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Saturday, June 30, 2007

               "Where your treasure is, there also will your heart be."
   Here's one idea for a caption under the photo that will be taken by the Auburn Journal on Sunday morning:

   Auburn Preacher Dyes Trying to Meet Needs

After the men's breakfast this morning, I'm scheduled to meet with Nancy Dailey
(a member who is also skilled in the process of bleaching and hair-coloring).

Last night it was announced that our five-night competition
          between the Boys and the Girls
          had raised a combined offering of  
  for ministry among children
                                      in Liberia and in Pakistan.

The Girls were formally recognized as the winners:

   Girls:  580.65     
        Boys:  499.32

Although I hadn't planned to take up another offering,
I asked for a 5 year old boy and 5 year old girl to come forward. Sometimes I forget how special 5 year olds are.
 I asked them each to hold an offering plate--just as we had done each night of our Vacation Bible School.

Micah (18), our soundman, then ran up to challenge other adults to follow his lead and add to the Children's Offering.

"Surprise...surprise."  An additional amount came in:

         an extra $95.00 came in from Girls (& women)
  and an extra $27.64 came in from Boys (& men)

                with the girls still in the lead

More to write from reading today's news but haven't the time to spare right now.
Google-ads are designed to appear in places of predetermined interest.
It doesn't surprise me to see these links next to the morning's INBOX messages.

  50 years ago McCartney met Lennon: click here

  Today's Taliban Militancy in Pakistan: click here


Friday, June  29, 2007

It was decided last night that my 'hair-coloring' would actually take place tonight at Family Night
(since some of the children at VBS attend other churches).

However, I'm still supposed to show up at church on Sunday with PINK hair.

  How do I already know the color
       when the competition isn't even over yet?

Last night the Boys voted PINK as their number one choice. Likewise, the Girls also chose PINK
Therefore, no matter who wins the competition, that's gonna be the color of my hair.

So, today's assignment:
           Locate HOT PINK hair coloring.

We had a really sweet time in Vacation Bible School last night.
There was a fifteen-minute invitation time at the end of the evening and a number of children from ages 6-12 came forward.

As well, several children 5 and under came forward to sit at the altar and talk with the Rosenau sisters.
They came to talk about all kinds of issues. A lovely sight.

Here's the UPDATE on our Children's Offering
     for Pakistan and Liberia:

                             Boys          Girls
Night One
              64.59          47.29
Night Two           139.02          65.31
Night Three          31.41        151.33
Night Four             94.35         484.22

Total:                 329.37  
+   263.93    =    813.59

Learn more
about our personal invitation by the
    Holy Spirit to get involved with indigenous
    pastors in these two nations:

This is a song I wrote while I visited Liberia in February, 2004.
  Runtime: 4:43
  Plays: 357

For more on Liberia, click here: Liberia  
Click here for  Pakistan

Yesterday at lunchtime, Cathy and I attended
Joy Fellowship where we heard a guest speaker address Home Health Care for Seniors.

Afterwards, we met the key speaker, Buck Shaw, and expressed an interest in having
Cathy work for his company after we make the move to Auburn.

Here's a note that came in yesterday:

Hello Pastor Rob and Cathy,

I want to invite you to my workplace to celebrate my 6th year anniversary on Sunday July 1.
My brothers will be here to help me entertain my little community.

It starts at 2:00 till 5:00, maybe longer. There will be hamburgers and fixings.
I want to let you know we will be playing worldly music, plus we get to throw in a few gospel songs here and there.

So, I won't make it to church but I will hear it on the internet.
I do enjoy listening to each sermon while I work in my office. You're very welcome to jam with us.

Love to you both,

    Dear Vicki:


    Vicki, YOU are real important to me. I feel that God
    wants us to RADICALLY grow this church--in DIVERSE
    ways--mostly through OUTREACH.

    Is it alright to invite others to come?

    Pastor Rob

Vicki replied:
I am so glad you can make it. I have a Mickey Mouse keyboard waiting for you.
Cathy, we need your talent too. Don't forget the flute.

The answer is yes. Everyone would be welcome to drop by on Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to a fun time.

I love the blogging about the Children's Offering! It's so great to be able to share with those so less fortunate than we are.

Wish I could have made it to VBS, I know everyone is having such a wonderful sharing with the Lord.
and Janae are getting so blessed every day.

....and finally, here is a duet sung
    by Renee Clark and son Anthony (way back in April)

      There are No Orphans

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Yesterday, at the Gym, the man cycling next to me noticed that I had the large print bible
propped up and was making notes in a journal during cycle-sermon prep-time.
He showed me his book and asked me if I had ever read it. The guy began 'a spiritual conversation'...

Turns out that he is the owner of the place and is deeply involved in ministry at Bayside of Granite Bay.

   His name is Art Chapelle.

Yeah, when God reveals a name,
           it is important to remember that name.

I  woke up early reflecting upon how to be more effective as a witness for Jesus Christ.
If you'll remember I am turning fifty in July. I have chosen to let this fiftieth year serve as a marker-in-ministry.

I desire to make decisions based upon a personal goal of seeking the Lord for a 'quadrupling' effect upon the souls of individuals.

   I really haven't been keeping count...


   ...if  I helped to reach twenty-five children during
             the first twenty-five years of my public witness,
             then I would like to have helped reach an
             additional one hundred children
                               during the next twenty-five years.

Cathy and I went apartment-hunting again yesterday.
We really want to focus upon reaching out to unchurched families in Auburn.


About the Children's Offering:

           The Girls are now in the lead.

Hopefully, the Boys (and men) and Girls (and women)
                  will be blessed to give some more tonight.

I still don't know how I'm gonna work out the hair coloring for Sunday morning.
I started to mess around with the possibilities on 'clay pastorob' in the slideshow at the top of this page.

I wonder if we should ask punk-rock-Lisa consult with us.

I have my email account with google. The advertising is low-key and seeks to identify and target my interests.
I spoke in Alisha's Missions Class last night about serving as a missionary while employing one's interest in a mission field.

It has often been said in Stewardship teachings that a quick scan of one's checkbook will reveal where the priorities in one's life.
Likewise, taking any sort of biopsy of one's activities will be quite revealing.
Sometime, I'm gonna sit in the thinking chair (Sparky) and work out my thoughts on 'targeted' advertising.
Watching what google-ads chooses for me has been revealing.

I am always interested in hearing about a person's childhood--especially to learn if they have had any spiritual background.
While 'hunting and gathering' current events in the daily news, I've shown an interest in Paris Hilton's incarceration.
So targeted news stories about Paris shows up in my google-ads.
This is why I have included an excerpt from Larry King's interview with her:

    "I feel like God does make everything happen for a
she said. "And it gave me, you know, a time-
      out in life just to really find out what is important and
      what I want to do, figure out who I am."

      Educated in Roman Catholic schools, Hilton said
      she's "always been religious" and "always had a      
      sense of spirituality but even more so after being in

     She bought a Bible from the jail commissary and
     read it daily,
she said. Asked to name her favorite
     passage, she smiled and looked away.

   "I don't have a favorite," she said.    *click here for more

I think the story above is worthwhile reading IF it spurs me on to share the Gospel more and more.
A 'time out' has been good for Paris Hilton.
However, like the eunuch in his chariot--reading from Isaiah without understanding--a Christ-centered
interpretation of her Bible-reading may still be lacking. May God raise up a witness (like Phillip) for her.

During this summer of Vacation Bible Schools, I suggest that It is important to prayerfully avail ourselves
toward leading precious souls to a 'saving knowledge' of Christ Jesus. Paris wouldn't know that I preached
about boundaries and even mentioned 'jail-time' last Sunday.

So, Paris, if you happen across this page, exercise your freedom to click below and answer this important question:

   Wha Yo Nay?

Certain children in our VBS are showing a spiritual interest.
I pray that those of us who are laboring in this field will be fully guided by the Holy Spirit.

I woke up realizing that--at times--yesterday I was running without carefully considering His Voice.

May today be more Christ-centered and Spirit-directed.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Here's some exciting news about the Children's Offering we are raising in VBS.
The final offering will be combined and prayerfully sent to our personal connections in both Liberia and Pakistan.

Michelle Miller
from the Auburn Journal is planning to send a photographer to our Sunday morning service
to find out what color the preacher's hair is gonna be!

    (See yesterday's entry for more details...)

Hmm...maybe someone ought to let the picketers know that there's another special event at BellRoad.

  To learn/see more about my personal involvement
        with the pastors of a local church in either of these
        two nations, please click below:

Runtime: 4:43
Plays: 357

   Liberia  Pakistan 

After VBS last night, I hung out with Deacon Dave until midnight--talking about the Vision that we are certain
God will unveil in the days immediately ahead of us. Yeah, we talked until midnight!

I told Dave about the apartment complex that Cathy and I viewed yesterday.
It is a modest place but there were many neighborhood children seen running around in the adjacent park.

I nudged Cathy and said, 

  "I am guessing that most of those kids are unchurched!"

The families of unchurched children are a primary target group that I wanna reach out toward in rebuilding a congregation for Sundays at BellRoad:

   Cultivate relationships.
       See souls saved, baptized, delivered, and discipled.

I think a final decision about moving here is soon upon us.

I have been waiting for some time to see a film that was released earlier this week: 

A Mighty Heart (starring Angelina Jolie as Mariane Pearl). 

I don't know when I'll have the chance to view the movie but I want for that to happen very soon.
I googled for showtimes and notice that it is currently playing in Elk Grove (near Galt) and in Roseville (near Auburn).
The film was shot on location in India and Pakistan.

The locations have personal connection with our local church for two reasons.

1) Our VBS Children's Offering is going to plant seeds of Gospel hope in Pakistan.
At VBS, we are already seeing photos of the very children our offering will be planted among.
I welcome the opportunity to travel vicariously to Pakistan through this movie.

2) After a brief tour of Southern California venues, our church teen-missionary, Hannah, will
be going to India with the New America Singers. There she will have the opportunity to meet Joe and Sharon who
have made plans to travel through India with the Team.
Furthermore, Joe has been invited to Pakistan (by Pastor Shamas) and this prospect is a matter of heartfelt prayer.

Here's are two excerpts from a review I read in my pre-screening research:

    Winterbottom succeeds in presenting a fast-paced
    movie that visually embraces the Pakistani and Indian
    locations where it was masterfully shot.
    Toward the end of the movie, Jolie notes that Karachi 
    is the frontline in the West's battle against a vast
    international network of terrorists:
   "Wherever there is misery, they find people, and there is
    misery in lots of parts of the world."

    This is as much of a message as the movie offers.
    And it's a postmodern movie moment, for
    it's hard to tell if Pearl's speaking or whether it's Jolie,
    the goodwill ambassador for the UN commission on
    refugees. I suppose the true answer is that it's both. 

                                      (click for this particular article)
    (and more about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
        with links to a number of other related research
        issues from People magazine: click here)

Someday, one of our church members will write me to ask

  "Why would a preacher even bother to read articles
    about Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie in People magazine?"

I certainly would enjoy talking that out . . .

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Let us run with patience the race that is set before us,
  looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith."

                                                     Hebrews 12:1-2

This is our memory verse for VBS this week.

It looks like I might come to church Sunday morning with a different color of hair.
For the first time in recent history, the BellRoad VBS is having

an "Offering Competition"
       between the Boys and the Girls.

We began doing that during our years at FBC Galt and it became a highlight of the week for many children.
This may be a humble beginning for my years of working among children in Auburn but remembering the verse above,
I am encouraged to keep my eyes on Jesus.

On Family Night (Friday), I am going to let the winners vote for which color to dye my hair.

You know, certain people have suggested that I 'take care of the gray'...
but I don't think that any of these concerned individuals were considering the colors I have heard mentioned:


It is for a Good Cause. I am trying to share with my new church family about local church work in two different nations.
Those two nations are Liberia and Pakistan.

We will divide the Final Offering and send the gifts to support ministry among children in these two nations.


Last night's Offering found The Boys in the lead.

        Boys:   $64.59     Girls:   $47.29

Half of the gift will be sent to Pastor Richard Wesley
          to help children in Liberia:

 . . .and the other half will be sent to Pastor Shamas Pervaiz
      (pictured here) with some children from Pakistan:

   at 5:44 AM  ...a chat box pops up from the Philippines:

joseph: hi daddy

me: hey big guy
 is sharon with you?

joseph: yes

me: we're in my office at 5:45 a.m. Last night was day one of VBS. A guy named Lou brought us an air mattress, so Cathy and I slept on it.

joseph: good

me: Mary is on cushions in an inner room. Daniel is working this week at a member's house so he has accomodations there...

joseph: nice

me: The four of us went to a local bowling alley after VBS last night. Mary and Daniel played. Mama and I watched.

joseph: how's Jerry?

me: He's doing OK...most likely. I had breakfast out with him yesterday morning. He was starting his first day as a lifeguard last night.

joseph: oh, a lifeguard. wow

me: So, he worked at the Savemart in the morning and early afternoon, then went to the Gym to work out,
then went to the Pool to Lifeguard until 8:30 p.m. So he's busy!

Remember CLUB 180?  in Lodi?

joseph: not really

me: The leader there is the the son of Angel and Ken McGregor (more members here at BellRoad).
It's an Outreach to Youth operated by several churches...quite cool.

Jerry's old band, A Skylit Drive, played there a few times a couple years ago.
Club 180
is gonna try to reach out to that age-group that tends to drop out of church attendance after high school.

I think it will be on Thursday and Sunday nights.
They will be putting together a Praise Band--with music and message targeted for this particular people group.

joseph: Papa, the Internet isn't the best connection here today. There is heavy rain also.

me: Hopefully, there's a chance that Jerry will get involved.
I talked to Jake McGregor last night. He recalled Jerry from A Skylit Drive. He asked about Jerry's 'walk' with the Lord...
I told him that Jerry had just told me that he still 'tithes' (you know, that IS a sign . . .)

    But that 'bad Company corrupts good character'...

joseph: yeah

me: So...it mostly has to do with who he chooses to hang out with.
I could see our move to Auburn (and his busy work schedule) as being the reason
he could drop out of regular attendance (somewhere) as well....

However, when a person has a MINISTRY, it does really help them to SHOW UP....

  (I'm reminded of the promo for 'Consider This'...
                "You have a MINISTRY...")

Of course, he knows that and affirmed the point.

Jake told me that he'd call Jerry last night. I haven't heard if they talked yet.
I sure hope that this could happen for Jerry.
He needs SOMETHING for his spiritual growth.

joseph: yeah. Work and work are good to block time

               but they don't INPUT

me: Jerry will probably struggle until he makes a RADICAL commitment to the Lord.

By the Grace of God, he has seen some of the results of bad choices. Nothing that has yet 'ruined' his life...

joseph: that's good

me: but, of course, his papa would be much happier (and peaceful about his future)...
IF he would have that RADICAL calling and commitment.

joseph: It'll be great if he CHOOSES before he loses something.

me:  Yeah.

joseph: for me I always had the New America Singers to be input...
and just a different personality so I didn't have the friends that would lead me away.
So blessed just by making good decisions, really limited the temptations.
Its a lot easier just having choices in place that limit your possibilities.

me: Yeah...  Boundaries are good for us. 
         Did you hear my Sunday Sermon?
        click to listen:  Wha Yo Nay?

joseph: not yet ... we downloaded it.
               Gonna go home and listen to it.

me: Good... I went over and 'pounded' on the piano...
                      during the message.

         "Bless that Wonderful Name of Jesus...
                             . . . No other Name...I know!"

joseph: I was never even invited to a beer party
               made it a lot easier, I am sure.

me: Well, Jerry's job at SaveMart puts him in continual contact
with 'church acquaintances' from his decade of 'growing up' at FBC Galt.

Probably like our experience with seeing Ben Odell at Long's..  or 'you"....

That's not exactly INPUT...  but there are some 'sweet' people out there...who, of course, would 'love on him.'

joseph: yeah

me: AND...folks that may be dropping through the cracks themselves... 

Tom and Connie Neal see him there...

Charlotte Giddens...

you know, probably Beverly, etc...

He likes to GO to Horizon... but he's not 'hooked'...
   its still an easy one for him to miss because of 'sleeping
   in on Sunday' before going to work.

He needs a MINISTRY....  INPUT and OUTPUT both...

joseph: yeah. it was strange for me at CBU because I didn't have a ministry. It was hard to get up and go to church alone

me: I told Jake that Jerry led VBS Youth and really enjoyed 
        that. Remember his dance in the video
      "So You Think You Can American Idol?"

joseph: well papa, I think we have to get going now

me: OK, my dears...

I hope you enjoy the sermon...

joseph: ok

me: IT was a very difficult time for me all the way up THROUGH delivering the message.
I just wasn't feeling that organized with the message but was greatly relieved that it connected well, I think,
      under the Lordship of Christ...
         and trust in His Spirit...

now, the test will be IF it FEEDS you guys in your situation.

Please let me know.

             click to listen:  Wha Yo Nay?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Throughout the week, I really struggled with preparation for yesterday's message.
Still, with the support of my precious wife (and the faithful prayers of my local church members), I stepped up to preach.

With that behind me, we had lunch with the Welcome Team that Les Andrews is organizing.

Then I started setting up A/V for this week's VBS at BellRoad. I'm serving as the upfront person during the Rally each night.

We started back to Galt at 7:00 p.m.
I've been getting the Sunday Message ready for uploading. I hope you enjoy it. It is nearly 2:00 a.m. as I write.

We're all heading up to Auburn today for the entire week of our VBS (GameDay Central).

Listen to this week's message: Wha Yo Nay?

No kidding. I am not a trained linguist. However, I googled Liberian-English (here) and then found that someone
had put together this brief dictionary (as a 'special feature' for the SermonSeries Director's Commentary).

Liberian English
alress alright
bah buy
basiko bicycle
bock dollar
bo-fre;ge-fre boy friedn/girl friend
bossmaen foreman
bruee bread
coh wota cold water
de ga sompti spescho having something special
dshjaela just like
eveletinīclerle everything is okay
flalaba Flashlight Battery
gadin bo garden boy
gimmi ten fo feif give me ten for five
go for a puim go for a swim
gu plae good play
eh ju no do you know?
hadego how is it going
I we tek yu to cord I will take you to court
kue Kool Aid
ma my
mae man
mamaen my man
Ma se ga pin Iīve got pain
ma se teia I am tired
ma se won bah dattin tu oh I want to buy that as well
natin nothing
ogley ugly
orinsh orange
panapo pineapple
peday pay day
penso pencil
pina peanuts
plea dome fevo please do me a favour
plea gimmi tu dalla please give me two dollar
plentae plenty
plom plum
pude put it
sabuuhee bold head
smo gš small girl
stjupe stupid
tenkju plente thank you very much
why yu lafin why are you laughing
wuasda whats that


Sunday, June 24, 2007

from my buddy, Greg Brayton, in Michigan:

Last couple chemo treatments coming up. Then we do a CT scan and find out if itís having any effect.

Two weeks ago yesterday I went in to the hospital with pneumonia. Bummer

spent a week in there. Very sick. Last week was spent here at home recovering. Iím still short of breath sometimes, still feel like Iím gonna get sick every so often not very hungry. Finally loosing weight on this crappy diet! I knew it would happen if I just stuck with it ha ha.

Iíve still been writing which is good. I figure God must have more for me to do. Several folks wanta get in here and record as well, so Iíll get stronger with Godís help, and do the work that needs to be done.

Last week I was just too tired to write or call. So I have a favor to ask you. Spend some time listening not just praying to God. Be still for a few minutes. Now, how does God want you to pray for me? For yourselves? For your family and friends? People ask me all the time, how do you want us to pray for you? Right now I just want to keep my glad and grateful attitude, my desire to make music for God, and get healthy in the process.

Ok Iíve asked for something but notice where I put healthy. Down the list a bit, because Iíve learned in my short time here, that if I do things to please God, many things fall in to place. Not everything. God knows what I need to go through to make me a better person for Him. If you really listen to the Holy Spirit, God will tell you how to pray.

Again I thank you so much for your prayers and good wishes.

I can feel the love.     www.gbrayton.com

Thursday, June 21, 2007

We just received news that Jim Simpkins passed away this morning. Jim was attending a conference at Saddleback Church. He reported not feeling well last night and went to his room.  Someone found him this morning.

Jim was the Intentional Interim Pastor at BellRoad for one year and had become dear to the hearts of many people in Auburn. I knew Jim from our years together in the Delta Valley Association.

I enjoyed being with my brothers and sisters in a prayer meeting last night. Sweet, profound, fellowship.

Google has a channel at YouTube that should be a place to check regularly for staying abreast of technological stories like the plug-in hybrid: click here

Here's a story that pops up this morning from an Internet news source. Yesterday in Iraq. Written differently than most I see: click here

Came to Galt last night...but tomorrow night is Auburn Family night on the streets of our new town. So, that's where we will be, Lord willing.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Joe decided to reside at the Airport in Bangkok for 40-50 hours until his flight that lets him join his wife in Manila. Due to ticket problems, they weren't able to travel together. I tried to get him to go to a hotel and get at least one night's sleep on a bed but he seemed determined to make it work at the airport.

Awhile ago, Deacon Mike suggested I teach an entry-level seminar about the Internet and computers. For various reasons, there is a significant number of people at BellRoad who lack knowledge and experience in this area.

One of our seniors, Faye, was in yesterday. She told me that she and Clyde have had a granddaughter teach them about their computer every step along the way.

I've learned much of what I know because we have kept up with the technology alongside our growing children. However, now that they're starting to move on, it isn't as easy as grabbing hold of a resident teenager.
 On Sunday, Cathy left her iPod in my office. For the first time, I decided to try to figure out how to use the little thing --called the shuffle (retail 79 USD).
 VCRs have come and gone without my ever learning how to program one. I've noticed many of the people at the Gym using an iPod. Although I like to take a book with me and study while cycling or climbing, I thought that it would be good to get in on that technology--especially since my sermons are on a podcast with rss.

Just Between You and Me

Auburn, CA


Above was a link I found to my SermonPlayer and rss but I couldn't figure out how to get the messages from there to the iPod.
 I plugged the little guy into the USB port and saved a sermon onto it...but it must've saved in a data sector because I couldn't hear it.
 I noticed that James Moore was online, so I opened a chat. He didn't know how to do the iPod. Bob Knapp was online, so in my chat with him, I asked again. He didn't know.
Joe was online from the airport in Bangkok, Thailand. He didn't know either. He has a different mp3 player but he googled "iPod manuals" and located this page. That was helpful.
I noticed the unit right away, downloaded the manual, and learned that I needed to download an iTunes Library in order to upload podcasts to it.
Here is a page with SermonPlayers (and podcasts) from around the U.S. (click here).

So, now I kinda know how to use an iPod.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I came up to Auburn in the afternoon yesterday because there our monthly Leadership Council was meeting. Daniel is working here this week so he stayed over with me last night.

We discussing plans for September Outreach.

I'm going to concentrate on reading and writing today. Then, I have some letters to write and calls to make.

If anything out-of-ordinary comes up, I may be back!

Here's an interesting story about YouTube's unique involvement with the Presidential debates: click here.

Monday, June 18, 2007

If you read yesterday's entry, you'll remember that our little dog was killed on Saturday night.

After church, I noticed that Mary was holding a kitten with a handicapped paw. Apparently the pitiful creature was discovered in the 'suicide lane' in downtown Galt during a Saturday night run to SaveMart.

I generally have to be the tough one...'no more pets.'

While I was preaching yesterday, I took that chance.
I departed from my carefully-edited sermon transcript and told a story that I had heard just the night before.

I named names...

Nothing wrong in my heart(as far as I know)--but probably the story is better without names...

So, after some reconsideration, I re-edited the audio to drop a couple personal references. If you were thinking along the same lines, I appreciate the confirmation.

         Cathy is nodding approvingly.

When this preacher stands to deliver a message from God's Word, I have prayed over the content (and form) of what I am about to attempt: to rightly divide the message of the Bible.

Others have also prayed for me to experience God's power to preach His Word.

In The Joy of Preaching, Philips Brooke wrote

     "Preaching is Truth through Personality."

I hope that the Truth comes through and (even) that somehow my personality will be be seasoned with salt and full of grace.

May you more fully receive the Blessing--
          when you choose to click here and listen.

Blessed be the Lord our God and Savior forever . . .
          and on this sunny, Monday morning.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

It is Father's Day. I woke up around 3:30 and have given about 30 minutes to upload today's entry:

Cathy and I spent Friday and Saturday night in Auburn. We've have walked the streets of downtown and old town Auburn (during the day and at nighttime).

Last night, after Caitlin's Dinner for the UGM, Cathy and I took a short drive to Downtown Auburn in order to walk a loop through Old Town and back.

Our slow walk took us from 9:20 to 10:30 p.m.

Almost immediately after getting out of the car, Cathy received a text message from Mary (who was staying with her brothers last night).

    "I've got to talk to Dad"

I called her immediately and braced myself for whatever was going to follow.

"Dad," she cried, "don't tell Mom....but Capo got hit by a car and he's dead."

Of course, I would have to tell Cathy because she was standing there watching my facial expressions and listening intently for any clues about the subject matter of the return call.

Capo was a small Corgie Terrier that joined our family in the days that followed the sudden death of Cathy's mother.
Cathy loved that little dog and Capo was the perfect pet for her. I broke the news to her and broke her heart just a little more. I have delivered that sort of news to my sweetheart several times during our many years together.

Downtown was rather quiet with just a few small clusters of people we passed along our way. They weren't any more aware of our small tragedy than we were of their night's events.

In Old Town, I heard some raw rock music playing, so we followed the sound a strong voice hitting some high notes.  A tall, young man with tattoos stood directly in front of the bar with his arms folded talking to a couple others (as I cocked my head to look past him to look for the source of the sound).

The place has a neon light: California. Inside was a three-piece band (Strat, Bass, and Drums). I didn't recognize the song but the singer was hitting notes out of my range.

An hour later, on the way back to the car, I broke through my own wall of indifference long enough to meet a young man named Aaron who lives above a Pizza Bar with four other young people. It appears that a couple of them work there AND rent the spacious apartment above. The young people were skateboarding on the sidewalk.

We were invited to stop in for Pizza sometime. I suppose that we will do that and see if we can invite Aaron and his household up to BellRoad somehow.

Well, we've gotta start...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Last night we rented Tyler Perry's "Daddy's Little Girls".
The DVD's special features included an extended church scene at the Wheat Street Baptist Church.

Tonight, we will be back in Auburn for Alisha's Mission Dinner. We will learn about her work in Mexico.

Tomorrow is Caitlin's Senior Project Dinner (to benefit the Union Gospel Mission).

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cathy, Mary and I came back to Galt last night. I've been occupied with extended-family matters most of the day.

Yesterday, Greg Denham (from Auburn's Calvary Chapel) called to invite us to get involved with them in a community outreach on July 28th and 29th. I told Greg that I had just opened a sealed 'Visitor's Packet' at our Outreach Meeting last Sunday. He's a good guy. He's always the first to offer a prayer at the end of conversation.

I met Alisha Rosenau in person last night. We had interacted some over the Internet while she was still in Mexico. She'll be home for the summer.

Today, a fellow named Terry returned my call. He's a gifted guitarist who had given several years of his life to ministry at BellRoad. I had called him to talk about music--hoping that he might wanna come back and help me with the challenges ahead.

But, alas, he is now firmly grounded in an exciting ministry at Bayside Church (near Roseville). Still, Terry has agreed to pray with me about seeing God bring us Daniel Teale (below). He wants to see the kind of ministry happening at Bayside (100 people a week getting saved...) occur through 'any' church in Auburn.

Yeah, pray for BellRoad with me, Terrry!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Late posting today...due to being in a long, vision-driven chat with Brandon (our youth leader).

I cc'd Brandon to another vision-driven chat with my Australian friend, Daniel Teale (still working on getting him to come to the foothills and fulfill all righteousness...).

Here's his myspace profile (click on the frame). I met Daniel through his YouTube postings.

I had a talk about Baptism with Cerissa yesterday. So, I'm looking forward to that. Cathy, Mary, and I are heading up to Auburn today. It will be a busy weekend for the church.

Alicia is coming home from her long-term Mexico mission and will be presenting on Friday. One of our graduating seniors, Caitlin, is completing her Senior Project at the church on Saturday night. She is raising money for the Union Gospel Mission with a benefactor's dinner. Caitlin has asked me to perform some music as part of the evening.

So, there is a wave-of-activity that I've gettin' ready to jump on and ride through Sunday (Father's Day).

Last night, Cathy and I finally watched Will Smith's movie: The Pursuit of Happyness (a true story). I kept hearing that it was sad...and about 'homelessness'...but not much else.
It was an important film for us because we have a background in being part of the process in helping people who are on the outside looking in.

The important meetings and chats of the last few days are likened to seeds that have been planted. So, this entry simply waters the Outreach Meeting, the Membership Class, the Baptismal Formula, the monthly Remembrance, the Sermon Series, BellRoad University, Sunday School, the Artist-in-Residence Program, etc.

Cathy and I are on-the-move...to live in the foothills. So, its gonna be a whirlwind of activity ahead. MUCH prayer requested.

The chats are safely stored and excerpts will be shared upon request by those who show an interest in VISION.

Brandon is trying out a new website for his youth group. Gmail targeted me with this site. The software's analysis of my keywords must figure that I might be interested in this new service by a bay area Dad. Brandon and I talked about the issues and felt needs involved with this ad:

      click here for Eye to I  (this is just research...)

....and then, there's the case of one of our newest  members: Christy.

 She's on myspace. Check out her high school graduation photo!

Meanwhile, Christy is probably the youngest member of our Genesis class. Well, Christy (and Kurt) have a business and I've started to acquaint myself with their webpage:

Gold Financial Services

We've chosen them to be our Mortgage Broker. They are quite the couple. Kurt is soft-spoken and Christy?  Well, maybe this will help you get to know her better. I'm thrilled that they are onboard to help build up BellRoad.

Hey Christy,

I saw your Sunday vlog and posted a link on my journal just now.....  haha you've got guts!!!

Well, we're gonna have some fun in the weeks ahead...with the high-tech church at 707 Headquarters....

On my journal last week sometime, I gave a link to a pretty cool video vlog site....Here is a guy named Jim Howard, from Florida, who has been experimenting with this stuff for some time: 
click here

love,     pastorob

Christy's reply:

Yeah some people call it guts.
My family says, ďitís no brains.Ē  I would say 99.99999% of the world will never see it, and that .00001% that does, will just hoot!

Maybe something will come of it. My business is heading that way, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your outlook.

I remember when realtors first started to use photos on their business cards or on their ads. Of course the best looking photos got the most response. Are we surprised by this? Nope.

People are artificial, but none-the-less, technology has enabled us to ďseeĒ who we want, when we want, and even though I donít think you can always trust your eyes, seeing is believing!


Click here for Christy Sandhoff's gutsy vlogs

Monday, June 11, 2007

I haven't skipped this much journaling in a long, long time. Listen to yesterday's message and maybe you'll understand better why I didn't write.

Hey, Paris Hilton called Barbara Walters and said that God has given her a second chance. The article doesn't mention Jesus...but this might be a sign that the Real God is at work in a small jail cell down in L.A. click here

Paris, when you get out, come on up to BellRoad and learn about Jesus, OK?

Cathy and I had a time of refreshment yesterday evening.

Another Sunday--having 'delivered the goods'--
I sighed a peace-filled release of contentment.

We spontaneously decided to pull off the road and have dinner at Logan's in Elk Grove (around 9:00 p.m.) before making the final jaunt back to Galt.

Such an encouragement: Mike McCall visited BellRoad yesterday. I asked him to come up on the platform and serve as our Reader during the sermon.

This Monday morning has been invested thus far in the editing of yesterday's message for broadcast purposes.

I hope it will refresh your spirit...

CLICK HERE for Yesterday's Message:

     Refreshment Time

At the end of the message, Mike and I shared a heartfelt public invitation to receive Christ's gift of salvation:

an   A, B, C   prayer

Cerissa, an 18 year old visitor, prayed from her seat and gave her life to Jesus!

That made my day! Several people ministered to Cerissa during the hour that followed. She was welcomed into the family of God with great joy by all.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

  I never got that long walk with the Word yesterday. Last week I had made a commitment to help deal with someone's family issue so that's what I did for a couple hours...

  At our prayer meeting last night, we read from Daniel 9 to reflect upon the heart of an intercessor:

. . . in the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, understood from the Scriptures, according to the word of the LORD given to Jeremiah the prophet, that the desolation of Jerusalem would last seventy years. So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition, in fasting, and in sackcloth and ashes.

 I prayed to the LORD my God and confessed:
  "O Lord, the great and awesome God, who keeps his covenant of love with all who love him and obey his commands, we have sinned and done wrong. We have been wicked and have rebelled; we have turned away from your commands and laws. We have not listened to your servants the prophets, who spoke in your name to our kings, our princes and our fathers, and to all the people of the land. . ."

    We took turns reading while interjecting devotional  
    thoughts, then concluded the reading with 1:20-23.

 While I was speaking and praying, confessing my sin and the sin of my people Israel and making my request to the LORD my God for his holy hill-while I was still in prayer, Gabriel, the man I had seen in the earlier vision, came to me in swift flight about the time of the evening sacrifice.

 He instructed me and said to me, "Daniel, I have now come to give you insight and understanding. As soon as you began to pray, an answer was given, which I have come to tell you, for you are highly esteemed. Therefore, consider the message and understand the vision:

  Our time in prayer was encouraging to me. I heard a sister ask the Lord to be generous in giving His Spirit. That request blessed me with a vision of the Holy Spirit being 'poured out' in fullness upon the lives and relationships in our church.

  My son, Daniel, spent the night with me after the prayer meeting. He is working all week for a church member.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I had missed the last two weeks of Tuesday prayer with area pastors. So, I drove to Meadow Vista to meet with them yesterday. We prayed for revival among us.

After work last night, Daniel drove back to Galt. I stayed here in Auburn. Then Daniel is planning to drive back up to stay with his employer's house a couple days.

If you have time to check out a new TV blog site being hosted in Israel. It is an interesting use of the Internet. Here is a guy in Miami who is reviewing a site:

He saw me online as a guest this morning and greeted me. Here is a fellow, Jim Howard, who has invested years using the Internet. Obviously this type of study could absorb too much time but as an introduction to video-streaming sites, Jim's videos serve that purpose.

Here is the site where I was the only viewer watching Jim's show. He was curious about who I was. 

               click here

Today, I have planned to dig into God's Word--hard copy on a long walk. Tonight at 6:00 p.m. is our prayer meeting followed by the Praise Team rehearsal.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Daniel and I are up at 6:00 a.m. and about to leave for the Men's Breakfast.

Last night, we went to Jimmy and Chet's last night for a long-table, sit-down supper with other guests: Heidi, Brandon, Tim, Robin, and Clarisse (and baby Lukas).

Joe and Sharon called in from Laos around midnight. They are seeking the Lord for how best to invest themselves after the NAS trip ends for them (July 24th).

Ben Rosenau has written from his Mission Trip in Alaska.
CLICK HERE to view his letter.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Stayed in Auburn till 9:00 p.m. last night. Daniel drove to Auburn early this morning. Planning to do some work for his Sunday School teacher. I also plan to drive back there today because I have an evening appointment.

We're moving ahead with plans to move to Auburn.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to a sister in the church, Ann Reeves, for working so diligently to help children and adults experience discipleship this year through TeamKids.

Here is an audio copy of yesterday's sermon. Ann and others missed out because they immediately began working on setting up for an after-church picnic.

  All Things Common (23 minutes)

The entire series is uploaded on the SermonPlayer at this page (click here).

Mention is made of ongoing movement in the life of a youngster known to Kaye and Frank. I hope that they will tune in.
We had a few families visiting with us yesterday morning. One was a pastor's family from South Dakota.

Hello, Pastor Glen Peterson. I hope you make it over to this page. If so, let me know.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

For today's message: All Things Common

An excerpt from a pre-church chat this morning.
6:26 AM

hey papa
what time is it?

me: its 6:26 a.m.  so, I'm up getting ready for church departure. mama's ironing my shirt
She says that she is VERY happy that you're on the computer today

joseph: ok... VERY happy. We're happy too
Just dont know why--it is raining HARD

me: I just read your letter to Pastor Shamas
Thanks for writing to him

joseph: just found out another set of my friends are engaged

me: haha

bet you're happy that you're not sittin' around---all single, and lonely--
watching your friends get married!

me: Is Sharon with you at the moment?

joseph: yes

me: mama says, "Hi Sharon!"

 joseph: Hi mama

me: On my blog, I have photos from Alaska...from Ben
He's on a NAMB mission trip there for the summer
After church there's a picnic at BellRoad
Daniel graduated last Thursday

joseph: cool

me: How long are you two gonna be in Laos?

joseph: hopefully we can apply for the India visa tomorrow
had a short conversation on Friday
maybe we can
or else, they will say GO to Philippines

if we can get the visa, we might go up north for a few days and then back here to pick up the visa, then down to Cambodia, then back to Thailand
maybe 2 weeks

me: OK...

joseph: dont really know

me: hey, is it alright to publish most of this blog for my entry today...

joseph: kinda enjoying our time relaxing and listening to audio books

me: don't have time to write much...

joseph: after June19th it will get busy

me: and...

joseph: yeah, go ahead

me: it might be synergistic

joseph: and thanks for asking

me: OK, honey.

joseph: we're not just resting

me: so we're praying for you and the visa situation

joseph: also doing independent study in real estate, wealth management, audio tapes
we got them FREE
and I enjoy the positive tones

me: I spoke to Macdonald yesterday. he's doing well
the Story continues...

joseph: Sharon and I recommend the movie Music and Lyrics
Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant
me: not many are reading over our shoulders in these days...but that's OK too

me: hmm...we've seen it

joseph: pretty great, except for the non marital relations

me: WHY...do you recommend that film?

joseph: We thought it was cute and sharon and I are songwriters

me: oh really?

joseph: it reminds her of the lyrics she has written many years ago
just packed up in her notebooks
and I am known to write a littly PoP ditty

me: Does Sharon play any instruments or understand music theory

joseph: *little.. she makes a joyful noise

me: good....

joseph: and it's a sweet sound in His ear

me: I'm glad you've got some 'freebie' audio to engage your minds and stir your conversation

joseph: music is a good way to store up those bits of knowledge,wisdom and truth

me: Mama says this is like having a cup of coffee with you this morning

joseph: like Joseph said, there are 7 years of prosperity that come before the 7 years of famine

me: hmm

joseph: you gotta store all the good stuff away, before the trials come. that's part of the way out when you are tempted toward any kind of sin or unhappiness
We just can't wait to get up to Bell Road again ....

me: Yeah...so for us, we're heading off to church (the storehouse)

 We may not have a house in Galt by the time you get to California....

However, maybe you guys can camp out with PunkRock Lisa... She's our church's 'homeless' girl.  I've mentioned her before in the blog.

joseph: we may. we're considering buying a mosquito net
 the roof of the church looks like a cool place to camp

me: haha

Well, Cathy and I are off to church. Hope you've enjoyed this short 'father-son' talk

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Cathy and I arose early this morning and headed for Angel Island to be with Steve and Marcie for a Memorial Service. The life of David Legge (Davo) was commemorated through Scripture, Song, and Story.  We then scattered his ashes in the San Francisco Bay.

Before we left, we had a nice chat with Joe. He and Sharon are now in Laos. They just celebrated the two-month anniversary of their marriage. Upcoming travel will lead them to meet up with the New America Singers in India.

I received some photos from Ben who is on a summer mission trip in Alaska. Click on the frame to see more.

Ben's mother will be editing his journal. I will help them publish it. In church last Sunday we specifically prayed for this young man and his immediate work under the guidance of our North American Mission Board.

Friday, June 1, 2007

There is a young woman in our church who enjoys listening to God's Word being preached. On Sunday evening, I realized that the recording of that morning's message was missing about ten minutes. I asked Patrice to jot down what she could remember.

In her email, I discovered that Patrice hears sermons better than I preach them...

I really like the wording in her reflection of Sunday's Lukan passage involving Zechariah:

"Would praise come out of my mouth after 9 months of
God's discipline? Or would bitterness and anger come out?

What's going on inside, in the quiet places of growth?
A churning of feelings or a praise of thanksgiving?"


I encourage Patrice (and everyone else) to keep listening and then share with your pr(t)eacher(s) what you have heard. Positive feedback will surely spur them on toward the next time they have opportunity to minister God's Word.

Jerry, Mary, Cathy, and I went to Galt High School last night to watch Daniel graduate. Afterwards, Daniel went to an all-night event called "Safe and Sober."

Cathy is teaching today. I will be working on my message for Sunday.


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