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Saturday, March 31, 2007

There's an associational workshop at the BellRoad campus for Sunday School teachers at 8 a.m. this morning. I slept in until 7:00--we were up past midnight--stayed over in Auburn. So, not much time to write!

I haven't heard from Pastor Shamas yet today. Remember, he is 12 hours ahead of me into this day. I will be interested to hear what he has to say about the meeting with Pakistani pastors in Lahore.

Yesterday, Duncan Holmes (the blind pianist) sent me his journal from Long Island mission trip.

So, I wrote back to him with this link to most of the music that his blind buddy Greg Brayton and I have recorded together.  CLICK HERE
He wrote back:
Hi, Rob. 
I've found one mp3 file, and the rest are Windows Media Audio.  I'll download those later, but I'll definitely save the mp3 (I like to collect mp3's and put them on a cd for future trips.)  Thanks, and I do hope we can one day work together.  Blessings!

Yeah, Greg once told me that his Real audio player is set up for mp3. Here are the same files as mp3 uploads on boomp3 but this site only allows PLAY not download.

 click here for mp3 files
I will work on getting them all into a downloadable mp3 format.

You know, there's a whole lot on my plate right now. This smorgasbord called 'Abundant Life' can make one's eyes bigger than one's belly.

I figured that I would hold off from much back-and-forth with Dick Otterback (see yesterday's entry) until he let me see the character of his name. Remember, I said that, to my knowledge, I had never heard of the man.

Then, in what seemed like a totally unrelated occurrence,
Pastor Bill Jenkins called me this morning to introduce himself. Although, I hadn't heard anything about either (or his church), he was very kind in extending the right hand of fellowship to me over the phone.

I was at the DMV waiting as my student-daughter took her written exam. I was sitting in the car practicing the music for tomorrow night's Easter Presentation at BellRoad.

Time for a public service announcement:

Please try to come by Sunday night for the final
   performance of Known by the Scars.
CLICK HERE  for more information.

So, anyway, I come home from the DMV and google the name Dick Otterback in order to get some idea of the meaning of his name.

And I learn that he has made a name for himself on the national news by picketing the very guy that had just been so kind to me.

He picketed them on the day they were launching their church? I'm thinking, "What's up with that, Dick?!"

"Did you talk that over with him or just show up and do it?"

That kinda reminds me of the Westboro Lady (Shirley Phelps-Roper). If you wanna go on a wild-google chase, there's plenty of name-droppings along the way.
My old buddy, Dave, just wrote me a few days ago to tell me that the Westboro church had just picketed his local church in Colorado Springs. They called some young teenage girls "whores" as they were heading into church.

These were sweet, tender-hearted girls. Dave was pretty upset about it. I wonder if Dick Otterback is a Shirley Phelps-Roper wanna-be. Well, if he looks hard enough at two years of my journaling, I'm sure that he'll find whatever it is that he's looking for.

Me? I've gotta get to Teacher's Training.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Pakistani Pastor Shamas Pervaiz is 12 hours ahead of us. Remember that his desire is to meet with pastors before another important gathering in Lahore at 10:00 on the 31st. So much is happening right now that I'm having some difficulty tracking various aspects of each small assignment God has entrusted to me.

Therefore, I write.

A number of people at my new church are now reading these entries regularly. I hope that some will take an interest in helping me discern the difference between open and closed doors.

Tonight, I am singing with the Tenor section in our Easter musical presentation. It is a very interesting compilation of song arrangements interwoven with narrations written by Max Lucado. I also will be singing a solo during the song, "It is finished."

I was planning to refrain from being in the choir but Diana Knapp lured me in with a solo.

Her Dad, David Burckardt is a Choir Director. He reads this blog    ...and he's gonna be there tonight.

Me? I'll keep listening to the tracks all day getting ready for opening night.

CLICK HERE  for more information. Please try to come to one of the performances of Known by the Scars.

I have a laugh to share. Early yesterday morning, I sent Mary her school assignments. Among them was this directive:

Please read the article I wrote in the Auburn Journal. After you read the entire 2 page article, make a comment on the Auburn Journal website. Make sure that your comment is brief but well-written. Please use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Click here to see Mary's succinct comment in the newspaper.

Just down the street from our BellRoad campus is another gathering place for believers. They also have three white crosses on their hill (and are also having a Sunrise Service on Easter morning).

Some time ago, one of their members, Bill, had sent letters out to Auburn churches asking them to  study and pray through the situation in Burma (Myanmar) and speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

On March 21st, he called Emma hoping to speak to someone on the 'Social Justice Committee'...

Bill probably doesn't realize that most local Baptist churches wouldn't normally have a social justice committee...hmm...who would Bill wanna talk to?

Coincidentally, Joe had just chatted with Cathy the day before about Burma. I had published an excerpt from that chat in this journal.

This morning I received an email from Bill:

Pastor Rob:

This is Bill Michel from Auburn Presbyterian.
I'm following up our delightful conversation of a week ago.

I accessed your site and read the conversation you had with your son, Joe. I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for what Joe is doing to assist the Karen's. My late wife, Esther, was half Karen.

Two questions: Have you been able to confirm that Joe is actually serving inside Burma in the Karen State?

      *Joe is not inside Burma--he is in Thailand.

My daughter Grace received an email in July 2006 from Peter Thay saying the Karen people had founded a new camp called IDP or Internally Displaced People Camp. That is my second question, could your son possibly be serving at this camp? And if yes, has he met Peter Thay?

    *Joe wrote on March 20 "I woke up in Singapore
     yesterday morning, flew to Bangkok and then took
     busses to Mae Sot and now am in Karen camp on
     border between Thailand and Myanmar (Burma)."

Peter ran a school for Karen & Karenni refugees in Mae Sariang, Thailand in 2004. My daughter served with him during that Summer. Like Joe, she taught English. I had the pleasure of meeting Peter when I visited in August of 2004.

Please keep in touch. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Blessings in Christ,

Bill Michel

Last week, in my phone conversation with Bill, he mentioned a website that I have yet to visit. Shall we take a peek now?

Before choir rehearsal last night I received this note:

Pastor Rob,

On March 21, the Auburn Journal printed a letter to the editor entitled, "Local Pastors Should Speak Up to Defend Christianity." I am still awaiting your response.    

Dick Otterstad

To my knowledge, I had never heard of the man. I have yet to begin reading the Auburn Journal on a daily basis. He didn't provide a link but I invested the time to locate his letter online. I then quickly submitted his first comment.

     (click here for Dick's letter to the Editor).

I wonder why he has the opinion that pastors are fearful, cowardly, and disobedient?

He waxeth with prophetic edge. Most nice people don't like prophetic edge...but I can deal with it.

I mean, I have to--it's my job, my calling.

     "The name's rob . . . pastorob."

 I can see Mary shaking her head, saying

        "Dad, you're so gay..."

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Finally, a couple unchurched people visited my article at the Auburn Journal's website. They both left sarcastic comments.

Click here to see all the comments

     Welcome to the real world.


A folk-singer, guitmartiman, from YouTube has been sending me videos for the last month. Last night I agreed to periodically review some of his guitar students' recital videos. This morning he sent me his musical take on

    The Parable of the Ten Virgins (click here).

Interesting to me that it was that very parable which inspired the Sunday Message:

     Is God Really Pro-Choice? (click here) I suspected my audio recording wouldn't stay in the number one slot at the for very long. It has been clicked over 1,200 times (but Maxim Sodovsky's new site from Latvia now has a greater audience).
So, Number One at boomp3 today is a pop singer named
               wu shen lun with over 24,000 clicks.

    ...and my sermons aren't exactly pop
              (thus the much lower audience

Last Sunday's Message was dubbed Rhythmic Soul:
     "It's BellRoad" (click here).

Those of you who know me know where I try to fix my eyes.   yup, right here (          )

My Dad® recently sent $100 to me so I was able to send that gift on ahead to Pastor Shamas in Pakistan. This will help him with his trip to Lahore on March 31st (see below).

Pastor Shamas writes: "Greetings to you in Lord.
Have a blessed day. Brother, today I receive 100$ from Western Union. Many, many thanks. Say thanks to Father for me. My Pray God give him long life with good health.
We will Pray with Fast for 31 March tomorrow.
                             God Bless You Pastor Shamas"

I'm happy to see more in-house webpages starting to pop up. Hopefully they will become tools for encouragement and effective communication.

The Movers and Shakers    

The Bells and Whistles (no webpage yet)

Brandon's Scripture and Prayer Log

BellRoad FamilyFunGroup

BellRoad University (Spring Semester Courses)

Wednesday, March 28, 2006

Finally, we're broadcasting from our campus. From our rooftop we are sending a signal 22,000 miles upward to a satellite in order to broadcast via the Internet. Our access is still remarkably fast (though not as fast as my bedside wireless in Galt).

After yesterday's wee-hour entries about Pastor Shamas and his pivotal action in Pakistan, I sent him this note:

Rob Patterson <> wrote:

There, I did it....I hope the best for you as you courageously face the days ahead.


pastor rob

He replied this morning:

Respectable in Lord Brother Pastor Rob,

May God Bless You and use you for His Glory Amen
after My news in news paper, Government stand in action and Deputy Superintendent jail dismiss. Thanks Lord. Today Chief Editor told me this.

Thanks for your Prayer. Glory to Lord.

Please pray hard for Auqaf Department now.
Because 70 to 80% pastors will suffer, esp in villages.

In Villages many many pastors are not educated.

Also many many Pastors are older.

How they will face police report or other matter for clearance? Because alot of pastors are purely selfsupport with very limted resources.

Our God is awesome God. We will win Because we not choose but He Chose us. John 15:16.

God Bless You
Your Brother in Lord
Pastor Shamas

I know that it is hard for some readers to become interested in another people group but choose to remember that one's personal 'Samaria' (or Ninevah) is to be considered in the Great Commission by each one of us.

Pastor Shamas has been offered free registration at the 7th Asian Baptist Congress in May (click here). This gathering of Baptists from many Asian nations meet every five years.  I wonder if there is anybody out there who would be willing to help him with airfare? You can see from our photo slideshow that he has appears to have been a good steward with meager offerings. He also seems to have been given an open door to a great sphere-of-influence. These Pakistani men, women, and children need to have leaders who are accountable to other trained and Spirit-led leaders.

I have yet to meet Pastor Shamas in person. If you choose to acquaint yourself with the issues covered in yesterday's emails (below) you will be helping me to develop BellRoad University's advanced mission classes.

Check the link (Slideshow) and see Pastor Shamas.

LM 499  Pakistan Mission Trip (by appointment)

Our Youth Leader, Brandon Willette is now sharing his prayer meditation with our local church and anyone else who happens by.

I'm happy that Brandon was willing to begin a blog spot as part of our mentoring process. We had a good time last night talking about his call to ministry (as we played guitars and sang together).

Tuesday, March 27, 2006
      2:18 a.m. update...        finally posted: 2:45 a.m.

Guess I'm not getting the chance to go back to bed; as soon as I posted today's entry, I receive two more emails. I hope you will be able to put together these time-pieces into a meaningful whole:

Brother, I check all is ok. Also put my new email on blog. You know preach is not easy in Islamic country.
                        God Bless You
                        Pastor Shamas
Respectable Brother Pastor Rob,
Auqaf Department Order a pastor will preach only after permission from Police and, after 60 years, He will stop preaching.

Also a Pastor have no permission he preach in different area or in other city Or Give Marriage Certificate in other area.

A Pastor have not permission for this after 5 year. Every Pastor will again request for preaching for next 5 years.

Respectable in Lord,
All this are wrong, Because we are servant of God not Auqaf Department's servant.

We will not accept this
On dated 31th of March at 10.00am many pastors and Bishops will talk with Auqaf Department Director. If he not stop then we will strike.
Respectable in Lord,
Today, I call to Chief Editor of daily newspaper.
Tomorrow will Edition about this.

I want Your Prayers and your Cooperation for this because on dated 31st of March, I will go to Lahore with many Pastors. Also from Lahore will alot of Pastors and Bishops.
Please put my newly mail on Blog.
Brother, my desire meet with pastors reach at Lahore before 10:00 a.m. [on the 31st].

You know we are purely selfsupport with very limited resources. If  we not do work on it then near about 70% Pastors will suffer. My Request to you brothers and sisters

Please Guide us for Christianity.
You know for Special Edition of newspapers cost and For Lahore Convence and other cost will alot.

Please pray God open door and provide me sources for this holy work.
Bishop Shamas Pervaiz
St#4 Warispura Faisalabad

first entry for
Tuesday, March 27, 2006

On my day in Galt yesterday, by necessity, I invested several hours on the Internet. I had an important talk with our son, Joseph, in Thailand.

He listened to Sunday's Message as we continued to discuss his immediate decisions.

If you haven't had a chance to listen to Sunday's audio message yet, please  CLICK HERE

The title of the sermon is:

    "It's BellRoad"

Yesterday's entry explains a bit about the technological stream into which this line has been cast.

..and Stephanie is on whose team?!
Check out
what she has started:  click here
Please note that Angel has made a comment.

sent me the GodTube parody last week, so yesterday I decided to open an account there. Yup, I was able to reserve the name pastorob at GodTube too.

James Moore
converted the Lennon piece for me. I uploaded the video but noticed that the soundtrack isn't synced 'correctly'...

X-synct-ly noticeable, one will do well to remember
                  Pastor Plair's admonistion:

    "First Natural, then Spiritual: click here"

So, at first, I was amused at the copycat attempt to cloister Christians once again through a venue called GodTube...
but this interview has poked me in the belly...

     Was it a doctoral project?  Where?  hmm...

Fox Interview with GodTube CEO: click here

High Speed Quote for yesterday: click here

I am asking my readers to study through a situation and help me to pray for Brother Shamas Pervaiz in Pakistan. He sent me a series of letters yesterday, so today is an important day in which he hopes that someone is praying for him and with some glimpse into his situation.

This will be a long entry that I was not planning to include in my public journal but woke up at 1:00 a.m. figuring that I'd better do it. Otherwise I could not be at peace within myself as I head for my next stint in Auburn in just a few hours.

The last word from Pastor Shamas to me yesterday:

Brother, I think you mention on your blog. That will good Because then alot of brothers and sisters will read.
Please pray with heart and send request to all Saints.

We need prayers and cooperation. Now we first need your prayers but If we will go to Court then I will need your cooperation.

My first letter from Pastor Shamas yesterday:

Respectable in Lord,

Greetings to you in Almighty Lord.

Here is some bad news for Christians and I complain through news papers.

If I have resources then I will fight for Christians. I am sending you news.

The Constitution of Pakistan provides religious freedom to all the citizen of Pakistan and every body is allowed to worship and prayer according to their own religious faith.

I regret to say that Superintendent Adyala Jail Rawilpindi Mirza Shahid Baig has put a ban on the prayers of Christian prisoners.

The place fixed for this purpose has been seized.

Nearly one hundred and fifty Christian prisoners have gone on hunger strike against this discriminated attitude of the Superintendent.

Superintendent Adyala Jail detailed DS Jail Noor Ul Hassan and Saif ullah Gondal to have debates with the Christian prisoners.

But instead of having dialogues, They beat them with sticks and tried to end their hunger strike by force.

It is strange that they are not allowed to pray and are not even allowed to die in protest. How much torture they should bear? It has come to our notice through a prisoner who was there at that time.

Bishop Shamas Pervaiz and Bishop James Dean and many other pastors have strongly condemned this attitude of Adyala Superintendent Jail Rawalpindi and his staff for not allowing the Christian prisoners to pray and not allowing any servant of God for this purpose.

Combine this situation with newly issued instructions by the Secretaries of Auqaf Department Punjab interfering in performing the religious obligation of Servants of God.

All this has happened in these days to instigate the peace-loving Christians to protest against such behavior of certain Government Departments of Pakistan that there is some one with bad motives behind these activities to bring a bad name to most beloved Government of Pakistan. It is the duty of the Government to find the hands behind it.

Your Sincerely
Bishop Shamas Pervaiz

My second letter from Pastor Shamas yesterday:

Greetings to you and your people in Almighty Lord God

After all-day Prayer, I decide I will fight on this matter.

Newly issued instructions by the Secretaries of Auqaf Department Punjab (only) interfering in performing the religious obligation of Servants of God.
Auqf Department not give us salary or pension. They want we suffer in preaching and pastors have no permission for preaching after 60 Years.
They are Muslims and they not know about Christianity. They want we preach bound.

Tomorrow will Newspaper Edition about this.
We are Servant of God not their servant. We will do that God want from us.
Please Pray God Give me strength and I fight with Auqaf Department For Lord's Work. I am less sources but I know Almighty God is with me for Holy Work.

So, here I am working out my own salvation with fear and trembling. I don't want to publish anything that could harm Pastor Shamas in any way, yet he has directed me to do so. I pray that God will put a hedge of protection around him and all the people he has been given charge over.

I wonder who would possibly want to sign up for this advanced class after reading today's entry thus far? Check the link (LM 499) and see Pastor Shamas.

LM 499  Pakistan Mission Trip (by appointment)

Monday, March 26, 2007

 "It's BellRoad"

    Listen to this week's message: CLICK HERE

At BellRoad Radio we are compressing the weekly messages at a 64 Kbps bitrate to make it easier for those who are forced to experience the Internet at 20th Century speeds. The heavily compressed signal results in an obvious loss of quality and it is a bit more noticeable in this particular mp3.

At certain points along the way, you may hear the occasional drop of a syllable or a bit of a warble. It's just the price we're all paying to help those who are sputtering along the Information Highway on a 20th Century connection.

Now, I understand better why Les Andrews prefers the Model A over the Model T. In his opinion, the Model A is much more practical for those who want to travel any significant distance down any given highway.

Though the Model T is still a sweet ride, the Model A moves people much faster from Point A to Point B.

So, listen again to this week's message.

CLICK HERE and when you hear a drop-out,
     just remember we're 'takin' one for the team!'

Please don't forget to comment on my story in the Auburn Journal. By the way, the Journal's software requires an Image Verification before you submit your comment, so just look at the image carefully, and type the various alpha-numeric characters in the little box, and then you will allowed to actually submit your comment.

      My article in the Auburn Journal: click here

I've asked four blind fellows from around the world to 'see' if they can figure out a way to read my article and to post their comment. Let's keep checking back until one of them gets through!

Oh...and here's more about Les Andrews and his love for 20th Century Tech-nostalgia:  the Model A Times

I googled my cousin, Jim Cook, who restored and maintains the Frank Peterson's Model T (affectionately remembered by his desendants as Old Henry). Of course, my great-grandfather isn't hard to find on the Internet but Old Henry is harder to find.

click here for Frank Peterson

For some reason, google isn't finding Old Henry today but I did happen upon some other interesting material.

It seems that Cousin Jim has been running with a gang of questionable characters--a subculture in Tiffin, Ohio--

         --the Arts, Jazz, and Library gang.

Really?! (see for yourself: click here)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

  "It's BellRoad"

    Listen to this morning's message: CLICK HERE

Most of you know that through the years I have maintained a close friendship with this blind guy back in Michigan. The reason I always mention that Greg is blind is because I'm so amazed at the guy. Not only is he an incredibly fast lead guitarist, he can also ride a bicycle....

In 8th Grade Greg was the School President; in High School he played football.

Later he was the frontman for a truly great rock band called Blindman's Bluff.

Then he started really messing up his life. God sent Sally to help to save him from himself. They've been married for a long time.

was a Methodist girl, a gifted artist, and the perfect wife for Greg. (Our own Bonita Capps reminds me of Sally.) Greg has produced most of the music I've published over the years. He is an amazing musician. He runs his own studio with automated mixing and has his computer set up to read text to him.

Ironically, Greg's posting on the Auburn Journal website probably didn't work (see below). We'll know for sure tomorrow morning when the weekend entries post in their comment section.

From Greg Brayton:

Hey buddy I posted my comment, and told the sight [site] it was user- friendly, then I ran in to this image verification thing, and I'm not sure it posted lol.

But anyway, I liked your article, and I said if you kept writing I'd keep reading. Also that it was good to be once again connected with an even larger extended family of God.

Bless you brother. What good things you do for Jesus!

And it was so nice to read Joe's comment too.
How very fine that is buddy.

If you would like to read the article and post a comment, here' the link (click here).'s Sunday (not a business day), so your comment should actually post tomorrow.

Last night's service at the Union Gospel Mission was a rewarding investment. I waited until the last few minutes before settling on which song to sing. 

I chose "God has smiled on me."  I had brought my acoustic/electric guitar and a small Fender amp. The song sounded good in that mid-sized room. It felt good!

Several individuals asked for prayer before then went to the dining room. Other 'counselors' were kept busy as well. There was truly a sweet, sweet spirit in that place.

Check out their website and see what's happening there:

The Union Gospel Mission

Time is running up for me at 5:44 a.m. but I want to remember to mention that Raido Oras (in Estonia) wrote to me this morning.

...and then Daniel Teale popped up from Australia:

Daniel: hey Rob.  How's it goin mate?

Rob: hey buddy     good

          writing my blog before dressing and leaving for
 are you?

Daniel: ahhh awesome
             yeah i'm very well thanks

Rob: great

Daniel: just got back from our evening service actually

Rob: glad to hear it

Daniel: that and the after-church fellowshipping
yeah its been good... well i wont disturb you

Rob: hmm...

Daniel: I'll catcha another time

Rob: I'll post this little chat, OK?

Daniel: Sure. I hope you have a blessed day!

Rob: bye

Daniel: cheerio

        Huge Interview with Daniel: click here


Saturday, March 24, 2007
Here is a funny video-short that accompanies the one Christy linked to yesterday
(click on the guys). There's three videos altogether, methinks.

I'm enjoying the comments on the article published in Friday's Auburn Journal (click here).

About that online article:

There are some 'religion-targeted' ads that may or may not be connected with my message.

Nevertheless, we might wanna learn from those who have already gone on ahead of us by purchasing "Google Ads", hmm?

Due to recent thought given to the validity of the video Unconditional Love, I think I'll sing it at the Gospel Mission tonight (Sacramento: Saturday night 7:00 p.m.)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Mary and I drove back to Galt around 4:00 p.m. yesterday. A long-awaited call came in from West Sacramento.

The Distributor and I worked out a deal on our much-needed Sound Absorption panels. Dan Clark is gonna handle receiving the order that is now scheduled for delivery to the BellRoad Campus today.

I was happy to see that the article
the Auburn Journal
is online this morning.

  No photo?  I wonder if the hardcopy has a photo?

Hey, I'd like some people to try out the BetaComment at the end of the article. So, please read it and comment:

Jesus and the Real World  by Pastor Rob (click here)

Christy writes: 

"This video is similar to your white shirt scenario."

(click here for Christy's video)
   That's it for local news . . .

Let's go to Rodney Edwards in Tennesee:


I feel like we are a thousand miles apart (come to think of it we are a thousand miles apart).

I am interested in how your new church is coming along.
It must be consuming your every moment right now.

I am concerned about finding funding for Pastor Wesley. We’ve budgeted some business development efforts for this year and I can certainly speak to the board about making Pastor Wesley one of the first to participate.

Let me know what you think of this idea.

Rodney Edwards

Rodney, I think we're about two thousand miles apart. Well, according to me & google...

2,271 miles (about 1 day 9 hours)

Perhaps its time for you and Gayla
                to get "on the Road again..."

Here's help for your RoadTrip
(click here)

I think that Pastor Wesley ought to be one of the first to participate....definitely.

Speak to the Board, dear Rodney!

Now...let's see what Joe is doing . . . the Karen Refugee Camp in Thailand today:

Me:  Hey, have you uploaded the photos from that
         scrapbook your Auntie Bev made for you?

Joe: The one about our progress in Liberia
           .... with Pastor Wesley?

Me:  Yeah.

Joe: Found it. Here it is.

         Click here and then select Slideshow. I've sent the
         actual scrapbook back to you. It will probably take a
         couple months to get there.

Me:  Thanks. Hey, I like that slideshow! So retro.

Joe: I learned my numbers in karen
          duh...that means one.

Me:   duh

Joe: ki ... key  is two, theh is three

Me:   duh, key, theh...

Joe: lui is four, hoo ... (who)  4, 5

Me:   duh, key, theh, lui, hoo...

Joe: duckey ....1,2   (ducky)  1, 2

          but I can also write them in international phonetics
          because the English letters can confuse me

          the looks like "the"

          but the sound of the word is really theta epsilon... 

          the eh   th eh     theh

Me:   greek?    theta, epsilon?

Joe: sounds...

Me:   hmm...

Joe: We try to use one symbol to make one sound

          and different symbols for different vowel sounds

          English could be confusing

For instance,


the "c" doesnt make the same sound in each place
so if we wrote a word we did not know then we could mispronounce it later if we read it to ourselves

and say kirkumkstankes

        or sirsumstanses

Me:   sertenlee sownds kunfyooseeng

Joe: Saliwa is listening to think on these things now
          and I will put up a little conversation with him later

Me:   good

Joe:  He is 11

Me:   oh

...and is my best young friend

Me:   Fun to have a kid around, huh?

Joe: Yeah. We teach each other
          He doesn't speak much English and
              I speak less Karen...

Here's a page with photos about Karen (click here)

Well, that's enough for today. Remember, please check the Auburn Journal article and try to make a comment:

Jesus and the Real World  by Pastor Rob (click here)

I just read this notice:

Notice: During this beta stage comments are not posted immediately but first reviewed for content. This process can take up to one business day.

Daniel Teale
(Australia) and I just chatted. It's 1:00 a.m. on Saturday morning there. He just finished up at a youth event.

He's gotta go to bed but he's gonna comment on the Auburn Journal story in the morning. Remember, I'm continually trying to get Daniel to make the AirTrip to Auburn. (meet Daniel: click here)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stephanie, our MissionsTeam Leader is about to create a webpage that our church page will link to. This way, our secretary (dear Emma) won't have to be called to update the website in the area of Missions. This team approach to a church website was one aspect of my doctoral project (which was never fully realized).

I have provided Stephanie with this link to empower her with all of Google's tools. This could lead to an interesting, interactive missional website.

(click here to see for yourself)

If you clicked there, you saw that it was about a blog. Many of you know that I have invested a few years learning how to weave cyber-fibers into 'the atypical church website'
(including YouTube, Myspace, Google Video, BibleGateway, BlueLetterBible, Slide, Picasa, and RockYou).

Some sites are problematic for church folks. Some are much less. The link above will allow Stephanie the opportunity to create something free of pop-ups and annoying, seductive advertisement.

Would you like to start a page that promotes some aspect of your investment in the Kingdom of God? With some careful study of avoiding problem areas on the Internet, this site can definitely work for your ministry.

I created a site there back in 2004 (at the same time that I started one on myspace). I haven't used it much but it allows me to 'comment' on other e-blogger sites.

Possible problems aside, go ahead and try (click here).

Here is a page that Mike Elkins created to document Stonegate Fellowship's trip to Liberia (click here).

At my request, Jennifer at fbcgalt once created a site for the videos on the Liberian Ministries DVD. I'm happy that we were able to take their DVD and bring to a venue where it would be available 24/7. (click here)

I just now found a similar video on another site GodTube (maybe it was downloaded from our Google Video upload: click here).

Joe used this venue to help Howard Gabriel publish his children's stories on the Internet. This was important because the Lord had made an appointment to take Howard home. Now, his work is preserved for children and grandchildren (for as long as google is around...which should be a good, long while).

Like 'America', the word 'google' isn't mentioned in the Bible. Of course, most of the New Testament-era RomanRoads are now gone completely, others can be seen in remnant and even walked upon.

Tomorrow, good ol' pastorob will be featured in the Arts and Entertainment section of the Auburn Journal. I mention our upcoming season as a winning team.

In preparation for Easter, Lou Robohm, Mike Hodges, and I prayed in the parking lot (dreaming dreams and seeing visions). We have finalized the time for our Easter Sunrise Service to begin:   April 8th  6:30 a.m.

I checked this site to see if we planned well: click here

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yesterday was packed with meetings. My final hour of church-stuff was sitting face-to-face with Brandon from 8:00-8:40. We each had a guitar in our hands and we jammed. We sang four songs for forty minutes. What fun.

Brandon demonstrated a strong voice and such a sweet spirit.

Mary and I stayed over at the Reeves' home last night. Bob hooked up wireless internet so I was able to connect with some of my family. Cathy was in Galt. She had just been chatting with Joe. So, she sent me a copy of their chat.

Yes, there's bad stuff on the Internet but here's how we've made the Internet family-friendly for us.

Joe: what's up?  I am at the refugee camp now

No toilet seats, but WIRELESS INTERNET FOR FREE :)

    God knows what I need.

Cathy: Isn't that interesting?

Joe: it's more difficult to transport a toilet and pipe water than move a signal and a little electricity :)

funny hu
so what are you going to be doing there?

Joe: DVBS    Children's Ministry

Cathy: Cute. What is the D for

Joe: Daily :)

Cathy: oh. Dad and Mary are at Auburn. I'm home alone watching American Idol

Joe: I woke up in Singapore yesterday morning, flew to Bangkok and then took busses to Mae Sot and now am in Karen camp border between Thailand and Myanmar

Cathy: what is Myanmar?  What do they speak

Joe: It's a country. You can google it
         Go to    type in Myanmar

Cathy: ok. so like China


Cathy: Good. So what did you do today?

Joe: Tuesday morning I woke up in singapore
then I flew to Bangkok...then we drove to Mae Sot.
then we drove here to Karen Camp.

 The upload connection is very, very slow here...

oh. What are you working on?

Internet Radio

oh, I listened to your reading of the bible and comments. I loved it. It was just what I needed...


Cathy: That was very nice of you. You made me cry.
              ... because you sent me your voice.

Joe: Send me an email telling me what you are doing.
          Put up some pictures somewhere...

10:36 PM (california time)

Cathy: so you're still on?

Joe: Yeah Just got off for lunch.

Cathy: How was lunch?

Joe: Great, why not? Everything is delicious to your son
           I don't even have to cook   :)

        I love Life, mama.  (click here)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm so pleased to have heard back from the Installation Department at our Satellite High-Speed Provider. We are supposed to get wired toward becoming wireless at the BellRoad Campus (one week from today between 8:00 and Noon).

Our Music Director, Curt Harjo and I have scheduled the same time-slot for planning a sweeping reformation of the Sunday Morning Worship Line-up. So, we'll definitely be around when The Installer gets here.

It will be past noon before I'm able to get to the Library to upload today's entry. I've been in face-to-face meetings with church members since 6:30 this morning. I'm picking Mary up from Phys.Ed (Courthouse Athletic Club) and taking her to the Library for Driver's Ed (online). I'll upload this entry right before I rush back to the Campus for a one o'clock with another local church member.

Calling all worshippers who attended Bell Road two days ago:

Emergency Request: Please send me a copy of your sermon notes from March 18th. Due to circumstances beyond my control, my 7th pastoral message was not recorded (digitally or on tape). As advertised, this message "NO Running in Church: Hangin' on Love" was the companion piece to the 6th Message.

It was supposed to be edited along with all other Pre-Easter Messages for a CD to give to visitors on Easter Sunday.

"Sorry, Coach..."  (I'm reminded of the scene in Invincible).

Of course, I have my sermon notes and am well aware of the passages used to convey this pivotal message. However several of the illustrations offered were only fully captured by those with ears to hear and eyes to see.

If you are one of those attentive disciples, please commit your notes and memories to paper or email and get them to me as soon as possible.

Bible Mnemonic Helps: I started with a short recap of Matthew 22, then paraphrased the Ten Commandments (Deuteronomy 5), then took the Bible-Handlers to   Matthew 22, Mark 12 Luke 10 to Peter, John, and the Walking/Jumping/Praising man formerly known as the Cripple (in Acts) onward to Peter and Malchus (on the night that Jesus was betrayed)...

     and then to The Shema before
                         lighting Les Andrews' Candle.

Click on the verses above to jar your memory. I need help with that which was spontaneous.Thank you for your thoughtful assistance in recapturing the lost history of
the BellRoad pre-BigGameSeason (message 7).

Monday, March 19, 2007

Some friends from Galt came to visit the BellRoad Campus yesterday. Aimee is home for Spring Break from CBU, so she wanted Mom and Dad to drive with her all the way from Galt to the foothills of Auburn.

My special sweetheart, Charlotte, also came along and (as is her custom) found a seat on the edge of the third row. Charlotte had faced great tragedy in her life before our paths crossed. Somehow, God has used me (and several others) to help fill the void left by the deaths of her adult sons.

I'd like to hear yesterday's sermon (and hope to later today). I watched the time because I'm trying to cross some cultural differences. Interestingly, John Walker, who made a move to the front row wasn't carrying a time-piece. Last week, John informed me that he and Patti were planning to try out the front row. They had been displaced by my 'new methods' (taking out the last row).

After church yesterday, Cathy and I hung out with Mike, Nancy, Gary, Janet, Dave, and Rita. This was a most-interesting opportunity for me to 'listen' and 'learn' their culture. They look like us...but they're all kinda 'different' (if you know what I mean).

After that time of fellowship, we went to the Rosenau Home for a Nancy Dane Birthday Party. We stayed until 8:30 p.m. (so it was another great opportunity to observe and take notes on this foothill subculture).

-- a most interesting study indeed!

Mary will be with me for home-school this week. Lord willing, she and I will head back to Auburn this afternoon and stay until Wednesday or Thursday. Our monthly Leadership Council takes place tonight. I have a few calls to make in order to be adequately prepared for some important matters.

We've been invited to stay in a 5th wheel next to Bob and Ann's home. Others have graciously opened their homes to us as well. However, the situation at the Reeve's will be the least intrusive, me thinks.

Meanwhile, Cathy is exhibiting more signs reminicent of 'the nesting syndrome'. So she's either pregnant or just getting ready to make the move.

10:08 p.m  Sunday night Chat with Joe

me: So, are you leaving from Thailand straight to
         Hong meet up with NSA

...or do you still have possibility of going to Krygystan?

joe: still a possibility to go to Kyrgyzstan
pray for me that it will not be blocked if it is ok

me: if you don't what will you do?

I will go to Thailand and then to refugee camp
probably about one week

I want to go to Kyrgyzstan

me: then?

joe: and then I would like to meet NAS in Hong Kong
at the end of June/beginning July

me: are you free to stay at refugee camp until then...

joe: and THEN evaluate my relationships, needs, skills and decide either return to Kyrgyzstan, back to Baguio, Auburn, wherever...

me: if Kyrgyzstan doesn't work out..

joe: I think I could stay there maybe longer
        maybe China
        or a personal adventure to Pakistan  :)

me: I'll send you Pastor Shamas' word about safety   
        there... sounds kinda like Pastor Wesley
        in the early days...

Respectable Brother Pastor Rob,

Greetings to you in Lord.

Brother, you do that you want, Pakistan is Islamic country But Thanks Lord Now our President Pervaiz Musharif is Great Blessings for Christianity. He is with President Bush.

Thanks Lord we are safe now.
Brother you will safe here in Visit. Also, my area is the Largest one Christian area in Pakistan.

Thanks Lord here now any bad happen with any other country Guests. Sister Marilyn Hickey visit here many time for Crusade in different Cities in Pakistan and many many thousands people attend her Crusade.

God Bless You
Your Brother in Lord
Pastor Shamas

joe: I dont know if it would be safe or possible, but if Kyrgyzstan really isn't possible, it is good to know there are other options

me: and this...

Respectable Brother Pastor Rob
  Your Visit will safe here.
  God is with us because we are His servant.

I wonder what it would cost for you to go to Pakistan..?

joe: its cheap to travel by land in Asia

me: that would be very cool...

joe: food is cheap too

me: yeah...

joe: housing is easy for me

me: Aimee came to Auburn today with Charlotte with
        Joyce and David.

        anyway, Aimee LOVES CBU still...

Good example of how we're all wired a bit differently.

joe: yeah.   It is a great place.

me: She probably wouldn't do too well in Liberia.

I just had to go to Liberia.

        People who love CBU can't be in Liberia at the same
        time and people who have an easy life don't need
        God to rescue them.

        Liberia was the turning point in my life.

        I was Crucified with Christ.

me: so what do you think it would cost to go from
        Asia to Pakistan?

joe: maybe less than $1,000

me: Well, I'm proud of you, young man.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A recent devotional reading that led to this morning's Message:

"NO Running in the Church"
       Hanging on Love    (Matthew 22)

The Shema    Matthew 22   Mark 12    Luke 10

  Audio of the Message to be uploaded soon. 

This message is intended as a companion piece to last Sunday's Message:

"Running in the Church"
       Hammering on Legalism    (Matthew 23)

Thanks to a website created years ago by guy in Auburn named Fred, I located some helps for a Sunday drive and walk: Foresthill Bridge

Just a couple exits from ours on I-80, this bridge offers a walk-across experience that is worth the time invested.

a couple dated photos: here   and    here

In honor of Alicia Rosenau's current status:

LM 499  Mexico Mission Trip (by appointment)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm in Galt and am now setting apart some time to work on my message for tomorrow. Cathy and I drove to Auburn last night and enjoyed watching Tom, Renee, Jon, Tim, Micah, Brandon, and Wil blend their instruments and present a concert (P.A.I.D.).

Today, Cathy is going to look at the available housing in Auburn. We will soon begin to seriously pursue a home there.

If you would like to help us look over the market,
      here you go: Houses for Sale

Eva wrote from Michigan that we could build two houses there for the cost of buying one of these houses. I think she understands though, that God didn't call us back to Michigan. We were called to come to Auburn and invest ourselves wisely.

I've been tired-out the last two days but was refreshed by going back to the Garden last night. We were able to see Lukas our church's new born baby.

Yesterday's Chat with Liberia's Pastor Richard Wesley:

Richard: hello pastor

me: are you back online at your home?
  or internet cafe?

Richard: Yes, I am back praise God

me: good

Richard: I am using one computer. No cafe'

Richard:  I have been trying to get to you few days ago but it was hard. How are things? I mean church, family and the rest?

me: Everything is going well, my brother.

Richard: Praise God!

me: How about for you?

Richard: I must give God the praise for all for the Bible says " In everything give thanks..."

me: Amen. Mary needs to use my computer so I'd better get going. Bye

Richard: Are you praying about plans to come to Liberia any time this year or 2008.

me: Well, I will definitely start...

Richard: Bye

me: "I will definitely start..."

So, here's the start. Lord willing, we will offer an advanced course offered through BellRoad University entitled

   LM 499  Liberia Mission Trip (by appointment)

Another matter that impinges upon my consciousness is the ongoing correspondence with Pastor Shamas Pervaiz in Pakistan.

Dear Pastor Shamas,
I have been reading online about Christians in Pakistan who undergo persecution--even death sentences for blasphemy against Mohammed or the Koran.

I wondered if it is at all endangering to you for me to put up your slideshow and to write about my interaction with you online.

I wouldn't want to do anything that would cause you and your loved ones harm. Also, do you think it would be unsafe for us to travel to Pakistan?
Please respond.

Pastor Rob

Pastor Shamas just replied to me. Instead of publishing his response, I will simply share that I now plan to offer yet another course through BellRoad University:

LM 499  Pakistan Mission Trip (by appointment)

Friday, March 16, 2007

P.A.I.D. is playing tonight at Bell Road Baptist Church. Cathy and I are planning to attend.

Mary began driver's training yesterday--online.

Click here to see.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I came home last night (after sitting in with the choir for awhile). I had been in Auburn since Monday and was ready to sleep in my own bed. I also have an appointment at 9:00 a.m. with a dear friend from the church I last pastored.

Mary is reading an assignment I've given her. I have an hour before my meeting so I figure I'll update this journal. I have missed having my son, Joe, around. He usually partners with me in any endeavor. His semester ended last week and he is traveling around the Philippines for a few days (before leaving on another mission trip).

He popped up in a chat box last night so we had a good conversation. He had previously sent out this letter to a few people he knows. I've withheld the name of a certain country because others have counseled Joe not to post details on the internet.

This is Joe Patterson, (please feel free to click on the underlined words for some small descriptive sites)
I am safe and sound in Davao City. That is in the southern part of the Philippines. I am here for a few days with my friend, Sharon. She will be going to <name of country withheld> and I will be returning to Baguio to go to Thailand area.

I will work for a short time in a refugee camp doing children's ministries.
Then I would hope to head to <name of country withheld> to teach English.
If anyone would like to support me with any kind of financial assistance or prayer that would be greatly appreciated.
If you have any questions, I am just an email away.

Love You All,
Joseph Patterson

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I had a chance meeting with a guy named Skip at the Flour Garden. He told me that his wife goes to a small church that meets in a restaurant down the road from Colfax (chicago-something). He challenged me about one issue in particular. I'll pray about his input when I leave this Flour Garden.

So, I don't forget about a couple high-speed options:

Hughes: pricey but currently available

ATT Wild Blue sold-out maybe available later

I met with a representative of the Boy Scouts yesterday. He gave information about the organization and options available to our church for outreach to young people.

Pastor Plair used to teach us that we should look at life on two levels (first naturally; then, spiritually). Waking up a bit confused about how best to proceed. This indecision was best remedied by a fresh start on a new day. I called Cathy and we prayed for each other.

I'm heading to the Gym to work out, read the Word, to pray, to think, and to prepare for the day ahead. There is much to be done and I need wisdom to proceed. May we each take our seats at the Table the Lord has prepared for us today.

Well, before I left for the Gym I had a tricky myspace situation to take care of. A teenager (so-called) had submitted a friends-request yesterday. Looking over her profile, I went ahead and added her but this morning there was a comment that was most likely random-generated. There were two links on the comment. The first led to an innocent enough e-blogger site with several comments from legitimate bloggers (decent people of all ages).

Checking further at the bottom of her myspace comment was an invitation to video blog with her....and THAT was the hook toward porn. I just went ahead and deleted that 'so-called' friend. Usually, I try to also send Customer Care a heads-up about a bad page...but not today. Not enough time to mess around with it.

I was talking to another local pastor yesterday about my meager efforts to eradicate pages of porn as they try to pop their way in--just a drop in the ocean of prevention. I have safeguards for my Internet involvement. Cathy and Joe have complete access to all my avenues of involvement with Internet.

What a call to a personal, daily devotional life!

I so desire to be an effective witness for Christ today. I want to be of practical help to all of my brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ. Again, I pray for Wisdom.

I'm approaching the 50th Birthday this July. I would like to quadruple my investment in the Kingdom of God during the next 25 years (if God gives me that long here in this world).

Hey, I received a note back from Ronda Faull--a friend who had helped me at FBC Galt several years back. She, John, and the kids move to Tennessee a couple years ago. Here's her note:

Wow! When did you move to your new church? I sure do miss you guys! We are doing well! God is faithful and completely awesome!

Our church website is

If you want to hear or see some worship go to the audio or video sermon archive's and click on the worship tabs for specific dates! I'm leading a group of worshippers and we have primarliy youth as band members and adults as background vocalists. God is using my weakness and proving His strength. It's so awesome. Drop me another note and let me know how you and the family is!

In Christ,

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This morning I went to the Sierra Grille for the Men's Breakfast (6:00 a.m.)

Afterwards,I looked at a mural being painted by a local artist (Renee's Mom, Kathleen). I also looked over her extensive portfolio. Kathleen visited our church Sunday and is offering her help in our Extreme Makeover.

Some of the songs recorded from Sunday's Service have been made available to me but I don't think that I will post them at this time.

I preached a 'mini-message' before the first song. I think I may edit it into a 'keeper' sometime soon. This is the message that Kathleen and others heard on Sunday.

Yesterday I visited a courtroom and was later orderer by the Judge to come back to the Placer County Courthouse this morning. I was to provide foundation testimony for a dispute involving some people I've met since coming to this community. I was there at 9:00 a.m., but since the plaintiff didn't show up on time, the case was dismissed at 9:13.

I came to Auburn yesterday, and consulted with Dave Swearingen from 1:00 until 6:00 p.m. I sat in on another court case mid-afternoon (waiting before the Judge who postponed the hearing until today).

Hey, if anyone wants to design some promo business cards or post card size invitations to our church,
   simply use this intertactive FLASH designer.

The templates are provided. If you get a good idea you want me to peruse, simply push CTRL and PrtSc, save as a JPEG and send it to me, OK?

Monday, March 12, 2007

I called my sister, Nancy, in Michigan. She's been a Homeschooler-Mom for many years. I told her about EducationPlus (and she gave me some ideas).

just in from Australia:

Hey Rob,

I listened to your latest sermon on Friendly Competition. I enjoyed it.. just thought I'd let you know that! God bless, have an awesome day and I'll catch up with you soon :)

Dan (click here for Intro to Daniel Teale)

An early start on this entry today. It is 1:58 a.m.

Having dropped (exhaustion) at around 10:15 p.m., I just woke up--wide awake.

My INBOX showed that Joe was trying to rouse me with a chat box at 10:16.... so after writing him back and reading other notes, I figured that I'd update this journal.

After church yesterday, Cathy and I drove out to the home of Les and Bobbi Andrews. Wow. We had heard that they were Model A Enthusiasts (but I wasn't prepared for what I experienced out there).

Fortunately, I don't have to explain the experience because they told me to go ahead and invite everybody over to their place for a party!    Alrightee.

All of you out there in Internet-Land are invited. We'll settle on a time and date and let you know. Stay tuned.

Yesterday, I finally looked at my cellphone-clock (it was sitting on Sparky's armrest) and noticed that my 'preaching time' was already well-spent. I had gone past my own self-imposed time limit.

Nevertheless, it was good to see that there were at least a few (three) reviews in the mailbag this morning:

Oh my gosh! I can't believe it.  I was awakened at 3 a.m. very ill with stomach cramping and pain.  I was awake most of the time there after and was not better by church time.  I spent my morning listening to the messages from the last three weeks.
Bob got called away to work during Sunday School, so when Shelly got home (Thanks to Micah) she filled me in on the excitement and changes.  I will be looking forward to listening to the message on Tuesday. 

I hear that I am on Bob Knapp's team. (All new to me).

The Lord is definitely moving,
    now we need to move along with him.
Your Sister in Christ,          Ann
The Building already looks more inviting.

The candles were a delight
    and the benches and lobby were awesome.

Loved the Service this morning.

Praise the LORD -- Keep on!!!

Faye Mck

Wonderful service this morning Rob!!   
         I could have gone another hour (hehe). 

I really enjoy the way you mix “preaching” and music.  I like that format a whole lot.  I could sit through the whole morning going from music to scripture to music, to teaching, to witness and back to music and back and forth and all mixed up.  But then I am a mixed up person, so no wonder I like it that way.

I have been listening to your music from the different MySpace sites and you can really sing (compose, arrange).  I have enjoyed Tender Mercies and Unconditional Love and others from Singing Fish.  Let’s have a concert!  (I know you don’t have anything else to do!).


Monday morning. . .continued

Today, Dave Swearingen is gonna come all the way from Mindon, Nevada to check out the BellRoad Campus. I told him that it is an easy road trip. If he leaves at 9:00 a.m., he should be there around 11:07. Click here and see for yourself.

If you wanna map out your own trip to
         Bell Road Baptist Church, click here.

Dave is an Acoustical Consultant. He will bring his Pink Noise Generator and sample different areas in the room. Then we will know how best to fix our situation with proper placement of special materials. Wanna see what kinda materials I'm talking about? (click here)

g2g  it's now 2:27 a.m. I think I'll try to get some more sleep before I have to face other people. Gotta get some 'beauty rest'.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hey everyone: Go to this new website. It was started by a man in Latvia. I found it through a google search while looking for some site that would allow me to upload mp3s for free. I think this could work well for Pastor Wesley's radio programs too.

So, click here:

and Notice which sermon is near the top of the list:
of POPULAR MP3s. (It was No. 1 on Saturday)

"Is God Really Pro-Choice?"

Well, it had over 400 hits as of yesterday. That's pretty good for a small-town pastor in a small church. lol

I was waiting for a report from our short-term missionaries to Mexico. This note came in on Saturday night:

Hey Pastor Rob,

It is I ... Ben Rosenau. Well, we got to my brother's house in record time. It was the first time my dad let me drive, it was fun driving 80 to 85mph on Highway 5.

We really did have a great trip, no problems except Lexi had to vomit all over the entire truck, but we love her so it was all good.

My dad and I got a new heating system installed in my sisters house today and then I helped in the kitchen and now me and my family are playing Scrabble just for a quick break. It will be dinner in about 5 minutes. 

Well, I think me and my dad after dinner are going to work on some propane problem, but I don't think it will be a late night because we will be getting up at 5:00AM, and since my dad has a new good book, I'll be driving most of the day, I'm actually looking forward to it. I love to drive.

Okay my mom wants to read me something, and it has been my turn for a while so I got to go.

Hopefully you're all doing good

luv you,


P.S. keep us in your prayers, for getting through the border and all, and of course all the driving. I am driving so really pray.   HaHa!!! 

Saturday, March 10, 2007

For several months a few people have known about this invitation from a Baptist leader in Pakistan to become deeply involved in God's Work there.

I received more photos this morning that I have added to a slideshow I have compiled over the months.

Thanks to Elias Tavarez II and James Fugate for helping Pastor Shamas Pervaiz up to this point. Here is this morning's letter and the slideshow.

    (click on the photo to start slideshow)

Respectable Brother Pastor Rob and Brother Jim,

Greetings to you in Almighty Lord.

Have a Blessed day. I am sending you now some pictures of Ordination Program.

Yesterday I ordained four Pastors. One Pastor injured before of Ordination and He not reach in program. His Ordination will after few days.

Please pray for them with me. God give them strength and they serve for Lord and win souls for Lord.
Brothers, if Baptist Family guide me then in one year we will on Top in Pakistan. But I am Thankful to you because we are serving better with your Prayers and with your cooperation.

God Bless You.

Your Brother in Lord,

Pastor Shamas Pervaiz

Saturday, March 10, 2007 ...continued

Last night, Bob Knapp and his lovely wife, Diana, treated Cathy and me to a wonderful meal at Applebee's in Rocklin. Our waiter, Ben, overheard us speaking about Jesus and told us that he was writing a book called

"Do You Know Jesus? Do You REALLY Know Jesus?"

(or something like that...)  I was blessed by the guy. So, if you go to that Applebee's just off CA 65, look for Ben.

Later, we went to a community center to learn more about the New Life Pregnancy Center. To my delight, I recognized H. B. London and shook his hand to show a little love. He wouldn't remember but the last time we spoke to each other was on April 26, 2006 (click here).

After H.B. London encouraged all of us to support our local CPC, I sang along with a guy from Australia named Steve Grace (click here). He hasn't updated his website since way back on February 15th but it is still quite current.

I didn't sing onstage with him...but he asked us to sing along. The most memorable song for me was his arrangement of Fanny Crosby's "Blessed Assurance".

Here's my version of Fanny's song. Another blind psalmist, Greg Brayton played all the instruments for me. 
Tom Shoneff does the 'talk' during the middle.

 I love that song. (click here). Can't wait to perform the arrangement that I heard Steve Grace do tonight.

He has an entirely new chord progression that I feel I must learn and share at BellRoad. Unfortunately, his new CD won't be out for another month. His current producer is a local guy named Danny Donnelly. I figure I'll get ahold of Danny sometime soon. He is the worship leader for a Rocklin church called Metro-something. Danny tells me that Steve Grace knows Randy Stonehill very well.

That's cool. Lord willing, I'm gonna have Randy come do a concert at BellRoad later this year.

Now that Saturday is finally upon us, I'd like you to see what Joe saw hours ago in the Philippines.

Joe checked this out and agreed that it has much to say about 'form' and 'content'.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Today, I received a letter from Rick Warren. I doubt that he has listened to my last sermon (but this letter sure seems like he's been hangin' with me this past week). click here  We're getting ready for EasterSunday'07.

At the luncheon yesterday, Michael Sanchez asked me to share a testimony about how I came to know Christ. I told the story in about 20 minutes. Just now I deleted a few sentences because I realize I don't have enough time to write out what I told the guys.

Also at the luncheon was the new pastor at a church in Colfax. Pastor Mike remembered me from a couple times I had played guitar in the Hume Lake band. He's a gifted preacher and evangelist and has spurred me on with his own Vision for the Colfax church.

Later, at the Board Meeting, we were discussing a Cyber Barn-Raising. John Schively, former EducationMan for the Inland Association, shared that he doesn't know much about the how-to of all-things-Internet.

John had purchased a book called "Computers for Dummies" and later felt that he wasn't smart enough to be a dummy.

Then, he proceeded to solve his own problem:

"I'll have my granddaughter teach me how to email."

Yep, Grandpa, that's a good way to go! I have been asked to teach an associational seminar on webstuff. So, I'm gonna have to give some thought toward an audience full of guys like John.

So, what do you think about the Quote of the Day? The irony of the timing of this personal revelation from New Gingrich reminded me of what happened to Jimmy Swaggart in a similar exposure: click here

Thursday, March 8, 2007

I am posting this entry 12 hours after writing it. A busy day thus far in Auburn. Hello to Cousin Jim from Tiffin, Ohio. Thanks for tuning in!
It is 3:02 a.m. and I was laying in bed awake for the last I figured that I'd get up and write this entry. Mary and I are staying the night at Jimmy and Chet's house in Auburn.

We had a full day yesterday and have another ahead of us today.
We're supposed to head back to Galt tonight but I have a friend stopping by to visit. Visily Vivsik (SoundMan at FBC Sacramento) has agreed to consult with me on our Sound Reinforcement after he gets off work today. Another friend, Dave Swearingen (Carson City, Nevada) has heard my plea for an A/V prescription. Dave may be able to take the trip on Monday.

Yesterday, while we were out for a lunchtime consultation with the Chancellor of BellRoad University, another couple of visitors dropped by our Campus: Tom and Sandy McGouran. I'm sorry that I missed them. I suppose they were simply headin' east on I-80 on a trip.

By the way, if you ever take the simple RoadTrip here (click here), please at least call me on my cell phone once you arrive. I would have enjoyed seeing the McGourans.

I'll be meeting with other area pastors at the Associational Executive Board Meeting (sound important, eh?). Although I'm not big on meetings, the last one moved along at a productive pace. Besides, Mike Sanchez has promised to buy lunch at Sizzler beforehand.
<anachronistic note: OK, it was about 3:30 a.m. when I wrote the following. I'm not sure about including this in my public journal. Twelve hours later, a conductor collecting tickets cries out:

     Nos Credete Quid Facemus Cognoscemus

            and I figure'Well, it will spur on others...'>

Clue: an 8-letter word that starts with A and is rightfully filed under INJUSTICE (along with the shedding of innocent blood).

Even though Mary and I are getting home late tonight, Cathy and I have to head back up to this area (Rocklin) tomorrow for a CPC dinner. Ironically, one of our close relatives has apparently testified in a public hearing 'against' the ministry of CPCs before.

"The deception is going beyond the walls of these clinics," complained <our close relative>, chairman of the board at Planned Parenthood Heart of Illinois and a pastoral associate at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Peoria, Ill.

She claimed pregnancy help centers are "setting themselves up as the 'go-to' people for sex education in the public schools and are quickly becoming the primary providers of sex education to our children."
<our close relative> claimed to have counseled women who "have suffered spiritual coercion and manipulation at the hands of [pregnancy help center] staff."

She called this a case of "spiritual abuse."

I suppose that it has been prudent for us to avoid discussing Politics or Jesus at the family funerals and other gatherings. Those who know us well know that we are a bit more to the right than our Presbyterian relative.

(click here for a recent article in TIME magazine)

Anyway, here's the directions to the Pro-CPC dinner tomorrow night (7:00 p.m.) click here.

For those of you who don't know anyone involved in Planned Parenthood or a CPC, just ask me about a certain national sin.

Oh yeah, and then there's the case of Michael:


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hello to Carolyn (a Lutheran call-in) from Muskegon, Michigan. Hope you're 'enjoying' Lent.

I'm at the Flour Garden Bakery enjoying the high-speed wireless again! My student, Mary, is still sleeping. She had a very long day under my tutelage yesterday.

She is working on a comparison of the book and the film version of The Color Purple. We are using Cliff's Notes as found on our school website: EducationPlus. We also procured a site for Phys. Ed by getting her a membership at my gym. So, we worked out twice yesterday (morning and late-night).

Yesterday, we gave Marie Blix a tour of our church campus. Marie is the Auburn Area Coordinator for Horizon Charter School. They have expressed an interest in renting our facilities for their next academic year. They do offer some great courses and we know a couple other students who are enrolled with them.

So, we may need to accelerate Mary's coursework at EducationPlus to better prepare her for getting the most out of advanced courses elsewhere.

Last night, I worked with some of the musicians and singers who will lead Worship at our church this Sunday. We talked THEORY, PRAYED, then worked through certain songs we knew in common.

I also shared a couple songs that of which none of them were familiar. We're doing them anyway! haha

This morning I limited our Sunday musical offering to a 'time-slot friendly' order-of-service:

Call to Worship
  He Who Began a Good Work in You
  It is Well with My Soul   Hymn No. 410
Celebration of Baptism and New Members
Shake Hands and Be Friends
(To Bell Road Again...)
I'll Tell the World that I'm a Christian  Hymn No. 553
Gathering of Tithes and Offerings
  The Heart of Worship
  Above All

Ministry of Song  -- Renee Clark
Message  -- Pastor Rob Patterson
Decision Time:  The Heart of Worship
Prayer of Dismissal
  (extended time of Worship and Prayer)

I am daily seeking the Lord's Direction for several areas of vision-planting toward significant growth for our local church. I currently have commitments on the part of gifted teachers to offer these courses (starting during the second week of April, 2007).

Course Offerings for Spring Semester at
    BellRoad University

ME  101  Introduction to Salvation
ME  102  Membership Course (one-day 3 hour course)

MA  202  Love Languages (and Beyond)

MI  301  Discovering Your S.H.A.P.E. for Ministry
MI  302  The Purpose-Driven Life (6 weeks)
MI  377  Experiencing God (12 weeks)

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and eight minutes later, I'm thinking about the fact that Mary is coming with me to Auburn for the next three days. Cathy and I have started a private school (EducationPlus); Mary is our only student.

We are meeting with the Auburn Area Coordinator from Horizon Charter School this afternoon. Maria Blix is an empty-nester who also teaches for this accredited California public school. Maria had called our church about the possibility of using our campus for testing. Further discussion with Deacon Mike led to the question of holding classes there next year.

Based on that information, I called Maria yesterday and offered to have the initial meeting where she will tour our classrooms.

I also discussed some aspects of my role as Mary's educator this semester. She is very interested in meeting with us to discuss Mary's education and our options.

Today, I will also be preparing to coach one of the musical teams who recently experienced technical difficulties the last time they led Worship on a Sunday morning. I had a chat with one of their members yesterday.

This slightly-edited excerpt may give you a glimpse of what I will be considering during the weeks ahead:

Guitarist:  [We] were thinking if Sunday is too difficult on you we have no problem not playing.... Our ministry is Friday night. We don't want you in trouble.

Pastor: problem there...
    Its all part of developing the BIG PICTURE VISION

Guitarist: okay as long as you are okay with it

Pastor: There's several 'problems'
                going on at the same time...

The Speaker Placement...
     the shape of the room,
           lack of lighting because of
           inadequate video projection
         and divided visual plan...
     all that stuff works against a Unified Message--let alone helping people stretch beyond their comfort zones...

Guitarist: true

Pastor: Still, my plan for a "PSALM 150" Service
should be enhanced because of those problems...

I think people will eventually agree that it is a great idea.

Guitarist: Psalm 150 service?

Pastor: Some had said, "Well, lets have a contemporary service on Sunday Night...or Saturday Night...

   but I'm opting for Sunday Morning at 9:00 a.m.
   not called contemporary...

Guitarist: oh

Pastor: instead called "Exuberant"

Guitarist: more open

Pastor: exuberant (psalm 150)

Guitarist: I was reading it

Pastor: Then at the 'traditional' time, we will have
               a "Be Still and Know that I am God" service

   more contemplative...

   not called 'traditional'....

   a service that is more reflective...

I think that generally the current older folks will choose that service. However, I know lots of older people who would prefer the first service it

It will take some planning. Sharon [our Sunday School Director] and I will get creative with the teachers about the double Sunday School session.

and it'll work out

Guitarist: cool

Pastor: sometime in the next six months...
               after we GROW more...
               Of course, we're probably not gonna grow much
               until we FIX some of the room's problem areas...

click for more about the Be Still Service
& click this for the Joyful Noise Service

Monday, March 5, 2007

I broke the 'golden rule of Sunday Morning Transportation'.

Yes, I rode to church with my wife...and my daughter...

One guy with TWO women ...tryin' to get to church on time.
Cathy reminded me that 'she' was ready!

Yes, I know: "tribulation worketh patience...",
   so I did the best I could (though we were 'running late...').

Anyway, I kinda like driving by myself on the way to church. There's never any 'drama' when its just me. ha ha

The wonderful side-effect of a long-drive to church is the opportunity to yield the flesh to the sweet-control of the Spirit. We wound up experiencing God in wonderful ways yesterday.

Mary and Cathy accompanied me to the Courthouse Athletic Club for an after-lunch workout. We returned to BellRoad in time for our first membership class.

Our new friend, Bonita, had a birthday party last night. A number of us drove many miles farther on down the road in order to hang together last night.

Below is a link to yesterday's sermon from Matthew 24,
      2 Corinthians 9, and 1 Corinthians 16:15

The message is preceded with a testimony and song by DeLynn Rosenau (accompanied by her daughter Patrice).

BellRoad Sunday Morning

for other BellRoad Radio messages (click here)

Sunday, March 4, 2007

I chatted with Joe online before going to bed last night. My waking moments this morning were filled with Scripture references that I may share during the Message this morning.

Hidden in here <verse 9>
   (and that led me here<sanctified addiction>

      but I had been thinking about looking here again...

...and the rest slips my mind. I thought on the passages for about fifteen minutes during that awakening so those very verses will probably impinge upon me again later.

My Web Server sent me a weekly report on this new website. Having started all over again with a new name, these pages dropped in daily hits from thousands to less than a hundred. Still, when one is publishing daily, the 'web-crawlers' apparently take note.

This morning I learned that someone was had visited from Canada ( and another visitor had dropped by from France (

and this one I can only guess... (click here)

I said "Good Morning" to Daniel in Australia. He had just returned from Evening Services at church. It is, indeed, fun to have friends on the other side of the International Dateline.

Time to get ready for Sunday morning in Auburn.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Cathy and I are about to leave for Auburn. This morning I received an email from my friend Greg Brayton (the producer/guitarist that I've worked with for so many years).

Excerpts from Greg's letter are printed in blue:

Yesterday I got a little surprise. The tumor on my neck is a low-grade sarcoma, or cancer. They want to take it off, but this involves like major surgery.

Greg is scheduled for an MRI on his liver in one week. So, that will determine what his most immediate surgery will be.

I am so thankful that God has helped me and Sally to keep our laughter going through this whole business, which started you, may remember, bout 4 years ago. It occurs to me, that no matter what happens, the road ahead might be a bit bumpy, so I would really ask, that you pray especially for Sally, and the rest of my family of course, that they might be able to find even some joy in the struggle.

Any of the songs in the far right column feature Greg. For those who don't know, he has been blind since he was eight months old.

I’ve been running at least a mile every day since Lent,
I preferred taking something on as opposed to giving up anything else ha ha. Lost 12 pounds since January first, on purpose, and still working at that.

I wrote back and told Greg that I've been going to a gym up in Auburn. That has been good for me as I have been combining the physical stretch and strengthening with devotional time in the Word.

Greg invites you to his website:

Last night I started collecting some of the materials that I would like to have available for Mary when she studies online:  EducationPlus

Friday, March 2, 2007

Good Morning!

I'm at home (in Galt) for the day and am spending time at my 'wireless' bedside where I feel most comfortable. My hot coffee is in a glass cup we bought in Tallin, Estonia back in November, 2003.

I enjoy being home! Last night, Mary and Jerry went jogging together as they like to do. Around 11:20, they called (with heightened pitch and pace) to tell me that three police vehicles had surrounded them. Jerry was carrying a baseball bat. They confiscated the bat and informed them that Mary was out after curfew. So, my kids came home. I reminded them that the officers were just doing their job.

I called the Dispatcher and talked over the situation.

Why the dramatic scene with three vehicles? They were responding to a call one block away and the officers were worked up over that simultaneously.

So, as Head-of-this-Household, I will be addressing our family's jogging habits. Curfew for a minor on the streets is 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. (and carrying any 'weapon' is illegal). So, we're gonna have to go down to the PD and come up with a workable plan for street-running.

Just yesterday, I had been reminded by Mary about the summer afternoon when a group of guys came up to Daniel's car parked at the ball diamonds.

The guys (from a different people group) had this message for my son and daughter:

   "Break your pockets..."

Daniel was wearing shorts and said,

"I don't have any money."

The guy at Mary's window said,

"What do you got?"

"Nothing...just my cellphone."

(It was in pretty bad shape. Mary had recently been  
 complaining about the missing backplate, etc).

The guy tossed it back to her and said,

     "I don't want that."

Then one of the guys apparently recognized Daniel as a wrestler at school and said,

      "He's alright..."   Then the group of guys walked off.

Beaners. That's what they're called by white kids like mine. Is it insensitive to use that word in my journal entry?

Maybe I should say 'the B-word'.

You see, we've tried to raise our kids to not judge whole people groups by the actions of a few.

However, we know that we have only influence (not control) over our children's freewill and free-thought. Cathy and I have come to realize that prejudice is a fact-of-life (even in this quiet little town . . . even in our own home).

Why do the people I see out at night sometimes carry a club?

Cathy used to walk with a lady who carried a protection against pit bulls or other crazy dogs.

  "I don't carry a gun or a club...
        The name's Rob. . . pastorob."

I had never seen the movie "The Color Purple" so I checked it out from the Placer County Library and watched it in my office before going to sleep night-before-last. I thought that I would have Mary watch it and write a paper covering three issues addressed by the filmmaker.

Maybe it will help us also address the local situation with this question:

    "What is a Beaner?"

Remember, my entry from July 1, 2006?

   You don't?

Well, click here and scroll down until you see Andy Deck's exposition of the Great Commission and the need to know

    'What is a Samaritan?"

Cathy is teaching in a first-grade classroom for the morning. Since my time in Galt is very limited these days, I'm sure she's gonna want to spend the afternoon and evening with me.

Tomorrow, Cathy is heading back to Auburn with me. I want to attend the monthly Men's Breakfast. Cathy and I will then attend a Sunday School Training session. At noon, there is a funeral service Nancy Downes. We shared table fellowship with her widower last Sunday (Joe). He's about my age.

Final tppic for today: My last Sunday Sermon on Matthew 25 (and a follow-up discussion on Wednesday night) addressed the preaching of "Hell".

Coincidentally, my friend from Kentucky, Aimee, has been having an ongoing discussion with a friend who teaches Universal Salvation.

Since she asked for my input, I've written to her a few times. This is a friendly reminder to share some of those thoughts publicly sometime.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

I just completed my first month as the Senior Pastor at Bell Road Baptist Church. I still have several goals I hope to accomplish before Easter Sunday.

One goal is to rearrange this journal so that it might load faster for the disadvantaged friends who still must contend with dial-up speed.

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