherd), with the number one song ("Holy, Holy, Holy"), the pipe organ, Stained-Glass Stories, Sunday School, and the rest of the surroundings I had known back when she was alive.

Wandering around in my homeless agnosticism, I rarely found myself knocking on the door of a church for a hot meal or a warm place to rest.

After finding my home in the Holy of Holies, I wondered why my mother hadn't ever spoken plainly to me about her death. If she thought I was too young to understand, then why didn't she at least write me a letter to be opened later in life?

Well, this morning, while preparing myself to preach, I typed  <pastorob.com> in the google search bar. I wanted to listen to a portion of last week's sermon. 

One of the first results was a simple exclamation mark.

Clicking on that accepted symbol for excited speech, I found something I had forgotten about.

 I found a message from Mother through a google search.
She spoke to me across the ages about the importance of facing this day's challenges.

She spoke of the Rose and of the Thorn; of Life and Love.

The sun has not yet even arisen here in Galt.

However, my Mother has helped me clothe myself with these truths:

has 5 letters, Love has 3: (click here)

By the way, here is last Sunday's message:

and other cyber-meditations from the Word:

All or Nothing

All Grace

All men and All Saints

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Just chatted with Daniel Teale in Australia. I told him about the movie we saw last night. Daniel is one who likes Chris Tomlin's worship style and I noted that he is featured with a version on the movie's webpage for Amazing Grace (click here).

Mike and Robin McCall went with Cathy and me to see it in Elk Grove. I enjoyed adding to my 'visual-sense' of that historical epoch (in Britain). Although I had read about William Wilberforce, I didn't have much of a frame of reference. Now I do.

Interestingly, one of the previews for this church-promoted film was promoting another upcoming fun-loving movie about a brother whose sister is trying to find him a girlfriend. The comedic twist is that the sister winds up lusting after the girl she has chosen for him.

(oh, ...so funny).

Like Wilberforce and Newton, we too face culturally-accepted bondage. What to do about it?

Gray MattersGray Matters
Talk about sibling rivalry! A brother (Tom Cavanagh) and a sister (Heather Graham) both fall in love with the same woman.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Rodney in Liberia  click here  
He hasn't posted for Friday yet, but Thursday's journal notes that he stopped by Greater Love Bible Baptist Church to look at an office that Pastor Wesley has provided for Crown Liberia.

I am very pleased to see Rodney Edwards, Service to Servants, and Crown Financial Ministries, and Addy's Hope--all working together.

My prayer-buddies and I were first drawn into God's Work in Liberia on December 12, 2002.

Rodney was already there ahead of us. We wouldn't meet up with him for a couple years...

I am humbled just thinking about how God directs each of us to the right place at just the right time. To God be the glory.

The story about a sign on Reagan's desk may just be a legend but I like the thought:

"There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn't mind who gets the credit."

So, run on, Rodney!
You are driven and I thank God that he has Matthew behind the wheel. May the very Spirit of the Living God guide you at every turn.

I'm at Cafe Latte' in Galt (7 a.m.) Daniel just called from Stockton to give me directions to the Arena where his tournament begins at 9 a.m.

I wasn't happy to find the high-speed connection wasn't working when I got home. So, I have to wait for something called 'business hours' before I can connect again with people all over the world from my house.

It's like the feeling of having a great car in the driveway, wanting to visit with some wonderful people, but the solenoid on the starter isn't working properly.

Today, a new film is opening around the country. It is called Amazing Grace. The true story behind the song is important for Christians to learn and to remember. I hope you all will have a chance to go see it.

(In the States, click here for a theatre near you)

Remember, on Saturday, John Walker is driving to Galt to hang out with me.

Bishop S.C. Carthen,
          Dave Roever,
          and Comedienne, Thor Ramsey)

       Hot-Rods, Bike Show, and Tri-tip Lunch included

Click here for more information.

After the men's gathering, we're going to make the drive back to Auburn together, hang with the Rosenaus, and minister at the Union Gospel Mission that evening. If you would like to join us for any of Saturday's plans, email or call me: (209)  323-0727

weird_dream_note: this morning's awakening dream involved walking past a public fountain, seeing the bloated faces of 2 old 'homeless' guys, and experiencing the heart of our local funeral director before she requested that I do something like last rites.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

for Rodney in Liberia Thursday click here

I stood in the cold last night checking my email (outside the Flour Garden Bakery). Right now I'm sitting in my cozy, warm office with Mel Blackaby (and his Dad) on the video screen.

No, I don't have wireless here...but I'm writing with the hope of heading back to the Bakery to put this leavened lump into the Oven.

It's nearly 7:00 a.m. I called Cathy about an hour ago. We had a long talk about the far-reaching implications of our life and ministry together. We are both still excited about the plans that our Lord Jesus has established for us. All we really have to do is 'show up' with the continued desire and willingness to invest ourselves wisely. He will do the rest.

I hadn't mentioned it to her but right before I called her, I was layin' there (in my sleeping bag) thinking about Bellroad UniverstyYou may ask Bellroad-What?

I'm not certain that I have a textbook definition here but from our personal experience (at WMU), a university one setting where several different colleges co-exist in cooperation.

When I was 17, I left my small hometown to go to the University. I started out by taking classes from the College of Communication, Arts, and Science. As a senior in high school, I was invited to pursue completion of my General Education requirements through the Honors College. This I did as well as earn my minor in Fine Arts through the Music College.

As I was trying to decide upon a major, I read the University's Course Catalog continually. In that study, I discovered an alternate path called 'Student-Planned Curriculum'.  Once approved for that path toward a bachelor's degree,  I was empowered to take courses from any of the colleges in the University. Often, upon approval of the professor, I was allowed to forego the prerequisites for highly-coveted, upper-level classes in the various schools.

Therefore, as I am working with Sharon Cole to establish our first semester of discipleship classes (Wednesdays and Sundays), I am thinking outside the ball diamond. Just as my alma-mater began as a teacher's college, I suspect that class offering could develop into something much more. Sharon was the Principal of a public school for years, so I'm excited to have her as a dream-team partner.

A couple days ago, I applied for membership in the Home School Legal Defense Association. We have decided that it would be more conducive to real learning for Mary to be schooled under my direct supervision.

So, that's gonna be a new adventure in life. I'm looking forward to the depth of relationship that will develop by having Mary in mutual accountability as Student-Teacher/Principal.  lol, seriously.

I have two important visitation appointments scheduled this morning. Then, I need to be back  at the church by 11:00 because I'm the speaker at Joy Fellowship. I've already arranged to follow Clyde and Faye home afterwards to get to know them. I'll go back to Auburn Gardens to see Dolores again as well.

I had great meetings throughout the day yesterday. Everything is moving ahead according to the Plan (and I'm thrilled).

I'm going home tonight. Then, tomorrow, Cathy and I will go watch Daniel wrestle in the first day of a two-day tournament (in Stockton).

John Walker (our Men's Ministry leader) has agreed to come to Galt on Saturday and hang with me for the day.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In many circles of believers, today is known as
      Ash Wednesday
(the first of 40 Days of Lent).

In order to better familiarize myself with that ancient tradition, I read this article that Leadership Journal sent to me (click here). We'll mention it in prayer meeting tonight.

I uploaded the first entry for this page at the Flour Garden Bakery at 8:21 am (and showed our beloved deacon, David Browning how this 15 minutes of fame works)...

So, David and I talked 'strategy' until he had to leave for work at 9:30. He is an Independent Contractor and is highly-skilled craftsman. What a blessing to have him as a servant in our church. Among other matters, I shared with him a desire to see a few men take an hour-long drive to Galt on Saturday.

I'd like to have some attend a men's conference with me. Here's the line-up:

 Bishop S.C. Carthen, Dave Roever, and Comedienne, Thor Ramsey) Hot-Rods, Bike Show, and Tri-tip Lunch Included!

Click here for even more information.

Here is Rodney Edward's page for Wednesday in Liberia. As of this moment, he hadn't yet uploaded Wednesday's journal but (knowing Rodney), it will appear soon (click here).

On Tuesday, Rodney Edwards and his team visited the Greater Love Children's Home (as well as four other orphanages in one day). Rodney has told me that he really would like to help start a business venture in Liberia for the purpose of providing some income for the ministries overseen my Pastor Wesley.

Click Here
to read his report. When I checked it late Tuesday, he hadn't uploaded the day's photos yet..

To see the main page for his short-term trip journal, click here.

Last summer, a team from Stonegate Fellowship went to Liberia to assist Pastor Wesley. I hadn't realized that one of them had uploaded these three photo montages.

Anyone who has helped Pastor Wesley in the past ought to enjoy seeing these. I sure hope that I can see another team go again in 2007.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

After a few morning meetings, I'm now at the Flour Garden Bakery--answering email. Ben Rosenau and I just converted Sunday's AudioMessage to a very-compressed mp3 signal. This should allow the dial-up audience to hear it.

Interested? Click on this photo to hear any of the Sunday morning messages I have thus far shared at our new church:

By next Sunday, we hope to be to the point where we will upload the morning message on the same day--maybe even live.

Last week, we heard a bit of bad news from www.ascendance.com saying that they <can't> deliver high-speed internet service up at 707 Bell Road.

A friend once told me that this word <can't> wasn't in her vocabulary. I'm letting my sweet memory of Rosemary inspire me these days. We'll keep pressing on toward what I feel we need to do the job as best as we are able.

Try calling the church (530) 885-5212  or my cellphone (209) 323-0727 if you need to contact me, send an email, or request an INVITE to chat on gmail:


Sunday, February 18, 2007

We had a great time at a couple's seminar sitting under the teaching of Pastor Greg Denham at Calvary Chapel of Auburn. Greg spoke with Cathy, Wolfgang, DeLynn, and I after the service. He was very friendly and encouraging to all of us. I told him that I was planning to mention him and his solid biblical teaching in my journal.

We haven't had any time to edit the messages I've shared at Bell Road but I wanted to try a new host for mp3 files, so please click on this photo. It was taken from the rooftop of our sanctuary looking toward the southern skyline.

If you have not yet exercised your heart and mind,   
    try meditating upon these passages with me:

All or Nothing

All Grace

All men and All Saints

God really is Pro-Choice  and so was Joshua

 ...but really, Jesus is Pro-Life

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Last night three other couples from bellroad joined Cathy and me at Calvary Chapel of Auburn. We really enjoyed ourselves. We will be there for morning sessions as well.

We had the opportunity to pray with the P.A.I.D. outreach beforehand. I'll report on their evening tomorrow.

The other day,Cover Image while walking the streets of Galt, Cathy and I ran into local author, R. B. McCartney.

He told me that his book was recently published. Here it is. I read up to chapter 12 (and then skipped to the last page to see how it ended). I'm happy for Pastor Mac. I'm sure that he is pleased to have this project completed.

A few months ago, he told us a funny story from his childhood. Apparently, he had been working diligently on an autobiography. That will be fun to read.

I'm having some difficulty with uploading a sermon-length mp3 for some reason. I found another site to upload mp3 files but this site doesn't allow the listener to download the entire file.


 I'm also trying this new page for sermons (click here)

Friday, February 16, 2007

For a daily dose of re-current events, remember to check Today in History in the far-right column (appropriately placed between 2 Corinthians 4:18 and pastorob's audio selections).

Hmmm...looking over pop-history, I see that today was a spiritually-significant day in the lives of Elvis Presley and each of The Beatles back in 1968. Wonder what that significance was?

...and check out what the Pope decreed in A.D. 374

   (click here)

We're home for the day but are returning to Auburn this afternoon to help set-up for the debut outreach of P.A.I.D. That event will take place at 7:00 p.m. at 707 Bell Road.

Cathy will be teaching at a middle-school in Galt today. I plan to work on my sermon for Sunday.

Cathy and I went to visit Rena and Wanda and spent a good amount of time learning about their family's involvement with the spread of the Gospel. We really enjoyed getting to know this mother-daughter household.

Afterwards, I applied for my library card at the Placer County Library and discovered a new homebase for wireless, high-speed connectivity in Auburn. Meanwhile, Cathy went next door to the County Board of Education to  connect locally as a substitute teacher.

Before our evening meal with the young couples in our church, we visited a senior named Dolores who is in a convalescent home recovering from hip surgery.

If you are already aware of the ministry of Pastor Richard Wesley, you will be happy to see what other believers in other parts of our country are doing. They have decided to raise some funds to help him acquire a vehicle.

There is a new webpage entitled:

Wheels for Wesley (click here)

Please check this page and consider helping to empower this worthy individual with a vehicle. It would be a good investment!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Up at 4:45 today. At 5:46, I'm now ready to get a little nap before the others awaken. Here's what I wrote for today's entry:

Yesterday, Cathy and I had a delightful tour of the Boys and Girls Club complex in downtown Auburn. Bonnie McAdams was active among the founders of that organization some 14 years ago. She has been directing this important community service for the last 6 years.

I had just been getting interested in the B&G Club through Dee Carson's pep-talks at the Galt Sunrise Rotary. So, it is natural to become acquainted with Bonnie and the gang up here. Here is a link to Auburn's  website (click here).

Today, we will tour the Senior Citizen's Center, visit certain homebound individuals, and end the day with the young adults' fellowship that takes place on Thursday nights before heading back to Galt.

Then, tomorrow, we will be back again. Cathy and I will be attending A Love for a Lifetime. It is being hosted by Calvary Chapel of Auburn. At our own church, a new group called P.A.I.D. will be launching a new, monthly outreach. We're gonna try to stop over when we're done at Calvary.

Speaking of P.A.I.D. (Participants Active In Discipleship), last night, I sat down with one of their guitarists--an 18 year old named Wil. He is a skilled musician and just might be one of those people who see the world through the right-side-of-the-brain. I appreciate being in the presence of others who can see the horizon with an artist's perspective.

In the studio at BellroadRadio, I shared an old man's dream and asked him to help me and others with a new church plant before this year's end (more on that in a couple months).

  "Your young men will see visions
            ...and your old men will dream dreams."

After leaving the church campus, I joined Cathy at Chet and Jimmie's house. We stayed up until 11:20 talking, playing songs on the piano and organ, and laughing out loud (lol). Chet and Jimmie are a very special couple. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Our conversation naturally lended itself with a brief introduction to another idea that keeps coming to me:

click for a clue about the Be Still Service
& click again for a clue about the Joyful Noise Service

      ...more clicks&clues to follow in the days to come.

Cathy and I have a full day ahead of us but we still have some free time to meet with any of you.

Some areas in these foothills do not have cellphone reception, so if you have had trouble getting through on my 24/7 hotline, try calling:

      the office:
(530) 885-5212

Most likely, our sweet-as-can-be church secretary, Emma, will answer the phone. Yesterday, I sat down at her battlestation and taught her how to use some of the features offered by Google's wonderful beta project: Gmail.

If you would like to send a greeting to Emma at Bell Road Baptist Church, please do:


One might ask, "Don't you get overloaded with Spam by putting your email address online?"

Well, that is one of the simple benefits of Gmail (virtually no spam).

With Gmail Chat, I introduced Emma to Iona (in Florida), to James (in Michigan), and to Jennifer (in Galt). The inter-connectedness demonstrated in realtime was a bit of a stretch for Emma because all three dialogues were proceeding simultaneously (and Emma had never chatted online before). It was fun.

Still, Emma remarked,

      "Well, I wouldn't have time to chat all day."

Let's revisit Emma in six months and see how she's doing with the Office of the Future, shall we?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cathy and I slept in until 7:00 this morning. We had a long, full day yesterday but, in the evening, went on a date at the Old State Theatre. We had seen that theatre building on our first visit of inquiry to this area. So, to further celebrate Cathy's birthday, we went to downtown Auburn and saw 'The Queen' (about the personal lives of British leaders in 1997).

A study of history (as lite as it mite be) helps one with eyes to see to listen a bit more carefully to the day at hand. (There's four mixed-meta-fors phor you).

Greetings to those who have found their way to this page from the myspace line. You're not the first that found me here by searching Coldwater High School at myspace. You're hearts' desires are on our hearts today. We are praying for you.

"A truthful witness does not deceive,
   but a false witness pours out lies."

"There is a way that seems right to a man,
   but in the end it leads to death."

These verses come from Proverbs 14. We are off to the the Courthouse Athletic Club for a morning workout. This 14th collection of Proverbs will be my intentional meditation while I exercise. If you would like to get on the same page with me today, (click 14).

This afternoon we will be meeting with Bonnie McAdams at the Boys and Girls Club and have already made some other appointments during the day. We will still be in Auburn all day tomorrow.

Remember, if you are within driving distance of California exit 123 and I-80 and want to have an appointment today, just call me on my cellphone:

   (209) 323-0727

Some areas in these foothills do not have cellphone reception, so you may need to try calling

      the office:
(530) 885-5212

May this day be a day of great blessing for you and yours.


click here for the Be Still Service
click here for the Joyful Noise Service

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Up at 3:45 this birthday morning. Yes, it's Cathy's birthday and I've promised her 'coffee in bed'...

Well, since we're leaving together for Auburn at 4:45 and I wanna post an entry in this journal, then I'm up.

Anyway, I've been awake for 30 minutes thinking about my immediate goals for my new job as Head Coach at Bell Road Baptist Church (the fastest-growing, missionary-sending church at the corner of I-80 and California Exit 123).

Cathy is making the 3-day jaunt with me this time. We will be meeting with several key players in the church and in the community today and tomorrow.

We still have some openings for appointments, so should you live within driving distance of 707 Bell Road and would like to meet with me (or us), please feel free to call me on my cell: (209) 323-0727

You can also try calling the office: (530) 885-5212

Today in History Trivia:
On this day, in the year 2006, Cathy celebrated her 45th birthday (one year too early). She actually turned 45 today.

As a special gift to my sweet wife, I have added a new feature on this page. Thanks to the good folks down at google and brainyhistory, my readers will now be empowered with a daily history lesson. Look over at the far right column (and scroll up). See it?

I happen to know on this day back in 1633, Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei arrived in Rome for trial before the Inquisition for professing belief that the earth revolves around the Sun.

Hey folks, that's what I've always thought too.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Marcie Mathews
just sent me a forward that I decided to make into a new page:

    BellroadSightings: watching God work

hmm...for some reason I am reminded of another Sighting but this beauty was man-made:

   the Lego Church (click here)

I woke up around 3:45 this morning too. Just checked my lines. Only Mary Chase (Moscow) had written sent I went to sleep. She was really writing to Cathy as a birthday greeting (and cc'd me).

Mary has invited Joe to come back to Russia in March but I believe that he is questioning whether he ought to go with some fellow students on a short-term mission trip to Kyrgyzstan.

I've never heard of Kyrgyzstan, have you? So, as a first attempt to learn more, I will click here as I am able. Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia's entry:

"Current concerns in Kyrgyzstan include: privatization of state-owned enterprises, expansion of democracy and political freedoms, inter-ethnic relations, and terrorism."

Joe wrote to me last night but I was exhausted and couldn't think straight. He was asking for some insight for his exegetical paper on the Book of Obadiah.

He is especially interested in exegesis of this particular passage (Obadiah 1:16):

"For as ye have drunk upon my holy mountain, [so] shall all the heathen drink continually, yea, they shall drink, and they shall swallow down, and they shall be as though they had not been."

Hey Bible scholars, any ideas?

If so, write Joe:  joep19@gmail.com

Here's an online place to start, Joe: click here

Use the pulldown menu for commentaries which address this verse and, then, don't forget to press GO.

A. R. Fausett's Introduction to Obadiah is well worth the read. Some of the other commentators are worthy contributors to an understanding of the text.

Here is the Hebrew lexicon for that verse: click here
In order to properly exegete a passage one should do a WORD STUDY of key words and their among other in other works of the era.

I was too tired to write last night but Joe did ask about my day:

joe: how was your sermon?

me: it went quite well.... I'm coming on as the Coach...
and using movie themes from Coach films to make my points about our immediate situation and our future.

Cathy and I listened to a cassette tape of the sermon on our way home from Auburn last night. I didn't get as far as I had wanted in developing the thematic elements but this message is gonna take 80 days to fully develop anyway.

I hope to start getting our messages online within a couple hours of live delivery. This week I hope to upload the message on Tuesday after Ben edits the digital copy.

We stopped by to visit Robin and Mike McCall when we got back to Galt. Mike shared with us the same message he had shared earlier that day at a new preaching point. It was a very good message built upon 1 Corinthians 13.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

  (we join this pre-recorded chat in progress)

4:01 AM me:
hey I got cut off...
i dunno why...but the server went down for a moment

4:02 AM Daniel: oh ok    no worries

I was on a roll about 'the sermon', 'the song' and 'the particular message' that the Spirit was attempting to deliver personally to Daniel....

then I was adding, "For instance..."

       "I haven't even preached yet this morning...

but I happen to know that the final song
    at our Decision Time will be "Jesus Paid It All"
         it's an old gospel hymn


4:04 AM me:
I have feelings/memories attached to that song because it was the ending song to a radio show by an old guy in the States named "Dr. J. Vernon McGee"

I used to listen to his broadcast daily when I first got saved (1982-84)

   So, I was glad to read it in the bulletin....

       I haven't thought of any connection

oh true

until now...

4:05 AM Daniel: ahhh
                               sounds cool

and the Australian Prosperity Message that
the Spirit apparently is promoting in at least one church out of Sydney...haha

       "Jesus Paid It All"

what's up with that?

Daniel's Airfare?


Daniel's Tuition?

4:06 AM Daniel's Visa?

maybe I'll become a millionaire for the Lord

Daniel's Debts?


yeah, maybe

well that's something that's alluring..
              debt payment!

That's all I'm gonna write for this morning, folks.

 I woke up for awhile, got online and had a little chat with Daniel Teale. He is planning to write me a summary of his experience at a church he visited today in his new town.

      Now it is 4:31 and I'm goin' back to bed...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

   Inquiring Minds Want to Know
       (part 2)

Dear pastorob,

1.  When is bellroad.org going to be fixed?
my reply:
it's up now! Hallelujah!
     check for yourself www.bellroad.org

2.  When are you moving to Auburn?
my reply:
Lord Willing, we will try to purchase, lease,
     or house-sit in some humble space when He moves
     this want up my list of priorities.

     Today, this desire is still a Want or Desire--not a Need.

     Angel McGregor (a member at BellRoad) has been
     chosen as our realtor to investigate the housing market
     on our behalf. Currently, this posting might contain the
     house that the Lord will present to us more precisely.

     If you would like to help us, please click below:

            View Listings

     find the house you think is the best deal,
     and give me a call:

     on my cell: (209)  323-0727 
          or at the church:  (530) 885-5212
     As the Head Coach for a team that says they wanna be
     winners, the main thing is gonna be that everyone
     shows up to work out and get back into shape.

     The next few weeks I am going to be so busy with
     training and recruitment, that I won't have much time to
     house-hunt. So, if it is important to you, view the listings
     on my behalf, OK?

     Meanwhile, a number of couples in the church have
     offered us space during this period of transition.
     For this I am deeply thankful.

     In order to build a winning team, Cathy and I have
    agreed to make certain sacrifices of my time at home.

     When I move to Auburn, I might not be as readily
     available as I am during these weeks of R&T   
     (Recruitment and Training).

     My current schedule is as follows:

     Sunday: All day in Auburn (or surrounding area)
     Monday: In Galt (available online or by cellphone)
     Tuesday: In Auburn at 6:00 a.m. Men's Breakfast
         7:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. (stay in Auburn)

         up by 6:00 a.m. 
         available until 11:00 p.m. (stay in Auburn)   
         up by 6:00 a.m.
         available until 8:00 p.m. (drive back to Galt)
         a free day to do whatever I wanna do
         (generally) available online or by cell 

         thus far I have driven up to Auburn for various
         meetings which have been scheduled by others
         on Saturday (Men's Breakfast, Sunday School
         Training, Pulpit Search Victory Rally, etc.)

         I have held to this schedule for the last two weeks.
         Beyond building an initial team, a further goal is to
         consistently work to establish myself as a new
         member of the community (through meeting with
         various leaders in government, service groups,   
         educational spheres, cultural events, and recreation).

        Yet another goal I have worked at during these
         concentrated days in the heart of Auburn is to meet
         with other pastors (in our Association and in other

3.  Are you really going to be on the radio?


4.  Why don't you preach longer?

I am in training too. The season hasn't even started yet.

5.  What about the Worship Leader from Australia?

His name is Daniel Teale and I finally was able to
      reconnect with him after his short-term mission trip to
      Thailand and Cambodia.

I've been trying to recruit Daniel for nearly a year now.
      He is still a University student and won't have his next
      break until November, 2007. His 'summer break' will
      be for four months. He will probably come live among
      us during that time (see yesterday's entry).

Meanwhile, Curt Harjo and I have agreed to keep our 
      eyes  and ears open. We both want a younger man
      who is teachable, closely accountable to me, and will
      have a desire to entrust a worshipping life among us.

6.  Where are we gonna be as a church in 5 months?

Hmm...Lord, why don't You take that question?

       . . .
(whisper) . . .

He's here...let's listen.    . . . (selah) . . .    awat

Friday, February 9, 2007

   Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Dear pastorob,

1.  When is bellroad.org going to be fixed?
2.  When are you moving to Auburn?
3.  Are you really going to be on the radio?
4.  Why don't you preach longer?
5.  What about the Worship Leader from Australia?
6.  Where are we gonna be as a church in 5 months?

Just as I was about to offer complete answers to all six of these questions, Daniel Teale, (the University student from Australia) popped up on my laptop.

We  proceeded with a spontaneous LIVE interview for BellroadRadio.

The interview includes four songs performed by Daniel on YouTube.

So, click back, and meet Daniel Teale.

When you get back to this line, we'll consider
   Question Number One:

   Perhaps our domain name will be online yet today:

Dear  Rob Patterson,

Your current provider agreed to the change of provider for the domain:

Thank you for choosing 1&1, pastorob.
(click here if you need a website-server)

This weekend is gonna be busy so I may not write until Monday (unless something interesting happens)...

Still, there are plenty of hidden treasures if you click around, so make yourself at home and look around.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

It is 6:15 a.m. on what is still a dark Auburn morning at the intersection of I-80 and CA exit 123.

I woke up refreshed after very deep sleep. God off my consciousness just after I turned off the little white box. I was about 20 minutes late for my evening devotional with St. Seinfeld because I had a late night talk with the love of my life: Cathy.

For at least the last year I have claimed that I am available to most people via my cellphone on a 24/7 basis, but ...

Last night I turned it off before a locker room talk with my deacons. I didn't turn back until the last deacon had polished off the last of the smores. Mike didn't leave around 11:00 pm.

And folks, I wasn't the one doing all the talking . . .
lol,s (that's cybershort for laughingoutloud,seriously).

So, I turn my phone back on and see that I have two voicemails. Before I even have a chance to call and check, the phone rings again. Sure enough, the voice that I have chosen for my ringtone is on the other end of the string.

Cathy: the Love-of-my-Life®

    "Why aren't you answering?"

I explained that I had turned off the 24/7 offer during my deacon's meeting.

You know what?

She was good with that. I praise the Lord for Cathy.

Well, I think that she was aware I was sacrificing Seinfeld for her (and it was a good one--where Kramer serves as tour guide for the Japanese businessmen)!

Still, it occurs to me that next Tuesday is Cathy's birthday and so I would probably be amiss if I came up here all by myself. I guess I'm gonna have to do something pretty special next week.

Update: It is now 6:42 and its not yet light outside. I've been listening to P.A.I.D. from last Sunday's debut. There's about 30 minutes of music on the CD before my sermon starts. I have really enjoyed listening to the track. Remember this: I'm the new Head Coach at Bellroad and I'm still scouting the talent around Auburn.

Now, my message is playing...  and as good as it is, I really better get down to the Flour Garden Bakery and upload this entry on the the Information SuperHighway.
btw, the French Roast surpasses my contentment at the Flour Garden.

There are some quoteable notes in my mailbag:

* Joe writes in from the Philippines
* Bonnie (Boys and Girls Club) welcomes me to Auburn
* Wanda reports on dial-up speeds
* Eva laments (yeah, what else is new?)
but since I'm not able to access my gmail at the moment, I might wait until tomorrow to share all that good stuff.

This afternoon there will be an Executive Board meeting of the Foothill Association at bellroad. I'm planning on attending and getting to meeting the pastors and leaders of this cooperative mission effort. Yesterday, three area pastors (Steve, Doug, and Richard) came to Auburn and met with me at the Sizzler. That was a good time.

Pastor Steve is the new pastor in Rocklin:
   Here is their church website;  here's his personal blog.

Emma and Wanda both gave me permission to mention them in my journal. So, uh....there they are.

  ... it's now 6:56

and I can see out the window so I'm off...

                    "Hey, be careful out there."  

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I called my Dad during the early morning trek to Auburn. I was taking an heirloom (the RCA microphone) to help me set up a studio for interviews. I wanted him to know that I am not letting go of a vision we have discussed for years. Sunday's sermon on 'Authority' spurs me on to continue to deepen my communication with Dad by calling him regularly (especially to discuss bellroad radio).

I arrived at the Sierra Grille in time to still have a meaningful exchange of ideas with Dan, Bob, Curt, Brandon, Tom, and Ben. It is a mentoring breakfast so, obviously, the issues discussed are not for the general public. Still, I'd like ya'll to know that I asked them to pray along with me about our broadcast ministry: bellroad.org

Next stop was the international headquarters of bellroad-bc. Filling in for Joe (as a close, young friend who is up for ministry tasks at a moment's notice) is Ben. I'm serious about the void that Ben fills for me in this season. He is a walking talking-plethora of gifts, talents, and abilities...(and he apparently enjoys coming alongside me).

Ben and I went up on the rooftop with the RCA microphone to try to get some some artsy photo for future promotional materials. During our task-time together, we discussed several ideas:

1)  to plan for another Drive-In Movie on the grounds.

2)  asking Jim and Kim Krim to take a MissionTrip
       down I-80 and heal some longtime flatroof leaks.

3)  to start a webpage as a expressive vehicle for Ben's
       interests. I will be thrilled to help him get started.

4)  to spur on Jon about a photo-journalist revival...

I pitched the offline version of bellroad.org to Ben and Curt in the studio. Ben finished editing a CD of Sunday morning's worship time (a MusicTeam called P.A.I.D. and my message).

Jack stopped in and advised me on some HR matters. I praise the Lord that He has given me a person as well-equipped as fbc-Virginia.

I cropped, tweaked, and edited the photos we had shot while waiting for my Auburn deacon, David Browning, to come. I also received a call from Eric Van Patten. I answered a number of questions about our housing situation and my schedule. Then, we discussed elevation's website.

David and I spent several hours together ...

It all started with his opening question:

Where are you?   ...on a scale from 1 to 10?

My reply?


We discussed the very recent past and projected ahead for five months. Several hours of excited dream-and-visioncasting simply had to be cut off.

At 7:00 p.m. I sat in with the members of Sunday Morning Praise and sang along on some of the songs they will be leading at this week's celebration service. I also met with Stephanie and pitched the Andy Deck version of Acts 1:8   (awat)

My strong admonition to this relative beginner on the MissionTeam trail:  "Read the Book of Acts!"

At 8:00, I was scheduled to meet with Brandon for our first intentional mentoring session....but my 24/7 cellphone rang. It was Deacon Jim from fbcgalt. Brandon was gracious to allow me some time to speak with Jim.

I was blessed to hear the voice of this dear, dear friend whose wife passed on into eternity. I just don't have the words to share publicly (nor would I need to anyway). Still, this journal helps me to remember what has happened, when it happens and perhaps someday, we'll know better why what happened when.

So, I write.

and I read aloud a portion of Eugene Peterson's classic: Working the Angles. We plan to meet on a weekly basis with email accountability to these three angles:

1) Prayer

2) Scripture

3) Spiritual Direction

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Here are some photos
that Ben and I took this morning!

rooftop     View Album


Monday, February 5, 2007
What a day--yesterday! Don't even have the time or filter with which to write....great blessings--awat!
This morning I went with a brother for his arraignment due to some poor decisions he had recently made.

On our way down A Street, we saw construction workers at fbcgalt. I couldn't resist...we pulled in and were delighted to see that the Santillan-Sayre Office Vision is proceeding along. They had already knocked out the wall so the three-room space could be visualized more clearly.

I'm happy that my old church family is moving full-speed ahead. That could be perceived as a joke (for those who have a light-hearted view of normal baptist-church protocol).

When I returned from court, and checked my email I learned that my friend, Aimee Rhea, is now on YouTube with her church's Praise Team.
 Cathy and I have known Aimee since she was about 10 years old. Isn't she pretty? If you click on this photo, you'll be able to hear a few songs that she uploaded.

Aimee learned Sign Language along with Cathy and played 2nd Flute for our Worship Team at Praise Baptist Church in Kalamazoo.

Now, she's a myspace daughter of mine. Well, I claim her anyway. She's one of the few people that I have ever chatted with on myspace.

If you wanna hear how they do Church Music at Aimee's local church in Louisville, Kentucky (click below):
     Highview Baptist Part 1  8:36
     Highview Baptist  Pt 2   8:49

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Cathy, Mary, Jerry, and I will be leaving quite early in the morning for church in Auburn. Daniel is going to Horizon this week (because he has been invited to the home of a Horizonite to watch the SuperBowl after church).

 Last night, in preparation for this particular Sunday, I watched several interviews with interesting individuals at Alt textthis new Yahoo site.
Click on this frame and enjoy these NFL-related interviews. Those who know me well also know that I have not ever taken much time to learn about football. However, after having done some exploration of the people groups in this sub-culture, I have made a number of important discoveries that could prove profitable in the Kingdom during the remainder of my life.

Oh, and I think these answers to a direct question are quite revealing:

Q.  Is Peyton Manning a Christian?  (click here)
      Interesting responses, I think.
  If anyone would like to visit our church this morning,
click exit 123 for a map from where you are.

  It is actually possible for anyone in the world to make it to Auburn, California from anywhere in the world.

Hope to see you this morning!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

My post-graduate alma mater (GGBTS) regularly sends me a newsletter. This morning (as I preparing to leave for Auburn), I decided to share a couple columns for future dialogue with some of you readers:

YouTube in Turbulent Times (click here)
Senior Savvy (click here)

I wrote the following entry at 6:30 p.m. on Friday night but Joe was already well into Saturday in the Philippines.

Here is a slideshow of his 21st Birthday Party to enjoy.

  Click on the frame to see several more photos.

Mama and I are enjoying an online chat with him.

Sent at 6:27 PM on Friday
me: so what else you doing today?
joe: IDK quite yet
I dont have classes on saturday or monday
me: what time is it there? I forget...
joe: maybe going into town with some friends
but since they are in a different program, they have a test this morning and then a meeting until 2PM
it is still 10:30
me: oh...when was your cake?

4 cakes


and Blueberry

who made them?

I went with a friend and bought them at the Holiday Market

have you eaten them yet?

They are all gone
yeah, the party was last night because some of my friends need to leave town to go to their churches for the weekend

wanna make a public plea for some email?
I thought I could clip a portion of this to stick in my journal

yeah, the [FBC-Galt] updates are just not personal enough for me. Thanks Virginia for sending me a nice encouraging and personal email

Did you have a chance to check out that guy from Australia, NICK?
me: No, i didn't but Mama did. she told me about it
How did you find out about him?

he also has a myspace page


Anyway, you can see that Joe would love to get some email:



Later, 'this morning', we're gonna drive back up to Auburn. There's a men's breakfast and a Sunday School meeting.


Friday, February 2, 2007

I called to introduce myself to a techie who had formerly served the people at Bell Road.

His name is Steve Diaz.

Steve and his wife, Marlena, are currently ministering in an exciting bridge-building ministry in Lynchburg, Virginia.

To see what they have been up to: click here

I told Steve that I've been working on a map and a new website for the church. He got online immediately and found it while we were still talking.

         Bell Road Baptist Church

     ready for a RoadTrip?  

 click here for a great, interactive map

    click on this photo to look over my early morning
    experimentation. It may still take a few days to
    transfer the domain name and properly tweak it.

Greg Denham
met with me for about an hour yesterday. He was so very gracious to me--offering me godly counsel as a new pastor in town. After a thoroughly enjoyable conversation, he offered to pray for me. I sure like that guy.

I'm gonna take Cathy to a couple's mini-conference that Greg and his wife, Stephanie, are hosting on February 16 and 17 at Calvary Chapel, Auburn.

I was blessed to receive a copy of a Calvary Worship CD that has some songs that Greg wrote. They're really good songs. I gave Greg a copy of the Liberia 2004 CD.

Greg has been pastoring in Auburn for 17 years!

You can hear Greg Denham every weekday morning on KFIA   ...or click on this frame to watch him in action:

Tomorrow, February 3rd, will be our firstborn's 21st Birthday. If anyone would like to send Joseph a birthday greeting, email him at: joep19@gmail.com

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Happy 26th Birthday to Alisha (a missionary in Mexico). She is a member at Bell Road Baptist Church in Auburn. I just wrote her and shared that I'm working toward getting her beloved home church back online.

so, that's what I'm doing...
Again, I'm at Flour Garden Bakery using the free Wi-Fi.

After shooting some photos for web-ideas, I met with Eric VanPatten. I also started my routine at the Courthouse Athletic Club (my new homebase down the road from the church).


I'm gonna start a new and improved daily devotional. I carried a pocket-sized bible (with proverbs and psalms) from station-to-station this morning.

February 1st is a good day to meditate upon
Proverbs 1. (click on the 1 to read it for yourself).

Today's Chat with Pastor Wesley in Liberia  (view more)

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm at Flour Garden Bakery using the free Wi-Fi access here.

This entry will be brief because I have so much to do here in Auburn today. Yesterday, several individuals came in to the office for dialogue.

I spent the night at the church last night. No internet there at all yesterday.

Had supper with Dan, Renee, and their kids last night. That was really fun. Today, I've spent much time with a guy named Bob. He brought me to this internet-friendly site. Bob knows some people I know.

I'm gonna try to drop in a mutual acquaintance who leads a rather new church in the area:


g2g...more tomorrow

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm in Auburn.

I'm sitting out in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn (after an unsuccessful attempt at getting online at the Coffee House). So, this will be short.

Hmm...since I can't write much, I'll copy what our son, Joe, wrote to me today:

It was a Monday afternoon. Since there were no classes scheduled for that day, four well-balanced students chose to go for a long walk around the downtown area and buy some groceries. They would visit a few stores, listen to the birds sing and just enjoy each other’s company. Little did they know the excitement that awaited them.  

This day was almost like any other January day in Baguio. It was not too hot, neither was it too cold – it was just about perfect. The sun was shining; people were out and about (but not too many people).  

The four students enjoyed their leisurely stroll through the supermarket and into the smaller markets along the street. They talked with each other and laughed and smiled. It was a wonderful afternoon spent with new friends. And… it would have been just like many other wonderful friendship building times had it not been for what would occur next.

The students were well traveled. They recognized the need to be attentive and careful. They did not walk out in front of moving traffic nor were they uncertain about their directions. Three of them had been around the city for many months already, and the fourth, a twenty year old boy named Joe, was learning quickly. But this day was not a day of concerns and anxiety. Rather, it was an enjoyable afternoon through pleasant surroundings. What a gift from God. How could it get any better?  

Having completed most of their shopping, the group was heading back to school. They were walking and talking with each other. Then as they were scaling the pedestrian overpass in order to cross the street, what did Joe notice?

At first he was uncertain. Was this really happening? It almost appeared normal enough. It is very common to see a hand unzipping a bag, but this was not a recognizable hand. Indeed, it was in fact the hand of a thief, trying to inconspicuously open his friend’s bag as it hung around her side. Certainly Joe was shocked, but at the same moment out of instinct because of his previous training he shouted, “HEY!” and his hand immediately seized the offender’s right hand. As the thief tried to escape Joe grabbed his jacket as well. (This was later reported by another friend as Joe did not even notice during the short episode.)

Joe was prepared for some kind of physical resistance or even an attack. At the same time, he was staring at the thief’s hand to decide whether anything had indeed been taken. After a few milliseconds, it was decided that the thief had not taken anything and that he was no longer a threat to Joe or his friends. After looking him in the eyes, Joe released his arm and allowed him to scamper off into the crowd. WOW! That was exciting, huh?!

The moral of this story is that it is good to have friends and we always need to be on the lookout for the thief.  There are many times in our lives when the Devil will try to steal from us. Maybe he will go after our joy, our time with God, or our peace. Whatever the situation, good friends can usually watch out for us when we do not even realize that we are being attacked.  They can provide assistance and maybe just something as simple as a smile or an encouraging word. They see other aspects of situations that we do not see and they are alert when we may be occupied with other concerns.

Thank God for good friends and for the exciting adventures that He gives us each and every day.

Sunday, January 28, 2007 

I consider today as Day One of our Auburn Adventure. Jerry is staying behind in Galt and plans to attend Horizon with his friend, Stephanie Stevenson (Pastor Tim's daughter).

Cathy, Daniel, Mary, and I are gonna make the 60-mile drive to Auburn in time to attend Sunday School at 9 a.m. and to humbly participate in the installation of Bell Road's next Senior Pastor: me.

I will listen closely to everything that takes place this morning because I fully expect God to speak to me through the songs, prayers, testimonies, teachers, and pastors who have been prepared.

When it comes my turn to speak, I plan to open God's Word to this passage: Luke 15:1-7 Hopefully, I will be able share our Shepherd's Heart with  a vision for this coming year. If called upon to sing a song, I think it could be God is Good All the Time (since I heard a brief 'call-and-response' to that effect on my first Sunday morning visit).

I called my friend, Pastor Ken Hendon, when we arrived in California last night. We had an important matter to discuss.  I'll also return Macdonald Wreh's call after I get on the road.

from Pakistan this morning:

Respectable Pastor Rob,


Greetings to you in Almighty Lord. How are you and Family? Have a Blessed Sunday.

I not hear from you from many many days. Are you ok?
My Prayers are always with you.

God Bless You with all His Blessings

Pastor Shamas Pervaiz

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cathy and I are now sitting at the Honolulu airport, enjoying free wireless Internet and waiting a couple hours until our flight back to the mainland.

We received some comments on our photos. 

  (click here)

We sure have enjoyed our time in Hawaii watching evening performance, comedy acts, and spending quality time together.

Now, since we've played so hard we're planning on working really hard in planting, watering, and harvesting during the season that begins for us tomorrow morning.

This is Cathy at a port in Maui outside our ship,
   the Pride of America.


Click on the frame and you can see some recent photos.

  click 'slideshow' after you get to  
  the Picasa site.

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