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January 1, 20

Just back from San Jose
(where five adults from the Epicenter hung out with thousands of California teenagers).

Our own group consisted of five adults and 18 teenagers. Our Youth Conference, Tsunami 2004, will forever be connected in our thoughts with the tragedy of the Indian Ocean tsunamis. We took up an offering of $8,000 on our first night to contribute to victims in that part of our world. It may take me the day to assess and journal some of my post-conference thoughts so check back later today.

I was happy to see this email from Pastor Wesley in Liberia (sent on Dec. 30th):

Dear Pastor Rob,
Thank you for the recent gift from your church. My family, the church, and I will be praying with you as leave for South Africa on a mission trip. May the Lord bless the trip that it will yield fruits hundred-fold. How long will the trip be?

Well, the wonders of Internet...we will still be in touch while you are away via internet. Thank God for all the help that First Baptist Church continues to render to the Lord's work here in Liberia. My regards to the your family.
In His grace,
Pastor Richard Wesley Sr.

I spoke with my brother, Mike, last night. We confirmed the plan to have my son, Jerry,
(above: far right 2nd row) fly to Michigan to live with him. A few years ago, Mike's sweet wife, Marian, died after a long bout with Scleraderma. Mike has not remarried so Jerry is about to experience life in a household with two other bachelors: Uncle Mike and Cousin Mike. This is going to change our entire family stay tuned for further developments.

to Y2K5:   Today we leave for Tsunami, our state Youth Conference. It is ironic that we've received news that recent tsunamis have resulted in over 50,000 deaths. I have yet to see a map of which parts of Indonesia were impacted. I went on a short-term mission to Samarang (and outlying areas on Java) back in 1995.

We watched the news last night and saw some random video of the tsunami flooding in Thailand. Joe had just been in Thailand last summer. I saw the difference that a personal connection with a people group makes by watching Joe view that telecast.

One of my hopes for our new year is that we will be able to improve health and education for the children living at the Greater Love Children's Home in Liberia. I haven't heard from Pastor Wesley in a couple weeks. Its very hard for him to get internet access right now.

I won't be updating this blog until New Year's Eve, so I hope you will take the time to explore more of the pathways that intersect on this website.


to Y2K5:   Cathy and I are at the Epicenter on this cloud-covered Monday morning. We plan to work together here all day, so if anyone wants to drop by and share VISION, please do....and we're taking call-ins at 209-745-4665.

On Wednesday, 20 teens and 5 adults are going to travel to San Jose for Tsunami--our annual Youth Conference. It was at that convention, last year, that God gave me a burden to head for Liberia within a month. Perhaps he will similarly burden some of these 25 Galtonians as they set apart time for Him to speak to their hearts this week.

to Y2K5:   It is Christmas morning. I awoke around 3:00 AM and, after awhile decided to drive down to the empty building we sometimes call 'the church.' Last night, this place was a warm, candle-lit table set by the Lord. I tasted what He had prepared and experienced afresh His tender mercies.

John and Tammy Dettman were in the congregation (
with Cody and Ellen). I savor each face that surround me in the House of the Lord. Christmas eve services allows for me to meet new people and to blessed by seeing some who I haven't seen in awhile.

John Faull shared a brief message from James 1:18; Andy Herrera gave a testimony; Fred blew his trumpet, Christene and Ronda sang, Uncle Aaron had a sweet guitar solo. Daniel and Tom Santillan spread the light of the Christ candle so the flame could be shared by every precious soul as we sang "Silent Night, Holy Night" together. We are blessed to have fellowship with each other.

Patterson Family memories were made which I shall treasure and ponder in my heart all my life:

  hearing Cathy's flute brought up in the mix;
  feeling Jeremiah's rhythm as he drove
  his double bass pedal; connecting with Joe as
  he started O Holy Night on the piano; watching
  a little girl crawl up next to our daughter, Mary,
  on the front pew; permitting Daniel to go on
  with his friend's family to, yet another, late-night
  candlelight service.

As I write I am listening to Jebby's
pre-production recording of his newest musical, Elijah. It's great to be part of a local church who God uses to spur Jebby on to more 'good works.'

is definitely gonna be good!

to Y2K5:   Yesterday, I had an 'exit interview' with Polly Kimball (since she has sold her home and is moving). This Sunday, she will have her last 'mini-mission study' at fbcgalt. Then, in the evening service, I plan to show a portion of the International Mission Video and share a special time with Polly. Finally, on January 2, we will have an informal going-away party at the end of Sunday School.

Last night, we had 18 adults at the Greene's Home Fellowship. One aspect of Christmas time is the opportunity for us to be a 'home away from home' for sojourners. Yvette's Mom, Celpa, and younger brother
, Aaron, had been in church Sunday and were back again for mid-week Bible Study.

Joyce's sister, Judy, was also visiting with us. We're all looking forward to the Candlelight Service tomorrow night. I've assembled a music team which will feature  two of my sons (Jerry on drums and Joe on piano). Aaron Dixon will be our guest guitarist--playing along with a number of other gifted musicians. We practiced today and it is sounding good! (I get to play Bass!)

to Y2K5:   The day started early as it so often does. We're currently working on a newsletter from our missionary in Moscow. Today, I'll finalize the program for our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (Friday at 7PM). I received an email from World Vision regarding our upcoming trip to Lethoto, South Africa. I have posted his letter on the Pastors' Vision Trip page.

I helped Joe update his journal and see that Al & Cathy Warren are now online.

It could take days to visit all of the pages on our website. That is purposive on the part of our editors. So, please check back regularly, and click away on the pretty, blue hyperlinks!

to Y2K5:   "Home for the Holidays" was well attended last night. I was pleased to have a talk with our 2000 Poster Child, Domingo Garcia. He is all grown up now and well into his career as a Prison Guard. Mingo was the first person to be baptized in the Y2K. Unfortunately, he works every weekend and has missed Sunday services for most of 2004. I introduced him to the host and hostess of one of our Wednesday night Home groups. The Y2K5 might see an expansion of ministry in reaching out toward people like Mingo who won't be easily discipled by a Sunday-only church family.

Yesterday afternoon, Cathy, Joe, and I visited a big church in Lodi for an afternoon showing of a Christmas Story written and produced by Sherry Souza
(a local author and playwright). This morning I have reflected upon some of the dialogue and believe that the  implications of her story are worthy of further meditation. After reading a recent newspaper article about Sherry, I corresponded with her and informed her of my interest in promoting the arts in our greater community. Her husband, Rick, is a church-builder. He was
traveling all across Africa back in 2002
(at the same time Pastor Wesley had come from Africa to Galt). I suspect that God will develop an ongoing relationship with the Souza family as we network around the shared interests of local creativity and global mission.

to Y2K5:   I hope you will come to church this morning (at 8:30 or 11:00 AM). It's the Fourth Sunday of Advent. Come, light a candle in remembrance and intercession for one you love. Tonight is the final presentation of Home for the Holidays (at 7PM).
Saturday's performance was top-notch. MacDonald Wreh was introduced and given a number of Christmas gifts from various individuals. Then, he went to work until 3:00 AM this morning. I'll be looking forward to reading his next journal entry. By the way, Daniel won 3 out of 5 wrestling matches on Saturday.

to Y2K5:   At 6:00 AM I dropped Daniel off for another all-day wrestling tournament. From there I met with the men who pray at the Epicenter. Then we went to Denny's for Breakfast in the midst of our community.

Home for the Holidays: our Christmas Musical/Drama will be performed for the first of two shows: TONIGHT at 7 PM.                  
                                             CLICK ABOVE for more information

Often it seems as though I need to be in more than one place at any given time.
I'm happy that my only role in tonight's program is to sing in the tenor section. I have been reflecting all week at the great gifts that God has invested in Pastor Dan Malloy (our Minister of Music). For months he has been networking and organizing talented people to create this
multi-media experience

  the Epicenter.

Last night, at the dress rehearsal, there were some wonderful 'bloopers' and outtakes--nervous signs of anticipation for this unrepeatable, one-time event. One time tonight....and a different one-time tomorrow night.

I have a special hope for packing the place. I was part of a team who sang and handed out free tickets at Galt's Flea Market (1,000 invitations). I hope some of those invitations will be rediscovered today--resulting in a number of first-time visitors to
the Epicenter.

15 to Y2K5:   Last night, our webmaster shared more stats with me and I discovered that we had been visited by people in
Portugal; and   New Zealand. So, we have added their flags to our roster and delight, again, in the opportunity to live as 21st Century Christians. The phrase "the Ends of the Earth" is woven into God's Word throughout the Old and New Testament.

It's a fact: anyone could type a few unrelated words into a search engine and, by chance, click on www.someunknownlink and get to see the names and faces of our precious boys and girls in Liberia. CLICK ABOVE and see for yourself....afresh!

Pastor Wesley (the Liberian pastor who somehow found me on the internet) called in a rushed moment mid-week. He could really use some practical help--right now. So, please take some time to read (or reread) the materials we have compiled for you and write him a note. Any assistance to him, his family, the church, or the Children's Home is well-invested.

 I try very hard to maintain 'a good name'. I have chosen to connect my name with his.
          CLICK HERE to read about him
  CLICK HERE to write to Pastor Richard Wesley

Veda just stopped in to "give me the skinny" on a certain home visit we had planned. She also said, "Whew...its cold as a wedge out there!"  I have no idea what these phrases mean or the etymology of the words involved. Perhaps one of our readers will enlighten me.

16 to Y2K5: Very busy days for everyone. I've journaled by replying to various emails but since those replies are of a personal nature (and since I've already 'downloaded' those journal-able moments), we have a couple day gap here.

Today's my 20th year anniversary of marriage to Cathy. We've been 'celebrating' all month: the all-expenses-paid Dinner with Randy (at Denny's), the cleaning-of-the-kitchen, the lighting of the Yule Log, the singing-with-the-tape for our upcoming musical. Folks, it has been an exciting 16 Days of Anniversary!

I don't know what will happen next....but I sense a BIG SURPRISE coming. Cathy put a pot roast in the Crock Pot this morning; an hour later, I pushed the 'reset' button on the electrical outlet so the Crock Pot would light up. I think that was a smart move!

I spoke with my younger brother, Mike, last night (he lives in Michigan). He has been having seizures and the doctor informed him that he was reporting him to the DMV, so his license is revoked until he can prove six months without a seizure. We discussed the option of having my son, Jerry (17), go to live with Mike to serve as his driver and completing his senior year there.

The musical/drama, Home for the Holidays, is being rehearsed nightly for the two showings (Saturday and Sunday); I hope you will tell others about this and try to come out to the Epicenter for this event. Several people have told me they have prayed intently for God to impact each attender's heart. This prayer report excites me!

While you're praying--please pray that our upcoming opportunity to serve alongside hundreds of other Christians in Galt will progress without hindrance or unnecessary conflict. The Pastors' Vision Trip to South Africa could be the firstfruits of a great harvest--if we're all careful to submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. If the Enemy stirs up confusion (and the flesh), then Jesus' prayer for His Church could be 'overruled'. God forbid.

18 to Y2K5: I started the morning by going to the Galt Flea Market with several others Epicenterians--to promote our Christmas Musical/Drama. My deacon friend, Jim, and I met for a long discussion and prayer.  An eventful session at the Dentist's then preceded my important meeting with other Galt pastors (and a reporter from the Herald).
CLICK HERE to read today's thoughts spurred on by that particular meeting. Check back because I'll probably write more later tonight.

19 to Y2K5: Last night, at the Epicenter, we watched a video sent to Galt pastors by World Vision. For ten days in February, Y2K5, eight local leaders (from different church backgrounds) will travel from our town to southern Africa for a Pastors' Vision Trip. During our ten days in Lesotho, Swaziland, South Africa, (or other nearby countries), we will visit sites where World Vision has addressed the needs of AIDS victims.
CLICK HERE for special VISION page

I am compelled to go to that region of Africa as a step of personal obedience to the Lord. I have not yet been up-close to AIDS but do believe this truth from God's Word:

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress . . ."   James 1:27

By 2010, an estimated 25 million children are projected to lose one or both parents from AIDS. World Vision (founded in 1950) is one channel for ministering to the needs of HIV/AIDS hotspots around the world (Africa, Asia, and Latin America).

Throughout my relationship with my wife, Cathy, I have learned that generosity and compassion are her most distinct attributes. Early on, I would try to offer counsel that she not 'give' so much to others. Funny... as I'd share the logical thoughts from my head, my heart would begin to be touched by the purity of hers.

Last February, when I came home from Liberia, I learned that Cathy had sponsored a little, Indonesian girl named Hany
(this time through World Vision). We had already been providing sponsorship for a little, Tanzanian girl named Dorah (through Compassion International). Having just been confronted with all the needs I saw in Liberia (and knowing how 'stretched' we were already financially), I wasn't thrilled with the idea of another 'monthly' financial commitment. No, I wouldn't have chosen that obligation for myself...but I've yielded to Cathy's compassionate gesture and have made room in my heart for Hany as well.

Regarding AIDS, I wouldn't choose (for myself) to move from the statistics about suffering toward those who are actually suffering. I know that move will cost me! I'm asking you (the reader) to draw closer with me (and the other leaders from Galt) and help us be faithful to God in our generation.

21 to Y2K5: Our son, Joe, sent an email yesterday saying that he had received a 'care package' from the folks at FBC. He asked me to thank all those who have written and remembered him. Remember to check our CBU page for current news about him and to link over to his journal. He will sojourn home to the Epicenter on Dec. 17 and will stay here over winter break.

We received data from a counter that has been on our site since its restart on Oct. 1st. I hope to upload the flags from the nations represented by visitors since that date. I am reminded of the potential for serendipitous visits whenever anyone types words into a search engine.

Readers from all over the world are patiently waiting for part 3 of my current petproject. Hopefully, my sister will soon write me with her recollection of the facts behind the true story: Fluffy, Come Home (40 years in the making).

David spoke to all the men gathered for breakfast (after our men's prayer meeting this morning). He shared about the diversity of gifting and personality among our group. Roy and Josh made the breakfast, Dan shared his heart about our upcoming dramatic elements of our upcoming musical.

A brighter projector was given to the Epicenter for the enhancement of video and graphics during public gatherings. After breakfast, dotcom.tom and I tested it with all the lights on. Looks good to my eyes (and his--after his recent Lasik surgery). So far, this morning I have spent time in prayer, fellowship, listening, and the investment of abilities--all in cooperation with the same from other men in our local church. This is what true Christianity looks like. Simple. Faithful. Expectant.

22 to Y2K5: Veda and I went around visiting people today. One stop was to the home of a widow (who had just lost her husband on Tuesday). He had suffered with Alzheimer's Disease. About six months ago, Walter had asked Joyce to see if she could arrange for me to speak at his graveside when that day would come. I just finished delivering a message at the Galt Cemetery (within sight of the Redwood Trees we recently planted). Walter had been a Korean War and Vietnam War era veteran. The VFW Honor Guard also helped his friends and family find closure.

Tomorrow, I will speak at the funeral of another man--grandfather to a little girl who attends our church. He has been her primary caregiver. I've asked for the child to sing a song. The family is unchurched--other than their connection to me through this girl's attendance at our Sunday School and Vacation Bible School through the years. I asked her to light the Advent Candle last Sunday (before the unexpected death of her guardian/grandpa). I suppose we may soon lose our opportunity to influence her life.

Often my days are interspersed with hospital visits, funerals, and meetings with people about whom I choose not to write. The last couple days have been very hurried. I hope to find some rest sometime tonight. If you are one who prays, remember me, OK?

24 to Y2K5: Another rainy day at the Epicenter. However, I'm 'feeling' sunnyside up! My good friend, dotcom.tom is having LASIK surgery today. He has a WebBlog and I plan to click above and see, for myself, his latest entry. Tom and I just said "Amen" together (on the phone) regarding a number of issues pertaining to our local church and those who are impacted by the ripples emanating from our studios in Galt, California.

and now back by popular demand:

"Fluffy, Come Home"
(part 2)

Dad drove us out to the countryside (Hillsdale, Michigan) to Uncle Tom's house. It was hard for me (a little boy) to hold onto Fluffy in the backseat. He was a huge cat and didn't like being in the car.

There had always been several cats who lived out at Uncle Tom's; they ate the scraps left by anyone who would share sustenance with them. We knew that Fluffy would survive out there but still hoped that he would eventually take the long journey home to Coldwater.

It wasn't too long before our stepmother announced that we were going to have 'a new cat'. We were introduced to this purebred Siamese Cat with a strange name: Tai-Ling. Even though I liked the idea of having another cat, Tai-Ling was not very friendly. One day our stepmother arranged for Tai-Ling to have kittens. After watching this Siamese mother grow larger and larger, finally, two kittens were born.

Check back for further installments of

                                     "Fluffy, Come Home"

to Y2K5: I awoke at 3:30 this morning. Lying in my bed I thought over recent days' stimuli until I heard a distant sound of distress from outdoors. I have tried to train myself to attend to nighttime sounds (as I was once a teenager who sneaked around in the darkness of night). I got up, went to the window and focused my attention on the sound. Discerning that it was a poor, cold dog several houses away, I went back to bed. There wasn't much I could do for that creature but stopped to consider its plight as it continued to moan aloud--it was raining! I wondered where (inside our warm house) our little dog, Capo, had spent the night.

A couple nights ago, I also awoke to a memory from childhood:

"Fluffy, Come Home" (part 1)

Our mother had died, my father was now remarried, and though our new mom hadn't proven herself to be 'wicked,' she was, after all, a stepmother.

For some reason we blamed it all on our stepmother. You see, the children had adopted a stray animal--a big, gray cat. We called him "Fluffy." After a season of having Fluffy around, Dad had us go for a drive with Fluffy--way out in the country to Uncle Tom's house (maybe 15 miles away). I sat in the backseat holding Fluffy and allowing Fluffy to look out the rear window (sharing the hope with my little brother that Fluffy--like Lassie--would find his way home).

Well, time's up--I've got to get back home to wake up those willing to have 'morning devotions.' Remind me (click here) to finish this story later.

We have an outreach ministry this morning at Royal Oaks Convalescent Home (10:00 AM). Hope to see you there.

26 to Y2K5: Last night we were readying to leave the Epicenter for our dwelling place when a young friend called. Christina reported that her dog was starting to deliver puppies and wanted our daughter, Mary (13), to know that this long-awaited occasion had arrived. We decided (along with Christina's mom) to let Mary go over and spend the night to watch these puppies being born.

It was reported this morning that delivery was long and arduous but six pups were born and all have survived. Cathy and I agreed that this will serve as an important chapter in Mary's life education. Over the years we have been disappointed about certain inferior aspects of public education in our town. However, by God's rippling grace, our children have benefited greatly from a well-rounded exposure to life-teaching outside the classroom. Our four children have always attended Worship services, Sunday School, and Children's Church. Each one has also been involved in the work of the church--VBS, mission trips, hosting special events and meeting special guests through the years. I hope to, one day, be as concerned for the education of every child in my sphere of influence. 

Yesterday, in the second service, I mentioned that, for me, the Advent season always preaches a pro-life message (when one considers the expectant hope of Zacharias and Elizabeth). I also referenced Luke 1:39-45 when two expectant mothers met and shared the mutual joy of carrying special lives in their wombs. The thief comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy; as for me and my house, we're going to try to be alert and not let the thief steal any of the JOY that Jesus would have 'leap within us' during Advent 2004.

27 to Y2K5: Sunday's come and is nearly gone! It's been a great day in the House of the Lord. Cathy and I are heading home at 9:00 PM. I'll write more tomorrow. If, today, God has spoken to your heart about anything you'd like to share, write me.

to Y2K5: Today, I'm resetting my time to our Homepage Hour Glass. The 40 Days of Focus carried over into 60-some days. It's time to look ahead to the new season.

This webBlog has helped me look at my bio-rhythm. Perhaps, I'm only good for about a 63 Day high (I don't know...) but I started to crash on the way home from Riverside this week; I was too exhausted to go to mid-week bible study, too worn-out to attend Rotary Friday morning, not even excited about updating this webpage (that confession hurts--it really does). Maybe it had to do with completion of several events:
Thanksgiving Festivities, Joe home and back,
Jury duty finished,
and Stonehill over.  
However, today, I have my normal level of energy, so I guess I'm rested (and ready for the Second Light of Advent).

This day started with an extended time of prayer--in the company of like believers--petitioning God and acknowledging that His Ways are higher than our ways. Confidence comes with prayer. God is in control (and He reveals Himself to those who diligently seek Him). Our Saturday morning prayer meeting has had unbroken continuity for several years. When I listen to others in our local church praying, I hear the breath of God returning to Him. Its wonderful.

I excused myself from prayer at 7:30
AM, so I could drive Cathy and Whitney to Sutter Creek to watch our son, Daniel, compete in a wrestling tournament. He won a scrimmage match in Lodi mid-week, but today was his first tournament. We were able to stay for two rounds. He won the first round (and placed 2nd in his second match).

Having not been involved sports as a child or teen, I have continually been amazed at how the Lord gives us new experiences through our children. A couple weeks ago, Daniel was demonstrating some of his recently-acquired skills on his dear old Dad. OUCH! My rib must have fractured...or something...because it really hurt. Finally, last night, I had a sign that I would outlive that particular pain. I rolled over on my side at bedtime and realized that it didn't hurt anymore. I'm sure we could spiritualize the whole event but ever since Randy Stonehill admitted that certain songs have a single meaning...well, I'm just gonna be a literalist for awhile (at least for the next five minutes). Hope to see you in church Sunday (if you're local); if not, hope to hear from you...CLICK HERE.

Day 64: When Cathy and I took Joe back to college (Califonia Baptist University), I wanted to take a photo of him next to this sculpture (it revolves and appears to float upon bubbling water). While eating lunch we met a student from Ghana (I think he said his name was Sadu); he said that Joe was a good tennis player, but that he, himself, was the best. Joe explained that this particular student was at CBU on a soccer scholarship. Although its hard for Joe to transition into adulthood, I'm glad that CBU is his home away from home. If you would like to check in with him, CLICK HERE. He is currently writing a daily journal.

A couple days ago, Mike and Robin McCall took me to visit a friend who was on his deathbed. We sang some songs and prayed the scriptures. Yesterday, I received the news that this man had passed away. We were humbled that we had not missed the opportunity to minister in this way.


Yesterday, I also received the news that a member of our church has come through Cancer treatment (and is in remission). In all of this, I give thanks.

Day 62:
Joe had accompanied me to court on Monday afternoon. After we had waited for an hour, the jury was seated and then told by the Judge that the case had been settled. We were thanked by the Judge. He paraphrased Anthony Kennedy speaking about civil strife in other nations. Without an effective way to settle grievances, people sometimes take matters into their own hands. I was glad to be dismissed because it meant that Cathy and I could drive Joe back to college. When I find another timeslot to get online, I will write an explanation of thought and action stirred up by my being called to serve in a Superior Court trial.

Joe showed us around the campus of California Baptist University where he has started work toward his Bachelor's Degree. He has been tutoring math students. Here is a photo outside the center where he works. It has been hard for Joe to make the adjustment of being away from home for such a long period of time. While he was home, a couple people took time to share with him their experiences of 'separation anxiety.' If you would like to write him a note, just


Day 60: Cathy and I had planned to take Joe back to college (after the Stonehill concert). When I learned that my opportunity to serve as a juror would possibly carry on until this Wednesday, we had to keep our options open.

So, last night after the concert, I took Cathy out for our 'anniversary' (coming up on December 16th) point waiting...and possibly allowing the grand event (20 year observance) to be minimized. I thought long and hard before deciding upon the perfect date.

I surprised her by taking her out for an 'all-expenses-paid' dinner at Denny's! We sat at the table with Randy, his Northern California agent, Kathy; a couple from Oroville (Wanda & Philip), and our sweet friend, Jebby. Cathy and I split an 'Ultimate Omelot.' We were served by a waitress named Megan (who had served MacDonald and us on the celebrative day that he had landed the job at Denny's).

I have yet to reflect much upon last night's concert. I was a blessed. We shared a Feb. 1964 experience with the folks visiting the Epicenter
(I showed some acts from a certain Ed Sullivan show). Then, I was so pleased with the performance given by our own, home-grown talent: Katey Santillan. What a voice...and only 11 years old!

God had called a significant group together to share that special evening. I was happy to know that three members of the Rock Band, A Skylit Drive, were being exposed to high art in the church.

We also had 3 Denny's employees in the audience who were experiencing Stonehill for the first time (and he sang "Christmas at Denny's"). He also performed a new song about doing what it takes to listen to the Spirit. I do believe that my dear Friend (the Spirit) will lay it on Randy's heart to deliver a 'quiet copy' of the demo to Jebby (who will then 'burn' a quiet copy for Cathy and a 20 year anniversary gift....oh yeah, and I'll burn one for Wanda & Philip)...but promise not to sell any from the trunk of my car!

I think it was especially nice of Randy to tell the crowd that "Baby Hates Clowns" should be taken literally (not some have been known to interpret lyrics...). I've sometimes wondered if the Apostle Paul will comment on the public ministry of certain gifted preachers (when he sits around the table with them at that heavenly Denny's): "What were you talking about?!"

Day 58:
I've been reading over the papers I wrote during the first couple years of doctoral studies. Delaying the process of writing a final project prospectus has caused some inner struggle for me. However, the elapsed time since I wrote many of these papers has brought wisdom with which to interpret what God was revealing to me.


I'm happy about that. On Day 59 (Sunday), we anticipate watching 2 young people get baptized at the Epicenter. They are joining in the membership of our sister Filipino congregation (from Stockton). It will also be the first Sunday of Advent. I have been praying that Randy Stonehill will minister among us in the power of the Holy Spirit that evening.

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