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Saturday, December 31, 2005

I'm writing this early in the day. I plan to write more later but you all may wanna see how our special Christmas time offering has done thus far. Click on this brief video and you'll see how we did.   

Matchmaking again: I'm happy that James and Eva are adjusting well in my home state of Michigan. I found four eligible churches right in Eva's town. So, I took it upon myself to write a 'Dear Bobby' letter to the Director of Missions in Yspilanti and asked him to click over to whateva. Certainly they could venture outside of my chosen denomination...but why should they?

Native Californians becoming Yankee Southern Baptists--I'd love to see how that would turn out!

It seems that Bobby is also pastoring a new, multi-cultural church right there in Ypsilanti. I don't know about you...but I think that this is where James and Eva should attend church this Sunday. Click Here and let me know what you think.

Friday, December 30, 2005

We got back to the Epicenter safely. Saturday morning at 6:00 am is time for men's prayer meeting. I hope someone will be up reading this and decide to come over to join us.

The twenty of us who spent time together in San Jose experienced God working among us. I hope to write about some of my observations tomorrow--so check back.

If you don't have a church home, please consider driving to Galt and worshiping with us on Sunday: 653 A Street  Galt, CA 95632

I'm leading the worship team this Sunday and will be preaching a message entitled:

                Bible Basics 1:1 in the '06

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

From The Road...

When we were just about ready to leave Galt, Alex asked if we could stop by his house to pick-up his charger for his video game. Of course we could not.

However, at the gas station on the outskirts of town, Aimee discovered she left her make-up at home... You figure out the rest.

I am spending the next three days with our teenagers at Tsunami 2005 (our State Youth Conference: click here to learn more).

Twenty from Galt are connecting with 5,000 others from California in San Jose. Twenty from Galt are connecting with 5,000 others from California in San Jose.

On the Youth page,

I'm experimenting with a theme for our new season . . .

in the '06

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It was indeed a sunny day in Galt yesterday. After reading Joe's Journal, I felt the strong need to get out into the sun immediately, so Mom, Dad, and Joe-Joe went for a Dec. 26th walk around town. After a very long walk, we were heading back home through the Oldtown district. I was improvising some lyrics when one of our favorite characters, Barbara Payne stepped out of her 'closed' shop to visit our show.

Barbara let me take a look at the hardcopy newspaper story that Ross Farrow had written about her. I was so interested that I read the entire article aloud to the intimate gathering at the closed shop.

Here is the online version of Mr. Farrow's story. If you wanna learn more about this fascinating character: click here.

On Sunday morning I mentioned that I feel like I've been given a ministry which is a mix between Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Rogers, and Pope John Paul III. (I don't exactly know what that means...but I said it and I'm standing by it).

Captain Kangaroo had some friends at his place. Mr. Green Jeans, Dancing Bear, Bunny Rabbit, the Grandfather Clock, and others. Well, as I walk around town I meet many of the characters in my reality show.

Just seven days ago, I was walking in Galt with Chris Zeller. We were crossing the street at the 4-corners when someone honked their horn. Realizing that it must be a friend--she was smiling and waving--I focused on the face of Thelma McCartney. Of course she was smiling. She had been in church the previous Sunday night and had learned that Chris and Tara were moving back to the area. Chris has accepted the position of Senior Pastor at Berea Baptist Church in Stockton.

Immediately thereafter another vehicle honked. It was Richard Hoeppner driving a bus. This must be what John Wesley meant when he said 'the whole world is my parish.'

Yesterday I mentioned a 'lost letter' on Christmas day. I can't recall all I had written but I wanted to mention two visits from Christmas angels (messengers from heaven to me).

The first visit happened shortly after 8:00 am on Christmas morning. Joe and I were stepping out of our home into the light rain. I spotted Glen Bower walking from the west. He called out, "Oh, there is your property!" Glen had walked the mile from his group home to the church. Not finding anyone there yet, he decided to walk to my house. Not remembering which house was ours he walked past it. Glen said that he had rung five doorbells looking for us. He was happy to have found us for he had brought me a gift for Christmas. The first Christmas angel gave me a 12'' square mirror tile and seven thumb tacks to attach it to a wall.

Glen rode with Joe and me to the church. When we arrived I discovered my second Christmas angel was already there waiting. I had met Mr. Flowers a few months before when he first dropped by for a visit. However, on Christmas he gave me his first name. In fact, he prefers that we call him Charlie.

Charlie is 79 years old and is a retired merchant marine. Charlie lives alone. As we spoke with Charlie outside the church doors, Glen asked him about certain searfaring vessels. Glen's grandfather had sailed the seas as well. Glen shared an interesting tale of a book about World War II battleships. His grandfather had passed it on to him. Later, Glen's sister had found the same book in mint condition and had bought it for Glen--much to his delight.

I didn't exactly recognize a third Christmas angel. Perhaps there were probably far more than three that day! As the body and blood of Christ was was being offered to the great number of people gathered, I started lighting small candles as I recognized and named (to myself before the Lord) the people at the Lord's Table that day. What a privilege it is to have had such a long run of this particular reality show. I work alongside a great cast and crew. So, near the end of the Y2K5, I want to thank our Producer, Director, Author and Final Editor for His tender mercies toward all of us. God bless us everyone.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Last night I wrote a letter to our online local church group. I had planned to cut-and-paste some of it into this journal but so far it hasn't come through and I don't have a copy in my 'sent file'. If I've lost it I'll try to rewrite the piece about my own visitations with Christmas angels.

This morning I gave a 'whosoever will' invitation to anyone who wanted to come downstairs and watch the Horizon Christmas DVD with me. I really enjoyed seeing what Pastor Tim Stevenson had written and produced with a little help from his friends.

After watching their program, I ran up and fetched my own Christmas 2005 video (with Jebby, Ryan Perez, Dan Malloy, Ellen Dettman, Christene and Katey...and my own little family band). I wonder if anyone else taped or photographed any other featured personalities that evening.

Last night we went to the Dettman's home specifically to gather around Cody's drumset. Like the Pattersons, the Dettmans have made their home the center of teen activity by having an on-location drumset. We asked both Cody and Jerry to show us some of their percussive abilities. It was fun.

John Dettman had taped some of our Candlelight Service, so we enjoyed watching his camera work for Ellen's performance. He had brought Ellen to the church for her last rehearsal--so he knew the movements in the song and it helped.

The Dettmans are another one of those families who have been like our own family throughout our years here in Galt. At holiday time, it is especially hard on Cathy and me to be 2,300 miles away from our families-of-origin. Our children have had to miss out on building relationships with their grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. For that reason, I thank God that he has given us a few families who have reached out to our kids. Hopefully, we have served in a similar way for others who might feel alone.


Sunday, December 25, 2005

Right now it is 1:30 am. I haven't gone to bed yet. We had a really sweet time at our candlelight service. Then, our family had a turkey dinner and opened presents. At 11:00 PM, Cathy and I went to Horizon Church for their candlelight service. Our own service was so well-attended that Cathy and I stopped back to prepare more bulletins and Communion elements just in case we're surprised in the morning.

When we got back home around 12:30, I discovered an email from our friend Eva who just moved from the Epicenter outward to Michigan. Click here for her letter.

Finally, I watched a video that our daughter Mary shot of her brothers jamming with me at our candlelight service. A couple years ago I wrote some alternative lyrics to
    "Please Come Home for Christmas."

Tonight, Jerry played drums, Joe played piano and sang, Daniel sang, and I played Bass and sang. It was enjoyable for me to watch the tape about five times thus far.

I hope you have a full day of Christmas blessings today. From my house to yours:

                  Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Tomorrow night we are having a candlelight service at our church (at 7:00 pm). Today we will be making the final preparations for this special event.

The airline that Joe is supposed to take to Liberia has cancelled flights. This could impact Joe's trip scheduled for January 11th. Click here for that story.

I haven't written in a few days and I suppose that it is because I'm carrying some burdens that are serious. I am choosing not to write about them but these are important issues in people's lives.

Last night we watched a DVD of Alistair Cooke as Ebenezer Scrooge. That has always been a favorite and timely Christmas message for me.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Yesterday, Mike McCall and I went around visiting people. Along the way, we parked the car and walked in town. We called Joe to join us and then walked to Royal Oaks.

A number of pleasant conversations took place. Mary (91) embarrassed Joe by telling him how good-looking he is. She then looked deep into his eyes and spoke a most-important word to his soul. I was thankful for that kind word and other heartfelt blessings she offered.

I sat at the piano and sang a few old songs; Mike stood and sang with that wonderful smile. Our friend, Alta (95), was already sitting right next to the piano so she joined right in. Next to her was Jean (94). Although she has arthritis in her hands, she began to clap along with a great sense of rhythm.

Our final conversation was with Gertrude (Trudy) who turned 100 years old on the 15th. Trudy seems to have outlived all of her family and old friends. I would like to become a new friend if that is possible.

Monday, December 19, 2005

It's Monday. I heard that the priest at the local Episcopal church died suddenly. I still have a call from him (Roger) saved on my cellphone. We were going to have a conversation about the needs of the Hispanic church who has been using their fellowship hall.

Last night after our evening service, Cathy, Joe, and I went to the community part sponsored by the Hispanic church. I estimated between 250-300 people were there. That is certainly a new ministry opportunity for some church to help resource. I wonder if/how we will be involved?

Sunday, December 18, 2005

When the phone rings during the night, I quickly prepare myself for either a prank call or something very serious.

Shortly after 1:00 am, I received a call on my cellphone. My friend, Ruth, was distressed as she reported that her son, Greg, had been injured in Iraq. His vehicle had hit an IED (Improvised Explosive Device that can be triggered by a cellphone). At the time she only knew that Greg's injury involved his back. We prayed together.

Later, Greg phone his mother from Baghdad. His speech slurred by morphine, he was attempting to tell her what happened when the doctor came in. We learned that three of Greg's men were injured.
For more information about this young soldier and his wartime correspondence:
              click here for letters to Mom

During this week I have had other news about trials and troubles in the lives of many people. Often there is nothing that I can do but listen carefully. A listening heart and prayerful reflection is all part of a pastor's  preparation to stay true to his calling.

Now, I must out toward the pulpit where I will preach a message entitled:

 Finding Your Way
(8:30 and 11:00)
         view this video in preparation

I hope you will come help the rest of us fight the spiritual battle ahead. Please pray for all of the soldiers on all sides. The scripture says that 'we battle not against flesh and blood.' I must remember that as I prepare to preach this morning.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Happy 100th Birthday, Gertrude. Well, she's not online but Gertrude (down at Royal Oaks) has turned 100 on this very day. Cathy and I will soon stop by to sing her a song and let her know that we have remembered her today.

Yesterday's Galt Herald had a full-page article about last weekend's Christmas Program. It includes several photographs. I told Fred McKendry about it at the Bible Study last night (there's a picture of him). I insisted that he purchase a copy for his mother. Btw, May McKendry will be with us for Communion at church on Christmas morning (at the 10:00 combined service).

The online version of our story is lacking in comparison to the hardcopy (click here: Galt Herald online). If you are in the area, buy a copy, so you can see Fred's picture.

I'm currently working on this Sunday's sermon entitled:
         Finding Your Way
(8:30 and 11:00)
         view this video in preparation

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

l hope that you will take time to read yesterday's entry. Current events in Liberia and in the Patterson's home (Epicenter, California) are of great importance to me.

However, I need to report last night's activity. Cathy and I wound up having a 'double date' with Ryan and Brandy. Ryan is a senior at Galt High and his new girlfriend, Brandy, is a junior. I conducted my usual drivetime interview format and learned much about both of them.

We went to the Underground in Roseville and saw three bands:

A Skylit Drive (from Galt/Lodi), New Atlantic (from Jersey), and Waking Ashland.

The lead singer for Waking Ashland signed a copy of their new CD for my daughter Mary (she stayed home to study for a big test).
He wrote:

"Hi Mary. Good Job--putting school first."

Jonathon Jones
has a great voice, plays keyboards well, and a very pleasant stage personality. You can hear their band and other 'Tooth and Nail' artists when you
                                          click here.

Afterwards, we met the Underground's new onsite pastor, Josh. Josh and his wife recently moved here from Philly. He led a coffee house ministry there and has done many concert promotions through the years. When I mentioned our midwest affinity to Jesus People USA and Cornerstone Festival, we immediately found common ground.

The mission statement for the Underground summarizes what I've observed there with my own eyes and ears.

Tonight, I will be leading the midweek Bible Study (*mentioned in whateva). Everyone from Anywhere is welcome:

Glenn and Renee Greene (209) 339-1377
23599 N. Kennefick Rd. Acampo, CA 95220

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Of first importance today is this letter from my friend, Richard Wesley, in Liberia:

Pastor Rob,

Please pray for us. There was two days of rioting of the members of the Congress For Democratic Change who became losers in the  presidential elections but claimed to have won.

Their members damaged cars and destroyed houses but we were saved. Thank God!

In His great love,
Pastor Wesley

Yesterday, I had searched the BBC for current stories about Liberia and was disheartened to learn that George Weah had shared his feelings so publicly. The situation is volatile in Liberia. Why stir up trouble? We have prayed that Mr. Weah take the high road. The new President had invited him to join her administration. Instead, according to this article, he says that he will block her inauguration. I wonder who is advising this young man.

Joe is planning to go there in January (the same month that Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is to be inaugurated). Of course the political climate is very important to me. Above, Pastor Wesley asks me to pray for them. Likewise, I am asking all of you to look over this article.

          Click here for the BBC story

If you have a personal interest in Liberia's immediate future, please pray with along with me (and stay in touch, OK).

  Kidstuff:  While I wrote today's brief update about our four teenagers, I was reminded of those "Dear All" Christmas letters which will soon arrive from some of Cathy's relatives. Cathy and I are coming to the close of our 20th Anniversary Year. We have been celebrating all year long. On December 16th, I'll probably bring home some flowers to kick-off the 21st year. These photos are each clickable for your entertainment. I found them on the kids' myspace pages.

Joe (19) scored 96% on his first exam yesterday (U.S. History). His Accounting exam seemed to go well (he didn't know the score). Tomorrow, he will take two more finals: Mathematical Proofs and Advanced Calculus. So, he is still carrying that educational weight of 'upcoming tests'.

Daniel (17) won three out of four wrestling matches on Saturday (two pins). However, his Algebra II class is giving him more of a challenge. Last night I called Joe and asked him to tutor Daniel over the phone for his Algebra II homework.  I didn't go past Algebra I in ninth grade so I'm not much help there. I was pleased to know that Joe was able to relax his mind by sharing so easily from his own high school attainment. 

Jerry? (18) Well, he left his HVAC installations job due to a doctor's recommendation that he should avoid carrying weight on one of his shoulders. He had some pain and persistent swelling so he talked it over with his boss and left on good terms. The boss said he could always come back. (I've told him to make sure not to burn bridges to jobs.) Now, he has a different job at a clothing store (Tilly's) and seems to like that.

Jerry's new band is playing their premiere show tonight at the Underground. I have invited several people to go with us to see the show. So far, my choir buddy, Ryan Perez, has confirmed that he will accompany us.

Mary (14) is back at Galt High School now. As good as VAPAC (Visual Arts and Performance Arts Charter) has been for Katey (Choir), the school just wasn't working out well for my teens. However, now Mary is very happy as a GHS cheerleader. Here is a photo of her cuddled next to her little friend, Ryan (just turned 16). They went to the Winter Ball on Saturday night. Mary reports that the pictures are gonna be hecka cute!

Last night, she did all of her homework before talking to Ryan on the phone. Why so serious about the homework? She doesn't want to be forced to home-school with me. I don't know why, really . . .

Monday, December 12, 2005

My son, Jerry Patterson (18), is really excited. The latest v
ersion of his band,
A Skylit Drive, is playing with a prominent group called Waking Ashland at the Underground in Roseville. Jerry's band practiced at our house last night. It is a six-piece and has some sounds that are reminiscent of 70's rock-jazz fusion groups (with yet one more timbre added to the fusion: screamo vocals). proud father? Yeah. I'm pleased that Jerry has turned out to be such a good drummer. All the guys in his band are quite talented.

Yesterday at our 11:00 gathering, we met these two missionaries who have been our representatives in Tanzania since 1980. Ed said that he had googled himself and came up with our site (and with photos). So, to ensure that the next time Ed googles himself he finds something, I have embedded this special entry in the annals of church history:

Ed and Nancy Giddens are currently involved with mission administration, worship and mu
sic training, women's ministries, literacy workshops and the writing and editing of Bible Study materials in the East African nation of Tanzania.

Ed's father (Ed Sr., 89) and brother, Paul, came along to visit us. They both touched my heart with their story of mutual support after each having outlived their wives. The patriarch had served as Director of Missions for many Sacramento churches. He continues to invest pastoral encouragement to younger men. He moved close to me, fixed upon my eyes, and said, "You're doing a good job here."

Nancy's mother, Margie Hoff, was with us too. Her son-in-law and I shared a tender chuckle when I mentioned something that I particularly appreciate about that girl!

I really enjoyed meeting them and hearing them speak about the church in Tanzania. I have much to say about what all happened in our three services, afternoon concert, and council meeting. However, time doesn't allow. (candles, Jesus action figures, Little Freddy McKendry, Hispanic ministry, numbers, A/V, God's gift, Jebby, families, isolation, returning soldiers, the most-favorite time of the year . . . awat)

Today, Joe has two intimidating exams. He has been stressing over this week's FOUR exams. However, in the midst of his personal trials, he wrote a journal entry.

On Wednesday, Eva, leaves our sunny state to move to Michigan.

Below, I have linked one of several Christmas Concerts performed by Katey's school choir. Its not high definition video (or sound) but even this vision of teenagers singing in harmony blesses my inmost being.

I checked the stats and saw that yesterday, this concert was viewed/heard twenty times from this page. (Katey is the third girl from the right) CLICK HERE

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I was given a DVD by Katey's Dad. It was supposed to feature my favorite pre-teen soprano singing a solo on "O Holy Night." Well, the disc didn't work on a DVD player; I discovered that it was saved as a computer video file. So, if you'd like to see her perform with her special choir: CLICK HERE

Katey is the youngest girl...third from the right. You can jump ahead after the concert is loaded. If you are still on dial-up speed, you would be wasting your time to even try. Sorry about that.

Friday, December 9, 2005

Yesterday was a free day. We found out that Pete was in the hospital so we went to visit him. After telling him of our plan to drive to Sutter's Creek, he gave me truck driver's directions and mentioned an Italian Restaurant there. We made it to Sutter's Creek in time for the lunch menu. I really enjoyed myself.

Last night I watched Katey's performance and was thoroughly impressed. I've known this girl since she was a baby and sat next to her little brother. I've known him since he was born. I was happy to have been invited.

Tonight at 7:00 the community-wide Choir
will present a Christmas Festival at the Chabolla Center. I'm singing with that choir. Jebby will be singing a selection, Fred will play a Trumpet solo, and Ryan Perez will perform. Click above for more information.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

           The Season for Concerts

Last Sunday afternoon, Cathy and I went to Lodi to hear our trumpeter, Fred McKendry, play in his annual Christmas Concert at the impressive Hutchins Square auditorium.

Several other friends had attended as a sign of support for Fred's involvement in fine arts. One family brought their daughter, son, and their son's friends (all three children are in similar performance groups at school). So, I made a commitment to attend two more concerts this week.

Last night I had the privilege of hearing the combined choirs and bands from two area elementary schools. I knew several of the children who were performing. I was pleased to see them all involved with a school music program.

Tonight, Katey is performing with her school choir in Sacramento. I will also attend that special concert. Then, tomorrow night starts three, consecutive days where I will sing with the tenor section in the community-wide Choir. I hope you will click on the link and choose a time to support the arts in our community.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Mary (14) woke me up at 6:00 a.m.

 "Daddy, will you help me finish my rough draft?"

I was happy to arise for this very reason. Mary had chosen to write about 'Addressing Illiteracy in Liberia'. So, with a cup of coffee in my hand I answered questions for Mary as she followed her flowchart for writing a persuasive paper.

Mary's purpose: To generate interest in sending supplies, teachers, and to build schools in Liberia.

Her audience: All Americans

Whom does this issue affect? The entire population in Liberia and Americans that choose to help.

Whom do I need to convince? Americans

Whom do I want to take action?
Americans, teachers, professionals

Tone: Some people might oppose my opinion at first. I need to be respectful toward them and use language that will help them see my point-of-view.
Mary needed an anecdote for an opening, three reasons to support her purpose and a call to action. She opened her paper with a story:

Opening Anecdote:

Standing at the doorway was a pretty, dark-skinned Liberian teenager. She had a serious expression on her face. My daddy would only be in Liberia for two more days. People were standing in line to make requests of him. When it was Fannie's turn to speak with him, she explained that she was 18 years old and that her mother and older brother had both died within the year. She had managed to go to school--even with the war--all the way to the tenth grade. Then she began to cry and said, "I was put out of school because I have no money to pay. I want to go to school. Could you please help me?"

Reason 1: There is 80% illiteracy in Liberia
Reason 2: Education empowers people.
Reason 3: We have an opportunity to help people like Fannie.

Mary's persuasive paper could easily become a speech so if anyone would like to have her address an audience, please contact me:


December 7, 2005

How do you mark time?

Sundial? Swiss timepiece? Journal?
Paycheck? Bible? a mark on the wall?

What is your verb of choice?
How do you do time?

Is time ticking away, marching on, slipping like sand between your fingers?

Yesterday, I received these photos of recent days at the Greater Love Children's Home in Liberia. This building is adding three small classrooms next to the sleeping quarters.

Soon, Joe will be among those who live here--just about a month from now. Click on any of today's photos to get a better view. We can't take the trip to Liberia, but . . .

remember: if you're within driving distance and wanna invest your time with some seniors who are lonely, here's a mission trip:

Today, 10:00 a.m. at
               Royal Oaks
Convalescent Center
                         Galt, California  95632

December 6, 2005

Dr. Fermin Whittaker
showed up at our church before 8 a.m. yesterday. He shared that he had declined a trip to Nashville in order to preserve his health--he wanted to be in Galt on Sunday. Dr. Whittaker employs a unique style of storytelling as he preaches good news to up-and-outers . . . and . . . down-and-outers (and to those of us who consider ourselves to be insiders).

He shared about his childhood in CMy Photoolumbia and his Spirit-led sojourn which has brought him to his current responsibility as a key leader. He has set the tone for a humble and effective approach to the Great Commission as nearly 2,000 California churches cooperate.

Ten years ago, California Southern Baptist churches began a new chapter in the Annals of Church History by calling Fermin to this important position. He is the first non-anglo leader to serve at this level of position among our state conventions. Since childhood, he has developed a great sense of humor by showing up daily at the school of hard knocks.

Dr. Whittaker is an inspiring speaker but he is also a good listener. Years ago, when he first visited our church, Cathy and I had the privilege of sharing table fellowship with him and his wife, Carmen. I asked some pointed questions of the man. His answers brought a peace that surpassed my understanding of the seen and unseen battles I have fought as a christian leader.

We had not yet entered this 21st century but his message to me (then) is as relevant to me (now). I hope that you will take time to acquaint yourself with this important figure in World History. Here is a link to his personal webspace: Dr. Fermin Whittaker

           Little Brother is Watching

If you are a regular reader of this column you probably have discerned that the blogstuff from November 29 and 30 (below) is still being worked out in my heart and mind. A primary stirrer of this subliminal soup is a novel (historical fiction) entitled Dust. The story begins with an introduction to four characters who have traveled to a specific point in Earth history. It is important to me that those of you who are traveling with me through time become aware that the author, Billy Lee Harman, had once been married to my sister.

      The Best and the Worst of Time

Do you remember your teachers? For instance, who taught you to understand the secrets of the sundial and its successors?

My oldest sister was 11 when our mother died. This sister had always served a maternal role in my life--even when Mother was still among us. She was the person who taught me my fundamental understanding of time.

She was a good teacher and answered every question that arose about the concepts of a 24 hour day, 60 minutes in each hour, the little hand, the big hand, and that fast-sweeping counter of seconds. Before I knew how to read books, she had taught me how to tell time.  The year prior, when I was 4 years old, I began to call her by this name: my angel.

When my angel was seventeen, she married a late edition of Billy. He has in the army. When I was in 6th grade, she gave birth to their first child:

    Patterson Cleveland Harman

My sister then became the first person in our family to fly on an airplane. That was exciting, but it meant that she had to leave 'our little house on the prairie' to live with her husband and two boys in Europe and later in Afghanistan.

I don't know all the details of what happened in their marriage. Let's just say, 'It ended.' Now, Mr. Harman is becoming a public figure by publishing his novel online. Today, he has gotten at least 15 minutes of fame from this publication.

I am currently reading his book one chapter at a time. In its current form (2005), it is only 509 pages (double-spaced, one side) divided into 30 chapters. I am guessing that I will be finished with it before Joe leaves for Liberia.

As a publishing journalist, I am discovering that individuals are motivated to read my assortment of words for a variety of reasons. I have my reasons for reading Billy's book.

As well, I have reasons for asking you if you wanna read it along with me. If so, I am suggesting that you download it chapter-by-chapter. I have found that it is much easier to read on paper. However, I suppose that an online reading could be helpful--to have google available if you run into some unfamiliar references.

The first chapter, A Tale of Two Cities, is packed with historical references to art, music, religion, and war. I was sitting on bleachers at a wrestling tournament as I read that first chapter. There were a few spots where I could've used a search engine refresher.

In order to establish a frame-of-reference and to become a more-informed reader, I googled the man's name:
                  Billy Lee Harman

I found some helpful background information on the development of his character(s) in reference to his 2003 version: Research

Well, I could use a 'reading buddy' for this little project. If you're up for some interesting reading/dialogue, click around, check it out, and let me know.

I haven't yet taken the time to invest in cleaning and reorganizing the current month's stats page. Yet the phones keep ringing and operators are standing by...

so, here are the numbers:

Thursday   374
  Friday       377
    Saturday   269
           Sunday  229   
(140 in church yesterday)

1,249 Unique Visits during the last 4 days:

215 views of our homepage
      and 104 to this very page....
              18 visits to Vanity of Vanities

December 5, 2005 My Photo

Dr. Fermin Whittaker
is coming to Galt to deliver a message at
the Epicenter today.

His very presence preaches the type of gospel spoken of by Phillips Brooks--sharing truth through personality.

December 2, 2005

 Randy Stonehill Sighting

December 4th
, Randy will be sharing his life message within driving distance of the Epicenter:

THIS Sunday morning:
Discovery Church in Elk Grove

THIS Sunday evening: 
Community Presbyterian Church in Vacaville

     If you go, tell him Pastor Robert said 'Hey, Randy...'
I'm still stuck in
the Baby Hates Clowns controversy.

December 1, 2005

After going to Stanford Medical Center, Cathy and I drove on to Monterey and stayed the night. We were able to stay in a place called the Spindthrift Inn (on Cannery Row).

I will write about the experiences we shared there. Today, I suspect that the entry from November 29 will be reviewed. I hope that you will click on this ol' song.

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