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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wow! All day yesterday was PACKED with outreach! The summer missionaries are here and we're out there...(Gregg from Georgia and Emily from S. Carolina).

I'm gonna have them keep a log and turn in a copy of their notes because we will meet hundreds of people in the next few days. I'll probably post them for tomorrow's journal entry.

Our teen-missionaries are being sponsored by the good folks down at Courthouse Athletic Club this week. Emily and Gregg have full club privileges while they are in Auburn. Hallelujah, huh?! Thank you, Art and Bonnie.

Anyway, they're gonna need to work off some of the weight they'll put on because of the table fellowship that comes with being visitors among believers in America.

Not much time to write today, but here's a view of the apartment that Cathy, Mary, and I have decided to move into. umm...it 'could' look this nice...haha...if I bought some new furniture (not likely!)....

click here  to see the apartment (if you have Java installed, you can look at the 360 degree panorama shot). Its kinda cool. This apartment complex (Miner's Station) is right next to a regional park and neighborhood where there's lotsa unchurched people to reach with the BellRoad message.

Monday, July 30, 2007

I uploaded yesterday's sermon at about 1:00 a.m. It is 5:59--the beginning of a new day for yours truly. I'm currently listening to the SundayMessage--enjoying leftovers.

    *click here for Becoming a Mega-Church

Here's the column that should be appearing in today's Auburn Journal. I'm gonna wake up Cathy, and buy a hardcopy of the local paper on our way to the Courthouse Athletic Club with me. Hey, I'd love to have a question for next Monday's paper. Send me an email with your question: pastorob@gmail.com

and our summer missionaries (Emily, and Gregg) are still sleeping. We'll let them sleep in....until we get back from the Gym.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yes, its Thanksgiving in July. I'm up at 4:26 sticking the sermon in the oven.

In my household, I've been the one who prepares the annual Thanksgiving Turkey (and I'm usually up around this time to pull it out of the frig, unwrap it, stick it under running water, while I reach in two diverse orifices to retrieve parts that won't be used, place it in the pan, butter it up, cover it up, turn on the oven, then...stick it in at a certain temperature).

I look up at the clock and project ahead to establish a predetermined time that I'll notify everyone to be here in order to eat a hot-out-of-the-oven Thanksgiving Dinner--together.

So, do I feel bad that I'm pulling my sermon out of the frig at 4:33 on a Sunday Morning?!

    No...that's the way I roll.

We'll have a good dinner with lotsa meat in about six hours. There will be plenty for everyone.

I am not responsible for the spiritual dinner rolls, sweet potatoes, creamed corn, green bean casserole, etc. The others in our family will bring those to the Table at the appointed time.

I sure hope that those who don't have any other place to go for SundayMessage will take up my offer to come to our house (God's House).

So, I've gotta get this sermon in the oven...but why don't you take some time to look at these photos that Joe and Sharon sent me this morning?  CLICK HERE

Before I went to bed last night, I wrote the following remembrances from the first night of Awaken '07...

A young mother who brought her child to our VBS also came to the Awaken '07 Crusade last night. Her daughter, Kristen, (7) compelled her mother to go forward.

did go forward and asked Jesus to be her Savior. An altar call at a public event can be a very important time. So, I was attentive to little Kristen and spent some time talking to her about growth steps for a 7 year old. A Calvary member, Shannon, came alongside me to minister to daughter and mom.

I had a chance to speak a bit with Comedian Nazareth; we exchanged cards. I told him I'd link to his website. So, here it is (click here).

Also had a chance to meet Jason Gold, Calvary's Worship pastor, his wife, Ann, and kids, Hannah, Isabel, and Jacob. A beautiful family; I'm so happy to be connecting with Christians through this event.

I hope you'll try to come to Placer Stadium tonight at 7:00 for the second night of Awaken '07. There's gonna be a Worship Band comprised of Worship Leaders from area churches.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

I figure that I will have the pink hair for one more week. There will be much youth-oriented activity this week with the arrival of our teen-missionaries: Emily and Gregg.

During my Gym-time, I have thought of many ideas to keep these two busy with outreach this week. Mike Sanchez, our Mission Director, informed me that they have been worked VERY hard in every placement thus far.

Hannah Knapp (one of our own teen-missionaries) is scheduled to fly in from her Asia Mission Trip tonight. She should be in service tomorrow to witness our public baptism.

Today, our teens will return from Centrifuge (our summer camp at Jenness Park). We received news yesterday that Terrance gave his life to Jesus. If tradition was observed, he was among others who went up to 'ring the bell'.

CAMP REPORT: Terrance (far right) got saved!
click here for photos from Youth Camp

Tonight, we hope to have many others who get saved at the Placer High School football stadium.
This 2-night, city-wide evangelistic event will start at 7:00 p.m. Please click on this link and look for details about Awaken '07. Cathy and I met up with Bob Knapp at the evening prayer meeting. That's the first time I've been at the local football stadium. About fifty people were there to pray for two-night even.

Yesterday I was vision-casting ten years ahead (give or take a year). I've included what the year 2016 might look like...

  Upcoming Events
    (click on any slide to freeze it for a closer look)

Later this morning, we're heading down to Galt to be there when our kids get home from Camp. However, we'll come back up for the Crusade tonight.

If you don't have a church home, I sure hope you'll come to BellRoad tomorrow morning.

Today, I will continue working on the sermon. It should be useful for direction (and correction).

Becoming a Mega-Church
 Acts 4:32-37  (Don't let the title bother you, click here)

I did see The Simpsons Movie at a matinee on Opening Day. I'll comment during the days ahead.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Grab a cup-o-somethin'....this is a LONG entry today. Lots going on.

Tonight, Kurt and Christy Sandhoff are hosting a party to introduce Cathy and me to Auburn's Business Community. If anyone is interested in coming, call Christy at (530) 906-5600

Of course, you can always call me too:

   (209) 323-0727

I guess it is also an Avon party (haha...but businessmen have been invited too). It is an open house in the Sandhoff's home (from 5:30 through 8:30). I'm kinda looking forward to it!

Then, at 9:00 p.m., a group will meet at Placer Stadium to pray over the 2-night event called Awaken '07. I'll be working hard on the streets--meeting people and inviting them to the free Saturday and Sunday night event. If you wanna pray with us, please show up tonight.

Yesterday, Cathy and I drove to First Baptist of Fair Oaks to attend a presentation by their Senior Ministries' Hallelujah Choir. Several people from our church were there for the music and the free lunch.

I sat next to their pastor, J. T. Reed during the choir's musical-comedy. He was busy multi-tasking on a handheld device. Curt Harjo's daughter  works at the church (oops...forgot her name). She speaks highly of the pastor's visionary ministry.

Here is Pastor Reed's blog (click here). Pastor Reed preaches at all three services. A Saturday night crowd of younger folks. A 9:00 a.m. Sunday Service for those who prefer a 'traditional' experience and an 11:00 service (for everyone else, I suppose).

It appears that J.T. Reed might be a good role model for me. The people seems to have loved and trusted him as he has led them to try new ideas in out-reaching ministries.

During the free lunch, we were fortunate enough to sit with Terry Baker, the Director of Senior Ministries. She answered many of my questions about reaching out to unchurched seniors.

Here is Terry's webpage for the Seniors (click here).

Before we left, we ran into Paul,  the Worship Leader for Life 635. He gave us a tour of the Sanctuary, told us about their Saturday night service, and gave me a techie-tip.

Here's the website for Life 635:

    (click here)....pretty cool, I must say.
They meet on Saturday nights at 6:35 p.m.

Cathy worked an overnight with Home Instead again. After she left for work, I was googling for something to do in Auburn. I simply entered the date (July 26) and my area-of-interest (Auburn, CA).

Voilà, google gives me a wonderful new gift:a local, what's-happening website called the AuburnBuzz.


So, I decided to get The Buzz and opened my free, personal account there: pastorob.

When our secretary comes in this morning, Emma will learn that she is now in charge of maintaining our  church's web-presence at the AuburnBuzz (agreatchurch).

I think one must first open an account before viewing the profiles for members of this online community.

However, BellRoad has a free listing that anyone can see.

click here to see our listing

Church-shoppers (or anyone, really) can learn a bit about what it is we are doing. An interesting feature allows people who visit us to write a review.

Hmm...I can think of a few who might--ah, never mind...

Later, in the evening, Dan Clark and I decided to go to a late-night showing of Live Free, Die Hard. On our way, we stopped by that Pizza place in Downtown Auburn to pass out invitations to Awaken '07.

It was a late night (and its been an early morning). This note was from AuburnWriter was posted in reply to something I wrote at the AuburnBuzz:

Welcome to town, Rob!

If you want to know what's happening in the community you now call home, then the Sentinel and AuburnBuzz are perfect choices.

The hardcopy edition of the region's only locally owned and operated general circulation newspaper contains information not found on the website (and the same can be said for the online version).

If you want to learn about local politics, read Joe Carroll's Auburn Augur. If you want to learn more about the people in the community, read my Biscuits and Gravy column.

We also feature Gary Moffat's Other Side of Auburn column and (in print, anyway) we publish Kevin Hanley's Common Sense. Kevin is a member of the City Council. -

Don Chaddock

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm starting out the morning at 4:58 a.m.

"Pastor Rob,
I am a Christian and have a gay daughter.
      How would the church handle this information?"

    In order to begin working on a submission for
    Monday's Auburn Journal, I'll start with this graphic for
    the free CD offer which will accompany the column:

We had a fun day in Auburn yesterday. After an in-depth discussion about wireless transmission and broadcasting with a 15 year old homeschooler, we visited a 90 year old Rosarian. Yeah, this is the fun part of being a pastor--bonding with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Seven of us went to the dress rehearsal matinee for "The Sound of Music" in Placer High School's auditorium. We all thoroughly enjoyed watching this well-honed production.

Afterwards, the Costume Lady introduced me to Connor  (the young man who played the role of the butler). Apparently he hadn't believed that a pink-haired pastor was in the audience scouting for talent.

I have been invited back next Wednesday to see an entirely different casting by the same theatre group. We will have our summer missionaries, Emily and Gregg, with us for the week. I'll see if we can fit that into our schedule.

This is definitely a super-deal: 

$3.00 for the 2:15 show

If you'd like to meet up and go talent-scouting with us, email me:  pastorob@gmail.com
We had a powerful prayer meeting at Bell Road last night. Twelve of us considered the passage which will be preached for this week's SundayMessage:

 Becoming a Mega-Church
      Acts 4:32-37  (If the title bothers you, click here)

We also sang and reflected upon two old hymns.

1)  He Hideth My Soul
2)  Brethren, We have met to Worship

After prayer meeting, Cathy and I drove to Calvary Chapel to join in their Wednesday night Bible Study and Prayer Meeting. We are praying about the citywide, evangelistic outreach at Placer Stadium this Saturday and Sunday evening.

     For more information:
     see Upcoming Events
            and click on
            the slide for  '07 Awaken Crusade

I will write more about this important event tomorrow. I like what I see on the printed invitations:

"This event is driven by the high calling of the love of God
  to introduce others to Jesus.
It is not an event to
  entertain Christians. It's a 'No Consumer Zone!'
  Bring a  friend. Invest in Eternity."

I fully intend to hit the streets of Auburn with pink hair and these colorful invitations to this 2-night event.

Today, Cathy and I are joining a caravan of seniors to drive to Fair Oaks for lunch. We are being hosted by large church there to fellowship and catch a vision, I suppose...

If you're available to come along, please call us immediately at the church office:  (530)  885-5212

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I've been working on Sunday's Message: click here

This morning I saw that Joe was online in Bangkok, Thailand, so I called out for him....

me: joe joe

joseph: hi papa

me: Mama is working an overnight with Home Instead.
I'm at my office and just woke up. It is 5:09 a.m.
I was thinking about my weekly newspaper column and CD series "Expert Advice".

I'm thinking about a particular question that was submitted:

"Pastor Rob,
I am a Christian and have a gay daughter.
  How would the church handle this information?"

So, I'm thinking about how best to answer that question for Monday's Auburn Journal. There is only room for a short paragraph in small font.

The boundary lines must remain pleasant...

joseph: continued at pastorob.com

me: hmm... Well, that's the idea for the CD series--allow the questions to be the impetus for a full-blown audio discussion with various guests and opinions included.

Once popped into a CD player,
    it will sound like a "TalkRadio" program.

     2 measures of intro music...

   BellRoad Radio presents....
       Expert Advice
              with your host
              Pastor Rob Patterson

Today's question comes to us directly from last Sunday's Offering plate:

"Pastor Rob,
I am a Christian and have a gay daughter.
  How would the church handle this information?

Stay tuned for the next twenty minutes as BellRoad Radio hits the Road with this very question.

    music fades in..
    promo for the series

"And we're back. Hi, this is pastorob..."

  (co-host chimes in)    "And I'm ------------ "
This is an interesting question. The focus of this listener's question is "the handling of sensitive information."

As you can see, Joe is online, so I'm gonna get going.

Make sure to check our Youth Group Camp Blog

     and Hannah's Mission Blog
     and our Upcoming Events page

Anyone local who wants to help
  with Outreach at Placer High
          this Saturday and Sunday night,
          please contact me: pastorob@gmail.com

There is a prayer meeting at the Placer Stadium
on Friday night for this evangelistic event with
   music:       Phil Wickham
   speaker:   Greg Denham

...and finally, Cathy and I recommend seeing the new movie 'Hairspray' if you remember the early sixties (or would enjoy seeing how John Travolta does dancing in a dress with padded legs....)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I chatted with our oldest son, Joe, who is still on his Honeymoon-MissionTrip in Asia. Their time with the New America Singers has come to a close. Here is a link to some photos in India and Nagaland. Of particular interest to Bob and Diana Knapp will be the shot of Hannah and her mission team in front of the Taj Mahal.


More later. Hey, if you didn't hear SundayMessage, please scroll down to yesterday and click the link.

Monday, July 23, 2007

On Saturday, David, Dan, and I had lunch at an new restaurant:  De Vinci's Delicatessen & Catering at 277 Lincoln Way in Galt. We were served by the owner's daughter, Sarah, and enjoyed the friendliness extended to us. We'll definitely be back, Mr. Trotter.

Our church's online SermonPlayer (click here) allows you to download mp3 copies of the SundayMessage. Joe and Sharon (in Asia) usually go to an Internet Cafe and download our weekly messages for playing later. One is also allowed to subscribe to weekly iPod updates.

After posting yesterday's sermon on the Internet, I burned a copy to CD and listened to it in my car on the way home.
I have Windows Media Player set as my laptop's default player. It is easy to burn a CD from there. For me, listening in the car is the best way to hear the message. I hear stuff that I didn't catch the first time in church. Also, once burned to a CD, it can be shared with others.

Greg Brayton prefers going directly to the URL where the mp3 is stored because our SermonPlayer isn't exactly blind-friendly:

      click here for The Spirit and You

Other sermons can be found in the archives: click here

Daniel and Mary are leaving with a large group of teens today to attend Centrifuge at Jenness Park. Cathy is working at a Home Instead site, so I'm also gonna head up to Auburn today.

Our first 'Expert Advice' should be in today's Auburn Journal. We will answer one question each week, so please help me facilitate this opportunity to make contact with people who may happen upon the Journal. Send me a few questions.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm posting this entry at 6:00 a.m. PST and will soon leave for Auburn. Yesterday, Dan Clark and Dave Browning were in Galt. We ate lunch at a new restaurant on Lincoln Way. I will write about it later tonight.

A further audio-reduction brings us
                54 seconds of possitivity: click here

...and this came in from Joe on Saturday:

Hello Folks,
Sorry for the short message today-- it is a bit expensive and LATE. Today, we are in Delhi, India. We visited the Taj Mahal in Agra and will be posting pictures soon.
On Sunday, we will be going to a church in Delhi, then off to Singapore. Please remember to keep us in your prayers concerning our future assignment as we do not yet see the next step. God is in control :D
Joseph and Sharon Patterson

11:37 AM on Saturday: I noticed that Joe had opened a chatbox and wished me a belated birthday. So, I clicked on the box and had this chat with with him:

Rob: Hey. Mike McCall is sitting with me in our livingroom
and we're going over tomorrow's message..

He's gonna READ....

Joseph:  WOW

Rob: Where are you? Did you see the photo of my Dad and me in the newspaper?

Joseph: No...  We are in India. Been offline for about a week.

Rob: Oh... Well, in my blog is a photo and a story that appears in today's paper back in Coldwater, Michigan
How is your health? How's Sharon?  Everything OK?

Joseph: Yeah, everything is going well

Rob:  Theo just dropped in on the set of our reality show.

Joseph: Just praying about our next job.

Rob: Yeah, that's right..after India you guys don't
           have any specific, set plan...

    So, let's seek the Lord to FILL YOU with HIS SPIRIT,
    to stretch out His HAND and to HEAL,
    to give SIGNS and WONDERS, and
    to ENABLE YOU to speak His Word BOLDLY. 

haha   That's tomorrow's sermon... Mike and I are still working on the sermon. Are you gonna be online awhile?

Joseph: We're trying to hunt down our next tickets so we can print them--just keep typing.

Rob: oh...ok. Well, Mike and I are pretty well done now...
You can look online on my blog and see what verses we're dealing with tomorrow.

  I thought that I'm gonna ask Mike to not only read...
  but to speak from his heart about the Romans verses...

  two verses that deal with
         OUTWARD and INWARD appearance,
         OUTWARD and INWARD circumcision.

I just asked him..."Is that alright with you?"

He shrugs... I think he's willing to be USED by the Lord tomorrow. So, I will begin with an INTRODUCTION about the importance of knowing the unique aspects of personal relationship with Jesus through His Holy Spirit dwelling in us as believers.

Then, I'll remind us of Jesus' Baptism
          and his ongoing partnership with John the Baptist,

and being immediately FILLED and LED by the Spirit...

then we'll go to ACTS
         and deal with CORPORATE PRAYER and
         church-wide FILLING OF THE SPIRIT...and
         the ANSWER to their specific prayer....

Mike will read all that time....

THEN, I will hand Mike my wireless microphone as I step
            up to his reading microphone to read
            the two Acts verses.

will engage the eyes of the congregation and
            preach/share/testify (whatever)...
            about the inward work of the Spirit
                   to mark the Lord's saved children.

Should he need a Reader,
             I will be ready with Bible in Hand...

Hopefully, this shared sermon will inspire others who will eventually follow our modeled cooperation in

                         of PREACHING,
                       and of TEACHING.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today, I will meditate upon these passages and precepts discovered therein for Sunday's Message.

  Luke 3:23-4:2      Acts 4:23-31      Romans 2:28-29

            Line-by-Line, Verse-by-Verse:
               "The Spirit and You"

Here is a copy of the article that Roland Stoy wrote for Saturday's Coldwater Daily Reporter.  I am now 2300 miles away from a local newsstand so, in order to read the article, I had to go online and purchase a subscription. Well, it was worth it to see the photo taken with my dear ol' Dad.

Click below for a PDF copy of this story. If you zoom in to 100% you'll get an idea of how large this article appeared in the hardcopy. I should mention that there are a few facts mixed up in this article. Nothing major--that happens sometimes with quick phone interviews. I was surprised by Stoy's title:

 Thanks to the Coldwater Daily Reporter for sharing this story with us (license).

As with my other memory-markers, an underlying message has been attached to these pink-weeks.  I desire to effectively spread the Gospel by the power and leadership of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I must prayerfully consider the evangelistic significance of the string of otherwise meaningless circumstances in my daily life.

My new driver's license came in the mail yesterday. Pink Hair and the same shirt. There is also a new item added to my new license--a pink dot. The pink dot signifies that I have granted permission to donate vital organs and tissues in the event of my death. As a Police Chaplain, I have seen firsthand the difference that pink dot makes in the lives of people gathered in the E.R.

Although I haven't yet decided how much longer to 'think-pink', I will carry the significance of my driver's license with me for years. These are the very days in which I am still able to come and go as I please. I must make the most of every opportunity.

Yesterday, I was going into Galt's UPS store and noticed a peripheral view of a couple skin-headed young people standing near the soda machines.

Just then I heard one say, in a disgusted tone, "Faggot!" Then, I remembered my pink hair. So, I turned back, walked toward them, and shared that I was a pastor, etc. etc. The guy stuck out his hand to shake mine and apologized. Then, as I left he said, "God bless you..."

Later, Mary and I went to a movie together and she experienced how much attention I'm getting from this--noting,"All the emo kids like it." (probably should be some comment on the movie: awat)

In the photo above, I had my clipboard in hand, CoachCards in my pocket, and a smile on my face. That was intentional preparation for stepping into the public eye.

Weaving the experiences of the last week as illustrative material for tomorrow's sermon is also intentional and spiritually reassuring to me. I still possess unprocessed notes of two different worship services experienced in God's House last Sunday morning.

I still remember Juan Carlos Ortiz and his message in Coldwater in the late eighties:

 "Why go on to Lesson Two before you've practiced Lesson One?"

As my household is being packed for the Big Move to Auburn, I've got some 'unpacking' to do from the short Trip to my Hometown. Intentional unpacking should bring the rediscovery of bulletins from two churches, airplane ponderings, and dirty laundry. Sitting on my bedroom floor, next to the dirty laundry is a small box of fine china packed for me by Kim Krim. It is marked 'Fragile--do not drop.'

I dropped it on the way into the Detroit Airport. I have yet to look inside to see if anything is broken.

I hope to handle the Word of God much more carefully as I deliver it to God's people tomorrow morning. Today is the day I have to practice what has been preached.

I hope God sees us all in church tomorrow!  Truly, I hope we see Him--even today.

Friday, July 20, 2007

During my second flight yesterday, I had an opportunity to start brainstorming about my hope to quadruple personal productivity and effectiveness during the next 25 years.
I also drew plans for three CD graphics which will be published as part of my three-year preaching series.

Ms. Dubois (in the window seat from Phoenix to Sacramento) probably noticed that I was working on
this remix of

'Yes and 'Amen'.

She also let me use her little bottle while I was drawing my concentric circles for the CD labels.

Earlier in the day, I had to pay for wireless connection at the Detroit Airport. However, it was worth it to me because I had business to do. I had to tweak and approve the proof of this column for Monday's Auburn Journal:

On the way to the airport,
Roland Stoy, from the Coldwater Daily Reporter called and interviewed me. I think that he's planning to do a story in this Saturday paper.

On Wednesday, I left a comment in the Auburn Journal about the 'rescue' phone on this bridge.

Local man hangs himself from Foresthill Bridge

and later remembered that on Mother's Day, we shot a video at the Bridge: click here

Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is my final broadcast from the Library in my hometown. I will drive down the Old Sauk Trail (U.S. 12) into Lenawee County (to do some family research at the County Library there), then I'll head for the Detroit Airport.
I'll be back in California late tonight.

However, I plan to stop by
Greg Brayton's before leaving Coldwater. I need to buy another copy of his latest CD,
'Seein' is Believin'
. I already gave away the first copy I purchased. He recorded it in cooperation with a mutual friend in Sweden, Jorgen Hannsen (who is also blind).

I went to a Senior Men's Breakfast this morning with my Dad. I'm 50 now--so I qualify! The Pink Hair raised some eyebrows.
Roland Stoy, from the Coldwater Daily Reporter happened to be there. He asked me to call him from the airport for an interview. So, maybe I'll show up in my hometown paper.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

update: I'm sitting at the Detroit Airport. Had to pay for wireless connection here. However, it was worth it to me because I had business to do.

On the way to the airport,
Roland Stoy, from the Coldwater Daily Reporter called and interviewed me. I think that he's planning to do a story in the Saturday paper.

Yesterday, I left a comment in the Auburn Journal about the 'rescue' phone on this bridge.

Local man hangs himself from Foresthill Bridge

and later remembered that on Mother's Day, we shot a video at the Bridge: click here

and...again, here is an audio clip from last Sunday's sermon which addresses the Yes of ministries to those who might be thinking about jumping: click here

Hey, whaddya think of my first attempt at writing for the Expert Advice page. This will be in Monday's edition of the Auburn Journal:

This is my final broadcast from the Library in my hometown. I will drive down the Old Sauk Trail (U.S. 12) into Lenawee County (to do some family research at the County Library there), then I'll head for the Detroit Airport.
I'll be back in California late tonight.

However, I plan to stop by
Greg Brayton's before leaving Coldwater. I need to buy another copy of his latest CD,
'Seein' is Believin'
. I already gave away the first copy I purchased. He recorded it in cooperation with a mutual friend in Sweden, Jorgen Hannsen (who is also blind).

I went to a Senior Men's Breakfast this morning with my Dad. I'm 50 now--so I qualify! The Pink Hair raised some eyebrows.
Roland Stoy, from the Coldwater Daily Reporter happened to be there. He asked me to call him from the airport for an interview. So, maybe I'll show up in my hometown paper.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We haven't from Joe and Sharon since they left Hong Kong for India (and Nagaland). Thanks to David Burkhardt, we have this news article from Nagaland.

Joe is front-center.

click here 

David's granddaughter, Hannah, is behind the first girl on the left.

My battery is about gone so I may write more later after the library opens.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm still in my hometown--Coldwater, Michigan.

Sandy (my step-mom) invited me out for coffee this morning. I took my clipboard along--the one with the news clipping: Pastor Ready to Dye for the Cause

It helps with the people who walk by slowly--staring at my hair. I finally thought of what to say when I'm asked

    "Why didn't you dye your eyebrows?"

No, I'm not gonna tell you here. You'll have to ask me personally.

I came to the Public Library again in order to get online. Pastor Wesley was online in Liberia so we had a chat.

Today, another ad should appear in the Auburn Trader. It was scheduled to be in the Thursday, July 19th edition.

I am praying and listening for the Spirit's Direction regarding our church's mission in the immediate months ahead. Hopefully, we will not miss Him in any aspect of His Will for us.

Consider this story from the local headlines in Auburn:

  Local man hangs himself from Foresthill Bridge

You see, this is what the preacher was talking about when he started asking us questions like this.

    "Does your church have a ministry to those
      who have lost all hope for their lives?"

Again, here is an audio clip about the diversity of
Jesus' Ministry through us: click here

and here's a video we made at the Bridge: click here

Watching those who are serving Him in Michigan is helpful in seeing the Big Picture.

I have two days left here, so I'm planning to spend them both with my Dad--helping him to organize his workspace. He is 78 years old and still works everyday--repairs and placing clocks, antique radios, Edison phonographs, jukeboxes, and pinball machines in gainful settings.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm back in Coldwater so I'll have access to the wireless at the Library. Sunday morning I went to the United Methodist Church for their first service. Greg Brayton is now the Worship Leader there.

Sally, Greg, and I sat together for coffee in the Fellowship Hall afterwards.

From there, I went to First Baptist Church of Coldwater to hear the 'new' pastor: David Pierce.

I have observations and impressions from both services but will write them at a different time.

Sunday afternoon I drove north to Kalamazoo and hung out with Al and Shirley Dines (at Alpha and Omega Ministries). I spoke with Elder Ezell Plair on the phone, stopped by to see Tammy and Lizzie, then visited with Ernie and Diana Kracker.

This morning I hung out with my buddy, Jim Krim who has been a member at Kalamazoo Missionary Church for years.

The Spirit is speaking to me through all of these visitations but more reflection is necessary before I write anything.
Brandon and Cathy both told me (on the phone) that the service at Bell Road went well.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm in the Library parking lot again. Dad says to hurry because we have to pick up my sister and head south down the road for our reunion in Ohio.

I'm looking forward to seeing these relatives.

The girl I sat next to on the first plane wrote in yesterday:

Subject line: i saw your blog
Kailee wrote: just thought id write you
                          to tell you that i saw it!

Kailee is 15, cheers for high school and works for an AM radio station doing promotions on remote locations. Her mom had a connection that helped her get the job. She was a very polite and friendly person. I told her about my daughter, Mary--about what a good driver she is.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Last things first: I'm sitting in the parking lot of the Coldwater Public Library because it is a familiar wi-fi spot and I told a new acquaintance, Emma-the-Nutritionist, to check my journal first thing in the morning.

She had been watching me from across the aisle and back a seat enroute from Phoenix to Detroit. I had been working on an audio segment from last Sunday's Message (you know, from the video frame above).

Upon arriving in Detroit at 12:50 a.m., Emma asked,

   "Are you a musician?"

   "I'm a pastor--a singing pastor."

So, that led to pentalogue with others as we all waited for the other passengers to get off the plane. I told Emma that I'd dedicate this 'song' to her.

So, ladies and gentlemen, this goes out on a sunny Michigan Friday to Emma-the-Nutritionist: 

       Click here for 'Airplane-Edit'

I also wanna say Hi to Kailee, the 15 year old cheerleader from northern California (she sat next to the pink-haired pastor from Sacramento to Phoenix) and Ralph, the Judo Referee (on both flights with me).

write me: 

I'll write more about Kailee and Ralph tomorrow. However, in the pentalogue mentioned earlier, I told the group that I sometimes include people's full names so that when they 'google' themselves someday in the future, they'll wind up on my page.

So, this
google-yourself-moment® goes out
Mrs. Gossen from Placerville.

I've forgotten
Mrs. Gossen's first name
    but I'll get it from our local church connections...
    for she once was a (surprise-surprise-surprise) ..
    .. a member of
Bell Road Baptist Church.

I'll call
Jim Jupin and ask what Mrs. Gossen's first name is. Hmmm...now, Jim may show up here too. Hi, Jim.

Sarah (the newlywed-whose-husband-is-leaving-for Iraq). She's gonna write me with her myspace link so I can feature some stuff. So are a few other young people.

   write me: 

Hi, Darin (he's a Gen-X Information Tech Manager who thinks more like a Gen-Y who happens to be a cross-generational Mormon)...yeah, we had a great conversation from Phoenix to Detroit.

Hey there, family-who-lives-on-Bell Road in Arizona! I'd like to hear from the aunt who whose church band rocks.

And, I'd like to hear from the 15 year old Christian musician who told me he'd write....you, the blue-haired grandson who plays Stadium 80's rock in the high school band...write me!  

Yesterday's Chat:  (from the Phoenix Airport)

I was online and noticed that Mission-Teen-Hannah was online. Here's what she had to say:

me: Hannah, are you on? I'm in an airport in Phoenix.
        Waiting for a plane to Michigan.

Hannah: Hi. I'm here. it's 8:10am here.
                  We are leaving for India today

me:   oh...where are you at right now? An Internet Cafe?

Hannah: I am at the YFC center

me:   In what city?

Hannah: Hong Kong

me:  I was talking to Heidi and Brandon the other night...
Brandon remembered you at Centrifuge last year...
saying you felt called to Missions but didn't know if
anyone would take you seriously...
Do you remember that?

Hannah: Yes i do, i love sharing that with people

me:  Tell us...your Internet audience...what have you been
learning from the Holy Spirit in your trip thus far?

Hannah: I'm not quite sure, but God has been teaching
me something valuable. By the way, I am on the
computer at the center, Joe is in Thailand. He'll
be meeting us in India @ 4:30 p.m.

me:  Oh...ok. Well, I'll let you get on to your emails. Hope to get another report from you soon. Bye.

Hannah: Bye!

Here's Hannah's webpage: click here

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today's my big brother's birthday. He died a long time ago . Someday, I'll post the Hammond B-3 solo that Richard played on a 45 rpm (when he was only 16). Once I googled the name of that song 'Love Handles' and discovered that a punk rock group had done a cover version. They only posted a short portion of their cover. I didn't recognize it from what I could hear. 

Around noon, I'm flying out of Sacramento for Detroit. I have a Southwest ticket (to anywhere) so I'm using it to 'go home' for a week to Coldwater, Michigan. My Dad recently turned 78, I'm turning 50, and my Ohio aunt has organized a family reunion. So, I'm excited about this trip. There's plenty of wireless access in my hometown, so check back with me during the next seven days.

There was still much to do before leaving Auburn, so we decided to stay here after our Wednesday night gathering. Before going to bed last night, I tried singing the intro to "Wayward Son" with Joe Monto's video (scroll down). I actually can hit that high note...haha, but not without facial contortion. Yeah, as Greg Brayton would say, "Joe's got the pipes". Listen for yourself: scroll down to his video near the end of yesterday's entry.

Before my birthday I had to get my license renewed. So...yeah you guessed it, the DMV started buzzing because of the pink hair. The lady at the counter was having a good chuckle at the idea of my photo being taken. I tried to wear my California sunglasses but wasn't allowed. A number of people asked me for the story. We all had a good laugh together.

Yesterday, I received a call about writing a weekly advice column as part of a Q and A feature in the Monday edition of the Auburn Journal. It is a special page called "Expert Advice". Of course, like anyone could be, I am an expert in certain areas...

Upon the expert advice of Cathy, and then Jack, I've decided to say, "Yes, I'll do it." This could be interesting, ladies and gentlemen.

Yesterday, we stopped for conversation with a number of people of all ages yesterday. Downtown we met a young couple in front of that Pizza place. That particular block seems to be the place to meet young people.

At the Bel-Air grocery store, Cathy and I were standing in line and met a lady who had moved to this area a year ago from southern California. Another perky woman from Australia was standing next in line (later joined by her husband). We had a bubbly conversation over the pink hair, the battle between the boys and girls, the church with no sign out front. I don't remember their names but I sure would like to see them again.

Hoping to meet some untapped talent, we also dropped in at Auburn Tattoo. I quickly recognized one of their artists, Chris. there. Story goes that his little brother, Michael, is a Christian and a strong musician. I asked Chris to give him my card. So, I'm hoping that Michael will get online, look around, and write to me:  pastorob@gmail.com

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cathy and I came to Auburn yesterday. She is applying for a position with Home Instead. When I went to pick her up I waited awhile in the reception area and had a pleasant conversation with Barbara from Lake of the Pines.

We then went to the Auburn Journal to talk tech-stuff with someone from Graphics. Turns out their graphics people apparently stay to themselves. So, front-desk Michelle called down Beth from Sales.

We left our car parked at the Journal and walked through downtown to the Old State Theatre to see what was playing for the Tuesday bargain. I chose 'Sicko' (knowing full well that Cathy hadn't take time to learn about Michael Moore or his films). Still, she doesn't mind going to on these research jaunts with me. There were several short interchanges with interesting people on the walk through downtown. Too many to detail here.

Toward the end of this film, Moore reveals that he had sent a substantial amount of money to one of his adversaries to cover health care expenses. That could have been an effective juxtaposition with an earlier scene of an administrator from a Good Samaritan Health Care. There is adequate irony to keep me thinking about America's current situation. Talk to me about the cost of health care in America sometime. I have some opinions.

Last night we hung out with Brandon (30) and Heidi (29)at their house. It is always fun and interesting for us to be around people from a different generation. They have two young children and I'm looking ahead toward developing a Children's Church program. So, we talked about that and many other areas of mutual interest.

I'm writing rather early this morning. My only personal email so far today has been this guy named Jack who sends out guitar videos (spiritual songs) on YouTube. He teaches guitar and has his students televise their recitals--asking people (like me) to stop by and comment.

From the 'related videos' section, I came across Paul Baloche speaking at a Saddleback Worship Conference. The quality of sound is a bit rough but Paul's point about selecting a key for a congregational song is worth a repeat. Here's Paul Baloche (click here).

This came in from Joe Monto, a worshipper in Washington. Check this out...make sure you let all three personi sing before you pass judgment on Joe's pitch:


Here's Joe's homepage at YouTube (click here)
...and while we're on the subject of interstate friendships, here's a letter from my old ministry buddy, Dave, in Colorado:

Hey Rob,

LOVE the hair.  Watched some of the message but not all yet.  Caught another video of you leading Here I Am To Worship.  You mentioned the Aussie guy coming to lead worship.  Hope that works out – I’ll be praying for that specifically.  We’ve got a really good Aussie guitar player/prayer on the team here.  He’s a trip.  Take care,

David Hendrix

I cc'd my reply to Daniel Teale (the Aussie in question). Daniel is still on break, hasn't started that next semester yet--the one I have challenged him to 'delay' in order to make his way to California. Dave says he'll pray 'specifically'...

Thanks, Dave. Please do pray for the Lord's Will to be revealed in his life and in our northern california context.

For the old, yet still exclusively valid HUGE BellRoad interview with Daniel Teale, click here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Last night, Cathy and I spent time with our friend, the LodiAppleMan: Eli Tavarez. Before that, we went to FBC Galt for their opening VBS Rally. Of course, they are doing 'Game Day Central' but have their own traditions...so it was fun to watch.

I am so pleased to report that they are maintaining one tradition in particular. The 'friendly competition' between the Boys and the Girls. I ran up and did my little bit for the boys. Their combined offering is going to Pastor Richard Wesley for ministry in Liberia. That blesses him so much, I am sure.

Steve and Lupe Harrison showed a video of the children at the Greater Love Children's Home at supper time. I had never seen that video. It was enjoyable to watch.

Monday morning, I spent 5-6 hours editing a complete audio track of Sunday's sermon. As I was trying to add a song at the end, the software froze--and all that work was LOST...

I shook it off rather quickly...but didn't have the energy to try to redo it...however, I know the track quite well now. So, I'll probably tackle it again.

If you would like to download reel two (as seen above), go ahead and click here. Then you can save the file.

         One Answer for All
(reel two)

Finally, I haven't yet added any titles, music, or endnotes to this file, but if you'd like to see a rough-cut of One Answer for All (reel one), click on this google-video.

An unedited full-length audio track is on the sermonplayer found on this page: click here.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Cathy and I got home around 10:00 p.m. after last night's VisionCast and Prayertime.

It is 5:30 and I'm trying to finish editing the
direct mic-audio recording of yesterday's sermon:

   One Answer for All

I'm also currently uploading part one of a video that Daniel and Cerissa shot of the same message. This may take awhile so please do check back.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mike McCall came to BellRoad this morning and helped me by serving as our Reader. We haven't finished editing the various media sources but here's a chunk from the second half recorded on the live-cam.  CLICK HERE

The rest will be uploaded later tonight or on Monday.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Yesterday's memorial service for John Robertson (at FBC Rio Linda) was very edifying. Upon the request of his daughter, Delynn, I sang a song, led two hymns, and whistled Anchors Away and the Air Force theme.

Afterwards, Cathy and I drove back to Galt. Mary is away with friend's family for a few days. So, we had the night to ourselves. We walked down to the Galt Pool to watch our second son, Jeremiah, on the job as a lifeguard. That was fun to observe. From there, we visited Charlotte Giddens. It was a nice evening.

Today, I'll concentrate on tomorrow's message,

    One Answer for All   

Life's most important questions may be answered by connecting John's ministry to Jesus' Baptism and Jesus' Baptism to ours.

Wanna take a look at various Jesus' Baptism images?

   If so, click here.

Today, our third son, Daniel is on a boat with Dan Clark and some other men on a deep-sea fishing expedition. The last time he went fishing was in a smaller boat with R.B. McCartney. Today's experience should broaden his idea of fishing methodology.

Earlier in the week, Daniel pointed out that that today's date would be 


I'm thankful for his perception. This simple alignment of day, month, and year may just help me to count this particular day aright--keeping my mind fixed on God's best for all of us.

Hmm...it may have been close to 0700 hour this morning.

I was meditating upon Sunday Evening's VisionCast for our ministry setting in Auburn. When this outline occurred to me. It fit well as a vehicle upon which to load certain areas of recent activity:

            Innovation, and

With full knowledge that we had 'slept in', I awoke to offer Cathy these three areas of interest.

 She quickly added

       "What about  Motivation ?"

So, that's tomorrow night outline.

  6:00 - 7:00 p.m. during a walk-through our ministry's
            property and a pray-through the summer ahead.

Here are four letters that encourage me in different ways:

1)  f
rom Auburn, Christy wrote: "These are news links
         to the problem in Pakistan. click here"

2)  from Maine, Jenny wrote:

I will continue to read your sermons and listen to the songs that you make note of. I do ask one favor, can you minister to me through the website? I would love to be able to stay in contact, even if through just email, I have always had a sense of belonging with Bell Road and I don't want to lose that.

I know I was led to Bell Road and I am very thankful to God that he brought me there. Maybe someday I can visit again, but that would have to be a VERY LONG time from now.

3)  from Liberia, Pastor Wesley wrote:

Hey Pastor Rob,

I viewed the newspaper article. It was fun doing this in the contest and to carry pink hair against the loser. I imagine how the children had plenty of fun doing this....  

How did you come up with that idea?

Great idea!!!!. Thanks for the FUN! I really enjoyed it!

Pastor Wesley

4)  from Carmichael, David Burkhardt wrote:

Please relay to Joe a hearty thanks for the NAS Hong Kong pix!  They are terrific!     [yesterday's entry]

See ya tomorrow at Bell Road.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Cathy and I were happy to have some email today. One came in from a former member of Bell Road who lives on the other side of the continent now. She is keeping up with what's happening here through our church website and my journal entries.

In my reply, I wrote that her letter comes at an important time in our ministry here. It reminded me that God has used this church property, this building, and an ever-changing congregation to impact the lives of hundreds (even thousands) of people. We need only fit in, and try to serve his unique purpose for our lives--in order to help others find God's best for theirs.

We were also well-pleased to find this note from Joe and Sharon in Hong Kong. They included a link to these two slideshows from the New America Singers tour. Click on either of the photos below to go to separate slideshows:


Dear Mom and Dad,

Here are some photos.

We had move than 100 guys accept the Lord today :D
Enjoy :D Ha Ha Ha


At 1:00 p.m. at the First Baptist Church of Rio Linda,
I am singing (and whistling) at the memorial service of John Robertson (Delynn's father). Patrice told me that the big-wigs had deliberated and found my pink-hair rightly aligned with her grandfather's life story. We sat with John at Alisha's Mexican-Mission Dinner, so we got a taste of his personality.

Yesterday, I worked on an advertisement for the Auburn Trader. They have a good deal for an ad this size. So, this ad (or something close to it) should go out to 20,000-plus mailboxes in Auburn (plus it will be included in the Auburn Journal).

I wanted to make the most of this pink hair opportunity before it turns gray!

Four photographs were taken. I played around with the expressions and slogans. So, I'll probably share these different ideas in the days to come.

Daniel made a video of Cerissa's Baptism for her myspace page. However, I don't feel good about embedding the video-clip here because myspace is sticking other 'related' videos on top of the frame after it plays.

I don't really wanna take the chance of having some of those show up here.



Thursday, July 5, 2007

Working on the message for Sunday Morning:

    "One Answer for All" from the end of Luke Chapter 3.

This morning Cathy applied for a job working with seniors in their homes. While she was in the office, I visited the office of the Auburn Trader. So, now I'm thinking about putting my pink-hair on one of their pages for next week.

This afternoon, I'm scheduled to speak with a man who recently prayed to receive Christ.

May the Lord direct your steps today. I am seeking for Him to direct mine. There is nothing more important than to be Spirit-led.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sure enough, the Auburn Journal put the story about the Pink Hair in their online version this morning. If you leave a comment, make sure to enter the 'image verification' at the bottom of the page. The comment will probably not appear until tomorrow because of the holiday.

   Pastor Ready to Dye for the Cause  click here

Cathy and I are planning to attend 4th of July festivities in Auburn and see if the Holy Spirit has set up any appointments for us.

The last day of our VBS, another email came in from Pakistan. Here is an excerpt:

Greetings to you in Lord,
Today we pray for you all. Also we all pray for Children.

Brother, tears are in my eyes with joy.  We are not alone here. God send you all for us. With you all we are much strong here because we are different part of Jesus.

We are one in Lord.

God bless you,

Pastor Shamas Pervaiz

Terrorist activity in Pakistan fill this week's headlines. Please pray for this precious man of God, his family, and his ministry.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Yesterday morning I went to Traffic Court with our third son, Daniel. He had to pay his full ticket price ($165 for a rolling stop) but was granted community service to cover the $300 fine for missing his first court date. I went with him to see the lady at alternative sentencing. She was very appreciative of the hair and the Cause.

Daniel is being allowed to work off his time doing video-editing for the Liberia-Pakistan project.

The Pink Hair is turning out to be quite a pleasant experience whenever I go out in the public. People of all ages are smiling and opening dialogue with a question.

and I met a hippie girl from San Francisco yesterday. Her authentic hippie-van was stalled in the left turn lane going into the courthouse.

Prompted by the Spirit (through a bumper sticker that said 'God Bless the Freaks'), we pulled around, jumped out, and quickly pushed her into safety and shade. Leaving a pastor's business card on her van--asking to not be ticketed or towed--we all left for our court cases.

Before we left, the lady (her name is Johnna) we were asked if we could lock up her two valuable guitars. One of them was a Goya (I think Randy Stonehill has one too). So, the prompting led to possession of two guitars. I felt like I was in a movie and hoped for the best!

Anyway, after court, we found Johnna and returned her guitars. Carrying her guitars seemed to offer an interpretation of the pink hair to passersby. Johnna asked me to sing a song in front of the Courthouse. Then she played one for us. We were pleasantly surprised at her talented playing and her distinctive voice. So, we swapped songs and business cards. It was quite a sight.

I received this note from a teenager at BellRoad:


Dear Pastor Rob,
I've been trying to find a link to Ben Rosenau's blog for his Alaska trip, but I've been unsuccessful. Could you please send me the link to the webpage. Thank-you!!!
p.s. pink suits you!!!   ;)


Click Here for Ben Rosenau's Alaska Mission.

Ben hasn't sent me any updates but I knew his online access would be very limited. During VBS, I saw Ben's sister, Alisha, looking at a Facebook page that he had started but I don't have an account with them.

Yeah, I haven't yet delegated the role of webmaster for bellroad.org  so it has gone without tweaking since it's rebirth.

While I was listening to yesterday's sermon,
(Who's Calling?) I heard the preacher mention the need for 'a Calling' to the role of webmaster. So, that now becomes a matter of prayer to the Lord of the Harvest.

All of this is challenging and fun. I'm thinking more about how to make the most out of each opportunity offered to us.

Today, we will find out how much was added to the Children's Offering during our time of Invitation. I'll post that number later this morning.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Yesterday's Audio Message: click here

Who's Calling

This photo was taken when I had the privilege to play John the Baptist in Jebby's full-length musical:

     Picture of Jesus

Page 2 of today's Auburn Journal has a photo/caption about yesterday's Children's Offering (discussed fully below). A writer at the Journal said that she'll try to get it online.

That would be a much crisper photo. I hope it happens.

Click on this pdf file for your first look. I hope to take this project up a level.


Sunday, July 1, 2007

I trust that the New America Singers have arrived in Hong Kong. My son, Joe, (and wife, Sharon) have connected and will travel through India and Nagaland with them. They will also be connecting with BellRoad's teen-missionary, Hannah Knapp. This is Hannah's first overseas mission trip. She should be updating us from time to time at this blogsite:  click here

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