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Thursday, May 31, 2007

This SundayMessage is entitled "All Things Common". Wednesday night at BellRoad was full of examples.

After a home visit later in the night, I drove back to Galt because I will be officiating at a funeral this afternoon for Alta Conner. I have known Alta the entire time I've been in Galt. She stepped into eternity last week at the age of 98.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yesterday was one of those days when I just didn't take the time to journal. Cathy and I were discussing some tough, personal issues. -As the time draws closer where we have to cut ties with our house in Galt and move our 'home' to Auburn. It looks as though it will just be Mary moving with us. Like so many others we know, this year is a transitional period. We will get through it.

I pray for peace for my boys (Jeremiah and Daniel) that they will make wise decisions about their immediate future. Daniel graduates from high school tomorrow night

I came up to Auburn alone yesterday. I went out to lunch with Deacon Dave. We talked and prayed about important matters. I received both an email and a card in the mail with positive comments about Sunday's Message:

Repent and Receive 

Of course, encouraging words go a long way with me. May God continue to give me a passion for speaking His Word. May he cut us all to the heart so that we will each take our next step of obedience.

Monday, May 28, 2007

More computer problems with the Audio recording of SundayMessage. So, I had to digitize the cassette again...and several minutes were lost at a delayed flip of the tape. I had been pleased with some of life's issues that came forth and didn't want to forget what had been preached. Perhaps I could re-record what was missed.'s what I did. During the guitar circle, last night I found myself thinking over the delivery of the sermon. It served to illustrate something about playing guitar--it can be relaxing and can be a pleasant backdrop for deep thought. In fact, it was a very spiritual guitar circle as we shared our mutual burden for lost souls we know...and named. We prayed...and played.

After getting home, I edited the tape and uploaded it to the Sermon Player. In low tones, at about 1:00 a.m. (with a headset mic), I recorded the missing points on my laptop. Cathy had already fallen asleep next to me. I tried not to 'shout' the sermon points. Cathy will have a nice laugh over this when she reads it.

While she's sleeping, she'd much rather hear me work on a sermon than to be forced to listen to dumb TV.

Here's the link to yesterday's sermon page:

Repent and Receive 
Sorry for the filtering effect. I was trying to remove the tape hiss at 1:30 a.m. ....and I guess I wasn't listening close enough to the final result. Oh well.

Here's a link to the entire series thus far (click here).

and here is 30 minutes of music from the compilation CD:
                                              Liberia, 2004

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Joe and Sharon sent a link to a myspace blog:

      Bangkok and 6 children  (click here)

It was nice to hear from them. Tonight, Cathy and I will take Mary with us to the Union Gospel Mission in Sacramento for the 7:30 outreach.

I have been praying that God will move powerfully among us at our Sunday gathering. The message is entitled

    Repent and Receive

Friday, May 25, 2007

Cathy and I had a sweet reunion yesterday. I played her Mary's semester Audio Project. We recorded an interview on her computer and she edited it:

click here for Mary's Project

She's working as a Kindergarten teacher today at a school down the street. This morning I decided to try out a new sermon player. I tried uploading the latest version of last Sunday's Message (ZoomIn--ZoomOut).

CLICK HERE and check out the SermonPlayer

Joe and Sharon will be pleased to see that this player allows them to download the mp3 copy to their computer to play after they get 'home' from any given Internet Cafe' in the world.

Cathy will be pleased to see that she can better facilitate her 'Exercise & Devotional Life' by using the RSS with her ipod.

After you play around with the SermonPlayer above, check out this mini-player. It only has one sermon, but can be emailed to a friend or downloaded to an mp3 from this little arrow.

If you don't understand any of this, you should consider signing up for the upcoming Technology Seminar at BellRoad University.

I just received a phone call from a granddaughter here in Galt. Her grandma, Alta Conner, suffered through a stroke and isn't expected to live much longer. Alta is probably in her late nineties now. She has been at Royal Oaks Convalescent Center for many years. Cathy and I have visited her many, many times.

I'm gonna run over there right now.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Little Joshua Cameron was born this morning at 4:42 weighing in at 7 lbs. 3 oz. (19 inches). Both baby and mama are doing well. So is Papa Cameron--he made the phone call. We praise God for this safe delivery.

Last night I discovered that the soundroom's computer did have a copy of last Sunday's message which included the voice-over intro. that Micah had engineered.

ZoomIn-ZoomOut (with public reading of Peter's Sermon).

Mary and I plan to head back to Galt after she gets off work today. Last night she finished editing her semester project entitled

A Closer Look at The Color Purple and Oliver Twist.

There were 18 people in our closing session of "Prayer and Fasting". I am happy that some have made a commitment to include times of fasting in our spiritual discipline. I gave small notebook journals to the members to track their dialogue with the Lord.

I was told that certain individuals read this journal entry each morning.

This is for you:

May God bless you with a sustaining smile throughout this day.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yesterday, I spent time with David (a 37 year old) who has visited our church recently.

He had visited on April 15th (the day I launched the 3 year sermon series). He has wanted to come back but lack of transportation has been a hindrance. Before a major change in life's circumstances, David had worked for many years with computer network applications. He doesn't have much experience in the way of church or bible background.

David revealed that his soul is hungry for realignment with God's best for him. I shared my own story of building my schedule and life's focus around a group of disciples who were living for the Lord. What joy fills my heart when God gives me a hungry soul to feed. He was connecting with a Big Vision for becoming accountable as a 'Timothy' to a 'Paul'.

I am picking him up at 5:00 today (for our church supper). Then he's gonna try to sort out networking problems for our office computers.

I ask other Christians to consider how Paul 'wrote' letters to Titus, Timothy, and local churches. Those letters were read aloud, copied, re-read, and distributed to many others. The Internet could allow for regular input and feedback regardless of where the future takes David. This is one way to better invest the continually-unfolding ministries at BellRoad.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Deacon Mike and I spent a few hours together on visitation and discussed our outreach vision.

My internet buddy, David Burckhardt and I spoke on gmail chat this morning. His mother passed away last night at 9:00 p.m. He is Hannah's Grandpa. I told him that her thermometer shows that she has nearly made her goal for her trip with the New America Singers.

Mary and I came up to Auburn last night. I attended a productive Leadership Council. Afterwards, my girl asked me to take her to Ninja Sushi. She loves seaweed and rice! We ordered it as take out and came back to watch  'My Fair Lady' (a video I picked up at the Goodwill).

Today, I will continue studying for next Sunday's Message:

            Repent and Receive

This tri-venue sermon series is unusual.
         I am hoping that, over time,
                 it will soften our hearts,
                and sharpen our minds.

Monday, May 21, 2007

I am reminded of a sister who was fond of saying, "The Lord woke me up this morning."

Here is a short song sung at our altar yesterday morning. It features a unique texture of vocal blending: Patty, Ben, Bonita, Janet, and Christy. That's Jonathon on the strings.

It it Well with My Soul: Click Here

I have a 7:30 appt. at the High School. I woke up at precisely 6:00 a.m. I haven't used an alarm clock for several months.

Much to-do today. Mary and I will travel back to Auburn again tonight. There is a Leadership Council meeting. I pray that the Spirit will guide us to reason together in the midst of His anointing...that we might better know the plans He has for us.

Here is a copy of yesterday's sermon:

                    Zoom In-Zoom Out

Three individuals (* R. G. and. R.) spoke to me about the message afterwards. I had some prep-time input from viewers in Ohio and Thailand. Their influence will probably impact one of the upcoming sermons--if not discovered in yesterday's.

 It is common to read that a detailed study of Romans has changed the lives of individuals throughout the history of the church. In this series, thus far, I am experiencing something new in my awareness of sin's devastation.

On Saturday, I had written the Romans Sins-List upon spiral bound 3 x 5 cards . pas adikia (all unrighteousness) is now hanging on the cross in our sanctuary. In our TV room, I watched some of the special features on the Oliver Twist DVD that Mary and I rented for her school work. I was interested in a feature about Roman Polanski's choice of Oliver Twist as a project.

There was some mention of Polanski having been orphaned (when his parents were taken to a concentration camp). Later, I googled the director's name and read about a Hollywood sex scandal in which he had been involved with a minor years ago. Just reading about the sins affecting another person's life weighed heavy upon me as I was trying to prepare for the delivery of the message, Zoom In-Zoom Out.

I re-watched the final interaction between Oliver and Fagin also weighed me down. Mr. Brownlow and Oliver go through several gates in order to arrive at the inner cell where Fagin is imprisoned--awaiting execution. It is a very dark scene. Fagin is mumbling--crazed.

It was reminiscent of a scene in "A River Runs Through It" where Norman goes into a jail to pick up his brother. There is an alcoholic sitting in a cell mumbling to himself in much the same way.

Later, Saturday night, I would be found sitting among the men and women at the Union Gospel Mission. I suppose that this was one of those sermons of which Al Dines spoke: "Sometimes you just have to live with a sermon before you're ready to preach it."

Notice the dynamic at work in a chat I had with Joe early yesterday morning (before Mary and I left for church).

6:10 AM

me: There's always hope for wandering souls...
         Hey, I've g2g. Time to leave...
         Love you and Sharon...
         I hope you have sweet, peaceful sleep tonight.

joseph: Alright daddy. Hope we have a new upload to
                download soon.

me: If so, it'll be audio...

joseph: GoogleMaps says, "We could not calculate
                driving directions between Bangkok,Thailand
                and 707 Bell Rd, Auburn, CA 95603 ."

me: please pray for me..
         I'm not feeling really great this weekend...
         kinda blah...
         Have worked on my message but not feeling really
         connected to the Power yet.

I did have to live through the weight of what had started early in the week to be a really upbeat message about Magnification.

The altar song of Patty Worth and our worship leaders really ties the whole message together for me:

       It it Well with My Soul: Click Here

Especially this verse:

My sin, O the bliss of the glorious thought,
      My sin--(not in part) but the whole--
          is nailed to the cross and I bear it no more,
Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, O my soul.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

 Click here for this morning's sermon:

Zoom In-Zoom Out

The beginning is cut off...but imagine the bulletin one inch from your eyes...and you're trying to FOCUS.

The sermon actually opened with the day's verses from Peter's sermon on Pentecost (as a voice-over above the song, In the Last Days). Maybe someday it will be retrieved from the hard-drive...but that piece didn't make it to the cassette.

Last night, on the way to the Union Gospel Mission, I had decided that I really wanted to sit out on the floor with the guests (rather than on the platform).

When I arrived I quickly ascertained that I didn't recognize any of the platform personalities. Oops, wrong night.
I came in, took a seat, and watched three people from Riverside Wesleyan Church conduct a service.

Mary had gone with Jerry on an errand to Lodi. They didn't get home in time for my departure so I was all alone. It was a good experience.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Long entry today. I do not expect any reader to be able to visit every hyperlink I include, come to every event I mention, or even care about every subject of which I write. This column is more about tracking my willingness to hear God speak.

If God is speaking to me, then maybe there will be others who choose to listen as well, and come alongside us.

Therefore, I write daily and publish.

Tonight at 7:30, we will be at the Union Gospel Mission in Sacramento. I hope you will be able to join us for the one hour outreach.

Last night, Mary drove through rush hour traffic to get to Auburn for the PAID event. I ran sound and we both took turns at a video camera--collecting material for the PAID webpage being created by Brandon Willette.

Although we were quite busy, I had opportunity to speak with Dan Clark about how BellRoad viewers will be given some practical instruction in learning to use online Greek tools as one avenue of study and inspiration.

Recently, I have been asked about the mention of Greek words by different listeners. It is an interesting conversation that I will enter into with anyone who so desires. Meanwhile, click here, poke around a bit, then write me. I'll teach you what I know, OK?

Recently I heard Bible teacher, Ken Needham, speak about our 'walk' as Christians. In light of yesterday's reference to my spiritual need for the VisionWalk and the title of tomorrow's message, I felt good about sharing another new idea with you.

Here is a site which will allow you to find a walking-running route in the 50 states, map it, and Zoom In-Zoom Out

(click here)

Here are some examples that unknown runners have mapped out so far in Auburn (click here). In the near future, I will try to map out VisionWalk routes that I have walked with other visionaries.

Should you map a good route, please email me and I will note your path for as a potential VisionWalk® . . .

To better prepare for tomorrow's message, click here

Joe and Sharon wrote me from Thailand. I think that I must have forwarded Cousin Jim's letter to them because Joe used a Latin phrase to reference secret knowledge which is soon to be revealed openly.

During my sermon prep-time, I have begun to color-code potential preaching points on an interactive page entitled SundayMessagePlus. Joe and Sharon's input and observations followed the same primary areas with which tomorrow's message is concerned.

Although I had noted the recurrent 'generations' theme, they sent me color-coding around the connection between father Abraham and his children. Growing up listening to my pulpit ministry, Joe has surely heard me reference the connection in John 8:39-59. 'My inmost being does rejoice when his lips speak what is right.'

Yesterday, I did some work on a sins-list from Romans Paul has similar lists elsewhere in other letters.

During the years ahead, I will go over to the Cross and reference various sins from mankind's lists. Periodically, I will buy a copy of a Sunday Newspaper and place it upon the stone at the foot of the Cross. I did this a few weeks ago. The sins-list will help to balance our tendency to magnify certain sins and neglect to confront others on the same lists.

For instance, our picketers' on-going prophetic judgments in northern California have focused on homosexuality.

For a couple weeks they aggressively pursued me for refusing to meet their demands that I write letters to the Editor(s) in defense of Christianity. Hopefully, iron will sharpen iron--even in that situation.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Early in my post-conversion days, I read a biography about John Wesley and one of his journals.

Later, I read about his published back-and-forth debates with college friend, George Whitefield. Whitefield was a dramatist and radical in taking the gospel out to the miners. These men loved each other yet wrote against one another's teaching. Iron sharpened iron.

John Wesley's organizational skill in his generation is obviously well-remembered. He developed and deployed preachers. Likewise, we don't have 'Whitefield' churches scattered all over the world. Yet Whitefield's influence was clearly imprinted upon Wesley's ministry.

With that era of history in mind, I have hoped to connect with the brothers and sisters of this generation, lovingly sharpen each other, and become more effective at continually spreading the love of Jesus in our own contexts.

My cousin Jim was among the first people who learned of my conversion back in 1982. He and I were both visiting our Hillsdale, Michigan Grandma at the same time. We took a long walk through the Arboretum and talked about Jesus. Since that day Jim has encouraged me in the ministry. Yesterday, I received an email from Jim in Ohio.

I was so encouraged to see that he had looked at the sermon series and has offered his input. Here is an excerpt from Jim's letter.

Jim wrote: "I was checking out your scriptures in Luke and Acts about the immersion in the faith of Mary [Luke] and then the 3000 [Acts].  I see this as a great opportunity to point out that the greater definition of "baptized" is completely immersed or surrounded in faith.

= breaking of bread, prayer, Bible study, lifting one another up. As you would say "This is That" or "That is This".  The complete immersion in the faith is what the act of baptism represents."  

Although Jim is in Ohio, our 'walk-together' continues through this journal page and email.

Cathy and I took a long walk last night. I told her about some of my observations around the Body in Auburn, in Galt, in Thailand, Pakistan, Stockton, and around the world. That covenantal VisionWalk is always good for me. Talking-walks helps me stay focused on the perfect, pleasing will of God.

Today, Cathy will leave for a Pastors' Wives Conference at Jenness Park. She accidentally double-booked because she had wanted to be at Hannah's Spaghetti Fundraiser for the New America Singers Mission.  So, I'll try to fill in for Cathy at the Dinner--this Sunday after the morning worship service.

I am a big supporter of New America Singers because of the great influence that Ted and Betty Campbell has made upon our son, Joseph.

Lord willing, Joe and Sharon will meet up with the New America Singers in India and travel with them for a portion of their tour.

I made reference to Hannah a couple times in last week's sermon. Click on the frame if you have high speed (and FF to 22:45)

By the way, on the GoogleVideo page, one can choose to download the videoplayer to their computer to play later. It can't be saved...but it can be watched offline.

Since I am, once again, Mr. Mom for the weekend, I must plan ahead. Here is my itinerary. Mary and I will drive back to Auburn tonight for the ministry with PAID. Then, tomorrow night she will go to the Union Gospel Mission with me. Along the way, I will continue to prepare for Sunday's Message.

If anyone else would like to contribute to any aspect of the ministry series:

Sunday MessagePlus  parallel passages & public input

or look at this coming Sunday's Message in process today:

6th in the series:   Zoom In-Zoom Out

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Last night's circle-of-prayer has given me a precious memory. I recall the shared tenderness of heart in those prayers which were voiced. I am encouraged by the continual remembrance that we are truly interconnected in our calling. In this moment, I acknowledge that truth. Knowing truth sets me free.

Angel was in the group and, as I prayed aloud, I thought of something she had said an hour earlier about trying to discern His Direction. As we prayed it became more clear to me that journaling through the days of 'the Chosen fast' ahead for each of these individuals will bring clarity of our calling.

Today, I am supposed to visit the Nursery where Eleanor works. There are a number of young men who work there. Eleanor tells me that her heart is burdened for them.

Tomorrow evening, PAID will be ministering in the Sanctuary. This is an important ministry on the heart of some of our young men.

Saturday night,
we will be going to the Union Gospel Mission for our turn on the rotation. These opportunities to simply 'show up' and see what God does with someone was referenced in the third installment of Line-by-Line, Verse-by-Verse:
3) The Waiting Room

Yesterday, I had a brainstorming conversation with Sharon about the Big Picture plan for BellRoad University. Then, while Mary and I went house-hunting with Angel and Aubrey, the adults talked about the state-of-the-church.

This morning's conversation with Ann about TeamKids Sunday has inspired me with a fresh breath with which to run the race marked out for us.

Immediately ahead for me: a drop-in visitation. Norman, from Galt, just called. He's in Auburn and is in on I-80 about to turn at Exit 123 to visit the BellRoad Campus.

Mary has been driving me all over Auburn with her Learner's Permit. She is doing a good job.

I hope that you'll make plans to be here this Sunday.
The sixth installment of SundayMessage is being meditated upon by active disciples all over the world:

6) Zoom In-Zoom Out

      (well, at least...I'll be thinkin' about it....)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Before leaving for Auburn yesterday, I helped my third son, Daniel, get set up for 'job-shadowing' as part of his senior project. He is going to spend the day at a video production facility. It happens to be a department at the Corrections Training program on Twin Cities in Galt.

Daniel was the handheld cameraman for the video of the SundayMessage (above).

Mary came up to Auburn with me this time. She and I are scheduling to look at a few houses with our in-house realtor, Angel McGregor. Last night she 'played' with the Ronk girls while Patty Worth led the praise team rehearsal.

Mary also had her first lesson in digitizing cassette tapes. She worked on this sermon by Pastor Kenneth Hendon preached during the season of preparation for his Liberia Mission Trip.

Pastor Hendon planted an inner-city church in Stockton, California. He was one of those very special people who caught a vision for helping in Liberia. In preparation for his trip, he agreed to come to our church in Galt every other Sunday night--up to his time of departure.

This is one of those sermons built on Roman 8:1-6.

After the music practice, Ben and Jon Rosenau stopped by the BellRoad production studio in order to see yesterday's uploads. Their oldest sister, Alisha, had written in from Mexico. I tried to show the guys the interconnections I see with this outreach tool.

Both Ben and John played for P.A.I.D. the morning that they last performed the song featured in Joe's video:

      "I am the Friend of God"  (click here)

The video (above) connects his life and ministry as a newlywed in Asia with our local church in Auburn, California. Through the Internet, he gathered the materials used:

1) an audio clip of me rehearsing John 1:1 with my son, Jeremiah, when he was only three years old.

2) He dubbed in a clip from the Introductory message to Acts-Luke-Romans when, speaking about the meaning of the name, Theophilus, I said,

"Friend of God? ...somebody oughtta write a song..."

3) Joe took the cue and pursued the connection between the ongoing study of Acts-Luke-Romans, our own personal lives, and our work together as co-laborers.

I hope you'll have time to watch some of the videos uploaded by our local viewers from around the world. I will continue to share vision with young men and women toward the further development of audio-visual materials for mutual encouragement in discipleship.

Toward that goal, from 8:00 - 9:20, Brandon Willette and I went for a long VisionWalk while Mary was working out at the Gym. I shared some of my discipleship goals for the three-year period ahead of us. Brandon shared from his own history as a believer.

The babies (and their extended families) in Sunday's video will serve as markers for us. More on all of that during the three years ahead.

On our way back to the church, Mary and I picked up a video of 'Freedom Writers" for our late-night viewing. This is a true story based on an inner-city English class taught by Erin Gruwell during the Rodney King era: Freedom Writers Diaries. The class became deeply involved in journaling, a group reading of the Diary of Anne Frank, an in-depth study of the Holocaust.

The education they received from Erin caused the entire class to transcend the day-to-day world of territorial gang violence.

During the video, I continued to work on organizational matters and Mary was online with her friends.

Its 7:00 a.m. It is time for me to try to rouse my student from her slumber. I hope to take Mary out on visitation with me. For her schooling today, we will discuss the form and content of the English Class introduced above.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A bit of twang to accompany a memory verse from the 80's. In getting ready to move, I have found this song that I wrote during our ministry with youth back when we were new parents. Our youth group was called FrontLine.

Based on a scripture and a sermon that I had heard Swag preach, it encourages the delivered to keep their eyes on the Promised Land (Don't look back!)

 "And that is what some of you were . .`.
  But you were washed, you were sanctified,
  you were justified in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ
  and by the Spirit of our God." 1 Corinthians 6:11

Click here for the song: Come Out of Egypt

Click here for more of the scripture context

Below are interactions with young people who have watched Baptist Babies from three different nations:

First, from Thailand is Joseph (and Sharon):


me: So, how did you watch it?
at the Internet Cafe?

joseph: yes

10 baht/hr   34 baht = 1 dollar

me: hmm     I'm so glad you have access

joseph: [grin]

me: You are definitely one of the primary 'listeners' to what is going on in the Sermon Series.

joseph: I turn in my notes!

WE have listened to every one in this series!

me: then, there's a fine line I need to maintain...of not being perceived as 'uncaring' about personal visitation (in the local church).

joseph: You do your personal visitation during the day and then during your early morning/late night when "normal" people are sleeping, you can upload stuff for us!

me: Since I have a three year plan now...perhaps that can allow you to brainstorm for the future.

joseph: well, I hear you have a 21 year old kid doing some cool stuff Australia!

It'd be cool to have you two around during the 
         Daniel Teale days
IF he comes . . .


Joe also sent me a video about his new ministry within the context of being a newlywed in Asia--all the time connecting with our local church in Auburn California through the Internet.

Watch this slideshow he made of our own people singing
      "I am the Friend of God"  (click here)

Our second viewer
Daniel in Australia:

Daniel:  haha i was just listening to your mention of me in
              the sermon. Had a bit of a laugh. haha

me: The people sounded nice didn't they?

Daniel: ah yep. yeah sureyep. yeah sure

me: There are many older people there. They're being
         very, very kind to me. It is an interesting dynamic.

Daniel: yeah?

me: Notice who Curt (74) is. He was the worship leader standing behind me... I got up and restarted that song...before preaching...

We're in a transitional place but a message like yesterday's can keep everyone hoping for what will happen next....

Daniel: ahhh. Hope is always great for the spirit!

me: that video will give you an idea of how I operate.
If you come, we could work REALLY, REALLY hard as a team---evangelizing, preaching, reaching out, creating music, publishing DAILY...

Daniel: I'm sure there's stacks of things we could do if i get over there!

me: I just can't strap on my guitar and take over the
       Worship Team. I must prioritize. It could be really cool
       to have the three of us working together: 22, 50, 74

Daniel: bringing forth the anointing of the lord

me: cross-generational

Daniel: Ushering people into the presence of God
              That would certainly be interesting.

me: Well, please do pray about it. I'd like to follow the leadership of the Spirit and accomplish something special during the next three years of preaching this sermon series I'm creating.

Daniel: Sure thing. I will pray about it

me: You'll see that I've placed the three different 'books' at different spots on the platform.

It is for visual stimulation and a memory device...kinda fun to see what unfolds from week to week.

Daniel: oh yep thats awesome.
               all those little things help, I'm sure!

me: I'm also leading a guitar circle on Wed and Sun nights. I'll try to introduce you via those youtube clips to a few guys..

Daniel: oh yep sure thing
I've been trying to do some guitar lessons on youtube recently

me: oh?

Daniel: just some basic lessons on guitar in worship:

               click here    and    click here

Our third viewer is Alisha Rosenau who works at a deaf school in Mexico. Here is a sweet email I found waiting for me this morning:

excerpt from Alisha in Mexico:

Dear Pastor Rob,

Thank you so much for getting church services to the internet and especially the video. . . .

It was so neat to see all the new babies, I have only heard about them and it was a pleasant sight to SEE them! Also, it was cool to see my brothers and sister!

I will be home soon,
too soon for me, I have quite a few friends who are on staff that won't be returning next year, I don't know what we are going to do without them.

See you soon.


p.s. June15th, I will be having a Dinner for friends to hear about what has been happening down here with pictures and well I don't know what else yet.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Here's a video-clip to show what we did after church on Mother's Day. First, Mama wanted to show Daniel the Gym where we worketh out. Then, we had a beautiful meal at a local restaurant called 'In-and-Out' (we ate outside).

Finally, we let Mary drive us south on CA 49 to a path under the Foresthill Bridge (where Agent XXX drove a car off it: Hollywood-on-location in Auburn).

For this musical accompaniment on this little clip, I dropped the key by one whole step. In this key, guitarists can hit those 12 fret harmonics (and blend easily with songs in G or Em).

See, the local scenery, Daniel Teale... (click here).

I stayed up until 3:00 transferring Daniel's video footage from MPEG to WMV so that the Windows MovieMaker could import the file. I then began the process of uploading the 278 MB audio-visual recording of yesterday's message, BaptistBabies to GoogleVideo.

        Sunday Message
Acts-Luke-Romans: Baptist Babies

CLICK HERE for the VIDEO   with  sermon notes

      or   CLICK BELOW for Big-Screen Video

BellRoad-a-Vision  - May 13, 2007 Join pastorob and friends for Sunday Morning at Bell Road Baptist Church.

CLICK HERE for the mp3 Audio Only

The video's soundtrack is better in some ways (congregational noises can be heard, and the 'walking music' doesn't have the glitches that happened during transfer of cassette to mp3).

Go ahead and listen/watch to this message several times.

Then, when you see anything that could be improved...

Could it be the Spirit's prompting for you to get on the road up to Bell Road?    hmm?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I had a little chat with Daniel Teale in Australia this morning.

(Learn more about Daniel Teale: CLICK HERE)

He was getting ready for bed after at the end of his Sunday. With his permission, I'm sharing this excerpt:

pastorob: so, do me a favor

                    I made another mix of that LastDays bit.
                    Learn how to do that chunk of music for about
                    that long...

                    real soft... and dynamic

Daniel: Do you have the link for the new one?
               I like what you did with the first one.

pastorob: and record it for me on youtube
                    it's the same bit...
                    just without the preaching on top...just a sec

Daniel: ah ok cool

pastorob:  click here

                     Now, all that is one mic with guitar and voice
                     up quite close...

Daniel: oh ok awesome its just about downloaded

pastorob: I'm gonna have the CD play it in church
                    and 'read' or 'preach' over it this morning...

Daniel: ahhh

pastorob: now, if YOU were to make a recording of it, I'd
                    link to it...because I wanna make a THEME out
                    of this for my new sermon series that'll be
                    three years in the making

Daniel: oh yep

pastorob: F#m A2 B A2 B F#m

Daniel: Yeah, I picked that up
               It's a nice little progression

pastorob: If you were to just play it and slightly vary your
                    voice each time through, I could download it
                    and mess around with a REMIX..

                    well, don't 'work' on it...just do it.

                    We'll see what happens.

               Hey, you should introduce yourself to my friends,
              Aimee and Jenn on myspace.
              They are both very pretty girls. . .

Daniel: sure     lol

pastorob: . . . and SWEET christians.

Daniel: Is that some added incentive to come over??

               no worries

pastorob: sure

                    but if you'll do little assignments like the
                    LastDays snippet, we can already start to
                    work together over the net.

                    Joe made a video of one of my old songs.

                    Give Thanks

Daniel: sure mate, I'll see what I can do... I have a pretty
               full on week ahead of me but I'll let you know
               how I go.


pastorob: Its on yesterday's blog

Daniel:   :)

pastorob: oh...don't stress over that...

Daniel: I wont stress... I'll just try to fit it in

pastorob: Just pull out your guitar, play the progression,
                    and do it--like a quick meditation before BED

Daniel: I hate having little time to do what I want!


pastorob: haha  

                    cuz it is truly PROPHETIC

Daniel: haha I would if everyone in the house wasnt
              asleep. I don't like these thin walls... a soundproof
              room would be nice!

              Yeah, I like that kinda stuff

pastorob: it's Peter's quotation of Joel, interpreting the
                    Pentecost Experience

Daniel: yeah

               in acts 2

pastorob: yeah, well, close to the mic

Daniel: I read that the other day actually

pastorob: will work in a thin-walled room, my friend
                    that's how you get the presence on a mic...

                    right up close, 'whisper'-sing

pastorob:haha yeah     I know what you're saying

                   So, I'm gonna talk about this in my Message.


                   SINCE this is my prep-time after all....

Daniel: sure

pastorob: My message also has to do with
                    Mary's Visitation to Elizabeth

Daniel: and I'll have a listen to the recording of your

pastorob:  Some of the preaching points for this week's

women are 'pregnant'...

Elizabeth 'hears'....John 'leaps',

Elizabeth is 'FILLED',


Elizabeth the power of the Spirit

Now, for YOU and for ME...

          and for all others with 'ears to hear' . . .

we can share a similar progression-of-experiences.

First, HEAR.
  Then, RECEIVE the Filling (afresh).
               as that 'thing' inside of you moves around...

                INTERPRET it as JOY

Daniel: that sounds good

               I like the idea of the progressive steps
               of the process.

pastorob:  and BLESS the SIGNIFICANT OTHER
                     who happens to be going through
                     something SIMILAR and yet SACRED
                     in the uniqueness of HER MINISTRY.

                     This three-year sermon series HAS to have
                     thematic music in order for it to be what it is
                     supposed to be.

                     In America or in Australia, Single...or Married
                     ...or just 'leaping-for-joy'

                     cuz you're 'giddy-in-love'...with someone

Daniel: lol

pastorob: You will be part of it all.   OK?

                    Blessed art thou...

                    the Greek word for BLESSED in this particular
                    passage is Eulogia...important word-Eulogia.

Daniel: oh ok I don't know that word
               What does it pertain to?

pastorob: You can listen to the messages...and if a song
                    comes to you (original or already-known), then
                    you pass it along.

Daniel: sure mate I've listened to a few of your sermons

pastorob:  Now, Daniel, you can listen to my message(s)
                     on a weekly basis and send me a video-
                     response and I'll post it.

Daniel: that's an interesting idea

pastorob:  These sermons have to be the 'Real Thing'
                     cuz they're all original material for my new
                     assignment...three years (give or take a year)


THAT link will show you the main idea of the new series.

Daniel: Sure, I'll check it out

pastorob:  and THIS link...


              is THAT....   This is that . . .

Daniel: ok

pastorob:  Last week's message. That second link
                     includes 'Joe's Listening Notes'...from

                     You won't be too BUSY to help in the process

Daniel: cool

pastorob: BECAUSE this interaction with an American
                    pastor starting a three years series will actually
                    clear up your confusion and give you direction

                    I believe that whole-heartedly...
                    How old are you?

Daniel: I'm 21

pastorob:  ok bud...g2g

Daniel: no worries matey.  I need to go to
              sleep awaits

               ta for the chat

pastorob:  Is it OK with you for me to use some of this
                     chat for my blog entry?

Daniel: I hope the service goes well today.

               That's fine.

pastorob:  OK...

Daniel: Thanks for asking
               I'll catcha later :)

pastorob:  I'll leave in the Aimee and Jenn line....

                     just to stir up stuff, OK?
                     I'll leave out the beginning stuff...

Daniel: haha ok   I don't mind

pastorob:  --mostly just wanna stir up the anticipation of
                     new stuff coming from Australia.

Daniel: ah yep.    fair enough    :P

(Learn more about Daniel Teale: CLICK HERE)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I drove back to Galt yesterday afternoon, went for a long walk with Cathy, then spent the evening, bedside, working on new Sermon Note webpages (as Cathy did Avon-stuff next to me). Exciting, huh?

and I are planning to head back up to Auburn today for Ben Rosenau's graduation party.

   . . .and Tomorrow is Mother's Day.

, a sweet senior at BellRoad,  told me that all of her children were planning to come to church with their mother. How very special to see the pleasant contentment that the very thought brings to their mother's face.

We are also having a baby dedication for four little ones. Tomorrow's message is entitled: Baby Baptists.

I was sent a video from Thailand this morning. Joe placed the song Give Thanks as a background to these photos and live-action. I believe that it was the first song we recorded with Greg Brayton (back in the late eighties).

CLICK ON the frame below:

Give Thanks

Give Thanks
Posted by Joseph and Sharon
Runtime: 3:37

Being blind, Greg can't enjoy the visuals. He is going through therapy for Cancer and, last I heard was feeling poorly. This goes back to the Source of all that great guitar playing (and to the virtual fingers that are sliding up and down that fretboard upon each click).

Here is a highly-compressed wedding video that Joe and Sharon sent us. Mama and I just watched it. This footage includes the Family & Friends Nuptial in Davao, the public reading of their marriage covenant, dress, and even a very brief-clip from a recent Auburn-based sermon (at the cake).

      1261K Download

Friday, May 11, 2007

Messing around in my office on Thursday evening, I created a little mood music for preaching preparation.
Try preaching from Acts Chapter 2 on top of this:

  In the last days God says,
      "I will pour out my Spirit on all people."   (click here)

Here is another recording of Acts 2:14-47. I made a loop for background during the Peter's citation of from Joel.   (click here)

Combining the two tracks with the original
   Sound Recorder from Windows,

  we have this MIX (click here)

I didn't have any way to set relative volume--just preserving an idea.

This is that: click for Tom's soundbite
                      click for Tom's soundbite in brief context
                      click for Tom's soundbite in the full song

I'm gonna ask the same team to keep this song fresh. I really like the lyrics. (for complete lyrics, CLICK HERE)

At 11:00 a.m., we will be gathering to celebrate the life of Florence. I met Florence at the church's birthday celebration when we first came to BellRoad. She turned 96 on the day that I preached in view of a call.

A few years ago, when Pastor John Trafton had stopped over to visit, Florence had asked him to preach at her funeral.

Cathy and I softly sang 'Victory in Jesus' to Florence while she was in ICU last week. That song has been requested for tomorrow.

Florence had requested a certain song to be sung at her funeral. It was written in 1958 and popularized by George Beverly Shea. It is called 'Until Then'. I have yet to learn this song because I've agreed to sing at her funeral on Friday at 11:00 a.m.

Here is a helpful link that will help me minister through this special request:

       Until Then by Stuart Hamblin

Thursday, May 10, 2007

From Joe in Thailand:

Hey papa,
Here's another one...'The Waiting Room'.
 I think there is a lot of benefits to the flow-of-consciousness method that I am employing and focusing on specific phrases. I'm catching those that clarify or would be good for sound bytes.
Anything that could be quoted ... or misquoted.

At least we would be able to find the context...
love you,
Jo Jo

The notes that Joe send with this email are included at this another page idea to accompany recent attempts at SundayMessage sermon prep and archives during the three year sermon series on Acts-Luke-Romans.

CLICK HERE for the Waiting Room Listening Notes

Last night I met with Bob Knapp (another younger man seeking mentoring). He wants to know where to head with his web-presence. I shared John Wesley's methodology for preparing and sending preachers in his generation.

Likewise, I've asked Bob to study my various pages and help me refine this methodology for traveling the Roman roads of our time.

Last night, after our Prayer and Fasting class, Bob and I went over to Sierra Reach church to hear Bible teacher, Ken Needham--an itinerant missionary from Ireland. He spoke on Ezekiel chapter one. Coincidentally, Ken mentioned that he had just spoken at a Minister's Bible Conference in Liberia (with 500 in attendance). He is now headed back to Ireland. I'm planning to stay in touch with Ken. He will be back in the Foothills two years from now.

Yesterday, I edited a sermon called 'Experiencing God' from the second service on Sunday, October 23, 2005. As I continue to sort, pack, and redistribute my wealth, I am faced with the hundreds of recorded sermons on cassette tapes.

I began to prepare and preach messages from God's Word in the late eighties. Some of those earliest messages were to the at Frontline (Trinity' youth group).

In 1988, we moved to Alpha and Omega Ministries and I preached periodically as the Associate Pastor at Praise Baptist Church.

I preached bi-weekly as a co-pastor with Mike Bowling in 1990-91. After Mike left, I began to preach every Sunday.

I've prepared and preached messages nearly every Sunday except for a couple breaks during seminary.

While in seminary (Fall 93 to Spring 96), I had wanted to take a hiatus from preaching and concentrate on studying. However, Dr. Honeycutt encouraged me to fill the pulpit for him one Sunday Snyder Lane Baptist Church (Rohnert Park, California).

Dr. Craig Skinner was one of the preaching instructors at the seminary. He shared his LifeWork about developing interrogatives with which to build a sermon skeleton. I tried to put that into practice but

4.5 years in a very fast-paced but dynamically-intimate ministry at Alpha and Omega. I was in Morning Devotions with residents there Mon. - Fri. the entire time. My style was becoming defined as a folksy teacher who knows and references the names of those in the circle.

From country church, to Youth, to Homeless, to Seminary, to Snyder Lane, to Galt. During all that time, I resisted the temptation to preach other men's messages. However, during the decade in Galt, there were a couple seasons where I preached a packaged sermon series and learned how others approach that method.

My Theology prof, Dr. Stan Nelson, told his pupils that each preacher has certain theological convictions that reappear throughout his life's work.

At this mid-life point in my life, it should prove useful to discover, define, and refine those convictions (and revisit the underlying theology).

         From the shoeboxes of archived cassette tapes comes this highly-personalized 11:00 a.m. service in Galt.

CLICK HERE to LISTEN to this message

This would have been the 'second-time-through' of the materials and it is obvious that the 8:30 would have been much different. The reason I didn't transcribe any sermons in Galt is that both services used the same outline but were usually quite different in the make-up of the congregation so the emphases took different form.

Mention is made of songs that hide the Word in one's heart, neighborhood children, about conflict between thy will and my will, livin' with four little sinners, forcing my kids to go to church.

Joe was home on a break from CBU. He served as my 'reader' for a bit about the impotent man at the pool of Siloam. This message was built around a scripture printed in the bulletin and a re-introduction to Henry Blackaby's first few 'realities'.

My hope is to teach others how to digitize and edit old tapes.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cathy and Mary are with me in Auburn. Yesterday, we went to the last matinee of Spiderman III together, then out to visit punk-rock Lisa at her camp near the railroad tracks. Lisa is one-of-a-kind.

For EducationPlus, Mary has been reading and researching Charles Dickens. Late last night, we finished watching the 2005 version of Oliver Twist (directed by Roman Polanski). Mary will note differences between the novel and this film version for school today.

Joe and Sharon back in Thailand. He has been listening to our SundayMessage(s) and taking notes for future editing of soundbites (which will be used in creative ways).

Today, he sent me a portion of what he's typed from last Sunday:

     This is that . . . (click here),

scroll down and you'll see his work. I'll probably rework this page to allow for Listener's Notes. This will be helpful for the future of BellRoadRadio and this 3-year sermon series.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I just got back from the weekly prayer meeting with Foothills area pastors. When I walked in the room, I was introduced to an Irishman named Ken Needham. I quickly recalled that I had met him back in 1993 in California although it was a lady back in Michigan who had asked me to try to hear him speak out here.

Ken is an international Bible teacher and is at Sierra Outreach tomorrow night. I told Ken that I'd run over to hear him tomorrow after BellRoad University.

Click here to learn more about Ken Needham.

Over-the-shoulders of History, Daniel Patterson captured some real-time Internet and entered these initial pages
    of Line-by-Line, Verse-by-Verse:

    a Collide-o-Scopic exposition
             of    Luke,    Acts,   and    Romans.

 click here: for a full-screen. High-speed required

I so desire for others to start capturing the slice-of-life abundant and allow me to share the link. Check the video at the top of the right column. The two acoustic guitars and Bass were played by Greg Brayton in May, 2005.

Jerry Patterson played the Roland electric drums.

The song came to me while I was plucking on my guitar strings during the trip to Liberia (February, 2004).

    Ben Rosenau burned me a CD of the songs that PAID played on a Sunday morning. This particular song has gotten ahold of me: 

click here: Friend of God (Theophilus).

"I am a friend of God. He calls me friend" . . .

Yeah, its a little rough...but the young people working together to play and sing it continue to bless me greatly. I'm listening for the koinoiniac-flux. I don't remember who all was playing that morning . . . but they know.

I like the girls' voices at the end.

Monday, May 7, 2007

After the evening service, Cathy and I went to Lou and Barbara's home for their regular Sunday Night come*together. Lou says that a small group has been gathering there for months.

What a sweet fellowship at BellRoad. There are many small groups of people who truly love each other. I hope to see the DNA of these groups multiplied and planted in good soil all around the foothills... (and beyond).

We're back in Galt for the day.  I just digitized the tape of a message shared last night by one of our young fathers, Brandon Willette.


    Love Defined: A Choice and a First Love

If you would like to listen to the message I shared yesterday morning, here it is:

  BellRoad Sunday Morning


   Luke-Acts-Romans-4:  This is that  (download mp3) 

...and speaking of 'that', here is that bit I mentioned--in way of illustration--a few times in yesterday's sermon.

In the body of this message, a spontaneous phrase from Tom Ronk is recalled--from a cover of a Newsboys song:

It's the song of the redeemed,
   rising from the African plain
It's the song of the forgiven,
   drowning out the amazon rain
the song of Asian believers,
   filled with God's holy fire
It's every tribe, every tongue, every nation,
  A love song born of a grateful choir.

It's all God's children singing,
      "Glory Glory, Hallelujah. He reigns, He reigns."

Later, in the song Tom let's loose and a female agrees with a 'hooo...' (well, you'll hear for yourself, I'm sure).

And all the powers of darkness,
     tremble at what they've just heard.

            Tom Ronk:  "Satan is scared to death!"

'Cause all the powers of darkness,
    can't drown out a single word.

It's all God's children singing,
       "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah. He reigns, he reigns."
  (for complete lyrics, CLICK HERE)

So...before you listen to the sermon, please,
CLICK HERE and listen to this rendition of He Reigns (so you can hear the soundbite that was rippling through my mind as I was preaching). This was the recording made when P.A.I.D. led the worship a couple months ago.
He Reigns is also included at the end of this sermon.  I'm wondering who the female who responds so enthusiastically to his thesis.

By the way, since we shared the Lord's Supper, that portion of the service has not been included:

This is that

Sunday, May 6, 2007

NEW Sermon-Prep help:

Scripture Reading for this morning's
                     sermon at BellRoad: click here

Near the start of my tenth year in Galt, I shared my thoughts on a controversy that had taken place among the trustees of our International Mission Board (regarding a ruling to place restrictions upon the devotional lives of new missionary candidates). I mentioned that I had really been too busy to follow the goings-on of different agencies and issues outside that which impacted my own calling from the Lord.

However, since I had recently taught about Spiritual Gifts and later preached on Ezekiel's vision of the Dry Bones, I felt the time had come to share my own response to the controversy linked above.

So, for the bulletin, I entitled the evening message:

    "What Pastor Rob Believes about Tongues"

Funny. There was a bigger group than usual for a Sunday night.

Over a year later, at BellRoad, this morning's message will involve the Shadowing of the Spirit over the Virgin Mary. This will be juxtaposed with the outpouring of the Spirit on Pentecost. Considering the perfect, passive participle in Peter's Sermon Introduction will be connected to the weekend newspaper and Romans Chapter One.

I spent Friday night digitizing the old tape from Galt and Saturday night editing the ums, wells, and uhs from the file. The editing process and remembrance of that particular message about my own spirit-edification may well lend some oomph to the delivery of the Morning Sermon.

   um, well, uh ...
simple utterances of the spirit within me
        --along with the filial awat and
            any lingering effect of the adversarial drot--
            may be with me for the rest of my public ministry.

If so, so be it. This will be that. You'll kind of have to be there if you wanna see past the obsfucation.

I hope this old message will be helpful for those who desire to get to know me better. It was shared on a Sunday night when Beverly brought her Russian neighbor, Eirene´ to church with her.

Perhaps if Dick Otterstad had heard this message two months ago, he may have decided to take his accusations elsewhere. It is an honest statement about my conviction to follow the leadership of the Spirit--regardless of the cost involved:

    Private, Personal, Prayer Language 
                                     * for Dummies

Saturday, May 5, 2007

I stayed in Auburn on Friday night. Went for a long walk on the old airport road behind our church to read the Word and think about Sunday's Message.

Cathy and I had rented a musical called Dream Girls so I played it again while I chatted with Joe and Sharon online.

Joe is reading a missional book and has developed some strong conviction about planting churches. He is downloading my new sermon series online and offering his ideas toward synergy.

me: I thought that the editied version of
       "The Waiting Room" sounds pretty good...

joseph: transcribing can help you edit out
                the extraneous stuff

me: not many long, run-on sentences..

joseph: but as far as LOCAL stuff goes, it is OK to leave
               that in if you have a pic of the subject alongside
               and you can mention a ceiling leak if we can have
               before/after pics

me: hmm

Joseph: and in your bit about technology, if we have a pic
                 of a lit candle with the caption

me: haha

Joseph: it might make it more interesting to the original
                 built in audience, Bell Road and also interesting
                 to the future viewers.

me: hmmm

Joseph: as you enjoy Paul talking to Timothy or some
                 other specific individual.

   because that shows relevance and field testing

   showing that it's not a 'brand new idea"
   I was imaging a future English/ Pastor training school

  where they listen to the message and then at least  
  summarize if not transcribe the message and cite any
  biblical references.

  that text could then be attached to an mp3
     as an interpretation/comment.

     showing that it is the old, old story.

: good idea

Joseph: as far as you were talking about the Doctrine
                 issue of lay-led churches ...

                 my doctrine is from watching, listening, and
                 attending and studying, practicing

  All scripture is God breathed and is useful for doctrine
  and books like Coach Eby that lead people back to the

       *quoting Coach Eby at the end of Consider:

"I put thousands of verses of God's word in each book ...
     that's what changes people's lives...
         --not coaches rambling on."

   SO ...we gotta make sure that Pastor's Training
          is God's Word ...not just coach's rambling on ...

   God's word is Quick and Powerful

   Alive ...  How long did it take for Saul to be transformed
   into Paul?    Just an encounter with Jesus ...

me: a lifetime of being transformed
        calling makes the difference.....

      <end of Friday night chat>

Extra tired last night. Slept through until 7:50 a.m.

I attended the Men's Breakfast at 8:00 a.m. and had a very good time of acknowledging God's Direction as being experienced among us in the season.

Currently, I am in our monthly Sunday School teachers' meeting. Sharon Cole has nine of us sitting around as she does her best to spur us on to develop our Sunday School department as a powerful vehicle for outreach.

I think that I will stay in Auburn through the day and overnight to continue to work on the SundayMessage Acts-Luke-Romans. I have been meditating upon the next three passages and settled on this passage as the key to unlock connectivity:

     And they were all amazed,
        and were in doubt,
        saying one to another,

   What meaneth this?

Others mocking said, These men are full of new wine.

 But Peter, standing up with the eleven, lifted up his voice, and said unto them, Ye men of Judaea, and all ye that dwell at Jerusalem, be this known unto you, and hearken to my words:

For these are not drunken, as ye suppose, seeing it is but the third hour of the day.

But this is that
       which was spoken by the prophet Joel

"This is what was spoken by the prophet Joel:
" 'In the last days, God says,
      I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
   Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
      your young men will see visions,
      your old men will dream dreams.

 Even on my servants, both men and women,
      I will pour out my Spirit in those days,
      and they will prophesy.' "

Friday, May 4, 2007 

Yesterday's Mayor's Prayer Breakfast was an important time-and-place near the end of my first 100 Days as pastor at BellRoad. The key speaker was Sosamma Samuel-Bennett (Chair, Dept. of Public Policy at William Jessup University).  awat

From there I drove to FSBC-Roseville, popped in on Pastor Doug, then to FBC-Rocklin.

There were three trainers from NAMB to work through two 12-hour sessions: Next Level Leadership Network. The trainers are Bert Ross, Doug Jividen, and
Dr. Virgil Grant
. These guys flew to California specifically for this small training event involving leaders from three northern California associations. I am being trained to facilitate this material among church teams in our association.

, the Director, is working at NAMB in Alpharetta, Georgia. Virgil is pastoring in Lexington, Kentucky. Doug is pastoring in Pioneer, Indiana and has trained the SouthCentral Association in Michigan. We knew people in common.

Yesterday was definitely a long day. Sitting all day long got tiring. I drove back to Galt last night and got home around 9:00 p.m. In preparation for this coming Sunday, I listened to last Sunday's Message on my way home:

The Waiting Room
   (click here)

I woke up at 4:30 a.m. this morning and will drive back to Rocklin in order to start another 12-hour session today at 8:00 a.m. Then, I will drive to Auburn to spend the night. There is a Men's Breakfast there first thing Saturday morning. As well, I should walk the platform and mentally prepare for the upcoming SundayMessage: click here

This morning I am supposed to be prepared to use a powerpoint presentation to discuss this particular model for Building Powerful Ministry Teams (click here).

There is yet another important door for ministry which appears to be opening but it is not wise to publish anything at this time. Still, if someone wants to join me in prayer about an exciting overseas mission, please write to me:

Emma emailed me at the Conference yesterday. A man named Mark had stopped in and told her that I had taught him guitar sometime in the past. Huh? Mark apparently found directions to BellRoad and made the trip down the road . . . (click here for your own custom map).

I can't figure out who this Mark might be. Hopefully, I'll get an email and clear up the mystery.

Thursday, May 3, 2007  (Day 96)

Today is the National Day of Prayer.

and Janet Caulder
are meeting Cathy and I at the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast.

I chatted with Joe online for an hour while I digitized and edited this "lost" message from March 18, 2007.

It was the companion piece to "Running in Church"
     entitled "No Running in Church" (click here).

I will be at FBC-Rocklin all day after the Prayer Breakfast. Our association is having a Team Leadership Training Seminar over the next three days.

update from Shamas:

Brother, Today I go to Islamabad but Police back our bus out of Islamabad city because today was again Lawyer's strike against Government.

Today Police fight with Opposition Parliament leaders and Lawyers with sticks. In all cities was lawyers strike in Pakistan. Tomorrow will also strike, because tomorrow Chief Justice of Supreme Court will go to Court again. Lawyers are with him, but President of Pakistan dismiss him.

Brother, I am not able to attend Congress in Thailand. Because here our Country problems. I am sad. I was much happy because I will learn more there.

But I am really thankful to Lord because He give me you and Brother Jim and one spiritual sister, Cathy.

My Pray God give you long life.
God Bless You
Your Brother Shamas

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I met with the area pastors and talked through plans for the National Day of Prayer (tomorrow morning at the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast). I explained again about my online friendship with Pastor Shamas in Pakistan. We all prayed about his need to get to Islamabad.

When I returned to the office this letter was waiting for me.

Greetings to you in Almighty Lord

Thanks for email. Brother, tomorrow I will Go to Islamabad again.

Brother here in Pishawer Bomb Blast in Government Parlimet Members Conference near about 30 people died and many injured.

Also Lawyers are on strike. Here condition are not good. Please pray tomorrow I reach in Islamabad and Embassy stamp visa tomorrow .If tomorrow I reach in Islamabad and stamp visa then I will go to Thailand next day.
                   God Bless You
                   Your Brother Shamas

He was still online so we wrote back and forth a few notes.

Cathy stayed in Auburn with me last night. We hung out with Faye and Clyde awhile and went out to eat. Jack and Janet came in while we were at Denny's.

Back at the church at 7:00 to go over music for Sunday morning. Lots to do today. Hope to learn something about a person that I have reported as missing.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Cathy is following me to Auburn this morning. She has business there today but won't be staying an extended time as I will.

I plan to meet with Auburn pastors and leaders at noon today. However, I've already planned to spend some time organizing my office. I happened upon this article early this morning, and although it was a feel-good for busy leaders, my response is that I still need to focus some attention on office matters, paperwork, etc.

     "Is a Messy Desk a Good Thing?" (click here)

I haven't heard from Joe since Saturday. They were at an airport in Manila but the call was lost. I am guessing that he and Sharon were on their way to Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Asian Baptist Congress begins on May 2nd (but, of course they're a day ahead of us--so that starts today).

I haven't heard from Pastor Shamas Pervaiz since one week ago. He was trying to arrange for papers to enter Thailand from Pakistan in order to attend this Congress. There was trouble in Islamabad and Pastor Shamas was having difficulty. I hope that it worked out because I would like to see Joe and Sharon meet up with Shamas. If the Lord wants this to happen, we'll know soon enough.

If you missed Sunday's sermon, here it is.

     The Waiting Room   (click here)

Last week at the Joy Fellowship Luncheon, Cathy mentioned that she plays the flute on the song: "Serve"

Click here for Audio: Serve

Here are the lyrics

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