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Saturday, September 29, 2007

This morning, on the way to the church building, I stopped at the gas station. Christina, at the counter, always works on Sunday so I gave her a CD of the last two sermons.

I've gotta run to the Men's Breakfast but thought that I'd give you this video treat below from the Andy Griffith Show.

This particular episode (Andy Discovers America) will serveto 'coach' Andy, Barney, Opie, and Miss Crump. Barney's effort at reciting the Emancipation Proclamation is classic 'Barney'.

In the second portion, Andy's history lesson, "THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD" should help any aspiring auditionees with their inner-Andy's (especially in telling the Nativity Story).

The website I've accessed in order to embed this video is called LikeTelevision. I am only using it for the purpose of resourcing people with online Andy Griffith episodes. I have scouted around much on that site, so if you go there, heed this pastor's caution: "Don't go places you ought not to."


Friday, September 28, 2007

"How are you doing this morning?", asked the head deacon.

It was 6:15 a.m. and we were meeting in the church parking lot to start something new--a weekly early morning prayer time of prayer.

My reply to Deacon Mike wasn't "I'm blessed!" or anything close to shouting Hallelujah!

...but after prayer with these precious guys, I can definitely say,

   "It is well with my soul." I'm so thankful to be saved.

Still no internet at home so this entry is brief.

*Pastor Wesley called from Liberia yesterday.
*Our jump house outreach was a positive experience.

*I listened to some of Matt and Justine's concert in my car yesterday. I sure enjoy their voices.

*I received an email from Florida that I had been anticipating.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm at the church to check email at 6:45. Cathy and I are finalizing training requirements at Sutter Faith Hospice to serve as rotating chaplains there. It is primarily to be on-call for the hospital to minister among families facing the immediate death of a loved one.

After that is Joy Fellowship, our Seniors' Ministry, at the church for lunch and a one-man band.

At 2:00, Bob Knapp and TeamKID Outreach will start setting up a jumphouse and cotton candy machine at the regional Park near our apartment complex.

Busy. I'm praying through this season of busy-ness that we will reap a harvest of souls by planning good seed in good soil.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Still doing without Internet at our apartment so my entries may be later than normal.

I just met with Patrice to talk over production needs for 'Christmas in Mayberry'. Her brother, Ben, listened in so I think he will become a valuable asset to the entire project.

Prayer with like-minded believers is vital to my ability to stay in step with the Spirit. On Monday night, the BellRoad Deaconate met with me for two hours. We agreed that Friday mornings we will meet for prayer together.

Yesterday, I met again with a number of area pastors as part of a Tuesday morning prayer meeting. These are some great guys and I am happy to share mutual burdens with them.

Tonight, at 6:00 p.m. I have the privilege of sharing prayer-time with those who have enlisted in 40 Days of Pots, Pans, and Prayer. Please pray for me--that I'll stay on track with the Lord's Best for those among whom I have responsibilities.

It is a pleasure for me to have our oldest son, Joe, here in Auburn. Yesterday, he and I had a twilight special dinner at the Ridge Golf Course. It is a beautiful development down the street from our church. Although neither of us have ever played golf, we enjoyed walking the grounds, talking and praying.

Later in the evening, he played tennis with Ben, Jon, and Clyde. Joe has agreed to serve as an intern at BellRoad Radio until he finds gainful employment in the banking industry.  This will be a big help to me as I try to expand the influence of our church program. (click on photo to enlarge)

Mary is taking a C-Best pre-exam as part of her regimen at EducationPlus. Since Joe is an experienced Tutor so he will also be able to help Mary in any area that needs strengthening.

The C-Best test is required by California Public Schools in order to be a substitute teacher. Cathy and I both passed that test and with our Bachelors Degrees, we are credentialed as substitute teachers (K-12) in California. Mary has already passed her Exit Exam for California public schools but I want to make the most of these final years with her in our household.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm up in the Soundbooth at 10:58 taping the teaching for Bible Study Fellowship. They will play this tape for those who work in the nursery.

I also just submitted this Expert Advice column for next Monday's Auburn Journal. Thanks Madelyn for submitting a 'real' question. Click below for Sunday's sermon. It shares more about 'real questions' that 'expert advice' has generated.

   CLICK HERE  for  "Looking for Ties...that Bind"

Monday, September 24, 2007

Yesterday, we dedicated our fifth baby in the year 2007. Little Joshua Lee Cameron was the center of all attention as we considered the challenge of reaching the next generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ: LISTEN HERE

Sunday's Sermon has now been uploaded. Listen for some post-production stuff:

CLICK HERE  for  "Looking for Ties...that Bind"

We were at the BellRoad Campus until 8:00 p.m. hanging with a couple who travel all the way from Elk Grove to attend our class on the  Baptist Faith and Message.

Sadly, the 'free' (unsecured) wireless connection I've been enjoying at Miner's Station has come to an end. I'm still paying for high-speed for the boys in Galt...and don't think I can really afford it in both places.  So, I'll head down to the Campus and upload this entry today.

Our first read-through of Christmas in Mayberry was eye-opening. I must commend playwright, Jebby Moates, for his attention to detail. His script operates on several levels and the ending neatly ties together several sub-plots. I look forward to working with Patrice Rosenau and a top-notch team of co-laborers to pull off this God-sized Assignment.

To make it easy for those who show up here looking for the 'helps' I've assembled, here they are:

1.  Pastorob's Mayberry Slideshow (click here) to help us all brainstorm about this community outreach. The famous "Preamble Scene" is embedded on the same page.

Seventeen online episodes of The Andy Griffith Show.  I embedded these links onto one page to make it easier for the cast(s) and crew(s) in Lodi and in Auburn to navigate.

    (click here for the 17 Episodes)

It is now 4:51 a.m. and I'm ready to drive to the Campus to see if the computer will let me retrieve a digital copy of yesterday's sermon (* what happened instead was that I went back to bed and went down to the church at 8:25).

The Leadership Team from Bible Study Fellowship will be arriving bright and early at the Campus to plan for tomorrow morning's outreach. I'll probably stick around to let them in.

I have a deacon's meeting tonight. Besides that the day is open to edit Sunday's Message for our broadcast.

Last Sunday's Sermon: click here

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I was working on this entry yesterday afternoon. This sermon has been preached and, Lord willing, should be online tomorrow sometime.

Here was my rough outline:

Today's Message:
  "Looking for Ties . . .that Bind"

Jesus left the synagogue and went to the home of Simon. Now Simon's mother-in-law was suffering from a high fever, and they asked Jesus to help her. So he bent over her and rebuked the fever, and it left her. She got up at once and began to wait on them.      Luke 4:38-39

Ties that Bind us Together

1) PRAYER: "and they
     asked Jesus to help her."

     "He bent over her
         and rebuked the fever"

    "She got up at once
      and began to wait on them."



"When the sun was setting, the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying his hands on each one, he healed them. Moreover, demons came out of many people, shouting, "You are the Son of God!" But he rebuked them and would not allow them to speak, because they knew he was the Christ."
 "At daybreak Jesus went out to a solitary place."



"they tried to keep him from leaving them." (:42b)

The people were looking for him and when they came to where he was, they tried to keep him from leaving them.

OUR MISSION: "I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent."   (4:43-44)

But he said, "I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent." And he kept on preaching in the synagogues of Judea.

How to tie a tie:  (click here)

to bind (for Jonathon): a definition    Tefillin (click here)

Bind this Word on your foreheads...around your neck, on your chest ...

Acts 5:

We left off last time with a speech given by Gamaliel to the Sanhedrin:

  "Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God."

Gamaliel's speech persuaded them. They called the apostles in and had them flogged. Then they ordered them not to speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go.

 41-42  The apostles left the Sanhedrin, rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name. Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ.

Romans 2:28-29  A man is not a Jew if he is only one outwardly, nor is circumcision merely outward and physical. No, a man is a Jew if he is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a man's praise is not from men, but from God.

Blessed Be the Tie that Binds: a podcast story

Day 18: 40 Days of Pots, Pans, and Prayer
                'Ministering to Martha'

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yesterday, I helped Joe tweak his resume' and he took copies to nearly every bank branch in Auburn. He has also applied online to most of them. Cathy left early yesterday morning to work a 24 hour shift for Home Instead. She is then going to do three hours at another site before coming home.

Daniel is wrestling in a Sacramento Tournament all day today. We are going to try to get there to see him wrestle at least one of his matches.

Last night, Joe and I let several late episodes of the Andy Griffith Show play while I worked on drawing prop plans for Christmas in Mayberry and Joe applied for Bank positions online.

Early this morning, I made a new slideshow (click here) to help us all brainstorm about this community outreach. The famous "Preamble Scene" is embedded on the same page.

Vicki Novak
is gonna be one of the Darling Boys (with an upright Bass, Lord Willing) and get her real, live brothers here for the December 23rd performance.

For those of you who haven't seen an episode of the Andy Griffith Show in awhile, I found a website called liketelevision that has 17 shows online. I embedded their links in this page to make it easier to navigate for the cast(s) and crew(s) in Lodi and in Auburn (click here for Mayberry Episodes).

...and now its time for me to get back to my sermon-prep for tomorrow's message:

"Looking for Ties ...that Bind"
Luke 4:38-44     Acts 5:38-42     Romans 2:28-29


Remember, tonight (7:30) is our outreach at the
      Union Gospel Mission. I'm on guitar tonight.

If anyone wants to join us, please call me on my cellphone:    
    (209) 323-0727  ...or here's the map.

Day 17: 40 Days of Pots, Pans, and Prayer
                'Ministering to Martha'

Friday, September 21, 2007

It is good to have my son, Joe, back in California. I'm sleeping better--not because I was worried for him but because he was a google-chat buddy who was regularly online while most Americans slept.

Currently, Matt Klein tends to be one of my regular chat-buddies. Last night we were chatting and I sent him the rough intro I had made from my bed with a headset mic and my laptop. I asked Matt to mess around in his studio--if he had time.

me: break up 36 minute messages into three parts with a      
        song in between, intro, outro...

        and easily throw on a commercial
        for the next upcoming BIG event...

        and even a disclaimer..

       'If you're listening to this message in the year 2024,
        then you'll need to ignore certain dates ..etc...'

        you know, kinda light-hearted...
                                     subtle humor...

Matt: indeed...good stuff

          The message you just uploaded...
          if you had to give the listeners a quick summary of
          what it was about and certain questions it might
          answer... how would you put it into words...

          example:  "In today's message, Pastor Rob tackles
                              the hard questions dealing with...."

me: Sort of a side-door approach to the boring 'lecture-
         writing' sermon thesis statement. Yeah, Matt this could
         be a great way to improve everything...

        "Jesus calls his disciples to set free those who are
          oppressed and held captive in any way. In today's
          message, we see how the early Christians responded
          to their own deliverance."

Matt: I need about a 40 sec summary

me: "Ordered by powerful forces to remain silent,
          to no longer teach or speak in the Name of Jesus,
          a few brave Christians defied the authorities.

          Their civil disobedience led to their arrest and even the
          threat of death. An angelic visitor sets these captives
          free in order to continue their bold witness for
          Jesus Christ.

          In today's message, Pastor Rob challenges 21st
          Century Christians to thank God for their own
          deliverance, to ask the Spirit to empower them with the
          Full Message of a New Life.

          It's gonna take a lifetime to share a Full Message,
          let's get started..."

Matt: man that's perfect. give me 15
           and I'll have something for you...

me:   haha

Here's what Matt sent me a few minutes later:

Matt:  Let me know what you think of thisÖ I recorded a quick little tune for the backgroundÖ I mixed it rather quickly but you should get the ideaÖ

    CLICK HERE for Matt's Intro to Full Message, New Life

Day 16: 40 Days of Pots, Pans, and Prayer
                'Ministering to Martha'

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I've been up for a couple hours playing with tracks and effects to prepare for BellRoad Radio. Here is the intro I made for last Sunday's Message.

It is only 20 seconds long but maybe it will stir your curiosity and you'll want to download the entire message.

20 Second Intro to Full Message, New Life

To listen to the entire message, click here

On Tuesday night, I went with Fred Robertson to a Gideon's Camp Meeting to hear the President of California Gideons pitch the international visions and goals for their group. I thought some about the Big Picture, my past experiences with certain Gideons, and began to develop a plan for networking with them. awat

Cathy and I had lunch at the Ale House yesteday. We were served by a waitress named Mowee2vnique.

At PP&P, Chet, Jimmie, Christy, Pastor John, and I went into the kitchen, and then into the Nursery to minister to those who are serving there. This is our 'ministry to Martha'.

Today, Cathy went to Galt to teach at Marengo Elementary School. Mary and Bubby went with her. Joe stayed here with me. Joe rehearsed with the BellRoad Choir last night.

Day 15: 40 Days of Pots, Pans, and Prayer
                'Ministering to Martha'

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

He woke up this particular morning at 4:15 a.m. Noting that this was indeed Day 14, he pulled out his bedside, wireless laptop and started listening to an mp3 of a Concert that Matt and Justine had recently performed at his local church. Knowing that these new friends had a home studio, he quickly fired off an email (as was his custom) suggesting that these two new friends choose a song from the same mp3 file and add that something special that he called 'stuff'.

This type of networking was nothing new to pastorob...

pastorob: I went back in my archives to August, 2006 in order to refresh my memory of how we did something similar to a couple of Jebby's songs.

(fade in 'memory music' -- add reverb to voice)

pastorob: My son, Jerry, was driving cross-country with Cathy and me to go back to our homeland (Michigan) for a visit.

(fade out memory music; lose reverb)

cathy: As we were driving across Nevada, Rob called Jebby from his cellphone and asked him to send him a couple songs. He wanted to try overdubs on mp3 files sent as attachments to an email. Rob asked Jebby to keep it very basic--just voice and simple guitar.  

Narrator: Once they got to Michigan, the Pattersons visited Greg Brayton at his home studio. Greg had arranged for a drumset to be there. Jerry added the double pedal he had brought along and immediately overdubbed the drums on two songs he had never before heard. Greg added the bass guitar and more guitar tracks (acoustic and electric).

cathy: Rob and I joined Greg to add some backup vocals.
Rob spontaneously brought in two more guitarists--just for the fun of it. I love being part of the creative process.

Narrator: Well, that's it folks. That appears to be what the Patterson family does for fun. Let's give these songs by Jebby a listen, shall we?

(close up of a moving curser and the sound of a click)

By the Grace of God
  Near the end, Rob's nephew Josh Wilson adds some wah-wah.
 Then, Coldwater Legend, Jamie Bailey, comes in with some
  leads (accompanied by Greg). Enjoy.

Well, I'm not one to brag or boast,
I'm not one who can get close,
or be a perfect man or ghost,
There's nothing I can do.

And, I can't change today or the past
I'm learning to remove my mask
I'll never measure up---complete the task
My work is like a filthy rag

By the grace of God, Heaven's Gates are opened wide,
By the grace of God, I don't have to hide,
By the grace of God, this criminal will not be tried

In my own strength I fail, I'm through
In my own mind I don't know what I knew
There's comfort knowing I can lean on you
I can lay my burden down.

You've set this prisoner free for good
A pardon for a fee for good
You've saved me from the fire right where I stood
I owe everything to You

By the grace of God, I'm standing here today
By the grace of God, I'm still alive
By the grace of God, bought by the Blood of Christ.
Perfect Salvation, Beautiful Grace,

I can only boast in what Christ has done
dying in my place . . . .

By the grace of God, Heaven's Gates are opened wide,
By the grace of God, I don't have to hide.
By the grace of God, This criminal will not be tried
By the grace of God, I'm standing here today
By the grace of God, I'm still alive
By the grace of God, bought by the Blood of Christ
By the grace of God, bought by the Blood of Christ
By the grace of God, bought by the Blood of Christ
By the grace of God, bought by the Blood of Christ
By the grace of God

Holding Back
  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © Jebby , 2006

Love waited here    when I thought no one would know me
Heaven was here   when I was homeless and lonely
So many things must come undone,
Have mercy on a rebellious son

I was holding back (holding back)
but I was missing something wonderful
Holding back (holding back)
but now I'm brave enough to surrender.

Kicking the bricks    of a wall that's built to protect me
Hiding in the sticks    afraid You will select me
So many things must come undone, 
Have mercy on a rebellious son

I was holding back (holding back)
but I was missing something wonderful
Holding back (holding back)
but now I'm brave enough to surrender

Holding back (holding back) 
and I was missing something wonderful
Holding back (holding back)
but now I'm brave enough to surrender     
      (surrender, surrender)

Starving myself     I was wandering in the Promised Land
Protecting the Bread     extended by Your Loving Hand
So many things must come undone,
Have mercy on a rebellious son

I was holding back (holding back)
but I was missing something wonderful
Holding back (holding back)
but now I have faith enough to surrender

Holding back (holding back)
but I was missing something wonderful
Holding back (holding back)
but now I'm brave enough to surrender   (surrender, surrender)

*editor's note: for photographs of the spontaneous session (and a look at other events those days), click here

Day 14: 40 Days of Pots, Pans, and Prayer
                 'Ministering to Martha'

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yesterday, I confirmed that the computer had crashed when the electricity went out. However the good folks in the Sound Booth (Bob and Rachelle) made sure the tape was re-started.
So, I digitized the analog recording and started the process of editing.

The website where I upload my messages is experiencing difficulties still. None of us are currently able to upload anything until their replacement hardware comes in. As soon as the sermon is online, I will update this posting with a link.

The latest sermon was entitled: "Full Message, New Life" and should you see it listed on the sermonplayer, then go ahead, download and listen to this important moment in history.

Meanwhile, I'm listening to an unedited copy of the CD in my car as I run from place to place today.

I woke up 'feeling' somewhat oppressed this morning. I immediately realized that I should make it a priority to organize certain prayer warriors to help me make it through the end of this year victoriously.

I then talked to the Lord before getting out of bed. My old friend, Jim Krim, liked to yell aloud,

        "Good Morning, Lord!"

several time each day--even on the job. He was roofing during those years we worked alongside each other in the inner-city. I went with him onto job sites periodically and enjoyed joining him in that cry of his heart: "Good Morning, Lord!"

I was checking my INBOX and up popped this greeting from my daughter-in-law in the Philippines:

5:17 AM
good morning... Daddy!

me: good morning, dear daughter.
Joe is still sleeping...

sharontpatterson:  yeah..

me: I'm gonna wake him up to see if he wants to go to the men's breakfast with me

sharontpatterson: I think he went to bed last night.
late to bed

me: Did he stay up chatting with you? I saw that he was playing some games with you when I went to bed...

sharontpatterson: maybe up to 11? I think

me: He mentioned that you hadn't ever played checkers before?

sharontpatterson: I'm still confuse with the time

me: It is 5:19 a.m. here right now

sharontpatterson: ohhh...

me: What time is it in the Philippines?

it's 8:35pm
I'm here at the internet cafe near the schol

me: Does it cost very much?


me: Joe applied for a bank job online.
A lady in our church wants him to come do a small job for her today

sharontpatterson: yeah.. I'm happy for that.

me: He really wants to work and earn money as soon as he is able

sharontpatterson: Hope he's getting well with his stomach trouble

me: We went into the local branch of the bank to speak with a manager. She was polite but said that they must rely on their 'recruiters' to fill that job

sharontpatterson: sounds good. He likes to do accounting. I'm praying that he can have a good job that he would enjoy

me: so, we will have to wait.
Is it alright if I post this?

sharontpatterson: yeah, it's alright, Dad.

me: This way others will know that I have a brilliant 21 year old, newly married son, who wants to earn money so that he can bring his wife to the States and meet her new parents.

Well, I have to get ready for the men's breakfast. It starts at 6:00 a.m.

sharontpatterson: Love you, Daddy

me: Then I have to open the church for a large gathering of women called Bible Study Fellowship. It starts at 9:10 a.m.
I love you too, dear Sharon.

sharontpatterson: WOW! that's GREAT!
                                    I have to go home too.
                                    Getting late now.

me: OK. It has been wonderful to chat with you, honey.

sharontpatterson: thanks, Dad. God bless your ministry.

Day 13: 40 Days of Pots, Pans, and Prayer
Monday, September 17, 2007

Yesterday was a good day in the House of the Lord. We baptized a newlywed couple: Paul and Heidi Peterson.

Then, the electricity went out at the front end of my message. Of course, that would shut off the Sound Booth computer and tape machine, so I don't know whether or not I'll have a copy of the message to upload.

'Full Message, New Life' was definitely impacted by the unexpected interruption. Hopefully, for the better...and hopefully, we'll have a chance to download it here later today.

We had an important business meeting yesterday to approve the process of filling two pastoral positions.

Joe, Cathy, and I drove to Galt, after a relaxed dinner, in order to attend the first service of Le Luz de Cristo at the River of Life church. It was good to see Pastor Larry and Deanna Brand again. He has reached out to help Scott and Ana Bencker proceed with the call upon their lives. Elaine Hanley (from Jebby's musical, 'Brothers') was also in attendance. She is the choir director at River of Life. I think that there were about 30-35 in attendance.

Elizabeth (the teen singer featured in our old youth skit
'So You Think You Can American Idol') was leading worship with her older sister. They are both talented singers and were enjoyable to follow. It was a blessing to see Elizabeth two years more mature than the video shows.

Then, we went to FBC Galt because ou friend, Beverly, tipped us off that Mike McCall was preaching. We witnessed the baptism of Misty Peterson (mother of two teen boys also in that old VBS Youth Skit).

Mike and Robin McCall are planning to visit BellRoad on Sept. 30th with a couple I had married years ago (Tom and Bridget Gray). I've asked Mike to bring his guitar because I do believe that I'm filling in as the Worship Leader that morning.

Bible Study Fellowship leaders are at the BellRoad campus, bright and early, getting set up for tomorrow's outreach.

Guess I'll go to the Soundbooth and see if there's any leftovers from yesterday's sermon.

Day 12: 40 Days of PP& P
Sunday, September 16, 2007

This morning I woke up at 3:45--wide awake and ready to roll. It is now nearly 6:00 a.m. Cathy worked an overnight with Home Instead. Joe is still sleeping. Mary, Daniel, Cerissa, and Bubby (the new puppy) went to Galt to celebrate Daniel's birthday. They're all supposed to go to Horizon today with Jerry and his girlfriend, Kristen. I suppose that the crew will need a wake-up call.

I have been working on visuals for this morning's sermon as it is still in the oven (while listening to the unpublished recording of Matt and Justine Klein--in concert at BellRoad).

The thermometer hasn't popped yet.

Well, I decided that I wanted to have another spontaneous version of 'Heart and Soul' available to remind me of family gatherings long-since-passed. My brother, Richard, died in '86; my nephew, Pat, died in the late nineties. I don't see my brother, Mike, (or sister, Barb) very often. If any of them were around--and a piano was nearby--we may have done something that sounded like this:

Matt and Rob...'Heart and Soul' (click here)

I get some strange thoughts sometimes. I think churches around this nation would be better off if the pastors journaled. This way at least some of the eye-catching, thought-provoking rabbits they like to chase could be caught BEFORE they get up to preach.

I was drowsy much of the day yesterday. Perhaps I was living in sympathetic resonation with Joe's jetlag. We took an hour long nap yesterday afternoon, then went for a long walk, father-son walk under the Foresthill Bridge. There, we spoke with a man for Lodi (Eric) who sometimes makes the drive to Auburn to pan for Gold in that river. He used to attend a church in Rocklin.

Better check on the Sermon . . .

May God bless the public reading of Scripture, His preachers, teachers, and his worship leaders all over this planet today. May, we--His people--be equipped for His Work today.

Day 11: 40 Days of PP& P
Saturday, September 15, 2007

Last night I edited Ron and Peggy Roloff's message. I especially enjoyed hearing the process of fielding spontaneous questions from our 'studio audience' and hearing their answers.

 CLICK HERE to download a copy

This morning there is a Biker Run from our church to benefit the Deaf school (Rancho Sordo Mudo) where Alisha works. I was blessed to see my vision of a photo-op come to pass. Glenn was there with a high-quality, single lens reflex. Lord willing, we will post the photos we took later tonight.

Today, I'm also scheduled to go to Auburn Grace Community Church to participate in a workshop for the 'Acres of Hope' benefit concert (in mid October)

Heidi and Paul are being baptized tomorrow morning. I always think of my sermon in context with the first post-baptismal message heard by individuals.

   Tomorrow's Message:
I must set apart time to work on my message sometime today. I'll write more later (during sermon-prep time).

Day 10: 40 Days of PP& P
Friday, September 14, 2007

Joe is back from his 2007 World Tour.

As our firstborn, he has been the key DreamTeam member that Cathy and I have had all along. Being out of the country hasn't really hindered his ability to dreamcast with us. He is well aware of BellRoad University, BellRoad Radio, BellRoad Laboratories...

   ...and is privy to almost-all-things pre-BR...

Joe is 'in on' the subtleties of every 'publicly-private' joke I have made during my months at BellRoad through his daily reading of this column. He has spent time in seven different nations) since he left America on Dec. 31, 2006.

First, he was in Moscow, Russia for 2 weeks, then went to the seminary in the Philippines for 3 months, then to Thailand to work at a refugee camp, toured Malaysia, back to the Philippines to get married, back to Thailand, visited Laos, met up with the New America Singers in Hong Kong, toured India, Nagaland, then back to Thailand, over to Cambodia for a week, back to Thailand, took Sharon back to her family's home in Davao, Philippines...and then came through customs last night at the San Francisco airport.

He reports that the interviewer was a bit surprised at his passport since he left nine months ago.
Now that Joe's back for awhile, we will work to 'ready' this corner of the planet called Auburn by continually checking the local lines cast toward our 500 souls goal.

Dreamcasting is sometimes hard to journal publicly because we have to anticipate the consequences of others' action (and reactions).
From U.S. history, I learned a lesson about forecastng from  the HEADLINES prepared on the eve of the TRUMAN-DEWEY election?

...and what about the final night of the BUSH-GORE race?

My question(s) for the day:

Are you running your race unopposed? (Remember...we battle not against flesh and blood...)

Do you have a deadline...
      for tomorrow's headline?


Day 9: 40 Days of PP& P
Thursday, September 13, 2007

  Christmas in Mayberry searching for Fun Girls

Open Auditions are being held to discover who will play the role of 'the Fun Girls' in the upcoming production of Jebby's latest play, 'Christmas in Mayberry'.

"The Fun Girls" (Skippy and Daphne) are a pair of fun-loving, blonde bachelorettes comprised of the giggly Skippy and the gravel-voiced Daphne.

The two hail from Mt. Pilot, the "big city" near the small town of Mayberry. They are overtly flirtatious, they love dancing, and their appearance in town almost always means trouble for Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife (who both have steady girlfriends).

Skippy is characterized by her high-pitched, grating laugh, and is attracted to Barney (who she calls "Bernie").

Daphne is the girl attracted to Andy and is best known for her throaty greeting:
"Hello, Doll"

For a real laugh, get involved by emailing me today!

The SundayMessageô is now edited and uploaded:

    Hometown Prophet(s) part 2

It opens with a bit of piano work by Sharon Cole.--playing under my introduction.

Sharon may wonder to herself: "When did we record that?"

My answer: "Hmm...that's the power of a praying woman..."

Hear it for yourself: click here  (double click the speaker icon)

At the end the song chosen for altar call (Just a Closer Walk with Thee) is performed by Vicki Novak.

I hope you get a chance to hear it. There was a bit of some post-production done with the demons' voices.  At least, listen to the demon-possessed man as he is confronted by Jesus (FF to 17:00). That should make you want to listen to the entire message in context.

woke me up at 3:20 this morning--taking care of Mary's new puppy. The little Yorkie pup almost died of hypoglycemia yesterday. She was so lethargic. My girls took her in to the North Fork Veterinary Clinic. The receptionist immediately diagnosed Bubby's condition. They administered 6cc of the remedy (50% dextrose) two times.

Now, its 3:58 and Cathy wants me to go back to bed. OK, so that's what I'm gonna do. Mary and I are driving to SFO later today to pick up Joe. I should get some sleep.

Day 8: 40 Days of PP& P
Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My long-time, I've been up since 6:00, received a letter from a new friend in Pakistan and wrote back. I then received a couple important questions from a former BellRoader (now in Maine). I replied to the more important question and will have to have until later to answer the other question>

I had to turn in my answer to this question for the local paper's Expert Advice column (see Sept. 13). I've been studying episodes from my complete Mayberry DVD collection in preparation for the production. Seriously, if anybody an interest in all-things-Mayberry, any ideas, set construction skills, video equipment, editing experience, please call me:


Yesterday, I met with our head Trustee, Les Andrews about some business matters. After we discussed the items on his agenda, I shared another work-in-progress: a job description for a ministry that I would like to see filled.

Those who have been reading my journal through the months have been well aware that we have needed a Worship Leader and help with Media production and distribution. The job description I am writing is for an Associate Pastor with primary responsibilities in Music, Media, and Youth.

I'm about to head into the office to drop off some materials to my Mayberry Project co-director, Patrice Rosenau.

I've also started editing last Sunday's Message:
    Hometown Prophet(s) part 2

It should be uploaded later this morning, Lord willing.

Don't forget to come to BellRoad University tonight. Supper is at 5:00 p.m. before the classes. TeamKID for the children!

Day 7: 40 Days of PP& P
Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My long-time, hometown buddy, Greg Brayton, wrote to us this morning. Remember, he's the blind guy who has done the guitars and production for almost all of my recorded songs. Due to recent side-effects from chemo, he has been asked by his church UMC of Coldwater to take a one month leave of absence.

He was flat on his back at the Medical Center a few days ago.
He is scheduled for a CT Scan this Thursday and will see the doctor on Monday. Here's an excerpt from his email:

"He has me scheduled
for what could be the last treatment
  a week from Thursday. Wouldnít it be nice if the x-rays came
  out in such a way that he would cancel that treatment?

You betcha.

People say I havenít really been resting like I should. As I look back on the last 2 months I see theyíre probably right. Very busy in the studio and out playing quite a bit, just having a ball, but I think it might be catching up with me. Iíve got some wonderful new stuff for the studio, and Iím just going nuts creating. I can hardly stay away, yet I feel it when I get done. Iím a little zapped.

Please pray for me. That I listen to God. That I use my head. That I rest, as I should...and that this might be the end of the chemo for awhile. What the heck , if God has other ideas Heíll let us know. Thatís just what Iíd like to see happen. I feel like I can rest up real well and then come back strong to do a bunch more of Godís music. I just have to remember to relax in the mean time and let that music come in Godís time with out my pushing it.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and good wishes. Iíll write soon Lord willing, with a real good report!


The first session of Bible Study Fellowship starts this morning. I am planning to run sound for the ladies. So, I'm leaving for Men's Breakfast at 6:00 and will probably open the church by 7:00. Hopefully, I'll get around to editing Sunday's Message sometime today too.

Please read yesterday's entry again. I updated it rather late last night.

Day 6: 40 Days of PP& P
Monday, September 10, 2007

8:40 PM  update:

Matt Klein
: Hey... I thought you said you were going to add to your blog....

me: alrightee...think I will.

Matt Klein: That's good...other than jason... your blog is the only info I get for the outside world concerning Auburn

me:  I've been busy...real busy with the Mayberry Project.....

Matt Klein: Have they casted all the parts?

me: Oh no...not yet

Matt Klein: what can I try out for?     :)

me: but it looks like we have Barney

Hmm...can you try out for any parts?!


Matt Klein: I'm good with anything... I used to be in theatre.

me: John Masters...the choir director down at the church?
check this YouTube video:

 click here for Barney does a solo

 its a great bit...

me: Do you think that you might have an inner-Andy?

--a simultaneous chat with Joe:

joseph: hey papa

me:  did you look at that article in the Georgia Baptist paper
about  the CAMEL book (muslim stuff)

joseph: not yet
internet has some problems

me: well it is really good...they use the Koran to bridge to the bible
it is successful
though controversial

hey, I'll send you the script that Jebby wrote

take a quick look at the first scene
in your inbox now

me: joe joe,
        are you ready to come to America?

joseph: yeah

me: I'm looking forward to it, sonny

joseph: well
I should land about a half hour after I leave Manila, or something crazy like that because of the time difference

me: I purchased the COMPLETE Andy Griffith Show boxed set....every season

joseph: WOW

me: so, busy on YouTube and such doing research gathering for the actors.... plus the Mayberry Bible Studies cost 40 bucks for 4 shows ... not much to them. I 'm gonna copy the idea..  actually Jebby and I talked over the idea of doing that years before they came out with one...

joseph: yeah     that's much better
               Totally worth it to get the box set
$40 bucks for 4 shows
That's crazy!!!
how much was EVERY SEASON??

me: 4 old verse, one theme, some discussion

        $199 for seven seasons
          30-32 shows each season

          good deal, eh?

joseph: well ... since we can watch them over and over and over again


me: yeah...and why bother paying for cable or satellite when I can just rotate an Andy episode each day

joseph: yeah

me: with seasons I haven't even seen since the original year

joseph: less than a dollar a show???

me: the later ones where Opie is a teen


you're right!!!

joseph: well if you stay busy

me: ..and they're all GOOD

joseph: you could probably stretch them out
and never have to waste time on worthless material

me: even for Morality lessons at church
we don't have a TV even set up in our auburn apt

joseph: during your TV time you could your half hour and then your reflection/meditation time

me: just the old video projector on the wall
          and DVD or video
          it works well to cut down on that.
          only chosen material

joseph: yeah     much better
               like Bell Road Radio

               choose whatever you want from the good stuff

me: did you see

        Matt made it for us

joseph: instead of tuning into someone else's program


                back in California, strange thought

me: what?

joseph: it'll be very different from December...
               living in Auburn, new church


earlier this morning....

A newlywed couple came forward to request baptism yesterday morning. A few individuals asked to be included in the 'Christmas in Mayberry' project. Two families showed an interest in helping with October's Harvest Festival.

I've gotta run open the doors for Bible Study Fellowship's leadership team. So, I'll probably write more later today.

Meanwhile, I would like those of you who are 'with me' to read this article I found while considering 'methodology'. This has to do with one 'method' for trying to reach muslims with the gospel:  click here

Day 5: 40 Days of PP& P
Sunday, September 9, 2007

A short night for sleep. Went to bed around 1:00 a.m. and up at 6:00 this morning. Well, all for a good cause. Last night, our son, Jerry, drove from Galt to Auburn (after work) to bring Mary back. He also brought his girlfriend, Kristen, to meet us. It has been over a year since Jerry has had a serious relationship so this particular visitation has created quite a buzz in the family.

Jerry, Kristen, Mama, and I took a long walk around the duck pond outside our apartment (11:00 to 11:40). Daniel, and his girlfriend, Cerissa, were both spending the night with us. So when we returned from our walk, we projected home videos on the wall. The boys have both produced a number of fun projects through the years.

This was a wonderful way for aging parents to spend a Saturday night--with our boys and their girlfriends.

It is 6:16 and the Sermon is still in the oven, so I'd better go see to it.

Day 4: 40 Days of PP& P
Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cathy went to work in Gold Run, so I worked on my sermon at the office from 8:00 to 10:15. I also spoke with Jesse Medina about the Hispanic Ministry.

The Chancellor, Cathy, and I did, indeed, spend some quality time together. We talked over the practical implementation of certain outreach ideas we have had this year.

Family Camp was a full experience. The three of us hung out with the Harjos (and their friends the Dawsons) before supper. We enjoyed a devotional message around a campfire about the Blessings of God.

Before we went to bed last night, I checked the Internet and saw that Joe was online with some good news:

11:14 PM
joseph: I am going to forward it to you
               BUT ... bottom line
                I am arriving on the 13th (Next Thursday)
               at 7:30 PM in San Francisco

me: cool. I'll be there to get you!

joseph: great!  I was hoping you would :)

me: far as I know there's no conflict..
        but even if there was, I'd make a way

joseph: Sharon and I printed off some papers today
                so I am hoping to be able to bring completed papers
                that we can look over and mail out a few days
                after I arrive.

                like all the activity at Bell Road

                good idea looking into the Spanish ministry

me: yup

joseph: and the ol' video taped theatre
                worked well with the Backyard Bunch

                lots easier than LIVE

me: yeah... this could be classic because
                     it'll be in black and white

joseph: yeah    excellent

me: well, it'll be FUN to have you here for the process
        of doing whatever we'll need to

joseph:    :D

Friday, September 7, 2007

Today is Day 3 of 40 Days of Pots, Pans, and Prayer.

Cathy, Sharon-the-Chancellor, and I plan to go to Cisco Grove tonight to visit BellRoad's Family Camp. Cathy has to work tomorrow, so we'll return to Auburn late tonight.

Today's schedule is full because I have to let my actions catch up with Vision-Casting of recent days. It is called preparation.

In months past, I have spoken with church member, Jesse Medina about starting a Hispanic Outreach at BellRoad. In order to meet our harvest goals for December, 2007, I need to follow through with every idea God has given to me for Auburn.

Therefore, while we were in Galt yesterday, I met with Ana Bencker.(a woman who has labored alongside me in Galt to share the gospel across a language barrior). Ana provided me with several fully-produced Worship/Sermon DVDs featuring my friend, Pastor Francisco Camarena and singer, Luis Enrique Espinosa.

Here is a web presence for these two men with whom I have already co-labored in the past:

Pastor Francisco Camarena
and Worship Leader Luis Enrique Espinosa

Jebby just sent me his 4th draft of 'Christmas in Mayberry'. This prompts me to introduce all my latter-day friends to one of the best friends God has given to me in the last decade.

Jebby was one of the first people, Cathy and I met when we first visited Galt. Our church hostess, Laverne Avila, from FBC Galt, had taken us to a new neighborhood where they were building houses (to show us possibilities). At one model home, she ran across the street to fetch her grandson's guitar teacher to come and meet us. At the time, Jebby was the Worship Leader at Horizon (Baptist Church) in Galt.

We participated in a weekly prayer meeting together and, as  a result, became such good friends. We discovered many areas of shared interest (outside of normal 'church' fare). Later, we learned that we shared the same outcome on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (ENFP).

A couple years later, Jebby left Horizon and attended our church under in an arrangement called 'watchcare'. Those were some 'fun' days at FBC Galt.

We continued to Trust and Obey, Walk and to Pray. We watched our Lord move in amazing ways in response to our spontaneous prayers, petitions, and requests.

One answer to prayer was an open door to become the Contemporary Worship Leader at FBC Sacramento. This turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for my dear friend. God greatly used the saints gathered during those glory days to empower Jebby. His life-defining musical 'Picture of Jesus' reached near-completion. (This composer really never fully finishes anything he starts...a classic ENFP trait.)

My own personal Jebby Anthology:

From an autobiographical album from his album, Paper Boy,

I Remember © 1995

I Am So Grateful   © 2004
  (from a Praise album called Grateful)

Here's an unreleased version of a song from 'Brothers'
Potluck in Heaven

If these old wma files don't play on your devise, you can hear other fully-produced Jebby rock songs at this myspace page:


A sermon (in four slices) that Jebby preached as the final speaker during our special nights of prayer in May, 2004:

 'A Theology of Suffering and Healing'

Jebby 1   Jebby 2
Jebby 3   Jebby 4

Joe Patterson pieced together this audio MONTAGE from Greg Brayton's song, God Will See Us Through, used as our theme that week.

Click here for 'The Making of Elijah'

Click here for Jebby's civil war era musical: Brothers. At the bottom of this page is more Jebby background.

Jebby has helped me in the studio on a couple projects:

Whatever     Philippians 4:9    Jeremiah 29:11
The apostle Paul modeled mentorship (not only for Timothy and Titus but also for me). This version has Jerry Patterson on drums, Glenn Parker on bass, and Jebby on lead guitar. Recorded quickly one night we were somewhat hindered by a latency issue that we didn't understand. So, another version was produced below. Unique to this track, however, is Jebby sharing his life-verse at the end.

Whatever 2                              Philippians 4:9
Second-time-around. Bob Kilpatrick recorded most of the tracks for this version (at his studio in Fair Oaks, California). Working with Bob as a producer was fun--especially his animated methods at pulling the guitar solos out of Jebby's inmost being. Jebby came up with the idea for shifting keys (guitar solo sections), as per George Harrison's lead in Octopus's Garden.

Turn Your Worries Into Prayer
When I returned from Liberia (Feb. 2004), Jebby helped me record this song that I had just written. He created the guitar intro and wrote the bridge. I took the tracks to Michigan where Greg Brayton was pleased to collaborate with yet more guitars. My nephew, Josh Wilson, sang the Jebby-esque bridge.

Today, Pastor Jebby leads the Ministry of Worship at Bear Creek Community Church in Lodi, California. He and wife, Ronda, recently took his first Sunday off and visited us up at BellRoad. I asked him to play at the altar for us. That resulted in this soundbite from 1 Corinthians 10:1-14

Although circumstances and distance have deprived us both of weekly VisionWalk privilege, we are pleased to collaborate across County lines on Jebby's latest play: Christmas in Mayberry. Please pray for our local production of this classic (in the making).

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Today is Day 2 of 40 Days of Pots, Pans, and Prayer (my BellRoad University Class for Wednesdays during the Fall Semester).

Our first meeting took place in the Golden Circle room. Our numbers were modest but our other exciting classes were packed with people. That was to be fully expected.

Chet, Jimmie, Nancy, and I opened the class with an introduction to the unique title for our 40 Day experience:

Pots, Pans, and Prayer?

Perhaps you remember this scene in Luke chapter ten:

As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him. She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord's feet listening to what he said.

But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to him and asked,  

       "Lord, don't you care that my sister has left me
         to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!"

 "Martha, Martha," the Lord answered,
       "you are worried and upset about many things,
         but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen
         what is better, and it will not be taken away from her."

Most of us have heard this story many times. We've probably repeated something akin to the views expressed below.

From Martha to Mary: click here

Mom of 9 who share her thoughts: click here

Sometimes Martha is treated unfairly: click here

We called in the members of the Kitchen Clean-Up Team and adopted them as 'signed' members of our class. John, Patti, Bobbi, and Wanda were given a copy of our devotional for the next seven days. They were also given a copy of our optional text: People Sharing Jesus (by Darrell Robinson).

Pastor John Trafton, Deacon Wolfgang, and Mathew also joined us at this point.

Each week we will take our Joyful Noise into the Kitchen to provide psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to which can do their tasks. This way 'Martha' gets to enjoy fellowship and spiritual nurture even while 'working' so that others may sit quietly at the feet of Jesus.

It is my hope that this fall unit will help us discover those who 'feel like Martha' and minister to them--wherever they are (i.e. Nursery, Special Ministries, Buildings and Grounds, etc.)

We are taking responsibility for becoming the primary prayer warriors for those who are 'working' in BellRoad University, Sunday School, TeamKID, Seniors' Ministries, College and Career, Youth and Children's Ministries,  and all other discipleship and outreach endeavors.

We purpose to become fully aware of our workers' personal goals and concerns. We will lead by example in locating and meeting unchurched people who need to be introduced to the spiritual hospitality and solid teaching in the home of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus.

We will continually promote a goal to average 450-500 people in Sunday morning attendance during December, 2007. We will pray about slipping past (or kicking down) the gates of Hell in order to reach that goal. Perhaps we will be able to get author, Darrell Robinson to come to Auburn sometime during the four months which are ahead of us.

40 Days of Pots, Pans, and Prayer is open to those who enjoy the idea of long-distance learning (or who are in other classes during the time-slot). If you would like to stay attuned with our focused intercession for the Big Picture at BellRoad (and around the world), please write me ASAP:

On Day 1, Cathy and I booked the Debut Gig for our newly-forming BellRoad Seniors' Outreach:

       The BellRoad Revue
Thursday, November 15th    1:45 p.m.
         Venue: The Oaks of Auburn

The producers for The BellRoad Theatre Group are also currently casting for a December presentation of "Christmas in Mayberry" on the Big-Screen (in glorious, full-retro black & white).

Meanwhile, playwright, Jebby, is producing a live version of the show in Lodi, California during December. Cast members and others will take a field trip to catch one of their matinees.

An important scene at the very beginning is inspired by this clip from Season 4   Episode 103:

Barney Fife:
Preamble to the Constitution

It is very important to have an Andy and a Barney who 'fit' each other. Any ideas? Please contact me immediately.

Anyone interested in being part of the Auburn cast or production team, please write or call me today.

     pastorob's cell:   (209) 323-0727

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First off, I wanna thank Clyde McKinley (and others) for praying for me. On Monday morning Clyde asked me to 'slow down' and I kinda brushed off his opinion.

However, yesterday, I had staff meetings, office visits, and received a very important phone call. Sometime around noon, I was showing symptoms of exhaustion. So, I tried to take a nap in the afternoon but it didn't get me completely rested...

...but enough rest to make it to the Sierra Community Chorus rehearsal with a sound mind. Wow, what an opportunity that is. Grace Earl is the President and it is fun to watch her in action. As well, Lorin Miller is a wonderfully enthusiastic Choir Director. My involvement is currently limited to a singing in an October 19-20 benefit concert (for Acres of Hope) at Adventure Church.

the rest of the Story?

Well, I went to bed at about 11:30 while falling asleep to a livingroom movie, then woke up at 3:30 with a congestion-headache, checked email, say that Joe was online. My nurse, Cathy, was still up, so I asked her to chat with Joe, while I went back to sleep.

3:27 AM

me: are you on?

joseph: yes!

3:29 AM

me:  I woke up with a headache...
         so got up and took some meds...
         thought I'd check email before going back to bed...

         it's 3:30 a.m. here

         here's mama

joseph: hi mama

3:30 AM cathy: how are you doing?

joseph: ok

long day today

cathy: why is that?

3:31 AM joseph: we finally got the NSO copy of the marriage certificate

cathy: good. What time is it there?

3:32 AM joseph: 635 p m

cathy: It is 3:32 right now here. Dad goes fishing... checks the internet all the time to see if your on or if something is happening on the internet

3:33 AM have you been reading Dad's blog?

joseph: usually     not in al ittle bit        dad . . FISHING??

3:35 AM cathy: I worked 7pm to 7am at one place and then went and worked 830 to 330 in another place.

Fishing...checking his Internet lines...
               We caught you right now.

joseph: oh ...

3:36 AM

don't have to work until Friday unless I have to do some fill ins. Our church has Family camp this weekend. I would love to go, but have to work.

...and onward went their chat while I began to fall into a deep sleep that lasted until 8:30 a.m.

Am now fully awake and fully rested. I'm sitting up in bed still at 9:15 a.m. (having emailed back and forth with Emma, taken a phone call from Tanya in Galt, and am about to make some calls for Visitation(s) during this day. Cathy is off today so she's gonna be my Visitation partner.

I'm filling in for Curt as Worship Leader this Sunday while he's leading at Family Camp. So, I'll need to choose the songs today. Sharon Cole is gonna play piano for me (Yeh!!!) and I think we're gonna have Vicki Novak on Bass. It should be fun getting ready to lead Worship when the people gather.

The Fellowship Meal is again being served on Wednesday nights starting today at 5:00 p.m.

Then TeamKID begins at 5:30

The Fall Semester at BellRoad University also begins with classes this evening. Here are the offerings for Wednesdays:

Experiencing God with Faye and Clyde McKinley
The Praying Woman with Sharon Cole
40 Days of Pots, Pans, and Prayer with Pastor Rob

Sunday night there are several other classes being offered. Click here for a complete listing of our courses:

    BellRoad University

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

No, I didn't get to go see Weird Al last night. Just too much effort required. Anyway, I spent several hours up on BellRoad yesterday--editing the sermon (hangin' with the tile layers and talkin' with Deacon Mike). So, I got home in time for a nice walk around the Regional Park with Cathy before she left to do an overnight with Home Instead.

That was the second walk of the day for Cathy and me. Early yesterday morning we went out to play Improvisational Tennis, then went on a long, long VisionWalk. On our way back home, we met up with Clyde and Faye and was invited to go on their walk through the park. So we did.

We met up with a Nepali woman name Bina, a tattooed lady (seriously) named Lori, and a BellRoader named Fred. Fred has his grandkids, Joe and Abby, with him.

The SundayMessage, Bibliomancy (is) for Dummies, is now online: click here and look for at at the top of the player's list.

Aubrey spent the night with Mary last night. We went out for a night walk, I pushed Mary in the pool (and probably destroyed her cellphone in the process). Well, we stopped by the workout room and on the cable we saw "Little People, Big World" on the TLC channel (for the first time).

g2g to men's breakfast, then open doors for the Bible Study Fellowship leaders mtg, then have a 7 am meeting with a BellRoader. busy, busy, smiling, busy.

Hey, here's a late night chat with Daniel from Australia. Then, he was on again when I woke up.

10:33 PM Daniel: hey rob!

me: hi Daniel

10:34 PM whaz happening?

10:35 PM Daniel: :)
at the moment i'm just having a bit of a break

me: hmmm

Daniel: i have to head to a meeting in half an hour or so

gotta girlfriend these days?

10:36 PM Daniel: lol

me: my son, Joe, is leaving his bride with her family in the Philippines. She'll work on her MBA and he'll come to the U.S. to work, save money, and start immigration process for his wife.

10:37 PM so, I'll be glad to have him around again.
haven't seen him since Dec. 31st

Daniel: ahhhh   yeah immigration stuff can take some time
my father remarried to a filipino lady

me: hm

10:38 PM Daniel: and brought her to live in Australia

me: yeah, my boy made a good choice.
his lady is a mature christian...about six years older than him

Daniel: oh yep     awesome :)    i was in a car accident a couple of weeks ago  and wrote-off my car

10:39 PM me: So, are you ON a break..or just taking a break?, the car accident...

Daniel: taking a break

me: did you get hurt?

Daniel: i've been ridiculously busy lately
i think i actually do need a break from things for a bit
ummm yeah i suffered a 'neck soft-tissue injury'
me: hurt?

10:40 PM Daniel: today was a cold day and it hurt quite alot

me: hmm..will it recover completely?

Daniel: i'm seeking to get the insurance company to pay for medical costs for ongoing physiotherapy
yeah given some time

me: OK
well, when does your semester end?

10:41 PM Daniel: mid to late november

me: We're looking at a couple to lead Worship, they'v got skills with Choir, Youth, Media...and stuff..
a married couple, 33 and 31

Daniel: oh cool
that'd be handy :)

10:42 PM me: Matt plays piano, guitar, sings (like Keith Green) and writes...

his wife, Justine, is a sweetheart and a singer...

Daniel: awesome

me: but I don't think that the activity would need to stop you from coming to live with us for awhile if you would want to....

10:43 PM You could still be our artist-in-residence...

we'd still do the 'hey check out how this guy talks' thing...

Daniel: haha

me: so seriously...

Daniel: yeah i'll see how i go with this semester
10:44 PM i have ministry responsibilities here for the time being

me: OK....
well, keep it in prayer

Daniel: sure thing

me: cuz it could be FUN...

Daniel: yeah i don't doubt that

me: and HEAVILY evangelistic

10:45 PM song-writing, recording, acting like we're cutting-edge missionaries...

and reaping the benefits of actually seeing souls saved!!!
So, keep in touch.

Daniel: for sure

me: g2g. my daughter has a friend and they wanna go play some night tennis

10:46 PM Daniel: i just havent been online that often lately
so much sstuff going on

me: i have to be bodyguard.

Daniel: haha i understand
fatherly duties
take care

5:27 AM Daniel: two times in one day!
this has to be some kind of record

me: Hmm
well, I've been to sleep and back during your day...

5:28 AM Daniel: really?

me: writing my early morning blog....
at the moment

Daniel: oh true
it didn't seem like long ago that iw as talking to you
me: yeah...I don't usually sleep more than 5 hours or so...

5:31 AM Daniel: really?
wow i don't think i could function on such little sleep

me: yeah...that's how I get so dang much done, man...

Daniel: but apparently as you get older you need less sleep

5:32 AM me: hey, yeah, that's right...I remember my grandma(s) getting up REALLY early..
of course, they weren't night owls like me....
I'm a night person...AND a morning person

Daniel: haha yeah it seem the stereotype that old people go to sleep early and wake up early
thats impressive
i'm definitely a night owl

5:33 AM even now it's 10:30 and i'm completely awake.. no chance of me getting to sleep before 1am

5:34 AM me: Well, you should read through my blog a bit and reacquaint yourself with the great Call of God upon your life to come and help me in northern California...


btw, can I publish our chat from last night and this morning

Daniel: haha
5:35 AM sure thing

me: inquiring minds probably wanna know, "Hey, what happened to that guy from Australia?!"

Daniel: haha true that
he's still around

as mystical and super-spiritual as it may sound, i'm allowing the Holy Spirit to lead where i go and what i do

5:36 AM me: Well...mmm...yeah...that's what I mean. So, you'd better wake up and read my journal before you go to bed. We need you here, man...

5:37 AM at least for awhile

Daniel: hehe
i'll see what i can do

me: more than they need you there, methinks

Daniel: haha i dunno about that.. i tend to keep the music team here afloat... but yeah i definitely haven't discounted the idea of coming over

5:38 AM we'll just see, given some time

me: oh really? You haven't reproduced yourself in ministry yet?!!!!

get with it man.

Daniel: lol

me: 2 Timothy 2:2

Daniel: i need to raise up other muso's
thats the key

me: yup...2 Timothy 2:2

Daniel: it's about discipleship, training, and moving on

5:39 AM i've immersed myself in alot lately
i'm doing religious education in primary school
working alot in mental health
morning and night church music ministries and community picnics etc
5:40 AM a few small groups through the week
plus uni
its crazy!

5:42 AM me: yeah...well g2g, my friend. bye

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day here...It is 6:47 as I start. I've been up since 5:30 writing a heartfelt, private email to one of our missionaries serving in another country. I have chosen to keep the thoughts expressed private. However, as a personal reminder of important mission friends in church history, I would do well to click here ...and then to click here.

Whew! Yesterday was packed with emotion, excitement, vision-casting, vision-rehearsing, listening, formative humiliation...mmm, yeah, that Sunday had it all.

I'll say it again:

Jebby was visiting BellRoad 2 Sundays ago; I asked him to play for the altar. This scripture reading took place at that time:  CLICK HERE

1 Corinthians 10:1-14

Last night, I called my son, Jerry, on the way home from the church building. I wanted to check if he had attended church. He had (yeah, at Horizon--in Galt). This pleases me. My entire household (six of us--now seven, with Sharon) were connected at churches in our different contexts.

We talked and prayed with the wolfgang, we prayed after church. We interceded by name for their two oldest children and our two oldest children. Meanwhile, their youngest and our youngest both sighed (more than once...) that we leave the discussion and prayer...and go our separate EAT. Meanwhile, our 'middle' kids sat and listened to the parents reason together. I'd say...yup, both families are a the glory of God.

Although there was no formal service (or class) last night, I was prepared with Video, Audio, High-speed internet connectivity, the Truth Project promo, the Barney Fife clip, an book by Coach Eby, another old book by Darrel Robinson (Total Church Life), the congas, the Radio Microphone in a prepared room (Room 900) to pitch VISION and to PRAY.

Deacon Browning and Cathy saw my presentation. Then we talked, listened, talked, reasoned, cast vision, shared hearts. It was good to be in the house of the Lord with like-minded believers. Cathy left around 10:00 to pick up Mary from her placement. The Deacon and I ended (on our knees) at 11:05.

Yeah, a good day yesterday.

Today? Well, I'm gonna check on my sermon recording to see if it took...  If so, I'll edit it, Lord willing and get it online.

Then? Hey, its Labor Day. A nature walk is my custom for this calendar event.

Tonight? Well, Weird Al Yanckovic is the free artist at the State Fair tonight. He puts on a 'family-friendly' show.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

On Saturday night, I made this preparatory video for the Message:  Bibliomancy (is) for Dummies

The message will precede the Lord's Table

Jebby was visiting BellRoad 2 Sundays ago; I asked him to play for the altar. This scripture reading took place at that time:  CLICK HERE

1 Corinthians 10:1-14

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Joe wrote to us on Thursday night with news that he might come to the U.S. to start the immigration process for our daughter-in-law, Sharon.

He made mention that he would get a job, save some money, and help Dad with BellRoad Radio. At the same time I received his letter, I had gone to Sony Software and revived a download of a video editor I had purchased from them years ago. Joe had used the program (VideoFactory) to do edit a video of an early performance of Picture of Jesus.

Having never read the manual, I've only used intuition to make videos with it. Since it allows mixing of two separate video tracks and three audio tracks, it is a powerful tool.

So, inspired by recent conversations, and Joe's news, I pieced together this rough promo for the fun of it. I worked through various glitches (and a system restore) to get it to this stage: YES and AMEN

Oh, I used some pianistics from my bootleg Matt Klein CD.

I'm heading over to the Campus for the Men's Ministry. We're looking to have 400 chairs tweaked and ready for the harvest ahead of us.

Tomorrow's Message is entitled

         'Bibliomancy (is) for Dummies'

I announced Wednesday night that this would be a preparatory message for sharing the Lord's Supper, this message is being taken from 1 Corinthians 10:1-33.

Faye understood why I'm taking stopping at this doctrinal Rest Area to stretch. he journey across the terrain of Acts, Luke, and Romans is probably going to take us three years.

Later today, I hope to produce another audio-visual recording. This process will help me sort through issues I want to address in the message tomorrow.

I hope that my co-laborers in the Gospel will eventually benefit by periodically watching these brief documentaries. They should serve to remind us of the teaching and preaching we have experienced as the result of our corporate devotion to the public reading of Scripture.

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