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Recently I had played a rough tape (recorded in Liberia) for Greg Brayton and asked him to begin working on the piece.

Greg has been blind since he was 8 months old. Although God allowed for that sense to be taken from him, it seems that Greg's other senses have been heightened. I've known Greg since I first watched him perform when he was in 9th grade.

During the time I was writing these songs in Liberia, I received an email telling me that a doctor had told Greg that he had less than five years to live. My late night reflections were burdened with the thought I might be saying good-bye to my good friend.

Later, another specialist would tell Greg that there was no sign of Cancer.

I decided to join together two fragments so if you'd like to hear Greg play an accompaniment of 2 acoustic guitars, 
                CLICK HERE
You might need to adjust your volume. I think the signal is  kinda hot.

It was a late night in Liberia with a battery operated cassette recorder.
CLICK HERE to hear the original song idea fragments that I played for Greg.

Without Greg, this song would never be completed. I thank God for giving this guy such a wonderful talent.

I will listen to Greg's arrangement over and over (while I proceed with each day's events). On Monday, May 2, I took Jerry over to Greg's Studio and added Drums; Greg had already added the Bass. To hear a rough mix of the entire piece thus far:

and here's a page with possibilities for words for the 'oceanside walk with God' song called "God Calling." Some of these words may/may not wind up connected to either version of the song you can click on after you click here.

I plan to use this song on
Liberia y2k5
(a final CD copy of songs written in Liberia and to raise funds for our work there).

If any of you would like to 'hire' my buddy, Greg, to empower your creativity in a like manner, you may email him:   or call his studio:  517-278-8489

Tuesday and Monday, May 31 and 30, y2k5 sd 61-60

Sunday, Cathy, Joe, and I visited River of Life Celebration Center for church. Jason was preaching.
Monday, I met with Roy Kelley about his hope of going to Brazil on his first-ever mission trip.
Tuesday, I learned of Dale Lambson's death and agreed to speak at a funeral service for him on Friday.

Sunday, May 29, y2k5 sd 59

Today I would like to introduce you to our good friend Macdonald Wreh. Last October, Macdonald came from the war-torn nation of Liberia to the Epicenter. Before he had been here even a week, he had his Social Security Card and had secured a job. He has had the joy of being a taxpayer ever since. Pastor Wesley and I first met Macdonald in February, 2004. He had been displaced from his apartment due to the recent fighting. His job at the Methodist Bookstore ended when the building was destroyed. He was staying with a friend--wearing that friend's clothes.

Any hope of being married to the mother of his daughter seemed distant. Joyce had left Liberia with Eunice to stay with one of her sisters in  Ghana and opportunities for gainful employment in Liberia were rare. One meal a day was what Macdonald had come to expect. When we met him he was not smiling much. He had 'won' the opportunity to go to America on an Immigrant's Visa but did not have adequate resources to pursue the costs involved. Macdonald did not know anyone in America who would be qualified and willing to sign an affidavit-of-support on his behalf.

Most Christians have been 'burned' somewhere along their pilgrimage when they have tried to reach out and help someone else who calls himself/herself a believer. As we became aware of Macdonald's needs we really didn't know if we could afford to 'risk' what it would take to help Macdonald. He hadn't told us of his daughter or his hope of marrying Joyce. It was difficult to communicate through email. At Pastor Wesley's suggestion, he began to pray. In fact, he fasted and prayed. Likewise, Cathy and I prayed and decided to help in a small way. Then other Christians became involved...

Longer story short. Much has happened during the seven months since he has actually set foot on American soil. Soon after his arrival, a family in our church decided to give him the gift of a bicycle. Many other acts-of-kindness followed by those who were prompted  to empower Macdonald.  He has accomplished many personal goals as he worked to earn his way. Having never before driven a car, he needed to study, take and retake the written test, and try three times to pass his road test. 

Those of us who know Macdonald suffered alongside him as we learned of a tragedy that occurred just one month before he came to America. His month-long marriage to Joyce, was almost immediately proved by fire when the two of them faced the sudden death of their seven year old daughter, Eunice. Macdonald still proceeded with his hope of seeking a better life for his family. By the grace of God, before Macdonald left Liberia, he and Joyce were blessed with the conception of another child. Joyce, who is still in Liberia, is due to give birth to this child in June. Mac has been faithful to send support to his wife during these months apart. Joyce has also been able to receive kidney treatments as her husband has worked to provide for his family.

On Saturday, MacDonald took me on a ride in this 1979 Volvo (that came to him through the watchful, networking ministry of Tom Mogan). Mac also acknowledged that Jim Parkinson was quite helpful in getting this car on the road. Currently Macdonald is driving to Sacramento to work full-time in a group home for troubled children. I am encouraged by Macdonald's steadfast witness and by the demonstrative love that so many precious people have freely given. To God be the Glory.

To read more of Macdonald's story in the first person, CLICK HERE, and scroll down.

Saturday, May 28, y2k5 sd 58  (nearly halfway there toward sd120)

I went to see a Nurse Practitioner at Kaiser yesterday. She checked my ears and nose regarding the Vertigo and, together, we concluded that I may have allergies to environmental factors in Michigan. About my left knee, (the one that was instantaneously 'healed' for one night), she was confident to say that it didn't seem to be anything 'serious.' Still, I pushed for an x-ray, so I stayed at Kaiser for a couple hours and read through a most interesting magazine from September, 2004. I didn't even bother to ask her professional opinion about how much time I have left.

I know that sometimes 'the Doctor' will tell a person that he has less than six months...or that she's looking at less than five years.....for me, well, I'll wait until I become a doctor and then I may look in the mirror and give myself my very own professional opinion about the matter. I wasn't kidding about doctorob's little pills...(well, I was kidding at the time) but, at this point, j/k has become i/n/k. My brother used to say, "If you don't believe me, ask the Blind Man....he saw it all."  OK...enough improvisation, lets get down to some rehearsed material:

This morning I was privileged to participate once again in the continuous prayer meeting at the Epicenter. Every Saturday morning for several years, a group of Christian men have gathered to talk, listen, and pray--to/with one another and to/with God. Some are extravert prayer-ers and others are introverted...but the freedom this group has is wonderful. The men talk and pray until they've prayed through.

Several decisions are made each time this group meets. The decisions are not necessarily voiced but I trust that all are YES and AMEN in the sight of God who is prompting certain thoughts, prayers, petitions (while also listening to other issues which pop-up in His all-knowing sight).

I am humbled by the Truth I have come to know. I didn't write yesterday (or on Thursday). However, God has given me a message that I've shared with my wife, Cathy, and a few other close friends. I won't even try to articulate it in this particular entry but some facets are:

First, there is no need to write any new songs. I have fragments of several song ideas (from the early 80's) which I have been reviewing during these sd1 through 57. 'LivingOut-LearningIN'  this Theology of Integrity, it is vital that I write express some of it in prose connected to the melody/rhythm/chordpattern Continuum that popped-up back in the first days of my Great Awakening (1982-84). Those days were confusing for me; my life had become 'seriously dis-Integrated'. However, I had prayed for salvation in the Name of Jesus. He was 'keeping' me through those months. My sabbatical rest has allowed me the opportunity to revisit some of those journals and letters. Christ Jesus did not 'sanitize' me completely during those early years of working out my salvation. Some of these song fragments will be the seedbed for Theological Rationale upon which future sermons, ministry events, and public/private convictions will be grounded.

Second, Cathy and I are in our twentieth year of marriage. We are a spicy couple of personalities. In this marriage, I bring the jalapeño and she prefers the guacamole--but we're really learning to work it together. More than ever, I am celebrating the mid-life awareness that Cathy is God's Chosen Ambassador to this particular man-in-progress. Instead of kicking against the goads, I'm gonna try my best to move along His chosen path. Likewise, I think my bride is learning to trust my healing ministry as God's Answer to her lifelong heart cry.

Finally, the recent disable-ment of several close friends makes perfect sense in light of my personal testimony regarding my brother's humiliation. When Dick was only 19 (Joe's age), (or was it 20, 21?), this 6'2" childhood hero had his first onset of Multiple Sclerosis. We (his family members and friends) all struggled in different ways through the years ahead. Many of us struggled onward into time without the protective, wisdom-stirring fear of the Lord. However, during the last three years of his young life, my life was inextricably changed. Much of who I have become as a minister, a friend, a poet, a strummer/singer has everything to do with Dick's humiliation. He suffered that I might grow. He outlived his mother by one year breathing out his last breath at the age of 32. I've outlived both of them by many, many years. In light of eternity, both of these young Christians suffered 'with' Christ that others might learn all-important LifeLessons. awat

Oh...there are several more points, but I've already used the word, 'finally' I depart from Paul's example of talking past midnight...and sign off here.

A Proverb for Friday, May 27

Thursday, May 26,  y2k5 sd56       Proverbs 26    Parenthetical Considerations: (I suppose this will be today if you are reading this on Thursday)

Wednesday, May 25,  y2k5 sd55   Proverbs 25   The Day after Tomorrow    (and I reckon this was for yesterday IF you are reading this on Thursday)

Wednesday morning it is. Daniel and I spent the night at a Best Western in Utah. They have free, high speed wireless here. Last night, we walked across the State Line to Nevada for supper. My sons both have wanted to 'eat healthy' during the road trips (so we've mostly eaten at Subway). Wanting more variety we went to the Peppermill and had the Buffet. It wound up being 12.95 each (not quite the super deal I've always heard so much about). We had prime rib and plenty of shrimp but 'wanting to get our money's worth' would have meant eating much too much. We had a nice waiter that kept bringing the sodas, so we decided to tip him $2.00.

On the way out out--as we passed by the gambling tables and slot machines, Daniel said, "Dad, put one dollar in."  A couple years ago, I played 25 cents in a Nevada airport with Jerry (and I won there as well). Jerry and I had lunch at the expensive Airport Subway that day!

Not thinking much about the ethical issues involved (or this journal entry), I found one dollar in my pocket and 'played it.' The three wheels spun, the lights flashed, and the bells rang out. I was a winner, once again! Not wanting to take the time to figure out the winnings, I simply pushed "PayOut", retrieved my ticket, and headed out. I noticed that it was a $30 ticket. Daniel and I quickly made a conceptual connection: the night's winnings had paid for the supper and the tip.

The teachable moment may have been to say, "Nah.." to the whole experience. Instead, I again reminded him of how 'addictive' I have heard gambling is. I seemed to be able to 'walk away' in both instances of gambling, BUT, both times a kid asked me to play, I gave them a little lecture about how dangerous it can be for those who do get addicted to it. Their Uncle Kramer had a problem with gambling as I recall.

Daniel asked me to write in my journal about it. I said, "Nah...." but he insisted. After all these sentences, I think it is best if I report that we're on our way outta this place. Lord willing, we will be back at the Epicenter late this afternoon. CLICK HERE to see if the Scripture mentions slot machines today: Proverbs 25

Tuesday, May 24, y2k5 sd54          Proverbs 24  Tomorrow  (....this is a couple days ago IF you are reading this on Thursday)

Editor's Note: Since the passage of time/distance will take some time this will be the last ENTRY until Rob and Dan reenter the present day at the Epicenter.  The above hyperlinked scriptures have been provided, in advance since the projected time has some variable factors (sunlight, wind, time zones, meals, wayside attractions/distractions, and that one special hitchhiker who will need a ride off the beaten path).

, May 23, y2k5 sd53    Scripture for TODAY:  Proverbs 24

I woke up (as is my custom). Today, I did not hear the bell toll. Although it must have rung about ten minutes ago: I was preoccupied planning out the Devotional readings from Proverbs (above).  I didn't know what time it was. It was dark...but the sound of birds was quite distinct in my hearing. The sound of the Birds chirping is 'good sign.'  If you were to have asked Daphne DuMaurier about 'signs' her response would certainly have been SIGNificant.

"Does anybody really know what time it is?" This question posed by the Chicago Transit Authority so many years ago in this very room was answered when, in the dark, I fingered my way to the POWER switch on my laptop. 2:50 AM appeared. I then proceeded with my calculations and reckoned (by adding three hours) that it was 5:50 (well, 5:51 by then....time just keeps ticking away).

The lay preacher at the Methodist Church voiced a prayer to the Lord on our behalf yesterday morning. He mentioned that our world is conflicted. As well, the man ministered truth to me (and the others) in his children's message, his sermon.  His benediction was a powerful blessing upon us that we would all have hope for our future and the we would become men and women of character.

I have certainly been conflicted during my the 42 days I have 'invested' thus far on the trip backwards and forwards into time. I have written in this journal (without much censorship) however I have tried to be careful to protect the interests of others. I try hard not to be a liar (or one who exaggerates without the self-awareness to call the exaggeration by a $14.95 word: hyperbole). However, there is probably some exaggeration that is the simple penny-for-your-thoughts variety. If I could do something about that (in realtime), I would. However, at this point, before starting my long trek westward, I must simply refer the offended reader to the narrative theology published under the name: Dr. Stan Nelson. In that text, and at the beginning of his course, he stated (would state/and possibly will still) the Principle of Human Fallibility.

As I told my nephew: "You know, if you're uncle makes a fool* of himself, just cut him some slack. Step back and look at the big picture."

And for everyone else (those who aren't flesh-and-blood), it ain't easy being me.

If I ever get the doctorate, I hope to provide you all with a free sample of doctorob's little pills. IF you take one each morning, drink plenty of water, get plenty of exercise, start reading, kiss your loved ones, and eat an apple every so often, YOU SHOULD feel better as the days goes on.

I woke up with vertigo again. I wish I had my doctorate, so I could follow the doctor's advice. But that other guy....he's a quack! Well, gotta pack up the TimeMachine. Let's roll.

(You can quote me....just remember...whatever bounces off me might stick to you, so be careful--AND don't get burned by the molten lava....)

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 22

, May 22, y2k5 sd52    

I woke up just before the Clock Tower began to toll in Coldwater, Michigan. Carefully listening I counted off the five rings. Countless times I heard that same bell ring through the years of my childhood and adolescence. That very bell (and clockworks) was purchased at an auction after our Court House was the object of arson.

My Dad and his friend, Hugh Avery, went to the auction and 'bought back' the enormous four-faced Clock, the works, and the bell. During the eighties (I believe), a group spearheaded the building of a facsimile clock tower near the spot where the old Court House stood.

I sure am thankful that my father and mother chose Coldwater as our hometown. Both of them played a significant role in this city's history.
During the sixties, Dad helped with that decade's capital campaign to restore the Tibbits Opera House (f.1882).

Last night, my son, Daniel, and I attended a performance there. Daniel had been invited by one of the dancers;
I wanted to experience the nostalgia of the venue.

A local group called the Quantum Dance Continuum presented The Dance Factory Time Machine. Citizens of all ages participated in this 'recital'. The Time Machine theme involved period pieces--a splendid night at the Opera House.

Jerry's playing drums at the Methodist Church this morning, so that's where the three of us will attend. I have to walk within range of the wireless connection, send this off, and get ready for church. I'll leave this time zone early tomorrow morning so I'll try to enjoy this last day here to the fullest.

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 21

, May 21, y2k5 sd51    

I woke up with a lingering taste of vertigo on my mind. In the subconscious journals, a significant dream (courtroom scene) has prompted a number of pop-ups which I haven't clicked off yet this morning.

And, in 'real' life, someone has scratched the letters F, A, and G on the passenger side of the TimeMachine

Sandy® is selling her old car so I will rouse my two transcontinental sons for a clean-up campaign.
First I need to up-and-downLoad some ideas.

Tomorrow, Jerry graduates from CHS; from there we will take him to an airport (Detroit or Chicago) and send him back to California.
Yesterday, in 'history' (may21), the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic began. Jerry will be flying in the opposite direction.

If you read on, you will meet more of my ancestors. I stayed up late last night adding to the day's journal. Cathy and I spoke over the phone; she was cleaning the house in California while I read her the sad story of her great, great grandmother-in-law, Angelia Wheeler Cleveland.

I don't expect that this would be very interesting for the general public. However, since the secrets of sexual transmission of DNA are being explored in my journal, I might as well say, "Hi" to those who personally (and biologically) share this ancestor's sad story.

In this form, it may take awhile to fully load (according to how fast you travel through time on your digital timemachine

Like all of history (and current events), it is exclusivistic. It usually only includes the stories that someone(s) in each generation decided to include. I have read and heard many sad stories of circumstantial tragedy as I've traced the line of any one individual. Interestingly, as I have hunted through our family's stories, I just can't seem to find the 5-15% who were homosexual (until the single testimony of this generation). Maybe there was some small percent somewhere...sin is sin. On our Friday visitations, Veda and I met many people who shared their family secrets of sexual sins. Some want to clean out the closets.

This may not be fully accurate but I've been told that according by certain government workers,
all rights to privacy end with a person's death. I suppose you could register
®1957, 1975. ®2001,2005  
a name and likeness as a trademark
(as has happened with the Three Stooges).

Secrets are not usually kept 'perfectly' after a person's death. People will talk.
I would that all of you leave your survivors something
GOOD to talk about.

Please put this epitaph on my tombstone:

Robert Gordon Patterson
      His whole life was a parody...j/k.
born: at some point in time
died: yeah, that too
eternal life: that was his hope in Jesus Christ

Someone got me started. I was minding my own business--working on a safe, little doctoral project,
then someone started cleaning out closets in the public square, organizing and publishing their thoughts.
I am the victim, Your Honor. I was pushed to react to current events.... j/k.

As 'Chip Douglas' has so subtly warned us: "Don't dig too deep. You might get burned by the molten lava..." uhh...j/k

Homosexuality, Incest, Neighborly pedophilia and other perversions are just the tip of an iceberg one might call "The Flesh".

How 'bout false testimony? Stealing? Pride? ....Jealousy? Envy? Idolatry? Adultery? Murder?  ...and on  ...  and on ...

Why not just separate our society from all subjective sense of morality?
I ask you....Who wants to just go ahead and legalize all of it?

Those who have established a politically-correct Subjective Objectivity, that's who.
(or was it the proponents of Objective Subjectivity"
Survey says....blah, blah, blah, ad infinitum..."

Golly, I'll probably be dragged into the Sublime Court of the Collective Unconscious tonight ... for simply cleaning out MY closet.

"Why can't we all just get along?"

I dunno ....
                   (maybe) it's an ugly little thing called sin.*               
Views expressed on this page do not necessarily reflect those of anybody else.

Joseph Patterson was my great, great grandfather. He had come to America from Ireland when he was 21.
His wife Katrina Jagger was born here.
They made their home in Orange County, New York (and later moved to Michigan).
They had eight children. Their fifth child was named
Robert C. Patterson

Below is a letter written by Joseph to his son in Woodstock, Township, Michigan (1855).
                                                        for a transcription of the letter:
click here

Joseph Patterson's son my great grandfather,
Robert C. Patterson
was around 19 when the Civil War began.

To see a photograph of Robert C. Patterson with his wife Lura Mahala White: CLICK HERE

To read a biography of Robert C. Patterson: Click Here

Letter from Mary Angelia (Wheeler) Cleveland
  to her mother Jemima Nutten about the death of baby Edgar


Council Grove, Kansas

August 31st, 1873

Dear Mother,

It has been a long, long times since I have heard any words from you.

John was saying today that he guessed you had "soured on me."

I want to know if it is so, A week ago yesterday, there was a little coffin carried from our housed and layed away in the cold dark grave and one of our little ones was gone from our sight--never to return although it is some comfort to know that we may go to him.

Still our home is lonely without him, it was one you had never heard of. It was our little blue eyed baby he was three months old the day he died.

His name was Edgar. He was the best and prettiest baby I ever had. He had the Hooping Cough had been coughing three weeks I never saw anything so poor as he was.

Freddie did not appear to care anything about it but with little Minnie it was really touching to see her grief and for several days after she would cry every often and say she wanted to see our baby again and have him laugh once more for us. I would give the whole of this world, if ever mine, if I could but see his little blue eyes and sweet pretty face once more.


Freddie has had the Cough about four weeks
and has it very bad to, Minnie and I have had it about two weeks. Jimmie is just beginning to cough.

I supposed I had the Hooping Cough but if I have I have got it again for I cough and hoop dreadfully.

Minnie & Freddie are very poor and ______ but Jimmie is __?__ and healthier looking than the other children ever over.

I have no more to write now so I will close hoping to hear from you soon.

From Gial



Sep 2nd

I have not had an opportunity to send this to the office so I will write a few more words.

Freddie is not any better yet. Minnie & Jimmie are getting worse. Mother, my dried fruit is nearly gone. I know if I was there I would be welcome to all I wanted if you had.

Now I want to ask you is if you have a _   ?___ wouldn’t you let some one dry on shares and send me some for I do not know what we are to have to eat. This winter we have not had any rain to amount to anything. Since the first of June and what little did grow the grasshoppers are eating up we sowed over half an acre of onions and we will not have enough to have any late potatoes and I guess there is not going to be no more this time.  

Please write soon


*years later, Angelia (Wheeler) Cleveland (Shipman) had a granddaughter named after her. My Grandma Angelia Peterson (Patterson, then Green) wrote in this short explanation at the top of the fourth page. Decades later, Gial would marry George Shipman, then live her last years at the Cronk Road farm with her daughter Minnie (and husband, Frank Peterson), and her great grandchildren: Richard and Sally Patterson).               

       Angelia Wheeler Cleveland, 1895.
  She later will marry George Shipman. In the latter years of her life, she is cared for by her daughter, Minnie Peterson, at the Cronk Road farm. She will share a bedroom with her great grandson, Richard Thomas Patterson (my Dad).

Every night Grandma Shipman brought a kerosene lamp, and a glass of water to her nightstand. Then would shuffle across the room to wind her clock.

Uncle Tom (Peterson) was always concerned that Grandma would knock over the lamp and burn down the house.
The little boy, Richard, listened carefully for the nightly routine. He still has the clock. 

Minnie (Cleveland) Peterson           Frank Peterson                                                                              

  Minnie Cleveland married Frank Peterson.
Here they are at the Cronk Road farm with the Peterson relatives:  (l-r) Susan Shafer Peterson, Thomas S. Peterson, Layfayette Peterson, Frank and Minnie.

      for Frank Patterson's Family History: CLICK HERE

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 20

, May 20, y2k5 sd50    

Wisdom from Dad: "Even a fish wouldn't get caught...
                                                                                              ...if it kept its big mouth shut."

I just returned to Coldwater from a quick business trip on  to Niles, Michigan with my Dad. At 75, Dad is still very active in business traveling east and west on U.S. 12 (the Old Sauk Trail). It occurred to me yesterday as I was helping Dad that I knew his work routines quite well. This proved to me that I needed to 'go back home again' in order to rightly recall what happened here during the first two decades of my life. For instance, I have sometimes told others that my father was 'absent' much of my life. Actually, I could probably write a book about this guy because he has lived out revelation for those who have been within his sphere of influence. There are reasons that his interactions with his children were selective and specialized. awat

In recent years Dad had a growth removed from the front ride side of his head (his frontal lobe was pressed and he feels he can't remember some formerly well-recorded memories. Dad always had trouble remembering certain non-essentials (like the birth order of his children, etc.).
A few years back, he and Aunt Sally had gone to Hillsdale and revisited their collective past. They took along a cassette recorder and taped an oral history. However, Dad didn't remember having done this. So, it will be a blessing for me to minister 'memories' to Pa in the years to come. Dad expects to live into his nineties.

His father, Robert W. Patterson died at age 51 (lung problems from the mustard gas used on the troops in France (World War 1). Angelia, my Grandma, was to raise two children alone: Richard, 8 and Sally, 4. They would have lost their home on Rippon Avenue. So, Grandma sold the house (before threatened with a tax sale) and she moved out to her parents' farm on Cronk Road. There, Grandma started a business raising chickens. The children grew up with their grandparents, Frank and Minnie (Cleveland) Peterson.

During that time their Great Grandmother lived out the rest of her life there. The Peterson farm had served for others to come live out their last years. Previously, Uncle Wallace Cleveland (the inventor) lived there previously. Grandma would refer to Uncle Wallace as one who 'chased bubbles' in life. He had in fact operated three grist mills (in Marengo...and 2 other sites). He was working on a perpetual motion device as a means of energy. I don't what happened to the prototype. My brother, Mike, has demonstrated in his life a similar penchant for intuitive, mechanical reasoning.

Today, I gathered information about Dad's early adulthood and vocational development. He moved from the farm on Cronk Rd. into Hillsdale (147 Union) when he was in the 9th grade. Dad became known as a young man who could possibly repair appliances in the neighborhood. This led to a job with a man down on Union Street who replaced electric stove burners. In that shop, Dad learned the science of Radio Repair by starting out testing and replacing tubes. During the War (ww2), radio tubes were rationed. Dad's mentor was an ethical businessman who refused to buy tubes illegally.

During this time another young man, Harold Munn, rode his bicycle to the shop. He learned of my Dad's interests and abilities and offered him a job working nights and weekends running a public address system. The small company served to amplify sound at sporting events, wrestling matches, and the annual Christmas pageants. My Dad knows the very roots of the campy Wrestling Champs which are still a active in the stream of popular culture. He spoke of the Aztec King, the Little Flower (he was a small Italian who could bounce as high as the top rope).
I suppose I will someday ask Dad more questions about that particular subculture because Dad still watches Wrestling on TV. He knows some of the behind-the-scenes stuff of that show business venue.

This afternoon, Dad and I are going to discuss my purchase of an old Edison phonograph at 2:00. Then, I am supposed to meet my sister, Nancy, at 3:30 to see where the Clevelands are buried in the Old Cemetery. I'd like to try to speak with Greg Brayton about some recording ideas. Time is running go.

For more information on Uncle George, Grandpa John
and other 'cousins' of President Grover Cleveland, look through blog archives at:

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 19

, May 19, y2k5 sd49    

On my recent TimeTravel to visit Aunt Sally, I was introduced to my great, great, great Uncle George. Here Uncle George Cleveland just before he was honorable discharged from the Union Army. Notice that Uncle George suffered loss of his right arm on the battlefield.

Just the day before meeting Uncle George, my son, Jerry, and I had walked down to the old section of Oak Grove Cemetery (in Coldwater).
I told Jerry that we didn't have any relatives in Coldwater (before my Dad had moved here). Well, I was wrong.

Uncle George would come-of-age and marry Elizabeth Higgens.

Uncle George and Aunt Lizzie lived
here in Coldwater at 98 South Jefferson

Uncle George and Aunt Lizzy had a daughter.
They named her Grace Cleveland.

Another generation would pass as Grace came-of-age and married.

Here she is at Aunt Lizzie's home with their daughter. I really didn't get a chance to meet Grace's husband or their little girl.

Not only did some of my family live in Coldwater in the 1800's some of those relatives are buried here in the old cemetery.

Practical Wisdom: Proverbs 20

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 18

, May 18, y2k5 sd48     

   Just returned to Coldwater from Tiffin, Ohio. Aunt Sally and I traveled all over time into the wee hours of the morning--looking at tin-types, letters, stories, photographs, and poetry from our ancestors.

  My cousin, James Nelson Cook, hung out with us last night. We picked up his wife, Sue, and went out for Chinese food. He informed me that Phil Keaggy (an Ohio boy) would be playing a concert nearby in July. Then, he mentioned that Randy Stonehill would be there the following week.

Well, I just had to act like the big-shot relative who went out to California and now knows Randy Stonehill. I told Jim that I'm glad he knows about Stonehill. I've had to introduce his unique ministry to so many people in Galt...ya know? weird.

It was good to share how much I think of Randy personally. Jebby and I have talked over the depth of Randy's performance. I've always been impressed with how he stays after...and speaks with every single person who wants to meet him. I hope good stuff will happen to all the people I've mentioned in this name-dropping blog. AND that ain't SCHMOOZE...that's just me.

Let's look at the Word, shall we?

CLICK HERE: Proverbs 18

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 17

, May 17, y2k5 sd47     

   I'm heading for Ohio today so I may not be online but please feel free to write me at the address above or send a message from   

   If you are with us for the very first time, kick back, mouse&click your way around.

   Don't even try to see it all in one day. You can't. It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE. Season passes are absolutely FREE.

                  Hol lol lu Jah!            n/k

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 16

, May 16, y2k5 sd46     

   This morning I have been busy tweaking and rethinking how best to present myself to the outer world of ideas and personalities.

has undergone a few edits through the hours of this morning thus far. At 2:30 AM, Cathy asked me, "Are you getting anything done toward your prospectus?" (silence)

   One can always hope that somehow the issue of this day is related and can be adequately integrated in an intentional, informed manner.
(short answer: not really)


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sexual Orientation, Social Manipulation, and other words

Hey, I'm not trying to be pushy here...I just thought you might wanna read something from an 11th grader I met Sunday.

Micah L. Tomlinson

My alma mater (1975) Coldwater High School has a newly-formed student group on campus: "the Gay-Straight Alliance." Our teenagers are being asked to 'identify' and question their sexuality and submit to being 'educated' by those who think additional classifications beyond Male or Female should be accepted as normal.

On many fronts, children and adolescents are being pressured to identify themselves as:

Should they have not yet made a 'choice' they are, in some settings, offered these options:

As the parent of a 13 year old daughter, I resist the pressure that she faces regularly to 'accept' this questioning of her developing sexuality.

I will not identify myself as Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, bigoted, or 'homophobic.' However, all of my children have been duped into thinking that they SHOULD claim that they are STRAIGHT. (even on

STRAIGHT? Where did 'that word' originate to describe sexuality? A better word would be NORMAL or HEALTHY.
To say that I am straight says that 'male' or 'female' is not sufficient.

Words and Labels are manipulative tools. I choose not to accept labels other than male and female.

Don't call me a bigot. Don't call me homophobic.
John Lennon liked to use the word the f word. What word? know....he also was known to use it in combination with the q word. Whose working-class hero was Lennon?


Sticks and Stones may break my bones....but words? .....Hark! Words are powerful.

"Silent No More." You know what? I'm tired of having a  social agenda of sexual-redefinition being forced upon me. I don't appreciate those who are regularly trying to manipulate the popular culture. So, I'm writing my notes, putting them in the BlogBottle, and throwing it out into the multi-cultural ocean of free-thinkers.

I don't want to be forced to FOCUS on a small, well-financed minority opinion. Forced, spoon-fed ideology ain't cool.

Yesterday I met an 11th grader from Coldwater High School named Micah Tomlinson. His temperament is admirable. He seems to know how best to present himself to those he loves--his friends, his peers.

This young poet/musician has decided to no longer remain silent. He values his peers enough to endure the pressure of asking some thoughtful questions:

Micah L. Tomlinson

Micah isn't an Idiot like me....he focuses on his friends....I need to let this young person's heart soften my own.

If you want to read some TRUTH, click here:
a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 16

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 15

, May 15, y2k5 sd45     

This morning I went to the Coldwater United Methodist Church at 7:00 AM so I could take part in their celebration breakfast for graduates. Jerry's last day of school is this Wednesday and he will graduate next Sunday night.

I am very proud of this son of ours; he played drums for the following service with Mark at the Piano and Greg on the guitar, a flautist, and some singers. The church observed Pentecost Sunday today. Sally Brayton was a flag-bearer among others who carried in colorful flags (representing the tongues of fire, I suppose).

After that service, Greg and I went to Sunday School and had a session of the Andy Griffith Bible Study. It was very fruitful (especially the discussion which followed).

From there, I went to Cornerstone Baptist Church (which meets in the old Washington School building). Pastor Terry Tomlinson preached a very important message. I told him that I hadn't been fully expecting the Divine Appointment which took place in that small room. God affirmed for me a role I need to play in my generation (among the poets and prophets in the popular culture). I don't really wanna speak out...but I must.

More on the unwanted message later. Right now, I'm going to Pastor Tomlinson's home for dinner. Check back later....maybe I'll update this note.

If not, tomorrow....Lord Willing.


a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 14

, May 14, y2k5 sd44     

I trust that some of you readers have visited my little site at

If you have a little time, please stop over today. I just moved in a few days ago...and I can comfortably entertain visitors now. 

I can gauge my passion for an idea upon how late I'll stay up working...and, then, how ready I am to get back to work the next morning. So, even though Jerry and I were outside walking when the Tornado Warning horns started blowing, I've been having 'fair weather' on the inside.

Among my new friends are a few teenagers (all from California for some reason). Rhianna is from Lodi, Tony's in Stockton, Krystal's from Lancaster and Ben?...

...well, Ben's kinda out there. You know, he's a Boy Scout/Musician. I was too...come to think of it. I'm pleased that each of these individuals added me as their friend.

I think it would be hard to create a local youth group environment where these same four teenagers would feel accepted, welcomed, and treasured. They certainly are at myspace. and at 'myspace.'

Fortunately, I'll have the memory of Veda alongside me as I get to know these precious young people.

Last night Cathy asked me to explain the idea of  'Time Travel' again. I moved in
(to the mouthpiece) and let her in on a little secret...

             TimeTraveler (whispering)

    shhh...I don't fully understand the time, distance,
    earth/sun rotation equations...all I know is that when
    I was fully awake this morning, all of you in California
    were still in bed and it was dark there...and next
    Sunday we'll drive west hours ahead of the sun for
    three days (or we could use my free plane tickets
    and fly back to the Epicenter in a matter of
    hours....still racing with the sun--but faster) . . .

I have come from the future?
Have I really come from the future?

I've read the end of the book....that's about as futuristic as I trust.

I have known the Alpha (the Beginning) and will continue to know the Omega (the End).

So regularly, I come back to the L, M, N, O, P of the work week. Others call that reality.

For my ENTIRE life I have invested many of each day's thoughts

and looping sequences of experiences-over-time.

That's TimeTravel, baby.

Here are a few songs that may help clarify my narrative theology of TimeTravel:

Teaching Joe about TimeTravel when he was 3

Teaching Jerry

Cathy has TraveledTime with Me for Ages

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 13

, May 13, y2k5 sd43     

Well, Fridays are set apart for visitation with Veda and as she always said, "Whatever you think we should do, pastor." So, don't be surprised to hear me talk about going out on visitation with Veda. Yes, its Friday the 13th but I'm not superstitious: "This is the day that the Lord has made."

Last night I heard a great band that Jerry has picked as about to break through to the Big Venues. They are great musicians and handle themselves quite professionally onstage. I am impressed. Their name is
MAE (from Norfolk, Virginia). Showmanship has certainly changed since I was a teen. Our rockers could solo on their instrument. That doesn't seem to happen much anymore...however MAE's lead guitarist was very tasteful with his fills. They must have a rich musical heritage from the previous couple generations.

Other bands who played last night were:
The Academy Is...(from Chicago), Days Away, and Jamison Parker.


Remember Jesus looking around and 'choosing' twelve men to be his close friends? Certainly thousands 'chose' to follow him...(consider the women who supported his ministry). Well, this matter of inviting people for those who have space at is an interesting matter of research.

I am limiting my friends for the time being. I may also limit the number to twelve. I'm allowing women into my twelve. Well Veda has been added to myspace so we'll see if anyone decides to write to her. I know that she would be thrilled with the idea that we were keeping her sweet, friendly, accepting ministry alive and on-the-go...

Remember, folks, if you choose to wander very far from 'my immediate neighborhood' it could get really ROUGH on your integrity! Be forewarned! Don't blame me for stumbling you...I'm serious about that.

If you do decide to visit myspace. Read and LIVE the proverb for today:

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 13

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 12

, May 12, y2k5 sd42     

Wow...yesterday I spent hours upon hours doing 'fingers on' research. I tweaked my secondary webpage at

Don't visit me there unless you're willing to see some gawdy advertisement and...uh... you're willing to be around some cigarette smoke
(and...let's see...what else?...uh...well, some of the young people might not expect you to show up in their, you've been warned).

Just remember, Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore.

I did a thorough 'myspace search' for people from 1972 to 1975.* Surprise! There is absolutely NOBODY from that time and place but me.

There are many from all of my alma mater sites as I explored subsequent generations.

I even have a number of friends and acquaintances from G-Town who call it their own space (and seem to be very comfortable there). Still, as courageous as they may appear to be on their own turf--with people who look and act like them--many would be very scared of TimeTravel™.
IF you know what I mean? If not, well . . .

Tonight, Jerry and I will travel to Grand Rapids, Michigan to see four bands headlined by MAE
(Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience). Their website is Flash 7 which is not very BLIND-FRIENDLY, especially
for multi-sensory-sensitives)!

Anyway, here's their site:

BTW...for the little fish in the Big, Blind Pond:

Inquiring minds may want to know that Greg Brayton has been in the hospital for four days. He's being released this morning. Still suffering from severe pain as a symptom of pancreatitis. (google that word and you'll see that my buddy is having has had some hard days' nights). Click on his name to hear him play lead guitar for one of my songs.


*footnote for my blind readers:

the aforementioned era 1972-1975
is historically significant as it encompasses this TimeTraveler's tenure at Coldwater High School. During those years I was researching a generation I have chosen to call the Late-Boomers (and
my subculture of preference:  the pre-postmoderns).

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 11

, May 11, y2k5 sd41     

Its the start of the day here in Michigan. I just dropped Jerry off for school and have until 3:00 p.m. to work on my doctoral writing. We have started taking walks together after school.

I have been driving to different locations where we park and then take a long, relaxing walk. Yesterday, we walked along the river at Waterworks Park.

Our walks don't fit the specifications of a
VisionWalk™ . I don't really know what to call them yet. I've always taken father/son, or father/daughter time with each of the kids (but this is different).

I am learning more about this particular son. It's enjoyable to hear a high school senior think outloud. He is quite certain that this summer will be 'the Summer of Jerry'.

Jerry is developing a heightened degree of self-awareness. He took note of a waist-high gate in the park and asked if I thought he could jump it. I responded negatively. He proved me wrong. Just past the immediate success of that moment, Jerry reminded me that I had doubted his ability. I told him that I would never again doubt his confidence about the hurdle ahead of him.

A calculating thinker, this son of ours seems to know the height and breadth of his abilities. We saw some skaters working on their skills and he informed me that he had specifically chosen drums over skating. He feels that there is more of a future in drums.

Well, I did email my
VisionWalk™ Buddies® yesterday (and I actually feel the love--having simply done that). Cathy and I had a long conversation on the phone last night. We're enjoying the depth of this 20th year. In honor of her, I am reminded that today's proverb has special significance in Cathy's pilgrimage. She quoted this verse when we were first dating:
Proverbs 11:1

Height or Heighth

The noun form of broad is breadth, the noun form of long is length, and the noun form of wide is width.

Because of this, some people follow the pattern and say heighth, with a th at the end of the word high. That is not standard English. The correct form is height.

Notice the vowel change with an ei. It is not ie because it does not make the long e sound.

Incorrect: He seems to know the heighth
              and breadth of his abilities?

Correct: He seems to know the height
            and breadth of his abilities?

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 10

, May 10, 2005 sd40     

I took three long walks yesterday--one in the morning (alone) and two different walks with Jerry. just occurred to me how 'study' and 'writing' are hard for me to undertake over extended periods of time. Although I need to introvert sometimes, I really miss the work-world interaction with co-laborers during the day. This morning I thought about what my retired friends have faced when they didn't have the comfortable pattern of going to work everyday.

Yesterday, I was thinking about our website and my upcoming doctoral project. I read Eva's journal and found myself thinking about her views.

Eva mentioned the national news story about the North Carolina pastor who supposedly led his church to 'vote out' members for not supporting President Bush in the last election. The internet news groups chose to run that story on Saturday (and, of course, I was compelled to read it). Sunday night I checked on the progress of that same story and apparently received the same type of news that Eva read.

Today that North Carolina church is supposed to have a business meeting. The pastor said he thought it could all be cleared up there. I have had to face political issues as a pastor and community leader. It makes me uneasy but sometimes you have to make an important stand publicly. I have never desired that church members would simply vote from peer pressure (and without personal conviction).

We are to render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. In a democracy, the citizens are Caesar. When I vote I should take the time to seriously consider both sides of an argument and then vote according to my conscience.

We have the freedom to educate and influence those around us. That is a weighty fact which calls for humility and the fear of the Lord.

I haven't been surprised to learn of the political differences held within our church. Any politically-charged individual probably has a personal story worth hearing.

Hey, I'm glad that we don't have a business meeting tonight!

Monday, May 10, 2005 sd40     
a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 10

I took three long walks yesterday. One in the morning (alone) and two different walks with Jerry. just occurred to me how 'study' and 'writing' are hard for me to undertake over extended periods of time. Although I need to introvert sometimes, I really miss the work-world interaction with co-laborers during the day. This morning I thought about what my retired friends have faced when they didn't have the comfortable pattern of going to work everyday.

Yesterday, I was thinking about our website and my upcoming doctoral project. I read Eva's journal and found myself thinking about her views.

Eva mentioned the national news story about the North Carolina pastor who supposedly led his church to 'vote out' members for not supporting President Bush in the last election. The internet news groups chose to run that story on Saturday (and, of course, I was compelled to read it). Sunday night I checked on the progress of that same story and apparently received the same type of news that Eva read.

Today that North Carolina church is supposed to have a business meeting. The pastor said he thought it could all be cleared up there. I have had to face political issues as a pastor and community leader. It makes me uneasy but sometimes you have to make an important stand publicly. I have never desired that church members would simply vote from peer pressure (and without personal conviction).

We are to render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. In a democracy, the citizens are Caesar. When I vote I should take the time to seriously consider both sides of an argument and then vote according to my conscience.

We have the freedom to educate and influence those around us. That is a weighty fact which calls for humility and the fear of the Lord.

I haven't been surprised to learn of the political differences held within our church. Any politically-charged individual probably has a personal story worth hearing.

Hey, I'm glad that we don't have a business meeting tonight!

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 9

Monday, May 9, 2005

Ruth Parkinson has a friend in Estonia named Riini. I met her when I was there in June of 2003. Ruth forwarded some of us a letter that Riini wrote her saying that she will join her in prayer for her son, Greg, in Iraq.

This is an example of a small church's worldwide connectivity possible through the Internet.

Today, President Bush met with Russia's President Putin for a parade and ceremonies commemorating the anniversary of the downfall of Nazi Germany.

Those of us who have made friends with people from Estonia have had a vested interest in our President speaking out about the history of what happened to the three Baltic nations (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) at the same time.

The Proverb for today includes this verse:

verse 9
Instruct a wise man
          and he will be wiser still;
         teach a righteous man and he
          will add to his learning.

Father, I pray today that world leaders will turn to you for direction as they try to effectively serve their nation's people.

Lord, instruct us in the way of life.

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 8

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Today, Jerry and I went to a nearby town where my Dad grew up: Hillsdale, Michigan. We went to a nature reserve called the Arboretum. Its a beautiful wooded area next to Hillsdale College. We used to go there as children and I've gone back to the place several times as an adult.

We walked the paths and stopped on the small bridge over a swamp where I've prayed at different times. Jerry and I prayed for our family--specifically for Mom on this Mother's Day.

Speaking of mom--here's a photo I know will bless Cathy today. She shot this photo of Dan right before his pig was auctioned yesterday. What a great mom she is.

Let this serve as a reminder to all four of my kids: Mama is always there for them!

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 7

Saturday, May 7, 2005

This morning I woke up feeling dizzy and thirsty. I think that I haven't been drinking enough water. Yesterday's blog mentioned that I hoped for living water to quench the thirst of those for whom I hope. I didn't drink much myself yesterday however. Today I will.

I start this new morning with a simple giving of thanks to God through a testimony.

I believe that Proverbs 31 says something like this about the wife of noble character:

'Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also....and he praises her.'

Cathy and I have been married for twenty years.  With Mother's Day approaching I want to take the time to share with you all that this wife of mine, the mother of my children, is still my very best friend. For this I am grateful to God.

This Mother's Day is a significant one-time alignment of the ages for Cathy. Currently, all four of her children are teenagers. Being a mother to teenagers is a challenging season in a woman's life.

We have had hundreds of conversations about raising our kids. We don't always agree--but we always try to work our way through every difficult disagreement. (Hmmm....I can almost see her shaking her head right now....) This is
MY testimony!

(granted: my definition of 'working through' an issue is not as complex as hers.)

...As I was saying, the many times we have worked through our disagreements have brought a wonderful balance to our marriage. She has grown to trust me as I have grown to trust her. I don't know when or how our children will know enough to arise and call her blessed. However, I do. As her husband, I arise to praise her this morning (and the next).

I have never before missed honoring her on Mother's Day. This year I won't be in the same place with her. I usually get up and make her a cup of coffee and bring it to her with some other simple acts of tribute.

Can you tell I miss my beloved?

I hope this testimony will please my wife;

I trust that it is pleasing to the Lord.

(I just read this to Cathy over the phone; she's at the state fair again--offering faithful motherly support of Dan as they auction off his pig.)

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 6

Friday, May 6, 2005

Time is short this morning. Gotta run off with my Dad. I hope that today everyone drinks plenty of water, breathes deeply, and humbly give thanks to God. That's what I think I need to do today.

TimeTraveling again: I just now looked ahead toward tomorrow (while looking back...and while thinking about today). You see, I was thinking about the process of compiling the Proverbs day-by-day and decided to work on Proverbs chapter 6. During my years of morning devotions at Alpha and Omega Ministries, we always talked over the verses about the Sluggard...and the dangers of too much Sleep.....then I was awakened, as a father, to the need to talk to my sons about 'adultery' and the importance of letting God's Word direct their sexuality. These proverbs are talking about it over and I'm going to make that a point of dialogue with each of my sons. I will point it out from these scriptures. Last night I saw some show comparing Brittany Spears to J-Lo and could see the appeal to the lust of men's well, all the rock/hip-hop videos on MTV sure seem to be appealing to the man's eyesight. Ohh...the proverbs seem clear about bait on a hook. Hey, if you wanna look ahead, here it is: Proverbs 6  (Let's not forget to attend to TODAY however).

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 5 

by the way, I highly recommend today's proverb for every man! Look for the living colors. I want my own sons to know these words of life and to live accordingly as they make their way through on their own pilgrimage.

day, May 5, 2005 sd35     

Tomorrow morning, my Dad needs me to help him with a job. We're planning to move a 50's jukebox down some stairs in the home of the purchaser. Therefore, I called my Aunt Sally and told her that I wouldn't come to Ohio after all.

Joe sent me an email yesterday that he was finished with his first year of college, had packed, and would be leaving Riverside to return to Galt.

Terry Shepherd sent me an email in which she informed me about the current status of a new ministry for our local church: the Food Pantry. Having been involved with food baskets at Alpha and Omega, I know that there will be many new people drawn to those who minister in that way.

It has warmed up here in Michigan. I spent some time in the sun yesterday in hope that the rays would contribute to positive thinking. I was quite lonely yesterday so I went for a long walk with Jerry after school. Later, Cathy and I spoke on the phone. She told me that she was going to meet up with Joe in Modesto late last night.

After supper at a drive-in Root Beer Stand, Jerry and I went to the Library to check email. I was sorry to hear that Al Warren is struggling with his health and that he had to go to the hospital. I told him a couple days ago that I would pray for him (as I connected his physical troubles with that of my own). Then, I got on our website and got caught up on what Eva has been doing. She sure enjoys watching her husband, doesn't she (5-03)? I finally watched a portion of "American Idol" so I got to experience Scott Savol for myself. I couldn't tell why she disliked him so much from the small slice I watched. I always enjoyed being around Eva and James. As far as I know they are still attending Tom's Sunday School Class. I wonder how that's going?

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 4 

day, May 4, 2005 sd34     

Sandy went to Pennsylvania for a couple days so I spent last night hanging out in front of the TV with my Dad. Its still cold here. I wore a coat as I sat in the room.

I also tried to work on my laptop but didn't get much done. I woke up this morning thinking about some of the study I did yesterday on being one of the Lord's witnesses according to  examples from the Scriptures. I thought that it might be helpful to others.

    "It is not for you to know the times or dates the
     Father has set by his own authority. But you will
     receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on
     you; and you will be my witnesses in
     Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to
     the ends of the Earth."

I will try to upload some of that writing later today.

My Dad has invited me out to breakfast so I think that I'll get a late start today. That's OK though. I prayed this morning that I would be refreshed in this research project.

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 3 

day, May 3, 2005 sd33     

I've been 'running in place' trying to build up confidence. I just haven't felt the same since falling the other day and smashing my face against the ground.                  

The accident had provided a teachable moment in my life--not being able to take 'running' for granted. I love to run.                                  
Yesterday, Jerry patted me on the shoulder and said, "Well, face it, Dad, you're getting older."                                                                                       

My response: "Yeah, but Tom Lane ran a marathon when he was older than I am now..."

So, here's a page with possibilities for words for the 'oceanside walk with God' song called "God Calling." Some of these words may/may not wind up connected to either version of the song you can click on after you click here.


Its a cold Tuesday morning in Michigan. I spoke with our son Daniel last night. He is hoping that the pig he raised (as a school project) will weigh enough to be entered at the State Fair. No one in our immediate family has done this before, so we're learning from Daniel. Oh, yesterday Jerry told me that Daniel is changing his name to Dan. Dan verified this for me.

Remember how John Wesley worked at organizing lay preachers to spread the gospel? Well, both Greg and Sally Brayton have been studying to be able to minister the Word. Greg finished his first sermon yesterday. Check back here because I'll upload it as soon as I find it in my mailbox.

I spent some time in serious theological reflection today. Its taking awhile but I'm making progress. . .

Monday, May 2, 2005 sd32     

we just added Bass and Drums to 'God Calling'

Click here if you'd like to hear it.

a Daily Devotional reading: Proverbs 2 

Today marks a new methodology for my Sabbatical days in Coldwater, Michigan. I have a study area available at Ben's house during the daytime but will probably sleep over at 142 (pronounced one-four-two) during the evenings.

Sometime this week I think I'll go to Ohio and visit with my Aunt Sally (Dad's only sister) and assorted cousins. Aunt Sally has compiled the extant photographs, letters, and stories from her mother's recollections.
Aunt Sally is also a 'church lady' having been heavily involved at a United Methodist Church in Tiffin, Ohio for many years.

As a child I took many long trips south to Tiffin, Ohio to stay with that branch of our family. Sometimes, I traveled there with Grandma. Aunt Sally is kinda like a mom to me. Her son, Jim, called her mother sometimes (pronouncing the word as mu′-ther).

I remember stopping to reflect how different his life was than mine...having that special someone to tease (mu′-ther). With Mother's Day coming next S
unday, I'm going to proceed with publishing 'pop-up reflections' about those women who God has sent to me through the years. I suppose that my dying mother's prayers may have included asking Him to take care of her five children.

Again, here is the Proverbs for the second day of this month. Attending to the scriptural proverbs will bless the reader in many ways (relationally and financially). Still, you must be born again to inherit eternal Life.

This is why I have chosen to include a 'picture of Jesus' with the Proverbs each day.

Without Christ, the reader is missing the O
to unlocking Truth stored up in the daily devotional.

If you are at the point of wondering about your personal relationship with Christ and would like to dialogue, please feel free to write me:

   to read April y2k5 entries: click here

Sunday, May 1, 2005 sd31      evening time

Proverbs 1 

Today I have spent much time with my son, Jerry. We went to church together in the morning, rested together in the afternoon, went to a musical program at 3:00 pm (Jerry playing drums for the youth band), and the to a matinee.

My nephew, Ben, is coming home from his trip to Europe tonight. Therefore, Jerry is going back to stay at my brother, Mike's house, and I will continue to stay here.

Since its the first of a new month, I've uploaded Proverbs 1 for you but will also allow the link to Proverbs 31 to remain throughout the week.

It is a mother's message being passed on to her son, the King. Remember, everyone, Mothers Day is a week from today.

Proverbs 31 in honor of all the mothers I have known.
There is no one quite like you (and yet you're all alike). May God bless you to nurture and empower younger men and women who look to you to model godliness.

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